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Imperial God Emperor 499 - This little brat is somewhat strange

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The black-moled young man grabbed at Ye Qingyu's wrists, and fiercely squeezed.

At that instant, he could already imagine that he would very quickly hear the sounds of the bones in Ye Qingyu's hand snapping and breaking, hear the sounds of Ye Qingyu's tragic screams...

But, the next moment, the rebounding force that came from his palm made the black-moled youth realize that something was not quite right.

At the moment when he twisted, Ye Qingyu's hand did not even move in the slightest.

"Eh?" There was a shocked complexion that appeared on the youth's face, then he sneered: "I underestimated you... but, to think you dare to resist. Originally, I was only going to cripple your hand, but right now, I will hack apart your entire limb..."

As he finished, he subconsciously used an even greater force to twist at Ye Qingyu's palm.

Bu Ye Qingyu's wrist did not even budge even with that.

"How is this possible? You..." The complexion of the black-moled youth finally changed.

At that moment, he finally began to realize something was not right.

The youth held Ye Qingyu's wrist, and felt that what he grabbed was not made from flesh and blood, but divine steel. No matter how much he exerted strength, there was no way he would be able to move Ye Qingyu's wrist in the slightest.

"Impossible... little trash, I'll cripple you." The black-moled youth suddenly felt embarrassed and angry.

His face turned vicious. Letting out a low grunt and using force, he grabbed at Ye Qingyu's palm with both his hands. Within his palm, there was a yuan qi light madly surging, instantly exploding with his strongest strength. He wanted to completely tear off Ye Qingyu's arm.

But at this time, Ye Qingyu also moved.

Like it was premeditated, his wrist faintly twisted. Ye Qingyu's right palm lighty broke free of the grip of the youth hands.

At this moment, the black-moled youth could only feel an extremely powerful power that began exploding from within his palms. It caused all his fingers to go numb, losing all sensation. He had no way of gripping onto Ye Qingyu's hands anymore.

And before he could react, Ye Qingyu once again struck out.

It was a simple grab.

The right hand of the black-moled youth, was held by Ye Qingyu's hand.

With a twist.


The sound of bone breaking could be heard.

The black-moled youth was stunned, then instantly began squealing like a pig being slaughtered.

HIs right hand, at that moment, was snapped by Ye Qingyu like snapping a branch of rotten wood. It was completely broken. Then with a sharp sound, the broken hand of the black-moled youth was torn apart from his arm like tearing fabric.

There was deathly white bone, as well as spurting fresh blood.

Although this was not the most brutal scene they had witnessed, for some unknown reason, everyone's heart suddenly quivered.

The main point was that Ye Qingyu's face was still calm and expressionless even until then. It could not help but make the hearts of the people who were familiar with him shake a little.

Casually throwing the torn off hand by the side, Ye Qingyu lifted his hand and lightly pushed.

The black-moled youth that was screaming was suddenly like a kite that had it's string cut. He could not help but fly back. Amidst a series of cold gasps, Ye Qingyu bent down and picked up the chopped off hand of Huang Tianxiang.

Before anyone could react, Ye Qingyu returned the cut off hand back to Huang Tianxiang.

A Bitter Sea stage expert had the power to make flesh regrow. But this was a process that was extremely wasteful of blood qi and power. One could lose years and even tens of years of cultivation. In the battle of the Light City, Lin Zheng was hurt till he only had his head left, then made his body regrow. In truth, this had wasted nearly twenty years of bitter cultivation. Afterwards, with the power of the Spirit pill that Yu Junhan gave, only then did he manage to forcibly recover.

But if one took the cut off body part and reconnected it, then the process would become much easier.

"Thank you, Lord."

Huang Tianxiang was somewhat dumbfounded. He subconsciously received his chopped off hand.

He really could not think this through. In the rumours, had the martial arts foundation of Palace Lord Ye not already have been destroyed, and his yuan qi was crippled?

But why was it... that the Greater One Sect disciple, had such a powerful strength? Previously, he had already defeated consecutive experts form the Imperial army. But in the blink of an eye, like he was a young child, his hand was torn apart by Palace Lord Ye.

Everything was somehow unrealistic.

Ye Qingyu patted him on the shoulder without saying anything.

But at this time, the other Greater One Sect disciples, finally reacted.

"Junior brother, are you okay?"

"He broke your hand? And quickly reconnected it like that?”

There were some Greater One Sect disciples that quickly huddled over. They supported the black-moled youth that was screaming on the ground, that could not even crawl up. There was someone that brought his torn off hand over, and help him reconnect it at the first instant.

At this time, there was someone who discovered that there was a clear palm indent on the chest of the black-moled youth. It must be from the push that Ye Qingyu casually did. It had even left a palm imprint, even with the power of his fleshly body and the fact that he was protected by yuan qi.

This... just what was this power?

There were several Greater One Sect disciples that fell mute from surprise.

The other Greater One Sect disciples' first reaction was to charge and surround Ye Qingyu as well as the experts of the Imperial army. All of them had extremely furious expressions. The gaze they looked at Ye Qingyu with was like looking at an impudent slave that dared to resist against his master.

"You little trash, you dared to hurt someone?"

"Why are you wasting words with him. First capture him, and cripple his yuan power, then we can dispose of him at our leisure."

"Hehe, little brat, do you want to surrender yourself, or do you want to make me act and drag you out."

Some Greater One Sect disciples directly acted. Their fingers outstretched, five surging yuan qi pillars formed a new attack that headed towards Ye Qingyu's body.

The power at the peak of the Bitter Sea stage exploded unquestionably at this instant.

"Protect his lord!"


There were some experts of the Imperial army that let out angry shouts.

Ye Qingyu smiled, taking a step forward.

The moment his foot landed on the ground, he suddenly exerted strength. An invisible pure air vibration exploded and moved the Imperial army expert protecting in front of him away. He lifted his hand and swiped. Without the slightest of yuan qi fluctuation, the surging yuan qi net was like a torn fabric, casually ripped apart by him.


Everyone who saw this was dumbfounded.

This scene was really too unbelievable.

To so casually rip apart the power of yuan qi. But the problem was that Ye Qingyu's swipe clearly did not have any yuan qi within it. Just what had happened?

Before the others could have any reaction, Ye Qingyu took another step forward. With his fingers outstretched, he slapped.

"One must return a favour with a favour. You also receive one of my moves."

There was a faint gust of wind brought about by his palm. It did not have the slightest of yuan qi turbulence within it.

The Greater One Sect disciples that had just acted all had smiles of contempt and disdain on their faces. "Little brat, what kind of demonic technique did you use just now... haha,you don't even have requirements to make me receive one of your moves...”

Before he had even finished.


A light sound emitted.

Ye Qingyu's palm, landed directly on one of the Greater One Sect disciples chest.

These Greater One Sect disciples were like a piece of wood that was struck by an extremely powerful hammer. He was dumbfounded, not understanding why he was flying out.

The protective yuan qi that he was so proud of did not even halt Ye Qingyu's palm in the slightest or pose the slightest of blockage.

With his cultivation at the pinnacle of the Bitter Sea stage, he had absolutely no way of withstanding a slap that seemed so light and powerless. The moment he landed, half of his face was like a swollen rotten peach. There were several white tooths that flew out, his face changing shape...

"Brat, you dare..."

"To dare harm my junior disciple, you are looking to die.”

"Kill him.”

Seeing such a scene caused some Greater One Sect disciples to grow furious.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything and did not retreat but advanced instead. He went directly over and lifted his hand to slap. Without hurry or slowing down, slap after slap struck out.


The sound of the slaps were clear and loud.

Another Greater One Sect disciple was sent flying.


There were some Greater One Sect disciple that had their eyes open in rage.

They were like snails that had fallen into a swamp. Their eyes were open wide as they watched Ye Qingyu's palm approach, but they had no way of evading. Even if they used all their power, and their yuan qi that was half a step into the Heaven Ascension stage activated madly to it's fullest, it could not block that palm in the slightest.

As the lines of that palm became clearer and clearer and more distinct, they felt as if a steel hammer was striking at their ear. With a bang, everyone felt their vision blackening, stars appearing as they were sent flying in a semi conscious state.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

One after another, Greater One Sect disciple were becoming like logs of rotten wood. Without the chance to resist, with no way of blocking even a single strike, they were all sent flying by Ye Qingyu's slaps.

The Ye Qingyu at this moment was like a War God had possessed his body. His might could not be stopped.

From top to bottom, there was not the slightest of yuan qi fluctuation on his body, as if he was a normal person. But the moves he had held terrifying power. There was not lightning, nor fire or smoke, but no matter what, the Greater One Sect disciples had no way of blocking it in the slightest. They could only see the slap mercilessly landing on their own faces.

At this time, there was enraged roars and screams in the great tent.

One Greater One Sect disciple was sent flying.

Two Greater One Sect disciples rushed forward.

Three Greater One Sect disciples were sent hurtling backwards.

Four Greater One Sect disciples charged forward...

In the great tent, the clear noise of slaps was heard.

After a while, after a series of shocking gasps, there was no longer any Greater One Sect disciples charging towards Ye Qingyu.

Half of the Greater One Sect were lying on the floor, in a half death state, clutching their face. They dizzily moaned and howled, looking for their own teeth on the floor. They had evidently suffered heavy injuries. The other half of the Greater One Sect disciples were hiding by the side. The gaze they used to regard Ye Qingyu with was like they were looking at a monster, filled with shock, rage and disbelief…

Right now, even an idiot could see that something was not right.

It seems like this little character only at the three or four Spirit springs of cultivation could not be judged using normal reason.

In the beginning, the Greater One Sect did not place too much importance on Ye Qingyu. They rushed forward one by another, but afterwards, those who were charging forward were sent flying back with an even greater speed. After their initial fury and rage, even those angry Greater One Sect disciples also began to react.

They could no longer charge forward.

This little kid was somewhat strange. He was too powerful----
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