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Imperial God Emperor 486 - You don't need to cultivate this anymore

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486 - You don’t need to cultivate this anymore

Beside him was the Apex Prince, Yu Feiyan. His reaction was exactly the same as Lin Zheng, his entire person seemed completely fossilized at that instant. There was not the slightest of emotions on his face at all.

Apart from Lu Heng who had long known the truth, the reaction of everyone else was more extreme than the next.

The people who knew about Yu Junhan's identity all had great tsunamis surging in their hearts.

This news was unquestionably the most shocking matter that had happened in the last hundred years.

If news of this was to spread out, it would shake the entire Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Those who did not know Yu Junhan's identity also felt shocked.

To be able to make the Queen of Darkness, Song Xiaojun, returned when she was in the full bloom of her rage, and force her to return Ye Qingyu, this was not simply something that ‘I am her mother' would be able to solve.

Evidently, in the skies previously, although the crowd had not seen them exchanging blows, Song Xiaojun had been fiercely shaken by her strength.

Furthermore, Yu Junhan had said that Song Xiaojun had wanted to use the [First Class Black Lotus Healing Arts] to save Ye Qingyu, and judged that the Unmoving City of Darkness could not save him. It caused Song Xiaojun to have no way of resisting against this.

"Ye Qingyu is the child of your Highness, this..." Lin Zheng at this moment, finally realized the meaning behind Lu Heng's words.

The disappearance of that peerless War God, had caused the Princess to feel extremely sorrowful, that she had retreated from the world. It had caused many important founding ministers of Snow Empire to feel regret that this absolute peerless couple had not been able to leave any of their bloodline behind.

After all, the bloodline inheritance of that peerless War God as well as her highness, the person who had this must be someone with absolute talent. If they were to obtain the inheritance of these two peerless people, it would unquestionably be great news for the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland.

But everyone could not even imagine in their dreams that there really was a child from this immortal couple.

And their descendant was really Ye Qingyu.

But like so, they had goosebumps all around their body. He had the bloodline of that incomparable War God, along with the bloodline of the Imperial family. He originally should be an existence that the entire Snow Empire cultivated and protected like a pearl, but right now...

He was nearly dead from divine heavenly thunder!

Lin Zheng finally understood right now what Lu Heng meant that no one would be able to endure this responsibility.

If it was Lin Zheng himself, if he knew the truth, it was likely that he would have rushed over personally himself to resist, when those bolts of divine thunder struck down.

The only good news was that in the words between her Highness and Song Xiaojun, it showed that Ye Qingyu seemed to have hopes of being saved.

But no matter what, Lin Zheng and Yu Feiyan felt cold sweat dripping down. They felt that that their plan had nearly gone astray.

If Ye Qingyu had really perished in this battle, then they, even if they completed this plan of a hundred years, would become criminals of Snow Empire.

As they thought of this, the two shivered.

Someone who was similarly shocked was the 'Crown Prince'.

"Aunt Han..." Yu Xiaoxing said somewhat unfamiliarly.

Yu Junhan smiled as she touched the head of the little Princess, "You little girl, your ten years of bitter cultivation in Youyan Pass has been wasted just like this. If Liu Yuqing knew that his [Cultivating Heart Arts] would be so easily broken like this, he must be so angry that he would spit out blood."

Yu Xiaoxing lowered her head, not knowing what to say.

Towards this Aunt Han, she felt both love and fear.

Although they had not seen each other many times, but she respected her more than her own father.

This was not only the history that Aunt Han had which were buried in rumors, where she did miraculous feats. It was as if Aunt Han had an aura like a deity that caused one to respect her.

Of course, the unfamiliarity that Yu Xiaoxing had today was largely still because it was only then that she knew that Aunt Han was Ye Qingyu's mother.

Thinking of Aunt Han's abilities, and thinking of her own performance, Yu Xiaoxing did not know what to say. An emotion that she had never ever experienced completely swamped her like a flood.

"That's fine. Why must a girl that has spiritual qi emanating through her go cultivating that [Cultivating Heart Arts]. Why must you turn into another person, this originally is something that goes against the very heavens. Your master, Liu Yuqing himself, also hasn't trained in the [Cultivating Heart Arts] for a long time.“

Yu Junhan smiled.

"Since your cultivation has been broken, then you don't have to go cultivate in it anymore. When I return, I will speak to your father... Returning to your female self is better. A woman can still be an Empress, so what's wrong with becoming a Crown Princess that is unparalleled throughout history?"

Such words seemed to completely decide her future.

Yu Xiaoxing, upon hearing this, was delighted.

The status of this Aunt Han was special within Snow Empire. With such words being said, this was even better than the Snow Emperor saying such words. Since she had uttered such words, the matter had been completely settled.

Thinking that she no longer needed to pretend to be a man, that she no longer needed to wrap herself like a parcel, and she could face everyone with her true appearance, Yu Xiaoxing felt her vision brightening, as if her entire person was bathing in light.

Out of everyone, only the First Princess and Lu Heng had normal expressions.

At this time, light flickered in the skies.

There were several figures that flickered and descened, landing on the ground.

They were namely Wen Wan, Ximen Yeshui, Divine General Guan as well as An Expert Within the Shadows.

The battle at the Pinnacle of the Ninth Heaven had seemed to have finally reached an end.

The aura of Wen Wan and the others were unstable. They had expended significant inner yuan, but did not seem to be injured. It seemed that the result of the battle at the Pinnacle of the Ninth Heaven was beneficial for the [Light Palace] as well as the entire Empire.

"We pay our respects to our Lady!"

Wen Wan, Divine General Gong Gao Diping, as well as An Expert Within the Shadows, all paid their respects towards Yu Junhan.

They had been raised personally by that War God in those years back, and Yu Junhan was the wife of that War God, so she was tantamount to their Lady. They naturally could not show the slightest hint of disrespect.

Yu Junhan nodded her head, then asked, “Has the matters above been settled?”

Wen Wan spoke, "With the cooperation of the master of the Unmoving City of Darkness, apart from Yan Buhui, all the people who have entered battle has been killed. It is only that Poison Ancestor managed to create another copy, and managed to escape with a shred of his spirit. Please give me your punishment."

No matter how unbridled and unrestrained Wen Wan normally was, but in front of Yu Junhan he was utterly respectful. He did not dare show the slightest hint of disrespect.

Of these people, apart from Ximen Yeshui who was an outsider who seemed to be afraid of nothing, Divine General Gong, and An Expert Within the Shadows, were also as serious as Wen Wan seemed.

The attitude they had towards Yu Junhan came from the heart. They seemed like the most loyal cult members and had the zeal and enthusiasm they had towards the cult leader.

Yu Junhan finished hearing Wen Wan's words, then nodded her head. "The Poison Ancestors poison doppelganger is indeed something special. But after this battle, he is only a wild dog that has his spine broken. He is not a problem. As for Yan Buhui... you don't need to pay attention to him."


The several people respectfully accepter her orders.

No one noticed, that the expression of Lu Heng seemed much more relaxed.

At this time, Ximen Yeshui's gaze finally faintly drifted away from Yu Junhan's figure.

Facing such an absolute peerless figure like Yu Junhan, he seemed to not notice her at the slightest.

At this time, his gaze shifted, falling on Ye Qingyu's body. With confusion, he looked at him, then jumped up, "My heavens, my brother has turned into burntwood... who motherfucking did this?"

He seemed somewhat panicked.

With Ximen Yeshui's intricate strength, he naturally could tell with one glance that Ye Qingyu's wounds were caused by the Great Dao of Heaven Wasteland Domain, and by heavenly thunder. His injuries were extremely serious.

Yu Junhan smiled, a gentle energy surging out that slowly sent the Ye Qingyu that was sealed by ice away inside the [Light Palace]. Looking at Ximen Yeshui, she said, "After eighty years, I haven't seen him again. Is your master still well?"

Ximen Yeshui was frightened by this, "You know that damn old man?"

“Eighty years ago, the [Confounding Wave Master] once stated that he will raise an absolutely unique successor. He wants to completely pass down all that he knows and make it even better. It seems that he was not wrong, he really managed to raise such a character." Yu Junhan faintly nodded her head.

There was shock on Ximen Yeshui's face.

Ever since he had left, this was the first time that someone was able to recognize the master he came from.

The line of the [Confounding Wave Master] rarely appeared on this continent. The large majority of time, they were hidden within the Sea of Chaos. He did not think that the Princess of Snow Empire would be able to recognize his own master.

There was a smile that was exposed on the beautiful and peerless appearance of Yu Junhan, "Your strength can nearly be compared to your master in the past. And your temperament is exactly the same as your master. The only difference is that the face of the [Confounding Wave Master] is much darker than yours..."

As Ximen Yeshui heard this, he did not have the slightest of doubts anymore.

The line of the [Confounding Wave Master], because they were often situated within the Sea of Chaos and had been buffeted by the winds of the Sea of Chaos, and the fact that their cultivation technique was special, so that all his fellow disciples did not have a normal face. His own master's face was really much darker than his.

This woman must have seen his master before.

"I pay my respect to Elder." Ximen Yeshui finally became honest, giving her the greeting that a junior would. Then probingly, he said, "My brother Ye, he..."

"I will heal him," Yu Junhan stated.

Ximen Yeshui finally let out a relaxed breath.

Yu Junhan looked a the others, and said to Lin Zheng, "There is still a period of time till the central Domain Gate will open. When the Domain Gate stabilizes, there will be people from outer domains who will enter. You go prepare."

"Yes," Right Minister Lin Zheng replied respectfully.

Lin Zheng originated from a noble family, but his mother was only a concubine. He originally had no status at all, but was suddenly able to rise with a force that could not be stopped. To be able to become one of the most important and central figures of Imperial power, his status and talent, and effort also naturally played a part in this.

But the more important reason was, when Lin Zheng was still frustrated and dispirited, he had the chance and opportunity to see Yu Junhan once.

The Lin Zheng at that time had not achieved anything as of yet. But he was determined to be a talent by Yu Junhan, and had received her hidden assistance several times. Furthermore, she had provided her support at crucial moments when Lin Zheng was fighting for status and power. That was the reason why there was the Lin Zheng today---
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