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Chapter 520, Dumbfounded face

“Little bastard, just you wait...” Xiao Yunlong was so furious that he almost crushed his teeth. There was a ruthless look on his face as though he wanted to eat the flesh and blood of Ye Qingyu. He had a sinister smile as he said, “Junior brother Zuo, watch this little bastard for me, I’ll go bring the divine weapon!”

As Xiao Yunlong was speaking, he gritted his teeth and shot up into the sky.

“Little bastard, I dare you to wait, do not run away.” He pointed to Ye Qingyu from afar, seemingly worried that Ye Qingyu would run off.

“Run? What kind of person do you think I am? I would run away? I will stay right here waiting for you, while you bring that bullshit divine weapon, you think I would be afraid of you?” Ye Qingyu stood with hands on hips, laughing, a look of disdain on his face and was not afraid in the slightest.

“Good, you have guts.... ” Xiao Yunlong’s voice, like rolling thunder, sounded from the high altitude, then casually reminded again, “Junior brother Zuo, watch this little bastard.”

His figure vanished into the sky.

On the ground, besides a tensed Zuo Li, there were a few soaking wet Clear Lotus Peak disciples that were staring dumbfounded at him, and a group of whining henchmen that were all struck down to the ground with their nose broken.

“Hey, boy, it’s going to be bad for you when senior brother Xiao comes back...” Zuo Li cackled sinisterly, “With the divine weapon, even your steel-like body will turn to minced flesh.”

Ye Qingyu shrugged his shoulders...

“Huh?” He suddenly pointed to the sky, “That guy with the surname Xiao is back so soon?”

Surprised, Zuo Li turned his head round. “How could it be?”

He knew that senior brother Xiao, as one the key disciples of the sect, did possess a replica of the [Greater One Dispersing Light Sword].

The genuine sword was a sacred divine weapon of the sect, containing infinite power, and was well known across the whole Clear River Domain. Therefore even the replica was considered a divine weapon, and contained boundless power.

Senior brother Xiao was extremely appreciated after receiving the [Greater One Dispersing Light Sword]. He normally stored it in his own residence in the Heavenly Pavilion Peak with respect, and used the Spirit qi of the sects to nourish it. If he wanted to use it normally, it would at least take half an incense stick of time. Why had he came back so quickly?

So Zuo Li subconsciously looked back.

But at this time, Ye Qingyu’s face suddenly revealed a cunning colour.

A terrifying force erupted. Ye Qingyu moved, taking a step forward without the slightest warning, crossing over dozens of meters of distance, and instantly was right in front of Zuo Li, mercilessly throwing out a punch.


A punch was firmly struck at Zuo Li’s stomach.

“Argh... you...” Zuo Li stooped down like a shrimp, clutching his stomach.

He absolutely would have never thought that this lower domain barbarian would be this despicable, to silently mount a sneak attack. This fist rumbled solidly, and immediately it felt like a volcano had erupted inside his stomach, snot and tears all uncontrollably came pouring out.

Zuo Li curled up in pain, and after some retching noises, vomited everything that he had just eaten.

“Hey? Such a big person is crying?” Ye Qingyu grinned, smacking the back of Zuo Li’s head and knocking him to ground, while saying disdainfully, “As a key disciple of the Greater One Sect, you are weeping endlessly like a woman. You really are weird.”

“You... nonsense... shameless, you...” Zuo Li was infuriated.

He also did not want to shed tears or have a runny nose.

It was only that his body was out of control.

This lower domain barbarian was too cunning.

Not only did he attack him from behind, he had tricked him.

The few Clear Lotus Peak disciples completely did not expect this to happen, they all stood utterly dumbfounded, like deer that had been scared stiff, shivering and not knowing what to do.

They were just ordinary disciples of Clear Lotus Peak, and based on seniority they were one generation lower than Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li. Usually they would play up to those of power and influence, so were very close with Zuo Li and Xiao Yunlong.

When had they every seen Zuo Li being beaten so badly?

This barbarian really was too...

The girls were all stunned.

“Bastard, you tried to frame me, but do not allow me to trick you... I’ll trample you, trample you into the ground...” Ye Qingyu repeatedly stomped on Zuo Li’s face.

Zuo Li’s face, like the disciple before, was deeply buried into the soil.

“You...” Zuo Li was going berserk.

He possessed Heaven Ascension yuan qi, but because of that fist, his dantian was beaten into a state of sharp pain and confusion, and unable to activate it, he could only continuously suffer a beating.

“Me? What?” Ye Qingyu stamped on him again.

“A scholar prefers death to humiliation, you...” Zuo Li frantically struggled.

“What kind of a scholar are you? A sneaky villain that wants to snatch my treasures and planned a trap to frame me... Now you know what is meant by stealing a chicken only to end up losing the rice used to lure it.”

Ye Qingyu relentlessly punched him.

Zuo Li, with many of his bones broken, was miserably screaming like a pig being slaughtered, and finally even his legs were broken by Ye Qingyu.

“Ahhh, stop, hurry stop it, it’s not my idea, it was senior brother Xiao, it has nothing to do with me...” Zuo Li was finally scared.

He sensed that the lower domain barbarian had no regard for the law, and that his strength was so great that he might actually kill him.

“Oh, scared now? Then beg me.” Ye Qingyu then snapped Zuo Li’s arms.

To his enemy, he did not need to be polite. He could imagine that, if he had fallen in their hands, his ending would absolutely be a thousand times more tragic in comparison.

Moreover, for a Heaven Ascension expert, such an injury was not even considered a wound. As long as his yuan qi recovers, he could easily restore his arms in an instant.

It was just a mental humiliation.

He’ll first collect a little interest.

“You... barbarian... you humiliated me like this... I will definitely retaliate... Ah ah ah, I’m so angry...” Zuo Li struggled to lift his head out of the soil, in fury and pain, spat out a mouthful of dark blood and then lost consciousness.”

Finally, it was peaceful.

“Eh? It’s over just like that? You’re not pretending to be dead, are you?”

Although he had made up his mind to leave Greater One Sect, he could not really kill these Greater One Sect disciples, otherwise Yu Xiaoxing who was temporarily staying in Clear Lotus Peak would be implicated, since they both came from Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Ye Qingyu smiled, dusting the mud off his body.

He thought of something, turned around to face those Clear Lotus Peak female disciples that had no combat experience, and then gave a mischievous laughter, slowly stepping towards them.

“You... what are you doing?”

“Don’t come over here, you pervert...”

The female disciples were so frightened that their faces kept growing paler, stepping back repeatedly and even forgot to run away.

“Pervert? Haha, this is what you said... then let’s show you a pervert.” Ye Qingyu deliberately grinned, tearing off the shreds of clothing covering his body.

A perfect and sturdy chest was completely revealed.

“Ahhhh...” A female disciple screamed out and fainted in fright.

The other female disciples’ legs went weak, covering their eyes, screaming wildly.

“Hahaha... A bunch of cowards. Don’t worry, I have no interest in you, because I accidentally saw you bathing, although you deliberately framed me, but I don’t like owing other people, haha, I accidentally looked at your body, and now you have seen my body, we are even, hahaha...”

Ye Qingyu burst into loud laughter with his mischief succeeding.

He turned around and stripped off a complete and clean robe from one of the Greater One Sect disciples that had fainted, casually changed, and then dashed away in large strides.

Look at this posture, he was clearly running away.

By the time the female disciples had gotten back their composure, Ye Qingyu had disappeared completely without a trace, and no one knew where he had gone.

The female disciples stared at one another, a dumbfounded look on each of them.

“He... got away?”

“It seems he has escaped.”

“I remember... before didn't he put both hands on his hips and vowed that he was not afraid and would wait for Shishu Xiao to bring the divine weapon back? Did I hear him wrong?”

“This lower domain barbarian is too cunning.”

“That... pervert deserves to die.”

“But then, his chest was really sturdy, like a work of art, I wonder how it feels?”

“You’re in heat.”

The female disciples that had returned from the shock did not know what to say.

This lower domain barbarian had completely broken their world view.

In this world there was such a person?


A beam of brilliance came from the horizon and landed on the ground.

It was Xiao Yunlong that had returned.

He was clad in a soft, silver armour, sparkling brightly, like a deity, and a silver glistening light sword that must not be stared at up close in his hand, which was surging with an incomparable strength and exhibiting an extremely imposing manner.

“What about that little bastard? Where is he?”

Xiao Yunlong roared.

A female disciple mumbled, “He got... got away....”

“Got away? Where did he go?” Xiao Yunlong fumed.

“No... I didn’t see clearly...” The female disciples all bowed their heads and dared not look at him.

Xiao Yunlong’s figure flashed, and almost gushed out a mouthful of old blood.

“Humph, flee? Then let’s see where a little bastard can run off to at the territory of my Greater One Sect. Haha, perfect, an odd-job worker dares run away from the sect, it is a huge offense, this gives me the excuse to directly kill you when I find you...”

He laughed sinisterly, a ruthless glint in his eyes.


Wielding a divine sword, Xiao Yunlong turned into a light beam of sword qi, hunting Ye Qingyu down.



Ye Qingyu, like a large monkey, was jumping and fleeing among the giant trees of the mountains.

Because of the sudden incident, he did not have a good plan, and could only run away at the fastest, then find a hidden place to remain for a while.

“Xing’er has joined the sect, and is a Greater One Sect disciple. She should be safe for now. Xiao Yunlong and those guys, are not part of Clear Lotus Peak, and shouldn’t dare go to Clear Lotus Peak and cause trouble...”

“Moreover, given Xing’er’s aptitude and intelligence, it shouldn’t be a huge problem for her to deal with this situation... En, but I still have to find a chance to go back to Greater One Sect and talk to her.”
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