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Imperial God Emperor 495 - The ancestral tool is broken?

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On the summit of the ancestral peak, under the endless illumination of the sunlight, a dark imposing shrine was standing tall.

The Yu clan advocated the colour black. Besides the bright yellow-coloured attire that descendants of the imperial family usually wore in order to symbolize the imperial spirit, whether it was imperial guard or official, their clothing and armour were all mainly black.

Therefore, the Imperial Ancestral Temple was just as Ye Qingyu had expected. It was indeed a black stone building.

The crane descended.

Ye Qingyu jumped to the ground.

“Thanks, fellow.” Ye Qingyu smiled, stroked the big crane’s back, and then took out some of the immortal dew spirit fruit from his storage for the two cranes.


The crane let out a long cry, dancing merrily.

Especially the one that was carrying Ye Qingyu. It rubbed its head against Ye Qingyu’s arm to express its thanks. Its gesture was very intimate. Then it took the immortal dew fruit and flew off.

“They seem to like you very much,” Yu Xiaoxing said with a smile.

Ye Qingyu smiled without saying anything, and turned towards the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

The Imperial Ancestral Temple was in the central area of the Yu clan’s ancestral land, which was said to commemorate the ancestors of the Yu clan. It was regarded as an important place of the clan’s cohesiveness and imposing authority.

According to Yu Xiaoxing, besides the Yu Clan’s annual Imperial Memorial ceremony, the Imperial Ancestral Temple was always closed.

There were no such people as gatekeeper experts in the ancestral temple.

A spacious road, divided into four levels, led up to the temple.

On both sides of the road, there were tall, black warrior statutes more than 10 meters tall. They were vivid and lifelike, wielding swords and other various weapons, and looking down on the road.

Upon closer observation, each warrior statue had their brows furrowed and their eyes blazing. The expression on their face was grave and stern, as if divine light would shoot out from their eyes and they would jump up to kill all outsiders that dared to break into here at any time.

Ye Qingyu walked across the road in big strides.

Although his mind was currently damaged, he still could clearly sense that, in this main peak of the ancestral land, there was a majestic and abundant power contained within, protecting the temple and suppressing the yuan energy of any experts that set foot on the main peak.

“Even if a Heaven Ascension expert was here, I’m afraid he will be suppressed to the ordinary martial level.” Ye Qingyu was inwardly afraid.

He could feel that the power within his body was changing, the last three Spirit springs, in such an environment, were beginning to become quiet and still.

But his physical strength was not at all suppressed.

They walked along the road and came to the entrance of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

The outside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple of the Yu clan was neat and solemn, and there was nothing particularly unusual. On all four sides, the black rocks gave a calm feeling, and whether it was the round pillars or the brown walls, there wasn’t any sort of writing or carved patterns. The natural lines on the rocks, despite being through hundred years of wind and sun, were still smooth as before.

Ye Qingyu glanced up.

For some reason, he vaguely felt that the shape and appearance of this Imperial Ancestral Temple was unexpectedly somewhat similar to the [Light Palace].

And what made Ye Qingyu feel even more strange was that the main entrance to the temple was opened widely and there was no door. It was like a huge corridor, leading straight into the main hall.

The wind whistled.

A gust of strong wind swept into the temple.

“In the little world of the ancestral land, there are no guards and no one protecting the temple. For so many years, only Aunt Han and Aunt Heng were allowed to reside in the ancestral land. It is said that back then, Grandfather said that the ancestral land is the center of the Yu clan’s destiny and must not allow ordinary people to invade here. It requires nourishment from natural air, the essence of the sun and moon, immortal birds and spiritual beasts to maintain the destiny of the Yu clan...” Yu Xiaoxing explained.

Ye Qingyu nodded slightly.

He didn’t know much about the idea of destiny.

But seeing that, in this small world of the Imperial family, the spiritual energy was so abundant, there were beautiful sceneries and a faint magical air, he thought that there must be a reason why they did so.

But Ye Qingyu was in no mood to think about this.

He slowly came to the entrance of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

His heart suddenly became even more tense.

His father’s last words, the truth of everything, was it finally going to be completely solved?

Ye Qingyu could clearly feel that the brass military medal was producing an intense heat, like a lava, and a feeling of impatience was spreading out.

After a slight hesitation, Ye Qingyu looked at Yu Xiaoxing and said, “I want to go in alone, can I?”

Yu Xiaoxing, without giving it a thought, nodded. “Of course, then I’ll wait for cousin outside.”

“Thank you,” Ye Qingyu said in a very serious voice.

In many ways, Yu Xiaoxing was very clever.

The Crown Princess, Her Highness smiled. Her smiling face was like a flower, extremely beautiful and pure.

Once Ye Qingyu finished speaking, he slowly stepped forward with timid interest and eventually entered the Imperial Ancestral Temple.


“This is the inside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.”

Ye Qingyu was incredibly astonished.

He originally thought that in this little world, which was so important to the Yu clan and which was so heavily guarded, then the inside of the Imperial Ancestral Temple should be magnificent, full of a variety of formation prohibitions and space formations, or many other things such as illusion formations...

But everything was completely beyond his expectation.

Because as he made his way along the corridor, there were only simple and unadorned walls, ancient colours and no unnecessary decorations. There was no incense burner, altar, sacrificial tripod or anything at all.

The light in the hall was dim.

But Ye Qingyu could still see everything inside.

The inside was shabby and simple, almost like an old temple that had been abandoned for countless years. All the things have been cleared away, the walls were completely empty, and the ground was covered with a thick layer of dust.

Ye Qingyu walked along, leaving a series of clear footprints behind.

He took out the brass medal.

A heavenly fire-like scorching heat was emitting from the brass medal, a faint brass-coloured brilliance flashing above, and ripples-like rings of light were floating and drifting out.

Under the stunned gaze of Ye Qingyu, the brass medal suddenly floated up and started to emit a yellow light, leading the way into the depths of the hall.

Ye Qingyu followed.

His heart was beating wildly.

The truth, was it going to be uncovered?

The tangerine-yellow rays of light of the medal illuminated the spacious and empty dim hall.

He walked straight ahead.

Ye Qingyu was more and more shocked as he proceeded.

In the Imperial Ancestral Temple, there were no objects for offerings, no statues, no memorial tablet, no incense burner, no sacrificial tripod, and not even a praying mat or a chair or anything.

If it was not for that fact that Ye Qingyu knew the Imperial Ancestral Temple was heavily guarded and it was impossible for outsiders to enter, he would have thought that this place had been ransacked and all things had been stolen.

The hall was very deep.

The medal unhurriedly floated forward.

Ye Qingyu, at this moment, held his breath, and finally slowly followed behind.

Ye Qingyu did not know whether it was a misconception or not, but he noticed that out of the corner of his eyes, when the yellow light of the medal swept across the inner walls of the temple, it seemed as though there was a mysterious light pattern on the originally dark walls...

But when he looked carefully, he found nothing.

Around half an hour had past.

The floating medal finally slowly came to a stop at the deepest part of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

An old and broken stone table appeared in Ye Qingyu’s line of sight.

The light blue stone table was missing a corner, the surface was pitted, like it had been corroded by something. Of the four legs, there were two full of cracks, as if they would shatter into pieces at any time, and one that was broken, and the incision was incomparably smooth...

“This is...”

Ye Qingyu couldn’t understand why, at the deepest part of the Imperial Ancestral Temple, an important place of the Snow Empire, there was not a memorial tablet of former ancestors, nor portraits of ancestors or sacrificial vessels, but a worn out bluestone table.

A broken table that even if it was thrown into the slums, no one would pick it up.

Could it be that this stone table was some sort of treasure?

Ye Qingyu, with a puzzled gaze, looked around.

He was now finally able to confirm that there was really nothing else in the huge Imperial Ancestral Temple except for the broken, crumbling bluestone table.

This was so abnormal.

Could it be that for 100 years the object of worship for the Snow Empire’s Imperial family every year was this bluestone table?

Ye Qingyu felt that his brain was not quite enough.

Before his father died, he told him that, as long as he enters the Imperial Ancestral Temple, he could unlock some suspense and solve the mystery.

Now that he was here, how does he solve the mystery?

Ye Qingyu’s gaze fell back on the brass medal that was floating in mid-air.

The medal was emitting a bright yellow light, the light ripples that were constantly moving about was no longer wandering around and were steadily hovering above the broken bluestone table.

Time slowly passed by.

Nothing happened.

Ye Qingyu began to become a little anxious and impatient.

The scene that he was anticipating, or something wonderful, did not appear.

Under the shining light ripples of the medal, the bluestone table gave no reaction at all, as though it was in deep sleep.

“Could it be like drawing blood to prove bloodline, I need to drop blood onto it?”

Ye Qingyu had no idea what to do while waiting, so he thought that he might as well puncture his fingertip and drop blood onto the broken bluestone table.


Like a drop of water.

The bead of blood did not disperse, falling directly on the bluestone table.

But it did not penetrate into the stone surface.

Instead, it slid down the tabletop.

The bluestone table did not show the slightest reaction.


When that bead of blood dropped onto the ground, producing a heavy, muffled sound, it was like a boulder smashing into the ground. And immediately a small dent had formed on the black stone floor.

Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation level had reached what kind of frightening and powerful level, that a drop of blood could be heavy as a hill. For such a strange scene to appear was not at all surprising.

But the important point was that, following the drop of blood nothing else happened as before.

But with that quake, one of the leg of the originally broken bluestone table was completely snapped off, dropped onto the ground, scattering and rolling away...

Ye Qingyus expression suddenly became very strange.

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