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Imperial God Emperor 511 - First time entering the Clear River Domain

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Chapter 511, First time entering Clear River domain

“Success, success, the spirit lamp flashed, which indicates that it has already received a reply from the sect.”

A thin Greater One Sect disciple named Huang Xin who was controlling the Heaven Wasteland Domain’s heavenly walls to send everyone to Clear River Domain an hour ago, had spent more than half an hour to cast the secret technique. Watching the oil lamp gradually light up, he couldn’t help shouting out in excitement.

The other disciples were also beaming with joy when they heard him.

“Great, we’ve finally contacted the elders.”

“Haha, when the experts of Greater One Sect arrives, we do not need to fear the Demon Spider Race. At worst we battle them again, all these years, our Greater One Sect has had many disputes with the Demon Spider Race. Our skin has already been torn, there is no need to fear this demon clan.” “

“Now that you mention it, we have killed a Prince of the Demon Spider Race. This is a great achievement, we should be greatly rewarded once we return. Hehe, I want to ask master to let me cultivate the yuan qi mantra [Greater One Great Mantra]. I will very soon be able to reach Heaven Ascension boundary.”

“It’s not that simple. [Greater One Great Mantra] is one of the treasured martial arts of our Greater One Sect, it is profound and difficult to comprehend. Only geniuses can practice in it. Your aptitude is too poor, even if you receive the mantra you are unable to master it. It’s better to request master to reward you with a life Dao weapon, your fighting strength would instantly soar as a result of this.”

“Yes, our life weapons have been destroyed by those lower domain barbarians, we have to search for something suitable again.”

The Greater One Sect disciples could not help shifting their gaze over at Ye Qingyu.

Evidently, these arrogant and spoiled people, who lost to Ye Qingyu in the conflict in Heaven Wasteland Domain, were still a little resentful. They were still holding a grudge for the fact that they have become prisoners.

When they left Heaven Wasteland Domain and returned to Clear River Domain, their minds loosened up.

But thinking of Ye Qingyu’s frightening strength, the Greater One Sect disciples did not have the courage to provoke him. They just glared at him with unfriendly eyes, occasionally said some deliberate ambiguous words from a distance and dared not start a head-on conflict.

But the Ye Qingyu at this time simply had not time to deal with them.

“This is Clear River Domain?”

Ye Qingyu stood on top of a boulder, gazing into the distance and observing the surroundings.

An hour ago, he and these Greater One Sect disciples together came to Clear River Domain through the Central Domain Gate.

It was his first time in a domain other than Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Looking around, the surroundings were all dense forests, like it was an uninhabited place. He could not see the edge, and there were only giant trees that have been growing for many years in this land, piercing towards the vault of heaven like deep green swords. The thinner tree trunks require dozens of people to wrap their arms around to fully encircle them, while the thicker trunks would need more than a hundred people. From a distance, it looked as if the trees were a green overhanging mountain, grand and magnificent.

The continuous rolling hills were like the waves of an ocean.

Ye Qingyu could distinctly sense a demonic aura that did not exist in Heaven Wasteland Domain, curling up in the air between the sky and this land. Among the atmosphere, there was an extremely strong heaven and earth yuan qi. As he breathed in and out, the heaven and earth yuan qi was drawn into the chest and stomach, which was comparable to the result of cultivating in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

In the dark green shadows of the distant mountains, there were occasionally tigers growling and dragons roaring, shaking the world, like a tsunami.

Between the sky and ground, clouds rolled across.

Occasionally there was a huge shadow cast on the ground, drifting by quickly. It was a giant bird, thousands of meters long, flying past, its frightening cry filling the sky. At first glance it

looked like a flying island.

An hour ago, Ye Qingyu saw a strange electric eel-shaped flying beast, covered with azure blue lightning, like a Fiendgod, sweeping past. As it passed by, millions of beast were frozen in fear, but as it flew over tens of miles, a sky dog leaped out from a thousand-meter-high mountain launching a sudden attack, biting at its head, and inflicting severe injuries to the strange flying beast...

As these two giant creatures battled against each other, he did not know many mountains had collapsed, lightning ignited the forest, it was like a disaster that would destroy the world. Ye Qingyu could feel his heart pounding as he watched, which was like a scene in the myths of the God and Devil Age, and should not exist in the world.

Finally, the electric eel-shaped flying beast was swallowed by the sky dog, and the sky dog that sustained heavy injuries during the struggle went into hiding at a demon mountain more than 50 miles away to digest its food and to rest.

“This is simply a land of primordial chaos.”

Ye Qingyu’s mind was wavering.

For some reason, he was not only unafraid, but there was an eager feeling, like a fish diving in a vast ocean and birds soaring in the boundless sky.

A world like that was the territory where a great man could truly run unhindered.

Before, in Heaven Wasteland Domain, entangled in the internal strife of Snow Empire, his horizon was only of one domain, his mindset was unable to improve and be upgraded, and his spirit was not high. At this very moment there was a sudden thought which flashed in his mind: ‘this is the world that I should explore’.

At this time, Lin Yi and another Greater One Sect disciple came over.

Once he came to Clear River Domain, among the Greater One Sect disciples, only Lin Yi remained very friendly to Ye Qingyu.

“Brother Ye, the place we are at now is known as the Heavenly Gate, a training zone shared by the hundreds of races of Clear River Domain, which preserves the primordial areas with demonic nature at the beginning of the birth of Clear River Domain. The most original colour of the sky and ground, and the laws and species of the God and Devil Age. There are many great ancient lost species. This is considered a hunting ground that is controlled by the major forces and large sects of Clear River Domain. Every 10 years, it would open once- training, picking, fighting and killing, everything depending on fortune.”

Lin Yi explained with a smile.

Ye Qingyu nodded.

So that was it.

“In this Heavenly Gate hunting ground which spanned across tens of thousands of miles, the deepest is the most dangerous. It is rumoured that even deities are going to fall if they enter. We are now in the intermediate area, the risk is relatively less.” Lin Yi smiled. “Our luck is not bad, junior brother Huang Xin is skilled in space rune formation, and has contacted the elders of our sect, and lit the [Greater One Spirit Lamp]. According to the brightness of the lamp, in another five days, the experts of the sect will be able to come.”

Ye Qingyu said with a smile, “In five days? Aren’t you afraid of the Demon Spider Race arriving first?

Lin Yi replied, “Junior brother Huang Xin had set up some isolation formation, which can temporarily block the Demon Spider Race from sensing the curse. If everything goes well, we can last 5 days’ time.” As he explained, he handed over a leather paper formation. “Brother Ye, this is the isolation formation, carry it on you and it can greatly isolate the aura of the curse mark.”

Ye Qingyu received the leather paper, carefully observing it for a moment.

This leather paper should be made from the skin of some kind of divine beast. It was heavy, like a block of iron, and above there was a scarlet red formation pattern, a formation that masked aura.

He kept this leather skin by his side, and expressed his thanks, and then his eyes suddenly fell on the Greater One Sect disciple next to Lin Yi, slightly startled.

Ye Qingyu had seen this Greater One Sect disciple before in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

He has a photographic memory, but in his mind, it seemed that he had not seen this young disciple before him.

And the young disciple’s appearance was vaguely familiar.

“You are...” Suddenly a very familiar fragrance drifting over to Ye Qingyu’s nose. He immediately realized something, his eyes wide with disbelief. “You... why are you here too?”

The young disciple was also avoiding Ye Qingyu’s gaze, but seeing that there was no place to hide, she simply straightened out her body, casually wiped her face, wiped away the human skin-like mask and other things, revealing a beautiful and pure face, and said grinning, “Cousin if you can come, why can’t I come here?”

Who else besides the Crown Princess of Snow Empire Yu Xiaoxing?

Looking flabbergasted, Ye Qingyu sputtered, “You actually mixed in with the Greater One Sect disciples... You’re causing trouble, you are the Crown Princess of Snow Empire, you slipped away from Heaven Wasteland Domain, bringing danger to yourself, what about the empire and military affairs, who is going to deal with them when you’re gone?”

Yu Xiaoxing burst out laughing, and then pulled a face. “Haha, what empire and military affairs, what does it have to do with a little girl? I do not want to be the Crown Princess anymore. Even the Imperial throne of the Snow Empire cannot stand in comparison with cousin. Last time I couldn’t keep you behind, this time I must follow you.”

Ye Qingyu felt he was being harassed.

“Who taught you to speak like that?” Ye Qingyu was irritated.

“Hehe, it is Aunt,” Yu Xiaoxing said proudly. “You didn’t expect it right, Hehe, anyway, I thought about it, everything else doesn’t matter to me, since I will follow you anyway...”

Ye Qingyu, “...”

“Wait a moment, don’t say a word, wait, let me vomit first, listening to you, I suddenly want to vomit...” Ye Qingyu turned his face away with a look of disgust.

He felt that he almost had no way to communicate with Yu Xiaoxing.

This was not how this kid used to be.

But Yu Xiaoxing was not angry at all, looked at him while grinning, “Cousin, even when vomiting, you’re so handsome.”

Ye Qingyu fell down.

Yu Xiaoxing looked immensely proud of herself. What Aunt taught her had really worked, and there was nothing that cousin could do.

Ye Qingyu no longer paid attention to this girl.

The appearance of Yu Xiaoxing had completely disrupted Ye Qingyu’s plan.

He had planned to separate from these Greater One Sect disciples once he enters Clear River Domain. Deep down, Ye Qingyu still did not believe in these people of the Greater One Sect. He had some means of protecting himself, but now... for the safety of Yu Xiaoxing, after a brief thought, Ye Qingyu finally decided to stay.

After a moment.

“We need to get out of here.” Lin Yi came running over. “We need to constantly change places in order to avoid the Demon Spider Race. With the [Greater One Spirit Lamp] the sect elders can track where we are and come find us...”

Before his voice faded.


The ground began to tremble.

A plume of jet-black smoke shot up, and the distant towering giant trees were like grass stems, snapping off and collapsing with a loud rumble.

Huge waves were suddenly set off from the sea of deep green forest.

A series of dark giant green figures, like bolts of lightning, shot over toward the crowd.

Evil qi filled the sky.
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