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Chapter 519, A botched trap.

“Eh? Damn!”

Ye Qingyu was startled.

Ever since his consciousness was incomplete, and his yuan qi was limited, his ability to perceive had worsened. While he was walking along the brook deep in thought, he had unexpectedly came to this location.

At his age, he usually was vigorous and hot-blooded, and seeing such a scene, he inevitably would take another look, but now he was in Clear River Domain, where he must be cautious with everything, so Ye Qingyu immediately turned around to leave.


“Where is that thief from, to dare peep at the sisters bathing?”

A voice had already eagerly shouted from behind.

This voice immediately was like sprinkling a handful of salt into a pot of hot oil, The girls who were playing in the pool, like hens who had their eggs stolen, started screeching out sharply.


“Where are you going, you perverted thief.”

There were all kinds of shouts and screams.

At this moment the changes were a bit strange. In the surroundings that were originally extremely quiet and only the sound of running water was heard, suddenly there were several figures appearing. One after another, they popped up, and even the girls that were playing in the pool, almost at the fastest speed, put on clothes and ran over.

Ye Qingyu was surrounded in the middle of these people.

The dozens of figures, vicious and fierce-looking, were led by two people that Ye Qingyu unexpectedly knew. It was two of the three that were together with Han Qi the other day. If Ye Qingyu remembered correctly, their names were Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li.

“That day, I already knew this kid was not a good person. Who would have known that he is so lustful, and dared to peep at the sisters of Clear Lotus Peak bathing on his first day here. He really is detestable.”

Xiao Yunlong stared at Ye Qingyu, saying mockingly.

“Oh, senior brother Xiao knows this perverted thief?” someone asked.

“He’s just a lower domain thief, a toad that wants to eat swan meat. He tried to join our Greater One Sect, but because his aptitude was too bad, he only became an odd-job worker disciple.”

“Why are you talking with this perverted thief? He dares to peep at our sister bathing. He really is utterly shameful, just first gouge out his eyes,” a young woman with dripping wet hair and wrapped in a muslin dress said ruthlessly.

In the middle of the crowd.

After the initial fright, Ye Qingyu had completely calmed down.

This was really interesting.

What a coincidence that these people were all suddenly showing up.

He had only unintentionally glanced at this from afar, and as soon as he realized something was wrong he immediately turned to leave, but he was still surrounded by dozens of people that appeared out of nowhere.

There was no doubt that this was a trap.

An extremely botched and lowly trap.

But the problem was that he had only been in Greater One Sect for one day, yet someone was so eager to use this method to frame him... This made Ye Qingyu very surprised, they should have waited and observed for another few days first.

Does he really have an annoying face that made people want to beat him up?

While not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Ye Qingyu calmly swept his eyes over the figures that had gathered. In addition to Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li, he also saw two familiar figures in the crowd.

One of them was the triangular faced disciple that Ye Qingyu had slapped in the main Imperial guard tent in Heaven Wasteland Domain because of his arrogance, and the other was the disciple that Ye Qingyu had sent flying because he was snatching the Demon Wind-Winged Wolf’s Endowment Bone Demon Source.

These two people, like Lin Yi, were part of the eight Greater One Sect disciples that survived because of the protection of Ye Qingyu.

And they were also the ones that witnessed Ye Qingyu gaining countless rare treasures in the heavenly gate training grounds.

Looking at the greedy glint in the eyes of these people, and then at the same expression within Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li’s eyes, Ye Qingyu immediately understood the purpose of these people.

This really was an innocent man getting into trouble because of his wealth.

These guys were trying to rob me of those rare treasures?

Ye Qingyu didn’t think that the discipline of Greater One Sect would be this poor, that Xiao Yunlong and the others would so impatiently jump and snatch at his treasures through trickery.

“What are you looking at, you perverted thief, you really are daring. In a moment we will definitely gouge out your eyes.” A female disciple wrapped in a red dress, seeing that Ye Qingyu was not at all flustered and was instead calmly observing the crowd, was suddenly furious, yelling with her large round eyes wide open.

Ye Qingyu smiled upon hearing this, widening his eyes and deliberately moving forward, “Well, come over, come over to gouge out my eyes.”

“You...” The female disciple fumed, spreading open her fair hand and a delicate sharp-edged dagger emerged in her palm. She aimed it straight at Ye Qingyu’s eyes.

Xiao Yunlong’s expression changed.

He was about to stop it, but when he gave it a thought, even if blinded it would not affect him when he questioned him about the whereabouts of the treasures. He coldly grinned and did not stop her actions.

But Ye Qingyu did not dodge or flinch, and instead turned to face the direction of the dagger.

Everyone was dumbstruck when they saw this scene.

Some people thought that perhaps this was because this lower domain barbarian was scared stiff?

The next moment——


In the midst of the sound of metal striking, the female disciple in red dress cried out in shock. She was grasping her wrist as she was sent flying away, while what remained of the dagger in her hand was only the hilt.


She was horrified.

Ye Qingyu smiled and winked, “Look, I kindly reminded you, you can’t gouge out my eyes, but you did not believe me and destroyed a top treasure weapon. Do you believe me now?”

The people around were also dumbfounded.

In addition to Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li, the two that have seen Ye Qingyu’s powerful physical strength, others were all inhaling cold air. The dagger was a treasure weapon yet was smashed into pieces by the lower domain barbarian’s eyes.

“Outrageous, he peeped at female disciples bathing and dared injure people. He really is lawless. Everybody attack him, kill him.”

“Exactly, he’s just an odd-job disciple, kill him.”

Zuo Li gave a signal.


There were sounds of weapons being unsheathed, with yuan qi crazily surging. It fully surrounded Ye Qingyu, emitting killing intent. These people were evidently attempting to kill Ye Qingyu.

Xiao Yunlong also coldly sneered, “A thing that doesn’t fear death. Since you’re in such a situation, even if you’re a dragon, you can only coil up… in a while, we’ll first chop off your hands and legs, then slowly take care of you. With the interrogation techniques of the Greater One Sect, even a Fiendgod will be crying and begging for mercy...”

Swoosh swoosh swoosh!

The crowd attacked.

Countless light swords and blades ruthlessly slashed at the body of Ye Qingyu.

“Sigh, another piece of clothing.”

Watching them slash his clothes to shreds, Ye Qingyu let out a sigh. Without the protection of yuan qi, in every fight, his clothes were first torn to pieces. If this goes on, he most likely would be treated as a crazy naked demon?

Ye Qingyu with a grumpy sigh held out his hand.

A Dao sword that was thrusting over was effortlessly held in his hand, like he was catching a little chick. It was unable to injure his palm in the slightest.

The sword trembled instinctively, trying to break free.

But it was no match against Ye Qingyu’s invincible physical force. Ye Qingyu gently exerted power into his fingers, and the sword body instantly cracked and shattered. Then together with its owner, was swung up by Ye Qingyu.


The sword and the person was used as a weapon, after swinging them round two laps, they were flung into the crowd. Several Greater One Sect disciples, like wooden statues, were sent hurtling into the air.

Had the other people ever seen such a way of fighting?

“You’ve ruined my clothes. You will pay for it.” Once Ye Qingyu had launched an attack, he showed no hesitation, taking large strides towards them while laughing.

He was like a tiger among a flock of sheep, paying no attention to the blades that were slashing at him, and directly charged over, throwing a series of punches and kicks, until the Greater One Sect disciples were weeping for their Mothers and Fathers.

“Monster!” someone whose nose was bleeding screamed miserably.

“No way, this boy... why is he so hard. “ Someone’s nose was crooked.

Whether it was Heaven Wasteland Domain or Clear River Domain, and even the vast majority of domains of the entire universe, they saw formation yuan qi as the mainstream martial arts. They had rarely witnessed such a level of physical strength. These Greater One Sect disciples also had never seen this kind of fighting method.

Ye Qingyu’s carved jade-like body that was impervious to sword and spear was utterly astounding to them.

In less than 10 seconds, besides Xiao Yunlong, Zuo Li and the female disciples, the others were struck to the ground with the most primitive method of punching and kicking.

“Bastards, you return kindness with ingratitude. You brought people here to lay a trap for me.” Ye Qingyu stomped on the triangular-faced disciple’s face, relentlessly kicking him, “Back at heavenly gate training grounds, you were like a dog begging for my protection... such ungrateful people.”

“Ah, have mercy...” The triangular-faced disciple’s face was being trampled on. “I was wrong, have mercy...”

“Have mercy? I’ll stomp you to death.” Ye Qingyu showed no mercy, stamping his foot repeatedly on them, one after another, until the triangular-faced disciple’s head was buried into the ground.

The other Greater One Sect disciples, upon seeing this, were crawling away like dogs, but when Ye Qingyu saw them he again trampled them into the soil.

“Back then you also tried to snatch my Endowment Bone Demon Source, now you’re ganging up with other people to snatch my things.” While trampling on his body, Ye Qingyu ruthlessly jumped up and he lost consciousness.

“And you two are also worthless trash, I only came to Greater One Sect for less than one day, yet you tried to plan a trap for me. All of you tried to pose as a person of high morals.” Ye Qingyu took huge strides towards the two.

Xiao Yunlong and Zuo Li at this time were also badly beaten, with their faces bruised and swollen.

They were aghast with shock and disbelief.

When they heard from the surviving disciples that the lower domain barbarian's physical body cultivation was very terrifying, they did not actually take it to heart, and only thought that those guys were talking nonsense in order to claim the credit, but now it seems...

What just happened?

It was almost like hooligans fighting in the street.

But this brawl-like fighting method had battered the Greater One Sect disciples who were at the Bitter Sea stage to the point where their nose crooked and their face was swollen, and had no power to fight back.

This was really something completely unbelievable.

“Little odd-job worker, don’t think that I really have no way to deal with you,” Xiao Yunlong said fiercely, wiping his nose blood.

In order to be the first to snatch the treasures off from Ye Qingyu, he and Zuo Li together had asked the female disciples of Clear Lotus Peak that were always fawning over them to plan this trap with them.

In his view, although this trap was a bit clumsy, but to deal with a lower domain barbarian, it should be enough. He did not expect that...

Did not expect that this barbarian’s body technique was so incredibly terrifying.


“If you have a way then hurry use it, or I’ll just hit you until even your mother won’t recognize you...” Ye Qingyu was also ruthless.

He was now without the slightest scruple, an ominous glint flickering in his eyes as he was ready to finish off these trash, and then immediately leave Greater One Sect.

The matters today made him realize that his thoughts before were wrong.

There was no doubt that by staying in Greater One Sect he could avoid the Demon Spider Race, but in Greater One Sect there were far too many people like Xiao Yunlong. Such ungrateful people would never leave him alone. If he stayed in Greater One Sect, his situation would be equally as dangerous.
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