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Imperial God Emperor 493 - Martial arts foundation is destroyed?

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Chapter 493, Martial arts foundation is destroyed?

In a split second, the fierce demon and beasts that came rushing out of the Central Domain Gate, suddenly like the tide, shook the air, emitting a thunder-like rumble.

“Brother, be careful.”

Ximen Yeshui blocked in front of Ye Qingyu at the first moment.

Others, including Wen Wan, Jin Ling’er, and Bai Yuanxing also shielded Ye Qingyu at the first moment and dared not relax in the slightest.

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to cry or laugh.

These days, by refining his physical body with the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], constantly refining the buried and concealed energy within his body, he had made enormous progress. Even till now, even he himself was not aware of the strength that his physical body had reached.

It was very frightening anyway.

But because it was very difficult for the strength of one’s physical body to show fluctuation, and at most there was just vigorous blood and qi, very few people could judge the strength of the opponent by the strength of their physical body.

After all, formation yuan qi was the mainstream martial arts in Heaven Wasteland Domain.

In a worldly view, even if the strength of the physical body was incredibly powerful, it was considered to be a lower branch of cultivation. No matter how strong one’s physical strength was, they were unable to fly into the sky or escape underground, and could not operate spiritual weapons, Dao weapons and treasured objects.

When encountering a yuan qi martial artist expert, they would not have any advantage.

So no one was able to perceive the true power of Ye Qingyu.

The more important reason was that Ye Qingyu, through the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], could hide his blood and qi.

The Ye Qingyu at this moment, from the surface, was just a four or five Spirit spring little expert. Everyone thought that the Divine Punishment had destroyed his martial arts foundation.

In the eyes of everyone, even Jin Ling’er, Bai Yuanxing and other people were stronger than Ye Qingyu at this moment.

So seeing that there was a strange change appearing, everyone’s first reaction was to protect Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu also had to cooperate and not attack.


Hu hu hu!

In the great Domain Gate, red-black demonic beasts like a tidal wave came roaring out. The numerous amount of them simply made people’s heart palpitate violently and numbing their scalp.

“These are space-time beasts... A kind of demonic matter that wanders the gaps of space-time, it seems that the appearance of the Central Domain Gate had accidentally triggered a nest of the space-time beasts!”

Yu Junhan very quickly came to the conclusion.

In the space-time gap, there was no light source and food or water. It was impossible for ordinary creatures to survive, and even the strongest martial artist would not survive for long.

But the changes of heaven and earth were mysterious, and could produce this kind of violent and fierce evil monsters. They wandered the torrent of time and space, devouring all living creatures and dead objects that entered into the flow of space-time, like a space-time scavenger, consuming everything.

These demon things did not have intelligence, only the instinct of killing and swallowing. Under undisturbed conditions, they would be in a self-sealing state of cultivation, as though they were dead.

Once awakened by the space-time gap or space-time fluctuation, they would immediately go crazy, frantically engulfing objects that were drawn into the space-time torrent.

This was one of the reasons why the space-time torrent was frightening.

It seemed that this time, it was the emergence of the Heaven Wasteland Domain’s Central Domain Gate and [Domain’s Heavenly Wall] that alarmed a group of self-sealing space-time demonic beasts, and caused them to crash their way through the Domain Gate.

Once Yu Junhan finished her words, the crowd all suddenly understood.

If this was true, then it was a lot more reassuring.

At least it was not the invasion of demons from some other realms.

Everyone that was present was an expert of experts, as soon as they struck back there were internal energy light flames crushing the space-time demonic matters into smithereens.

Ye Qingyu was constantly pulled back by Jin Ling’er and Bai Yunaxing to a safe area.

The battle came suddenly, but went by even faster.

In less than the time to burn an incense, it was over.

In the vast Central Domain Gate, space elements were gradually disappearing from the mirror-like surface. The giant gate once again quietened down, without the slightest fluctuation of power, as if nothing had happened.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

During this period of time, everyone was almost going crazy because of the Central Domain Gate.

“Stay on the alert, I believe that there will be creatures from other domains coming soon!”

Yu Junhan uttered with a serious expression as before.


For the next few days, everything was calm.

But the atmosphere was tenser than before.

Everyone’s nerves were stretched tight, no one dared to be careless in the slightest. The elite imperial soldiers outside were also fully prepared and set for battle, lying down in their armour. The formations everywhere were operating at all times, showing no hesitation in using up the energy of origin crystals.

Right Minister Lin Zheng suggested Ye Qingyu and other people to temporarily leave Light City for a safer place.

This was of course for safety reasons.

Ye Qingyu after a brief thought, told Jin Ling’er, Bai Yuanxing, Mother Qu and other people to move out of the hundred miles within Light City, while he himself remained behind.

Yu Junhan agreed to this plan.

Right Minister was a little helpless.

The original intention of his proposal was of course, mainly for the safety of Ye Qingyu. In the eyes of an ambitious and ruthless character like Lin Zheng, the importance of Jin Ling’er, Bai Yuanxing, Mother Wu put together, compared to Ye Qingyu, was miles apart.

But in the face of Ye Qingyu’s insistence, there was nothing that Lin Zheng could do.

Next, another one month had passed.

The Central Domain Gate remained quiet as before.

Someone suggested that they might as well actively attack, enter the [Boundary Heaven Wall] with the divine class Origin crystal, and casually open up a passage to enter other realms for investigation, which would be much better than passively waiting.

But the proposal was denied.

While Ye Qingyu, in this period of time, was still constantly activating the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] to train his physical body. His strength was frantically rising at a speed unimaginable to ordinary people.

In addition to this, after a period of time of trying, he finally succeeded in entering the [Cloud Top Cauldron].

Not only could he enter, but he could also freely come out.

Of course, it was only achievable by the part of his spirit that had already escaped.

He attempted to gently connect to a power of his mind that was sealed, and spent a lot of time to observe the vast ancient copper murals inside the [Cloud Top Cauldron]...

Among the murals, there was an extremely strange and mysterious power.

Under the intact state of the mind, Ye Qingyu could only just manage to finish studying a complete mural in one day before he gets dizzy and confused, entering into a state of excessive energy consumption.

However, after he recovered, Ye Qingyu found that the strength and depth of his mind had also significantly increased.

“It seems that by looking at the murals, one can refine and strengthen the power of the mind?”

This discovery was a pleasant surprise to Ye Qingyu.

If this was really the case, then as long as he constantly observed the murals here and refined the mind, would he be able to constantly strengthen and expand the power of the mind? Sooner or later, one day he could break through the restrictions of the [Cloud Top Cauldron]?

In addition to this, Ye Qingyu also discovered some clues to the current state of his body.

Currently in his dantian barren world, an originally surging and howling yuan qi river was now in a calm state. There were no waves above the river surface, and was as peaceful as light. The yuan qi river had became stagnant water, lacking any vitality.

This was because there was not enough energy to activate the mind and consciousness.

And of the 100 surging Spirit springs before, there were only three Spirit springs remaining that were bubbling out yuan qi clear spring water.

The other 97 Spirit springs were equally in some sort of sealed state, and were incomparably silent.

But Ye Qingyu could tell that, these Spirit spring mouths were not dead or drained, rather in a temporary static state.

And of the three awakened Spirit springs, one of them was gently nourishing the [Cloud Top Cauldron], another nourishing the [Fiendgod Titled Chart], and in the other eye was some bits and bobs, such as the remnant of the [Little Shang] sword, as well as some parts of the [Beheading Wind] sword.

Before, the [Cloud Top Cauldron] and [Fiendgod Titled Chart] were living in the high altitude of the dantian barren world, emitting brilliance, like the sun and moon, and unable to integrate into the Spirit springs, but it was now taking the initiative to go in.

Ye Qingyu was deep in thought, when he vaguely realized something.

It must have been that his cultivation and physical strength were not enough before, so the Spirit springs could not accommodate the two great mysterious treasures. Now that his physical body had been reborn, it could finally accept them.

Moreover, Ye Qingyu also found that he could summon the [Cloud Top Cauldron] to his hands, and change its size at will.

Of course, that was all.

That day, when he was bombarded by the Divine Punishment, it must have activated some sort of formation within this ancient copper cauldron, triggering the copper cauldron to undergo changes.

Ye Qingyu could have opened it before, but now it would not open at all.

“It can only be summoned, turned big or small, what’s the use in that? Can’t refine pills, can’t store things...” Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry. “Could it be turned to a weapon, to smash people?”

The copper cauldron kept growing bigger and then smaller.

Ye Qingyu held one of the copper legs, waving it about.

There was a sudden gust of wind.

Impressively powerful.

“Hey, you don’t say, the weight of this copper cauldron is not heavy or light, it is perfect. If it really was used to smash people, it is not impossible!”

Ye Qingyu’s eyes lit up, he really was tempted.

The copper cauldron was heavy and hard, that not even the Heavenly Punishment could split it, then it may be assumed that other divine and magical weapons also could not break it.

It was just that using this guy as a weapon seemed a little too shocking.

Ye Qingyu thought it over and put it away.

The days went by one after another.

In other people’s eyes, the strength of Ye Qingyu had not yet recovered, he was still around the four or five Spirit spring yuan qi cultivation level, his blood and qi had deteriorated and was not like how it was before.

Could it be that the martial arts foundation was destroyed and could not be restored?

Many people secretly looked at him with sympathetic eyes.

Ximen Yeshui was grumbling to Ye Qingyu all day long to teach him a secret skill of restoring strength, but he must ask for permission from his master in advance.

So as the guy was trying to contact his master, he told Ye Qingyu to not get angry...

Yu Junhan as usual checked on the condition of Ye Qingyu’s body once a day——She only needed to place her finger on Ye Qingyu’s wrist and operate yuan qi to fully understand the condition of Ye Qingyu’s body like the back of her hand——
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