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Chapter 49 – Heavy Handed

Ye Qingyu attempted to use all methods to escape — apart from using the techniques from the golden armoured King. In the end, he was not able to escape from the middle-aged man’s ruthless beating. When the middle-aged man finally stopped and left with a satisfied smile, Ye Qingyu was already covered with swollen lumps, even in a state worse than yesterday.


The black door closed and locked.

In the courtyard, only Ye Qingyu was left, grimacing in pain.

“Ow… this old fellow… really is ruthless…” Ye Qingyu said, looking at the lumps on his body. He felt that looking to get beaten like this was really no different from being crazy. But he still needed to confirm whether yesterday’s judgement was correct or not.

He sat cross legged, activating his inner yuan to treat his injuries.

Within the dantian world, yuan qi from the Spirit spring began bubbling, transforming into inner yuan that headed towards Ye Qingyu’s body. It nourished his flesh and bones, and apart from this, also began to disperse the swollen lumps.

This time, it took a total of two hours before the injuries were completely gone.

He slowly stood up, sensing the changes in his inner yuan.

An expression of astonishment appeared on his face.

“That’s right, the feeling I had yesterday was not wrong. The compatibility between the inner yuan and the body has definitely gotten even better. The swollen lumps that this middle-aged man creates on my body is definitely not simple!”

Ye Qingyu silently evaluated in his heart.

The skinny middle-aged man looked ruthless and malicious, but Ye Qingyu had never sensed a shred of killing intent from him. His strange powerful fingers, on the surface seemed incomparably powerful, and even metal armour would not be able to withstand this type of power. But when used on Ye Qingyu’s body, it only caused swollen lumps to appear…

From yesterday, Ye Qingyu had already suspected that the skinny middle-aged man was a friend and not an enemy.

Now he was even more sure.

Right now, Ye Qingyu could finally know for certain that the skinny middle-aged man was aiding him. Through this type of peculiar finger technique, he broke through the blockages on his body.

These places, after Ye Qingyu carefully examined, was the places that was not yet refined when he was at the ordinary martial stage – since Ye Qingyu used less than three months of time to walk a path normal people would need more than a year to walk, even if his talent was even greater, there was inevitably some omissions.

This type of situation did not only appear on Ye Qingyu.

Normally speaking, when a martial artist left the ordinary martial stage, they did not train every part of their body to the extreme. There would typically be a weak spot or dead vitals that they could not train. Once the martial artist entered the Spirit spring stage and was able to control the Xiantian yuan qi power, and spending years upon years, only then could they completely train these weak points.

The finger technique of the skinny middle-aged man was mysterious and his observation was poisonously sharp. Just from a glance, he could tell that there were points on Ye Qingyu’s body that were not refined to its fullest, and using his yuan qi, marked it out.

This could be counted as a help in disguise to Ye Qingyu.

It was only that his methods were a little too ruthless. His finger strikes had made him so sore that Ye Qingyu’s cries were like the tragic howling of a wolf.

“The old fellow seems like he doesn’t like me very much. Then why does he help me?” Ye Qingyu was puzzled, not able to think through this point.


The next few days, similar things happened.

Everyday, the skinny middle-aged man would appear with the food. And every time, he would beat Ye Qingyu till he was badly battered, his entire body swollen with lumps as if he wanted to beat Ye Qingyu to death…

And Ye Qingyu could not resist, and could only sorrowfully accept this treatment.

Several times, Ye Qingyu’s cheap mouth acted up again. He could not endure and insulted the middle-aged man through a few phrases. The result was that Ye Qingyu’s teeth were nearly knocked out by the skinny man, making Ye Qingyu much more honest from then on.

Every time he was beaten, Ye Qingyu would activate his inner yuan to treat the injuries, spending a significant amount of time. Afterwards, he would find that his body would become more and more translucent, without any flaws whatsoever. The blockages that were blocking the inner yuan numbered less and less.

There once were grandmasters of rune formations who compared inner yuan as a surging river and the human body as the river bed. Only by having less rocks and sand in the river bed would the river flow with even more power and strength.

Ye Qingyu discovered that after the skinny middle-aged man’s beatings, the impurities and blockages within his body became fewer and fewer. His inner yuan passed through his meridians and muscles without any blockages whatsoever, able to produce an even greater force.

These types of days continued.

Ye Qingyu continued to have a bad mouth, be beaten, treating injuries, and raising his strength every day, awaiting the end of his sentence of confinement.

Time passed by quickly.


It was the last day of Ye Qingyu’s confinement.

When the first rays of dawn shined past the northwest corner of the wall, this was the time that Ye Qingyu’s confinement was truly over.

He was imprisoned for three months in such a strange and isolated place, and only able to see black walls and blue sky. Apart from this, there would be very few other colours in his view. Although Ye Qingyu had long become accustomed to being alone, but even he felt bored and restless being confined here for so long.

This day, Ye Qingyu did not continue to train.

He sat there cross legged, considering the things he should do when he left. Right now, he had already truly entered into the Spirit spring stage, and could be counted as a little expert. There was no longer a need to be afraid of the slightest thing.

Especially some of the left over business he had, he needed to settle quickly.

What the Ye family lost in these four years, he would, bit by bit, take it back.

The inherited family sword, some properties, the Ye family house… these things did not mean much to the Ye Qingyu today, but he knew he must take it all back.

This was not due to incentives.

It was due to dignity… and emotions.

But only second year class students had the right to leave and go from White Deer Academy as they please. The first year students were still in a period where they were strictly controlled, and restricted from leaving the area of their year… Therefore, the most important thing for Ye Qingyu to do when he left was to attempt to jump a class!

Jumping a class!

Quickly finished the lessons of the first year and directly entering the second year.

For the current Ye Qingyu, this did not pose too great a difficulty. His strength was by far enough, and he only had to pass through some tests before he could succeed.

Apart from this were some miscellaneous things. Such as finding a suitable spirit weapon and placing it to be submerged within the Spirit spring, becoming his life spirit weapon. The [Inexorable spear]’s force and impact was great, but in the end it was not a Spirit weapon

The sunlight was not as harsh as it was a month ago.

Ye Qingyu’s torso was bare and his thick black hair flowed down from his back like a waterfall, directly to the ground. A masculine beauty was emitted from his body, and a strange aura of strength completely surrounded his body.

What was strange was that even after the sun had already set, the skinny middle-aged man still did not appear.

The disciplinary teacher was swapped again, and this person was like a mute. No matter what Ye Qingyu asked, he only shook his head and did not speak.

Originally, Ye Qingyu wanted to control his bad mouth and wanted to properly thank the strange skinny middle-aged man. It looks like that Ye Qingyu would not have this opportunity.

It was a quiet night.

Ye Qingyu laid down on the black ground that was still faintly warm from the heat of the sun.

The vast and starry sky had a brilliance that was as if diamonds were studded onto the pitch black night. This familiar sight was as if Ye Qingyu had once again seen his parents’ kind and gentle faces on the starry night…

It was unknown when tears began dripping down Ye Qingyu’s cheeks.

The memories that he wanted to forget four years ago once again came one right after another.

“Mother, father, are you faring well in the embrace of the stars? Your child has already grown up, your child is already an expert at the Spirit spring stage… Father, don’t worry, I still remember your last words. I will definitely go to the court of the royal family of Snow Country, and find the secret you have left for me…”

“I don’t care who it is, I don’t care which forces caused such a bloody scene to be created. I will definitely investigate who was involved in this. I swear, I will definitely make them pay for blood with their blood!”

Ye Qingyu continued to speak to himself.

He did not know why, but tonight, he did not want to train at all. He only wanted to lie on his back and look at the starry skies, as if time had returned. As if he had returned to the joyful days, the days where he was with his parents, sitting in seats at the ancestral house looking at the stars…

Who knows when did he finally sleep.

Ye Qingyu had never wanted to allow his life to become devoted to vengeance, he did not want revenge to cover up all the other bright colours of his life. In these past four years, he had thought he had long seen through revenge…

But at this instant, he only understood right then. Revenge, was not something that could be easily let go.


On the ninety first day, the first ray of the golden dawn shown on the black [Grievance Hall].

Two disciplinary teachers unlocked the rune formation door.

“Time is up, leave.”

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

He had long packed his belongings, walking directly to the door.

After walking several steps, Ye Qingyu suddenly thought of something. He looked at the wall, shouting, “Hey, I’m leaving. I don’t know who’s in the wall beside me, but if you hear my words, remember, once you come out I’ll treat you to alcohol!”

These words were said to his mysterious neighbour over the wall.

Once he had finished, Ye Qingyu walked with large strides outside the [Grievance Hall].


“Treat me to alcohol? Haha, this little fellow, is quite interesting…”

Blue Sky sat quietly in his courtyard.

The ending of his solitary confinement was not yet over, and there was still a decent amount of time till the end.

But he was not rushed in the slightest.

He looked at the slowly rising red sun, squinting his eyes. He thought of something and sighed, saying, “Drinking alcohol is of course good, but the beautiful days that one is able to sit and drink is quickly coming to an end…” Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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