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Chapter 494, Snow capital·Imperial Ancestral Temple

She should be the only one that truly understood Ye Qingyu’s real strength.

After so many days had passed, the Central Domain Gate had not undergone much change. Ye Qingyu also became slack.

Now his main thoughts again returned to his own life and past history.

Since Yu Junhan did not tell Ye Qingyu and he did not feel right to ask, his attention began to return to the Imperial Ancestral Temple of the Imperial ancestral land.

From his memory, before his father’s death, he told him that, once his strength reaches the Bitter Sea stage, then he can uncover all the puzzles by going to the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

Now was the time.

Now, Ye Qingyu’s identity was special, because Yu Junhan believed that she was her son, which meant that he was also a part of the Imperial family. Logically speaking, he was also eligible to enter the Imperial Ancestral Temple.

Ye Qingyu decided to act.

On this day, accompanied by Wen Wan, he left the City of Light.

Ye Qingyu was going to find Yu Xiaoxing.


“You’re going to the Imperial Ancestral Temple?”

Yu Xiaoxing was a little surprised.

Following Yu Junhan’s words, these days, Yu Xiaoxing had begun to reveal her female identity. Gradually, some of the higher-level officers of the Imperial military also knew of the real identity of Yu Xiaoxing.

This was the first time that Ye Qingyu came to find Yu Xiaoxing of his own initiative.

So Yu Xiaoxing was very excited.

Since that day, Yu Xiaoxing no longer hid her feelings for Ye Qingyu.

Although there was kinship between them, the Imperial laws and customs do not prohibit the marriage between cousins, and in some large families, this sort of marriage was encouraged, and can increase the cohesiveness of the family.

Yu Xiaoxing was a very magnanimous woman with a masculine personality.

She had always been open and honest, and since it had been revealed so obviously that day, then there was no reason to try to cover it up anymore. It would be better to face everything directly.

“Of course that won’t be a problem, cousin, with your present identity, you are eligible to enter the Imperial Ancestral tTmple... However, this matter, I still should let father know about it first. After all, it is not yet the annual opening day of the Imperial Ancestral Temple.”

Yu Xiaoxing thought about it carefully, before giving an answer.

Ye Qingyu smiled and nodded, “Then I will have to trouble the Crown Princess, as soon as possible would be great.”

Yu Xiaoxing stared at Ye Qingyu, grinning, then she was suddenly struck by a thought and said, “Since it is urgent, then how about this, you can go see father with me now and ask him directly.”

Go see the Snow Emperor?

Ye Qingyu was slightly taken aback. He had not expected Yu Xiaoxing to say this at all.

But in his heart, there was a trace of curiosity floating up.

After all, it was the Snow Emperor.

The highest ruler of the Human Race in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Once, Ye Qingyu had thought that the Snow Emperor was an unattainable great figure, as unreachable as the deities, but now he unexpectedly had the same blood running through his body as this human emperor...

These days, Snow Emperor had not made an appearance.

The overall situation was taken care of by Yu Junhan.

If he could see the supreme ruler of the Snow Empire... then, why would he say no?

Ye Qingyu nodded in response.

Yu Xiaoxing covered her mouth and smiled.


After the time to burn an incense stick.

Imperial Palace.

Back courtyard garden.

It was Ye Qingyu’s first time meeting the ‘legendary’ great figure, the supreme ruler of the empire, the dragon of all people, the most prominent existence of the Human Race in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Snow Emperor.

“You are the son of Junhan?”

In the garden of lush green plants, winding streams and flowers in full bloom, the tall and sturdy Snow Emperor had a faint smile on his face. His eyes were fixed on Ye Qingyu, and he appeared calm and quiet.

“Your Majesty!”

Ye Qingyu bowed down.

In all honesty, the Snow Emperor was not the same as he had imagined.

He once thought that the emperor of an empire would be dressed in divine armour, as mighty-looking as a dragon, and emanating divine light, like an immortal. When he opens his mouth there would be lotus flowers bursting forth, and he does not eat the food of common mortals.

But the middle-aged man before him had a solemn appearance, and bronze-coloured skin as though he had suffered the hardships of life. His hair was already grey and between the hair on his temples were strands of silver hair. There was little bold and powerful qi around him, as if he was an ordinary person.

But he also could tell that, when the Snow Emperor was young, he must be a rare, handsome man. The him now, clad in a white cloth robe and casual attire, gave a kind of confident and unrestrained manner.

The people of the Snow Empire’s Imperial family were all handsome men and beautiful women.

Yu Junhan and Yu Xiaoxing were rare beauties, and prince Yu Feiyan was also a well-known handsome man.

In appearance, the Snow Emperor was no less inferior.

It was just that his condition did not seem to be very good, and when he smiled, there were wrinkles around the corner of his mouth and eyes. He looked more like a veteran soldier who had been practicing martial arts for a long time but had now deteriorated to an ordinary cultivation level.

“Ah, I’ve wanted to see you for a long time.” Snow Emperor raised his hands, indicating Ye Qingyu to get up. “I remember I held you when you were born. In the blink of an eye, so many years have passed.”

Upon hearing these words, Ye Qingyu couldn’t help his heart trembling

Things were getting more and more confusing now.

Whether the Snow Emperor had held him when he was a baby or not, Ye Qingyu was not a divine child, so it was simply impossible for him to remember.

But the problem was that, ever since he began to form memories, he had always been in Deer City, and in his memories, his parents...

For a moment, Ye Qingyu didn’t know what to say.

“Now looking closely, your appearance, and that person’s looks...” Snow Emperor’s breathing was not at all stable and his voice was faint.

Ye Qingyu guessed that it was perhaps a price that he had to pay in order to close the Central Domain Gate. His injury must have not fully recovered from that day.

Perhaps because seeing Ye Qingyu had made him think of something, Snow Emperor’s gaze fell on the woods outside of the pavilion, his eyes becoming distant and blurred, without any focus. It was obvious that he had sunk into distant memories.

Ye Qingyu did not want to disturb him.

Yu Xiaoxing was quietly standing on one side.

A long while had past before the Snow Emperor was finally woken up from the distant memories. He gently gasped, and shifted his gaze back at Ye Qingyu, a strange light flickering in his eyes, as though he had suddenly remembered something.

“What did Xing’er say just now, you want to go to the Imperial Ancestral Temple?” he asked Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu nodded. “I ask for your Majesty’s permission.”

Snow Emperor flipped his hand over, when a dragon scale Imperial seal emerged among a flash of golden light, floating over to Ye Qingyu. “Go, back then this Ancestral Temple was to... Hoho, calculating the time, you should go to see it.”

Ye Qingyu blankly received the dragon scale Imperial seal.

Snow Emperor’s words had something deeper held within it.

But Ye Qingyu didn’t understand what he meant.

Once Ye Qingyu got out of the Imperial palace, he went on the yellow airship of Yu Xiaoxing, and was heading to the Imperial ancestral land, he was still thinking about this problem. It was obvious that the Snow Emperor knew something, but he did not say it out.

About an hour later, the mysterious yellow airship passed through the outskirts of the Ancestral Temple area, entering into the real small world of the ancestral land.

According to the rules, all the guards on the mysterious yellow ship cannot continue any further.

Yu Xiaoxing and Ye Qingyu got off the ship, and only after a number of inspections from guards of the ancestral land did they head toward the center of the small world.

Having been here once before, Ye Qingyu possessed a vivid memory of everything here.

Beautiful sceneries and abundant spiritual aura.

Walking through the hills and mountains.

This time, the two people entered the ancestral land with a completely different identity from the last time. One was declared to be the current crown Prince, and the other was suspected to possess royal blood. It was naturally different from the last time. They were a lot more relaxed, and their speed was also a lot faster.

In a short period of time, they passed by Yu Junhan’s residence, which they had gone to last time.

But Ye Qingyu’s mind was entirely on the Imperial Ancestral Temple, eager to unravel the mysteries in his heart, so he did not have the mood to take a trip down memory lane.

Another half an hour passed.

Finally, they arrived at the central area of the Imperial ancestral land.

The mountains were stacked wrong, and the sword-like peaks were like a forest.

Jade-like waterfalls dropped over the edge of the mountain peaks, mist rising around, like the white mist of a paradise, shrouding the mountains and woods. There were rainbows everywhere, and all kinds of immortal birds and auspicious animals were flapping their wings high in the clouds. Between the clouds it was like a haven of peace.

Yu Xiaoxing played a jade flute.

Two huge beautiful red-crowned cranes descended from the sky, landing in front of the two.

“The main peak is covered with formations that the unparalleled War God set up back then, sealing everything. We cannot enter through ordinary methods, so to get to the Imperial Ancestral Temple, we must ride the white crane.”

Yu Xiaoxing excitedly jumped on the back of a crane, her slender, fair hand like a newly peeled white onion stroked the head of the red-crowned crane, and as though it could understand, let out a cry and soared.

Ye Qingyu was also a little curious, jumped onto the back of another crane.

In Ye Qingyu’s mind, although this crane was very fast, piercing across the void like a lightning arrow, it was unexpectedly steady and surprisingly stable. While it was flapping its wings, it would form a layer of pale blue light arc around its body, blocking the fierce and cold air in the sky!

The feeling of riding a crane was incredibly wonderful, and felt as though he was walking on clouds like an immortal.

There were many ancient myths and legends in Heaven Wasteland Domain. There was a free and unfettered celestial being travelling between heaven and earth on a crane, detached from all, living carefree and without worries. This person was the envy of everyone.

Ye Qingyu did not think that he would have such an experience today.

White clouds whistled past at their sides.

Yu Xiaoxing all of a sudden started laughing excitedly, “Hee hee, when I was small, every time I attended the Imperial ancestral ceremony, I enjoyed riding cranes and soaring into the sky the most...”

Ye Qingyu did not speak.

This crane’s back was very wide, enough to sit 3-5 people, and for some reason, Ye Qingyu felt as though his mind and that of the crane was linked.

As soon as a thought surfaced in his mind, the crane seemed like it understood and would perform the flight trajectory and speed that Ye Qingyu wanted.

“It would be nice to have a crane like that following me about,” Ye Qingyu thought.

His current yuan qi and cultivation was temporarily sealed, and although he could fly, the yuan qi of three Spirit springs was not enough to support long-distance flight. But whether it was in speed or height, there was no way he could be compared to Bitter Sea experts.

If he had a crane as a means of transportation, that would be absolutely eye-catching.

While deep in thought, the main peak was almost within reach.

The crane descended.

Ye Qingyu could see at once that, sat on the main peak, was the Imperial Ancestral Temple——
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