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Chapter 47 – Some News

“Little girl?” He opened his eyes.

He saw the little loli, Song Xiaojun wearing an expansive black disciplinary robe. Her smile was like the bloom of a flower, standing by the entrance with a large grin, her face filled with excitement looking at him. Ye Qingyu could not help but be slightly taken aback. “How come you came?”

The little loli laughed joyfully, the light in her eyes like that of a spring sunlight.

“Brother Qingyu, did you miss me?” She dragged her long robes across the grounds and in her hand, there was a red food box half her height. She came bouncing and jumping, bringing the container in front of Ye Qingyu.

Once the food container was opened, a rich smell of food came wafting over.

Inside was various plates of different sizes, all holding different cuisine. Evidently, a lot of care had been placed in cooking it.

Ye Qingyu’s appetite was greatly aroused.

“First eat, eat then we’ll speak”

In the clear beautiful eyes of the little loli, was an undisguised laughter. “I know Brother Qingyu has been confined here all this time. You must be so bored so I brought some good food over!”

Ye Qingyu laughed and did not pretend to be shy. Taking the dishes out of the container onto the ground, he sat cross legged and began eating.

In these two months, he had devoted his entire time in training causing his strength to explosively increase. But he was still a young man, and training too long had indeed taken its toll on him, making him feel slightly bored and tired.

The food of the [Grievance Hall] was also too poor, the food had never changed. Ye Qingyu was not a picky eater, but even he felt as if he could endure no longer.

Seeing such tasty dishes, Ye Qingyu devoured it ravenously, sweeping it all up in an instant.

The little loli looked happily at Ye Qingyu beside him, laughing at him and pouring alcohol for him.

“You little kid, how did you come in?” Ye Qingyu gave her a stare, saying, “The [Grievance Hall] is strictly guarded, only disciplinary teachers can enter. Even teachers like Wen Wan can’t come as he pleases…

He was really slightly curious.

The little loli said laughingly, “It’s not as strict as Brother Qingyu says. I only used my academic points to swap for an opportunity to enter here.”

“Swapping your academic points?” Ye Qingyu finally understood why she was allowed to enter and was also slightly touched in his heart. However he still gave the little loli a scowl saying, “You spoiled little girl, you used your precious academic points to exchange for something so useless?”

The little loli giggled, not carrying in the slightest. “Annoying, I’m not a spoiled little girl, that sounds so bad… Hehe, it’s been nearly three months, I’ve really missed Brother Qingyu. It’s only six academic points that doesn’t really matter much. My strength is now very powerful, hehe, the academic points are very easy to earn!”

“What? Six academic points?” After hearing this, Ye Qingyu directly flicked the little loli on the head. “You are really not an ordinary spoiled child!”

Six academic points was enough to exchange for two hours teaching from a teacher at the four Spirit springs stage. It was really exchanged by this little loli for a pass to enter the [Grievance Hall]…

Ye Qingyu was speechless.

“Ouch, it hurts.” The little loli rubbed her forehead saying, “Brother Qingyu, it’s you that said martial artists needed to think clearly if one wanted to advance and to not be led astray by evil or enter the demonic fire state. You said this was very important!”

“I don’t have too many friends in the academy and I’m too stupid that no one wants to play with me. My sister cousin is also very strict. The time you’ve been in the [Grievance Hall], I’ve always been distracted and progress in training was slow. I’ve really missed you, that’s why I came to the [Grievance Hall] to visit you, that way I can think clearly!”

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry at her reasoning.

Within White Deer Academy, apart from Song Xiaojun, Ye Qingyu did not possess any more friends. In these days, he had thought about the little loli many times. Truthfully speaking, the fact that the little loli came to visit him made him feel extremely touched.

But the price was too high.

Thinking about the cost of six academic points, Ye Qingyu felt a pain in his heart.

But since things had already happened…

The only thing Ye Qingyu could do… was to continue ravenously devouring the food.

“That’s right, in these months, has there been any entertaining things happening in the academy?” Ye Qingyu casually asked, while demolishing the food.

“There is, one and a half months ago, the entire year went out for their second practical battle training. Qin Wushuang was in the limelight yet again, it was rumoured that he had the fortune to obtain a rare treasure that cannot be treated lightly. His strength has increased by leaps and bounds.”

“And in the second challenging matches in the list of ten, no one was able to be his opponent. He has already entered into the second Spirit spring stage. Everyone says that with his strength he can directly jump to year two without any issues…” the little loli chattered ceaselessly.

Qin Wushuang had a fortuitous encounter?

This is indeed a bit interesting.

“Then did he jump straight ahead?” Ye Qingyu asked.

He was slightly concerned about the answer.

If Qin Wushuang was able to skip years successfully, then this was an example he wanted to follow. He also wanted to attempt to jump a year, wanting to complete the graduation from the academy in the shortest amount of time possible.

“He did not.” The little loli shook her head, looking at Ye Qingyu with a playful expression. “Originally head teacher Wang Yan agreed that he could jump a year but Qin Wushuang himself declined it.”

“Declined it? Has his head been kicked recently?” Ye Qingyu was slightly dumbfounded, nearly choking, forcing the food in his throat down.

The light in the little loli’s eye brightened considerably and she said laughingly, “That’s right. Qin Wushuang said himself that he will wait until you’ve left the [Grievance Hall] and defeat you by his own hands before he’ll jump a year.”

So it was this.

Ye Qingyu smiled.

“Are there any more entertaining stories?” Ye Qingyu asked, holding a dish and licking the plate clean.

“En, let me think…” The little loli held her chin considering, “Ah, that’s right, Yan Xingtian has disappeared.

“What? Disappeared? What do you mean?” Ye Qingyu said, shocked.

“In the third practical battle training ten days ago, Yan Xingtian disappeared with his whereabouts unknown to everyone. No one knows whether he is dead or alive.” The little loli looked around mysteriously, closing the distance and lowering her voice. “Many people say that this was done behind the scenes by Qin Wushuang, that he had targeted him during the training…”

“Did this really happen?” Ye Qingyu considered for a bit, then said, “That can’t be right. Yan Xingtian has never offended Qin Wushuang before.”

“The only possible explanation is because Yan Xingtian is the leader of the commoners in first year and his strength is extremely high. He has always opposed the noble organizations. Some people said that after Qin Wushuang had his fortuitous encounter, he challenged Yan Xingtian behind the scenes. The two were said to fight to a draw…” the little loli said in a gossiping tone.

Ye Qingyu stopped, thinking silently.

As it was said, there would be no waves without wind, and that a hole would not have wind inside it.*

The things the little loli said were all just chasing the wind and clutching at shadows.

Yan Xingtian had always acted low key, giving people a sensation that he had immeasurable depths. If he had really threatened Qin Wushuang’s position, and the noble organization had decided to act against him, this was a possible explanation.

White Deer Academy was peaceful on the surface, but the conflict between the nobles and the commoner students had already caused blood to appear.

All these years, nothing had changed.

Yan Xingtian’s disappearance did not bode well for him.

After thinking about this, Ye Qingyu was slightly enraged.

The human race in the Heaven Wasteland domain could not be counted as one of the leading forces, having to face numerous enemy races. The destiny of the human race should have been the number one priority, and they should unite against outside forces, but despite this, they would still have inner conflicts.

These dogfart nobles and commoners, as long as their conflicts did not end, then countless heroes would be embroiled and sacrificed in the conflicts between.

They were really narrow minded groups!

“Oh, that’s right. The teacher, Wen Wan, who taught you the [Eight Divine Stances] left White Deer Academy one month ago,” the little loli Song Xiaojun said.

“What? Old Wen left?” Ye Qingyu, this time, was really taken aback.

Wen Wan had really left?

“Where did he go?” Ye Qingyu quickly asked.

The little loli saw Ye Qingyu’s expression turn serious, she being slightly taken aback. She had only mentioned this in passing, who would have thought that brother Qingyu would have such a big reaction to such a casual piece of news. According to her knowledge, the burly teacher Wen Wan, should not be that important a person?

Within the entire White Deer Academy, those who knew about the relationship between Wen Wan and Ye Qingyu were not few, but within the students, it was basically unknown.

“It’s said that he’s been recruited to guard the Youyan frontier in the border!” the little loli said.

Youyan frontier?

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

He knew about this Youyan frontier.

It was an extremely important military frontier a thousand miles from Deer City. It was in the border between the Snow Country and the Northern demon court, and battle had always occurred in that area. Especially in the last ten years, the conflict between the Snow Country and the Northern demon court had never stopped, becoming more and more serious with every day that passed. The Youyan frontier was like a steel nail, located firmly in the Youyan mountain range and extending the territory of Snow Country by a thousand miles.

Deer City was a city that was far out from the center of Snow Country.

Youyan frontier was an important defense in the border.

Once the Youyan frontier was lost, the demon court could invade deep in the Snow Country territory and at that time, the first cities to be impacted would be Deer City and the other cities near it.

Every year, Snow Country would recruit large amounts of experts as reinforcement for the Youyan frontier and fight against the army of the demon court. These things were long known by Ye Qingyu, but he would never have thought that as a teacher of White Deer Academy, Wen Wan, would be recruited to defend the Youyan frontier.

Ye Qingyu could vaguely feel that there must be a story behind this.

The fire of battle burned everywhere in Youyan frontier. Old Wen, you must come back alive.

“That motherfucker, old Wen should have given me a shout before he left.”

Ye Qingyu scolded Wen Wan in his heart, and suddenly remembered about the pearls from the golden clam that he had given him for him to examine. This fellow had left in such a hurry, would he have embezzled it away?

Who knows when they would be able to meet again.

Ye Qingyu could not help but feel a slight pang of regret when thinking about this.

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