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Imperial God Emperor 496 - Two temple spaces?

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Chapter 496, Two temple spaces

Ye Qingyu, looking at the broken pieces of the table leg, simply did not know what to say.

What was happening here was completely different from his expectations.

Where was the so-called truth?

His father’s last words could not be a lie.

But why had nothing happened as he stood in the deepest part of the Imperial Ancestral Temple for more than half an hour?

Could it be that he had overlooked something?

Ye Qingyu lowered his head in deep thought, recalling his father’s last words, but it did not provide the slightest clue. It also seemed like his father had not left any similar clues for him.

What went wrong?

Ye Qingyu remained perplexed after pondering over this a hundred times over.

He forcibly suppressed his irritation, drew a deep breath, and simply sat crossed leg in front of the broken bluestone tabletop, operating the nameless breathing technique and began training.

Since he had entered the Imperial Ancestral Temple, he was absolutely unwilling to leave with nothing. He needed to calm down and wait patiently to see if other changes would appear.

Time slowly went by.

Approximately half an hour later, Ye Qingyu opened his eyes again.

Nothing had changed in the hall at all.

Ye Qingyu carefully examined the stone table once more, stroking the stone table surface with the palm of his hand, hoping to find some mystery, but he failed. The stone table was an ordinary bluestone table which did not contain any formation nor was particularly sturdy...

Ye Qingyu had no doubt that if he exerted a little strength, he could easily crush the stone table.

Then he began to observe the walls of the stone temple.

After a whole hour, he finally gave up.

Because there was no mystery on the walls at all.

And the brass medal that was floating above his head had gradually began to lose its brilliance, and eventually returned to its previous appearance, falling and landing on Ye Qingyu’s palm.

It was slightly warm to the touch and was no longer roasting hot as before.

What was going on here?

Ye Qingyu couldn’t help but become a little irritable again.

He was usually a very calm and unimpulsive person. He always liked to have a plan before taking any action, but this time...

It was related to the background of his life, it was his biggest mystery, and also the matter that he most wanted to know after the war of the [Light Palace]. He came here full of confidence that he would find the answer.

Who knew that...

Ye Qingyu retrieved that drop of blood, stood still for a moment, pondering over the matter, before he finally turned around and left the hall.

As he walked out of the hall, Yu Xiaoxiang was seen playing with the two cranes that brought them here to the main peak.

“Cousin, you’ve come out,” Yu Xiaoxing greeted Ye Qingyu with a smile, but very soon noticed that Ye Qingyu’s expression was not right, and her tone changed, “What? Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Ye Qingyu smiled, took a deep breath and said, “Xing’er, have you ever been in the Imperial ancestral Temple?”

“I’ve been inside.” Yu Xiaoxing nodded firmly. “When I was small, it was mother who took me to participate in the Imperial ancestral ceremony, then later as I was older I would attend the clan’s annual ceremony... What’s wrong? Cousin, why are you asking?”

Ye Qingyu continued asking, “That... do you know what it looks like inside the Ancestral temple?”

“Ah? Cousin, didn’t you just go in?” Although surprised, Yu Xiaoxing still gave a brief description of the furnishings and decor inside.

Upon hearing what she said he was shocked, as though he was struck by lightning.

“What? You said... in the Ancestral temple, there are nine altars, ancestral memorial tablets and statues, and the weapons used by the ancestors of the clan, as well as the sacred sacrificial cauldrons that suppress the fate of the major provinces,” Ye Qingyu exclaimed in disbelief.

How was that possible?

Ye Qingyu looked like he saw a ghost in the daytime.

Why was the ancestral temple that Yu Xiaoxing described completely different to what he saw?

Did he go the wrong way?


There was no side path in the Ancestral Temple; it was absolutely impossible to go the wrong way.

But why?

Ye Qingyu felt that everything he heard and saw today was too unbelievable.

After a brief pause, he came up with a plan. “Xing’er, can you accompany me into the ancestral temple? I have some questions... I may need you to go in with me to figure it out.”

Yu Xiaoxing’s beautiful, pale face reddened, as though thinking of other things. She hurriedly nodded and skipped over this, “Of course.”

The two people walked shoulder to shoulder into the Ancestral temple.

As Ye Qingyu entered the temple once more, his heart was uncontrollably pounding again

If Yu Xiaoxing saw that there was only a broken bluestone table remaining in the Ancestral temple, she would definitely jump up in shock?

Ye Qingyu thought to himself.

But very soon there was a blank expression on his face again.

“Why... is it like this?”

He couldn’t move.

Because everything before him was clearly different from before. There were statue-like armours lined up on both sides of the temple, and each armour hands were wielding weapons, treasure level antiques that were not lower in rank than the [White Horse Armour] of Youyan Pass' White Horse Tower.

In addition to the formation of human-shaped armours that were like bodyguards, the floor was paved with a scarlet red rug and complemented with gold threads and waves of energy. It was similar to walking on clouds.

As he went further in, there were several yellow sacred cauldrons of varying sizes that could suppress the fate of the major provinces, but they were at least three feet tall and had a gold-plated coiled dragon design. Each and every one was simple yet elegant, elaborate yet grand, splendid and magnificent.

There was a strange and mysterious energy flowing out from the sacred cauldron.

Further in, it was the inner hall.

There were statues of the ancestors of the Yu clan. Each one moulded from yellow clay, with bright and vivid colours, the size of a real person. There were incense burning and smoke rising in spirals...

Then further in...

Ye Qingyu was absolutely unable to believe in what he just saw.

What is going on here?

The scene that he saw he first time entered the temple and the scene at this moment was completely different... What went wrong?

Ye Qingyu sunk into a strange silent and lifeless state.

“Cousin, cousin... are you okay?”

Yu Xiaoxing yelled.

She, who was exceptionally smart, obviously noticed that Ye Qingyu had spaced out and was looking a little worried.

“Ah? Oh... “ Ye Qingyu shook his head, and forced a smile, “Nothing, I’m fine.”

What went wrong?

Why was it like that?

Ye Qingyu thought hard.

Suddenly a light flashed through his mind.

Yes, yes!

The first time he entered the Ancestral temple, he was following the lamp-like military medal. While this time the medal had fallen into a silent state and was no longer floating and glowing, but it was Yu Xiaoxing who guided him in.

This was the difference between his two times of entering Ancestral temple.

Ye Qingyu suddenly remembered that when the medal was guiding him into the Ancestral temple, there were vague patterns and light flickering on the walls. Could it be that...

Could it be... that reason?

Could it be that the Imperial Ancestral Temple contained two different spaces?

What kind of secret was hidden in the two different spaces?

But the Ancestral temple that his father mentioned in his last words, the place where he could find the truth, which space was it in?

Ye Qingyu began carefullly inspecting and sensing this sacrifical divine altar. But it was a pity that his spirit was crippled, so his power to sense was not strong.

After carefully observing for half an hour, he still made no discovery.

The military medal was now in a completely silent state, no longer emitting the slightest warmth, and was quietly located in the storage space, like a dead object.

It could no longer provide the slightest clue for Ye Qingyu.

Unwilling to give up, Ye Qingyu stayed in the Ancestral temple for another hour, until he was certain that he would not gain any new information in the Ancestral temple.

His intuition told him that, the truth was hiding in the other space of the Ancestral temple.

Under the strange gaze of Yu Xiaoxing, Ye Qingyu and her left the Ancestral temple.

The two beautiful cranes outside the temple came to greet him as soon as he came out, briskly jumping over, and affectionately rubbing their head against him.

Ye Qingyu smiled and stroked the two spiritual birds, and suddenly felt a little better inside.

Standing outside the Ancestral temple for another hour, Ye Qingyu decided to enter by himself once more to see if he could return to that empty broken bluestone table space.

Yu Xiaoxing found Ye Qingyu’s decision extremely strange.

But she didn’t stop him.

Logically speaking, the blood of the Imperial family, the Yu clan, did flow within Ye Qingyu’s body, but he was an indirect descent. He was not of pure royal blood. If he entered the Ancestral temple so frequently, not only would it seem strange and disrespectful but it also would break the rules.

But Yu Xiaxoing had placed all her heart on him. She had no intention of stopping him.

On that day, when she confronted Song Xiaojun, her feelings had uncontrollably surged forth like a flood.

And she didn’t want to hide it.

Watching Ye Qingyu enter the Ancestral temple for the third time, Yu Xiaoxiang did not ponder over what he was doing, and instead began playing with the two cranes.

She had been busy these several days, it was only at this time that she could show her true self, which was an innocent young girl.

About half an hour later.

Ye Qingyu came out looking upset.

“Let’s go," Ye Qingyu said in a disappointed tone.

At his third entry, the medal was still in a dormant state. It seemed that the intense heat last time had consumed all its energy.

Ye Qingyu was certain that he would have to return without any success this time.

He jumped onto the back of the crane and left the main peak in the midst of the crane’s cry.

Ye Qingyu turned his head round to take another glance at the sacred sword-like peak, and said to himself that, no matter what happens he would return, and the next time he does he must solve all the mysteries.

On the way back Ye Qingyu thought over and over again, and finally understood the reason why he came back with no harvest this time.
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