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Imperial God Emperor 497 - Visitors from a foreign domain

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There was probably only one reason——

A major part of Ye Qingyu’s mind was sealed by the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

This directly affected Ye Qingyu’s yuan qi cultivation, decreasing it to only three or four Spirit springs.

In other words, Ye Qingyu had not met the conditions of reaching the Bitter Sea stage as per his father’s last words.

This should be the reason for the lack of response from the broken bluestone table in the temple.

Maybe when the seal has been lifted, and his yuan qi had been restored to the Bitter Sea stage, then he could come to the Ancestral temple again and really solve all the mysteries and uncover the truth.

Sitting on the back of a crane and overlooking the mountains and streams of the small world below, Ye Qingyu’s great disappointment was gradually fading and his mood began to improve.

His hands were playing with a light blue stone.

This was a piece that he picked up during his first entry into the empty Ancestral temple space.

The pattern on the stone was exquisite, and the faint blue colour, under the sunlight resembled jade. There was a translucent pure blue light arc which seemed able to absorb the heat of the sun, gradually becoming warmer.

They arrived at the exit of the small world, where the yellow airship had been waiting for a long while.

“Fellow, thank you.”

Ye Qingyu jumped off the back of the crane and stroked its head.

The cranes, reluctant to part, were affectionately rubbing their head against Ye Qingyu and when that Ye Qingyu was about to turn around to leave, they grabbed onto his sleeve with their beak, uttering a soft cry.

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu looked at the two cranes.

Yu Xiaoxing instantly understood. “Hehe, cousin, it seems they like you, they want to follow you around.”

“Follow me around?” Ye Qingyu was slightly taken aback. “They are spiritual birds inside the ancestral land, they can choose their Master? They can leave the little world of the ancestral land?”

“Of course they can, some nobles in the Imperial capital keep spiritual birds in their residence. The majority are from the small world of the Ancestral land. The Imperial family would also reward misters who had achieved notable merits with spiritual birds.” Yu Xiaoxing could tell that Ye Qingyu was tempted, and said grinning, “You are of Imperial blood, and had provided great service to the Empire in the Battle of the Light City, it would not be a problem if you take one or two of them away.”

“In that case, it would be disrespectful to refuse.” Ye Qingyu was in a good mood.

These two cranes were enormous, with steel-like feathers, and posses extraordinary strength, but most importantly they could fly at an extremely fast speed and were compatible with him.

“Come on, fellows, if you are willing, then follow me,” Ye Qingyu beckoned to the two cranes.

The crane danced merrily, uttering long cries of excitement.

But only one crane chose Ye Qingyu, while the other crane chose to follow Yu Xiaoxiang.

Yu Xiaoxing was laughing happily.

“Red crowned cranes are a precious type of spiritual birds in the Ancestral land, only a small number is bred in the Ancestral land but also a very few would choose their own master. Our visit to the Ancestral land this time was well worth it.”

Instead of boarding the airship, she jumped onto the crane’s back.

Ye Qingyu also did not get on the ship.

Wouldn’t riding a crane be much faster?


An hour later.

Ye Qingyu returned to the City of Light.

As soon as he landed, he received shocking news.

“Foreign experts have arrived,” Gao Han reported to Ye Qingyu in the first instance. “Three hours ago, there were lights flashing above the [Domain’s Heavenly Wall], and the Central Domain Gate opened. Tens of foreign young experts came to Light City through the Domain Gate.”


Ye Qingyu exclaimed inwardly.

Foreign forces had finally arrived at Heaven Wasteland Domain?

But why would the first batch of people to enter Heaven Wasteland Domain be a group of youngsters?

“Where are they?” Ye Qingyu asked calmly.

“The Right minister is personally seeing them. He brought the group of youngsters to the Imperial guards camp.” Gao Han had gathered thorough information before reporting. “It looks like these guys are humans. When they appeared, every one of them was like a bird startled by the mere twang of a bowstring, but later they became extremely arrogant.”

“Arrogant? How arrogant?” Ye Qingyu asked while walking.

“Once they knew of the situation, they requested to see His Majesty. They claimed that they are the disciples of the Greater One Sect of the Clear Water Domain. Each and every one of them was insufferably arrogant. I heard that they even pointed at and criticized the Right Minister.”

Gao Han purposely lowered his voice.

Clear River Domain?

Greater One Sect?

What kind of power was that?

Ye Qingyu was a little puzzled.

But the good news was that the first batch of foreign forces arriving at Heaven Wasteland Domain was humans, so there was no need to worry about a large-scale invasion of other races.

“This group of youngsters, although arrogant, are very strong. The majority is at the high level of the Bitter Sea stage and some are Heaven Ascension experts. We can’t underestimate them, and they kept calling us inferior indigenous people...”

Gao Han recounted the current situation.

“Let’s go and have a look first.”

Ye Qing headed toward the Imperial army camp.

The so called Imperial army camp was the temporary camp of elite Imperial guards stationed within 300 miles of the Light City.

The reason for Right Minister and others bringing the youngsters of the Great One Sect in here was obvious. Before they became aware of their background and their aim of coming here, they must first treat them with caution.

By being in the Imperial guards camp, if they clashed, the many formation experts could take control of the situation in the first instance.

The Imperial guards camp had tight security.

But with Ye Qingyu’s status, he was allowed to go in and out freely.

Very quickly, the huge main tent of the Imperial camp was distantly in sight.

From a distance, thousands of elite experts could be seen intentionally patrolling the main tent, all kinds of formations were in an activated state and the atmosphere was much more solemn and tenser than usual.


Seeing Ye Qingyu coming over, several elite experts hurriedly saluted.

Ye Qingyu nodded in reply, then casually asked, “How is the situation?”

“These brats are very arrogant, caused a big uproar, and are now demanding to compete against the experts and masters of the empire in a martial arts contest. I say we first arrest them and mercilessly beat them up, then they will behave.” An Imperial General was panting with rage.

His strength was not considered weak. He was at the peak of the Bitter Sea stage but had a fiery temper. It seemed he could not hold back his anger anymore.

Ye Qingyu smiled and was about to say something, when he heard a burst of wild laughter coming from the Imperial army’s main tent.

“Inferior indigenous people are inferior indigenous people, simply weak and pitiful. Are these the so-called experts in your army? You cannot withstand even a single blow...”

“You...” someone roared.

“What? You don’t agree? I see there are more than fifty of you, but you’re all only of the Bitter River stage. In our Clear Water Domain, even mediocre trash could reach your level at around fifty years old, too weak, haha, just like ants. You could not even withstand a casual move from me, trash like you might as well die, why are you still alive?”

There was undisguised arrogance in that voice.

Ye Qingyu slightly nodded, making his way towards the Imperial army’s main tent.

The Imperial army General hurriedly stretched his hand out to stop him. “Palace Lord Ye, the Right Minister said that when you return you should not hurry over to see these foreign domain people, wait until...”

Ye Qingyu smiled. “Don’t worry, I know about Right Minister’s concern, I’ll go talk to him, I won’t make things difficult for you.”

“Then...” The Imperial General was a little hesitant.

Ye Qingyu patted him on the shoulder, smiling faintly, and headed straight into the main tent.

Ye Qingyu of course understood Lin Zheng’s thinking.

He was worried that now that Ye Qingyu’s strength had significantly weakened, if he came into contact with these foreign domain people and the two sides clashed, he could not protect Ye Qingyu.

Speaking of which, it was quite funny.

The Lin Zheng before would want to hack Ye Qingyu into thousands of pieces, but now he was protecting him almost like a son, worried that someone would lay a finger on him.

Watching Ye Qingyu enter the main tent, the Imperial army General had stretched his hand out into mid-air, but finally shook his head and did not say anything.

After the first war of Light City, although others may not know about Ye Qingyu’s remarkable feat, the Imperial army had all heard about it. The entire Imperial army was full of admiration and respect for this young Palace Lord.


The moment Ye Qingyu stepped foot into the main tent, there was a pungent stench of blood in the tent.

More than ten youngsters in dark, tight battle robes were sitting, standing or leaning against something, laughing and joking. Each and every one had a condescending attitude, as though they were watching a play.

These youngsters were radiating an extremely strong aura, which were distinctly different from the martial arts of Heaven Wasteland Domain, seemingly very treacherous.

But as they were joking and chatting, one could tell that their language was only slightly different to the official language of the Snow Empire of Heaven Wasteland Domain. It was clear and comprehensible but what they said were not good words.

Right Minister, Left Minister and the Old Commander looked a little irritated.

This was especially so for the old Commander Li Guangbi, who was well-known for his fiery temper. He had already stood up and slammed his fist on the table, and his face was red with rage.

In the middle of the huge tent stood a young man with three moles on his clear and pale cheeks.

This three-moled young man was also dressed in the style of foreign domain people, black, tight battle robes, arm guards, a protective chest armour, leg protectors and battle boots. He exhibited an imposing manner as he casually stood there with hands on the front of his chest and a ridiculing expression on his face.

And opposite of him were several armour-clad Imperial army experts.

These several Imperial army Generals had all sustained light injuries, with blazing fury in their eyes as they supported a seriously injured middle-aged General.

Ye Qingyu recognized the General who was supported by everyone.

His name was Huang Tianxiang.

During the Battle of Light City a few months ago, Ye Qingyu had met and battled shoulder to shoulder with him.

This was a tough man who was born into a sect family, then joined the Imperial army and achieved notable military merits. He was 55 years old, but because of his profound martial arts cultivation base he looked only around thirty years old.

Huang Tianxiang was considered a strong core power of the Imperial army.

But at this moment, one of his arms was cleanly severed off from the elbow.

The bone of the severed arm was exposed, blood dripping out, and the stench of blood was filling the huge tent. The flesh around the wound was a dark grey colour like rotten meat. It was evidently being corroded by a very malicious strange power.

And the youngster with three moles was stepping on the severed hand.

The three moled foreign domain youngster had the corners of his mouth tilted up in a mocking and oppressive curve, as he said disdainfully, “What? Angry? Haha, how about you all fight together, if you can push me away, I will give him back this arm, how about that? Hahaha!”
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