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Chapter 48 – Cheap Mouth

“That’s right, there’s also an important issue. Three days ago, the number three ranked academy of the ten great academies of Snow Country, Azure Phoenix Academy, came to White Deer Academy. Along with their deputy Dean, they came to our academy to spar and exchange techniques. After ten battles, White Deer Academy has lost seven battles, losing tragically…” the little loli chattered on. “In the remaining half a month, the three great geniuses of the Azure Phoenix Academy said they will completely dominate our White Deer Academy!”

Ye Qingyu rolled his eyes as he listened to this.

It seems, that in the three months he had been here, there really was a lot that had happened.

The time the two were conversing went by extremely quickly. In the blink of an eye, over two hours had already passed.

The little loli stood up unwillingly saying, “The time is nearly up. I have to go. Brother Qingyu you have to hurry and come out. When you beat the people of the Azure Phoenix Academy until they piss their pants in terror, then they’ll know how awesome White Deer Academy is,” the little loli said, swinging her tiny little fists.

“I don’t have that much spare time,” Ye Qingyu said lazily, stretching his back. “There are so many genius students in White Deer Academy, who needs me to act. And besides, such a thing is not something that we first year students can interfere in. Just let them be.”

“But I like seeing Brother Qingyu inspiring awe in everyone and destroying all that comes.” The little loli packed away the food containers, pitifully twisting her fingers. Her shimmering large eyes stared unblinkingly at Ye Qingyu.

“Quickly return.” Ye Qingyu lifted his hand to flick her head again.

The little loli hurriedly packed up the remaining containers and avoided his hand, leaving a few words, “Hmph, I’m going to ignore you from now on.” She turned around and went in the direction of the entrance, but the smile on her face betrayed her. Evidently, the close intimacy between her and Ye Qingyu was very effective.

Ye Qingyu shook his head with a smile.

The little loli was too small, only just reaching ten years old. With a child’s personality, pure and simple. This was one of the reasons that he was on such good terms with her.

The little loli after, reaching the door, turned around to give Ye Qingyu a smile before waving and leaving.

Ye Qingyu smiled, his mood instantly turning better.

Patting his full stomach and burping, he continued training. Sitting cross legged in the courtyard and absorbing yuan qi to raise his inner yuan. In the blink of an eye, an hour had passed.

The sky turned dark.

Ye Qingyu was about to return to the small house to rest, when sounds appeared from behind the door again. The runes shimmered with light, the door opening. A skinny middle-aged man wearing the black disciplinary robes slowly walked in.


Ye Qingyu’s gaze fell on the person. Without knowing why, every hair on his body stood up, as if he was being stared at by a wild beast.

“Dinner time has come.” The skinny middle-aged man placed the food on the ground.

So it was the disciplinary teacher in charge of delivering food.

Ye Qingyu relaxed slightly.

It seemed like they had swapped people. The person previously in charge of delivery food for the last two months was not this person.

“Where’s teacher Wang?” Ye Qingyu casually asked.

“Oh, old Wang? He asked for a leave, something happened in his family,” the skinny middle-aged man said without any expression, his tone cold.

Before he had finished, a cold light appeared in Ye Qingyu’s eyes. With a sweep of his hands, the two parts of the [Inexorable spear] appeared in his hands. He coldly laughed, “Haha, you retard. Your father I, was able to expose you in one try. Speak, who are you?”

The skinny middle-aged man said dumbly, “What do you mean?”

Ye Qingyu complacently sneered. “The previous teacher in charge of delivering meals was named Qin and not Wang. How come you don’t know? Furthermore, today someone has already delivered the meal… Haha, speak. Who are you? Why have you smuggled into here? Who directed you? Have you come to kill me? With your intelligence, you actually came here to be an assassin?”

The fact that the previous disciplinary teacher was named Qin was something that Ye Qingyu had discovered when he was distracted and bored. After constantly bugging the discipling teacher who spoke extremely little, after several tries, and driving this teacher insane did he manage to obtain this piece of information.

The skinny middle-aged man stood blankly for a while. Then, an undisguised fury appeared in his face. An extremely strong aura emitted from his skinny figure, surging out in an instant.

“Assassin? Intelligence?” The skinny middle-aged man was like a beam of light, appearing next to Ye Qingyu in an instant. Like an enraged rhinorcerous, he lifted his hand, fiercely slapping Ye Qingyu on the forehead.


A red swollen bump was instantly created.

Ye Qingyu, “Eh? You’ve dared to launch a sneak attack… Shameless!”

“Sneak attack? Shameless?” The skinny middle-aged man was like furious thunder. With another pak, he slapped his head again, causing two swollen red lumps to appear in Ye Qingyu’s head.

“Hey?” Ye Qingyu suddenly felt that the strength of this old thing was slightly too terrifying. Quickly shouting, “Stop, everything can be resolved with words, there’s no need to come to blows…”

“Don’t come to blows?” The skinny middle-aged man shouting again, quickly attacking yet again.

His strength was unfathomable; his hands were as if they were lightning. With Ye Qingyu’s current level of strength, there was no way he could avoid these strikes. After several pak sounds, Ye Qingyu’s head was filled with swollen red lumps.

Ye Qingyu’s covered his head and fled like a rat.

But he had already faintly realized, the skinny middle-aged man was not a bad person or an assassin. Because although his blows were ruthless, it did not contain killing intent.

After experiencing the fights to the death in the first wilderness training, Ye Qingyu was extremely sensitive to killing intent.


Noises like firecrackers setting off were continuously heard within this little courtyard, mingled with the curses of Ye Qingyu and the begging for mercy…

After ten minutes.

The skinny middle-aged man finally stopped.

He looked at the shivering Ye Qingyu on the ground, filled with swollen red lumps. As if spectating a piece of art he had created himself, he nodded in satisfaction. Picking up the food from the ground, he did not say anything but turned and left… ……

Ye Qingyu bit his lips, the pain so much that tears were forming in his eyes. He could not even say a word.

“Motherfucker, who was that old fellow? How come he was so ruthless and fierce like a tiger?” Ye Qingyu was slightly confused in his heart, wondering in his mind. What had just happened was as if everything was a hoax.

This was the first time he had been toyed with to such an extent.

“Ouch, owowow… that old thing really was heavy handed.” Ye Qingyu carefully rubbed the lumps on his body. Apart from the tens of bumps in his head, his entire body was covered with who knows how many bumps, everyone of them red and swelling up.

On one hand, Ye Qingyu silently cursed. On the other hand, he also felt slightly lucky. Thankfully this was in the [Grievance Hall] and no one had seen him in such a state. Otherwise, his legendary reputation was completely finished.

Ye Qingyu sat in a meditative stance, activating his inner yuan to get rid of the pain on his body.

Within the world in the dantian, the Spirit spring was bubbling as if boiling. A pillar of water erupted from the Spring like a dragon soaring to the skies, the ejected water nourishing the area within several hundreds of meters and forming a small puddle. There was spirit fog all around.

After experiencing the purification of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] the inner yuan of Ye Qingyu was already purer by manifold and was comparable to a year of hard cultivation by others.

Ye Qingyu directed his inner yuan to pass through his entire body, nourishing his flesh. He attempted to solve the red swollen lumps that the mysterious skinny man left.

As if it was a clean stream that was passing by, the areas where the inner yuan swept through, the feeling of pain and swollenness quickly resided.

It was an extremely peculiar sensation.

After Ye Qingyu had activated his inner yuan and nourished his injuries for an hour, the red swollen lumps on his body had finally disappeared.

Ye Qingyu stretched lazily, slowly standing up.

“Eh? Could this be a mistaken sensation? Why do I suddenly feel, that my body moves freer than before and the compatibility of my inner yuan and my body is even greater?”

Ye Qingyu discovered an abnormal occurrence.

Especially in the areas where the skinny disciplinary teacher had struck. After the inner yuan had reduced the swelling, the flow of inner yuan in these areas was extremely smooth, as if his body was one with the inner yuan.

Could it be……

Ye Qingyu thought of something, but he could not be sure.


The second day.

Ye Qingyu continued to train in the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King] in the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] at the same time as cultivating his inner yuan. As he discovered more and more secrets within these stances, he became more and more certain that these techniques were incomparably intricate.

Apart from training, Ye Qingyu would also observe the Bronze book in his sea of consciousness, the [Fiendgod Titled Chart].

After the Bronze book had automatically absorbed the energy within the Spirit spring, Ye Qingyu could sense in these past days that there was still an indistinct connection between the Spirit spring and the Bronze book.

After the careful observation of Ye Qingyu, he discovered that the page with the golden armoured King was within the section of [Titled Fiendgods]. Apart from this, there was also [Titled Divine Weapons] and [Titled Strange Objects]. It was really a pity, that at this moment, there was no way to open these sections.

He guessed that this may be due to the fact that his inner yuan was not yet deep or pure enough. It had no way of supporting the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] to uncover the sections. After hard cultivation and raising his level, with inner yuan, he guessed that he could activate the other sections of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart].

Today, afternoon had come.

The skinny middle-aged man appeared again.

It seemed like he really was the new disciplinary teacher in charge of looking after Ye Qingyu. He placed the food at the door, coldly staring at Ye Qingyu without saying a word.

Ye Qingyu let off a cold shiver.

“Elder, why do you look at me with such a gaze…” Ye Qingyu attempted to become closer to the teacher.

“What about my gaze?” The skinny middle-aged man’s gaze became even colder.

“Er, how do I put it… elder, your gaze is as if I owe you a huge debt or as if I have abducted your daughter? It’s really an unfathomable mystery, I don’t know if elder previously…” Ye Qingyu smiled ingratiatingly.

“You have a cheap mouth do you not? Let me help you fix it!” The skinny middle-aged man coldly laughed, as if he was a dragon that had its mate taken away during intercourse. With a shout, he rushed like lighting at Ye Qingyu.


The terrifying power of his fingers broke through the air, as if it was a bow that was reinforced by runes.

Ye Qingyu once again covered his head and ran like a rat.

The lightness of the middle-aged man was exceptional and had unfathomable strength. Ye Qingyu attempted to block one or two strikes, then was struck even harder. His entire body was filled with swollen bumps, as if he had been bitten by a swarm of demonic mosquitoes.

This process continued for a full ten minutes. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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