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Chapter 518, Odd-job worker

When Ye Qingyu heard this, although there was a smile on his face, he was snorting coldly inwardly. “Who says I want to join Greater One Sect, everyone thinks too highly of themselves?”

But he had a different plan in his mind, so he didn’t say anything.

He continued listening to Peak Master Zeng, “This boy, both his body and cultivation technique is incredibly deep, which is rarely seen. He possesses dragon-like blood qi that is as deep as the sea, and he has cultivated his physical strength to this degree. This is extremely rare in the world, but... but he is not suitable to cultivate yuan qi martial arts at all, it is a pity.”

“Haha, it seems that senior brother Zeng is also aware of this.” The Magnificent Peak Master laughed.

“Yes, his aptitude is not bad, unfortunately his consciousness is badly damaged. With such a constitution, it is difficult to achieve the great Dao of formation yuan qi.” Zeng Mo breathed a slight sigh of regret. “This young man must have known the drawbacks of his own body, so he specialized in body technique. To be able to cultivate body technique to such a degree in a little domain, he must have an incomparable will. Unfortunately, our Greater One Sect cannot place our cultivation resources onto a doomed body. In my opinion, he cannot enter the Greater One Sect.”

Upon hearing this, Ye Qingyu felt gloomy.

These masters of the Greater One Sect really were amazing, that they could determine the main problem of his body at one glance, which was his incomplete consciousness, resulting in him unable to activate yuan qi.

But they seemed to have overlooked the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and the Bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart] within his body? Or were these two things so mysterious that these three were unable to detect them?

Ye Qingyu couldn’t help being wary.

As for whether he could join the Greater One Sect or not, he did not particularly care.

The stone stairs on the Lotus Platform.

“Senior Brother Zeng is right.” The Bright Moon Peak Master nodded with regret.

Magnificent Peak Master, as though had suddenly thought of something, added, “But this youngster had came to Lotus Flower Peak from a foreign domain, which indicates that he is fated with our Greater One Sect. Why don’t we take him in and let him stay in Lotus Flower Peak as an odd-job worker.”

“Well, senior brother Chen has always been kind-hearted, this is not a bad suggestion, after all, he has saved our Greater One Sect disciples.” Bright Moon Peak Master nodded. “This girl, which peak should she belong to?”

“Naturally the Clear Lotus Peak,” Magnificent Peak Master said. “Among the eight lotus flower peaks, only Clear Lotus Peak accepts female disciples.”

The voice fell.

Three beams of light flashed on the respective lotus seats, and the three disappeared.

Their words were like an Imperial decree of Greater One Sect.

No one could disobey the will of the masters of the eight peaks.

Unless it was the peak master of the Greater One Peak, that is the leader of the Greater One Sect.

So the matters of Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing had been decided just like so.

Once the three masters had left, the atmosphere within Heavenly Emperor Temple slowly changed.

More than 10 elders left without saying a word.

There were people looking up and down at Ye Qingyu and Yu Xiaoxing, as though they were some sort of rare creatures, and even nodded slightly to Yu Xiaoxing.

Of course, there were some that showed obvious hostility towards Yu Xiaoxing and Ye Qingyu, snorting coldly at them, as though letting these two people stay in Greater One Sect was dirtying the reputation of Greater One Sect.

In the twinkling of the eye, the crowd had left.

“Please follow me,” Han Qi said with a smile.

They left Heavenly Monarch Pavilion, coming to the square in front of the temple, where the atmosphere was much more relaxed, the sun was shining brightly, and the scenery was picturesque.

“Humph, cousin, what now?” Yu Xiaoxing said, pursing her lips. “They told cousin to be an odd-job worker, they really cannot recognize talent at all. I don’t care about joining the sect, how about we leave Greater One Sect together.”

The girl did not care about Han Qi’s presence and spoke directly to Ye Qingyu.

Han Qi smiled wryly.

Ye Qingyu smiled. “Not to worry, let’s stay here and observe first, you should go over to Clear Lotus Peak and improve your strength, until I find ways to remove the Demon Spider curse mark, then we can plan what to do next.”

Han Qi was laughing inwardly.

These two foreigners really were bold enough to have such thoughts.

But what Ye Qingyu said was the truth.

On this journey, having seen the strength of the Demon Spider Race’s round faced Prince and Black Five, as well as the cultivation of Han Qi and the other people, Ye Qingyu was greatly astounded. Given his present strength, if he was to face the hunters of the Demon Spider Race, he certainly would die, and even Han Qi, a Heaven Ascension expert, would have a lot of trouble.

This made Ye Qingyu believe that the civilized standard of the martial arts of Clear River Domain was far beyond that of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

As one of the leading figures of the martial arts of Clear River Domain, it was also a good place for learning martial arts, especially for Yu Xiaoxing. Since she had been accepted into the sect, then they might as well stay here for now.

As for himself...

Ye Qingyu of course had another plan.

Sooner or later he would have to leave Greater One Sect.

The reason was very simple. The atmosphere of this sect and Ye Qingyu’s aura was completely incompatible, and deep inside he had little good opinion of this sect.

But as he had said to Yu Xiaoxing, before leaving Greater One Sect, he must first get rid of the Demon Spider curse on his arm, or else the Demon Spider Race would constantly try to hunt him down. If he could restore the power of his consciousness, then that would be best.

It was only after they had stood waiting in front of the square of the temple for a full hour, that a green lotus leaf-like airship broke through the sea of clouds from a distance, slowly coming over, and landed in front of them.

An around 14 or 15 years old, beautiful and pure girl was slowly walking down from the airship, stopping in front of Yu Xiaoxing, and saying in a quiet voice, “You’re the new junior sister that joined Clear Lotus Peak? I am He Huimin, a sixth generation disciple of Clear Lotus Peak. I especially came to greet junior sister and take you to Clear Lotus Peak.”

This He Huimin looked pure and delicate, not tall, and looked gentle and weak. Before she had spoken, she was already blushing shyly. Her voice was soft and sweet, and she was evidently an introverted, shy little girl.

However, Ye Qingyu had acutely sensed that this girl’s strength was unexpectedly in the Bitter Sea stage. Her aura was profound and she was a skilled master.

The Greater One Sect was indeed extraordinary, even such a little girl possessed such astounding cultivation.

This made Ye Qingyu feel more and more that it was definitely a good choice for Yu Xiaoxing to stay in Greater One Sect.

“Senior sister He, you’re very beautiful,” Yu Xiaoxing said happily.

Having been training in the Snow Empire for a long time, her ability to determine a person’s personality had been perfected, with one look at He Huimin she knew what kind of person she was, and instantly narrowed the gap between them.

As expected, the girl of Clear Lotus Peak immediately blushed, and replied in a mosquito-like voice, “Junior sister Yu you... are more beautiful.”

Yu Xiaoxing chuckled.

She thought for a brief moment, then turned to Han Qi. “Elder Han, please take care of my cousin, Xiaoxing will certainly remember this and will repay you greatly if there’s a chance in the future.”

Han Qi smiled, “Don’t worry Miss Yu, Brother Ye had saved my disciple Lin Yi, I should repay him. I will certainly look after him.”

Ye Qingyu rubbed Yu Xiaoxing’s head, saying, “You, take good care of yourself, you don’t need to worry about me.”

Yu Xiaoxing was reluctant to part from him.

The young girl also knew that the current arrangement was the best choice, but suddenly, there was a feeling that the world was so boundless that everything could not be held in her hands.

At this time, on the lotus leaf airship suddenly came a very impatient, rude and cold laughter.

“What are you chattering on about. Quickly go on your way. Even if you enter into the Clear Lotus Peak, you are only going to have the fate of a servant, do you really think you’ve ascended in status?”

The voice was shrill, as though two pieces of rusty iron were scraping each other, which makes one frown right away.

It seemed that there was another girl on the lotus leaf airship.

The girl looked around 20 years old, had a chubby figure and ugly appearance, but was wearing bright, fluttering clothing. Her face was pasted with a yellow flower, her hair was rolled up in a high bun, and she wore a flower behind her ear. She had very thoughtfully dressed herself.

The fat girl was clearly not easy to get along with.

Startled, He Huimin hurriedly urged, “Zhou... Senior sister Zhou is waiting, hurry she... is angry... we must leave quickly.”

When she was in a hurry, she spoke with a lot of pauses and seemed very afraid of this senior sister Zhou.

Finally, Yu Xiaoxing left the square before the temple on the lotus leaf airship.

Han Qi led Ye Qingyu away from Lotus Flower Peak.

Lotus Flower Peak was 10,000 meters high, towering into a sea of clouds.

Below the mountain were very beautiful foothills and grasslands. The scenery was extremely beautiful, there were abundant grass, lush green trees, surrounding rivers, tall grass, and various birds flying about. An ancient building was situated within the natural landscape, and although it was without a magical aura like Lotus Flower Peak, it was like a paradise, quiet and stunning.

“This is the place where the odd-job workers of Greater One Sect stay. Brother Ye, you will be living here for now."

Han Qi brought Ye Qingyu over to a staff in charge of managing the odd-job workers, explained a few words, took the identity plate and clothing, brought him to his residence, and left.

“Don’t be impatient, maybe you'll have a chance to get to join the sect in the future. The career of odd-job worker is also a test,” Han Qi stated.

When he left, Ye Qingyu lied inside the stone house, taking a good rest, before putting on the worker’s clothes and went for a walk along the brook.

This was considered as temporary settling down.

Although he was only situated at the foothills of Lotus Flower Peak, the Demon Spider Race would absolutely not come here, which meant Ye Qingyu was safe for now.

He strolled along the brook.

The stream babbled over the rocks, the sun was shining brightly, the clouds were wisps of cotton and the boundless sky was the perfect blue.

There was rarely such good weather in Snow Empire. For a moment, Ye Qingyu’s mood was very good.

Ye Qingyu simply did not think about anything, emptying his mind.

It had been a long time since he was this relaxed.

As he continued walking along, there were gusts of wild laughter in front.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head up and looked ahead where there was a wide water surface. It was a crystal clear pool that had formed from the converging of more than 10 little streams. The flow of water was calm and soothing.

On the shore of the pool there were some bright, colorful dresses, and five or six young girls were bathing in the pool, splashing and laughing.
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