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"It's him!"“

Lu Heng finally reacted. She instantly realized,this was the new Queen of the Unmoving City of Darkness, Song Xiaojun that had descended.

Black flames.

A bear covered with black flames.

These were the markings of the Queen of Darkness that had risen in prominence in the last few years.

Ever since the battle at Youyan Pass had begun, this young girl that was like the queen of darkness had demonstrated her strength utterly and fully. She became an existence that any force in Heaven Wasteland Domain could not regard lightly at all.

As for the relationship of Ye Qingyu with this queen of darkness, it was not any such great secret.

For Lin Zheng, Lu Heng as well as Yu Feiyan, people who paid attention, as long as they spent some effort, they could discover this fact.

Because they were able to distinguish the person's identity, they were not as tense as they were in the beginning.

Furthermore the power the flaming bear that came from darkness exploded with caused the people to have no way of entering into the [Light Palace].

Very quickly, there was a roar of rage that sounded out from within the palace.

This was a shout that contained endless anger and questioning.

What followed after was a berserk chaotic stream of darkness which spread about. There was a faint red flame that spurted out from within the [Light Palace], as if it wanted to smelt the entire [Light Palace].

Everyone all took steps backwards.

The killing power of the Dark Flames of the Lotus was simply too terrifying.

Then one could see the Song Xiaojun covered in the Dark Flames of the Lotus, carrying Ye Qingyu's charcoal-like body that was sealed by ice. She took step after step away from the entrance of the [Light Palace].

The little silver dragon lay on the ice.

The little white rabbit bit into the tail of the silly dog Little Nine, dragging it bit by bit, following tightly behind Song Xiaojun.

The lotus flames that were as fierce as a hurricane burned, surrounding Song Xiaojun's petite body. It was as if it was a dark lotus blooming with fire, with flames all around. The Song Xiaojun whose body had already matured was like an enraged queen of darkness that walked out from a living hell.

The moment when her bloodline of darkness awakened was only approximately three years ago.

That little loli that was once muddled-headed had already grown up. She was significantly taller, and her shapely body had already begun to emerge. She had long and slender legs, with a slim waist, and completely smooth skin. She still had a bit of baby fat that was still evident on her face, a face that was so intricate it was enough to make one dizzy.

Perhaps because of the reason of the bloodline of the queen of darkness, there was a noble aura surrounding on this young girl that made it seem as if she was a queen, causing one not to dare stare directly at her.

When she was enraged, a torrent of darkness exploded.

Carrying Ye Qingyu in her embrace, she walked out step by step.

In her normally icy cold eyes, as if she did not regard anything important in this world, her eyes were already completely dark red. There was a cold glimmer that caused one to feel fear radiating in her eyes.

This was the colour of fury.

"Lin Zheng!" Song Xiaojun's voice was like the reaper naming someone, causing one to not help but shiver. Her dark red eyes stared at the Right Minister in anger, "You promised me nothing would happen to him!"

Lin Zheng deeply breathed in, shame on his face, "An accident happened..."

"Shut your mouth!" Song Xiaojun's icy voice surged, like she was an enraged and angry monarch. "I don't want to hear your excuses. Remember, if there is anything that is to happen to him, you will pay!"

The Right Minister fell into silence.

"Not only you." Song Xiaojun's dark red gaze was like a blade, sweeping past the figures of everyone, scanning them one by one, "If brother Qingyu does not recover, I will make every one of you, make the entire Snow Empire, accompany him!"

In her tone, there was an anger that could not be questioned, as if it was a deity stating an edict or law.

At this instant, no one dared to stand face to face with such a furious queen of darkness.

The flames and aura of anger through the skies was like the surge of the ocean. It nearly drowned this entire world.

Qin Zhishui looked towards Song Xiaojun.

In the battle at Youyan Pass, Song Xiaojun was the perpetrator that had injured Lu Zhaoge. And in a very long period of time after, Song Xiaojun was someone that the empire has tried to persecute.

But he had never heard that this newly appointed Queen of Darkness had such a miraculous relationship with Ye Qingyu. Ye Qingyu's heavy injuries had caused Song Xiaojun to turn crazy.

Wang Lijin by the side had his head lowered. His mouth was closed, but in his heart, he was in complete admiration.

"What is this, my little Lord is just so amazing. Previously, with the performance of that Little Princess, it's evident that she already deeply cares about him. Who would have thought that such a little girl of darkness that is like the death god would also have a heart that yearns for him. For the Little Lord, she did not care about berating the Right Minister, and act as the enemy of the entire empire... for such, it's worth it to be a man.”

The other people did not discover the heart's voice of this fatty.

Lu Heng could not help but advance a step, blocking Song Xiaojun. In a low voice, "City Lord Song, just where are you bringing little Yu?"

"Since you can't save him, then I will bring him to the Unmoving City of Darkness." Song Xiaojun laughed grimly. "At least within the Unmoving City of Darkness, no one will dare hurt him."

“You cannot bring Little Yu away." Lu Heng immediately replied. "The [Light Palace] can help him maintain his life and recover his soul. If you bring Little Yu away, you will cause him harm.”

"There is nothing that the [Light Palace] can do that the Unmoving City of Darkness cannot." As Song Xiaojun said this, she was about to leave.


The Right Minister Lin Zheng finally let out an angry shout.

He took several step forwards. "Demonic girl, just where do you think this is. For me to tolerate your appearance is already showing mercy. To think you would even dare bring Lord Ye away, just what do you think the [Light Palace] is?”

"That's right, the identity of Palace Lord Ye is special, he must not go with you to the Unomving City of Darkness," Qu Hanshan said by the side with a frown.

"Palace Lord Ye is moral and righteous. If he entered into the Unmoving City of Darkness, will he not be tainted? If you are really being considerate of Palace Lord Ye, then don't cause chaos," there were several other people that shouted in unison.

"Surround her!"

Those experts that had survived quickly surrounded her with great hustle.

The fatty Wang Lijin did not know the intricacies of the situation. He only brought the soldiers he had commanded and pretended to take a step or two forward.

"A bunch of shameless people." Song Xiaojun was so angry that she smiled instead. "The greater good that you regard so highly, the accomplishments of the Human Race that you regard so highly - for this you are willing to casually sacrifice others. But you are all the complete appearance of guiltlessness. Brother Qingyu did so much for you people, but you are not grateful, but still care about that dogfart righteousness and name. What does this matter? Even if the Unmoving City of Darkness is able to save brother Qingyu, you are still not letting him go, is that right?"

There were some people that lowered their heads in shame.

There were some people that did not dare meet gazes with the Queen of Darkness.

The Right Minister Lin Zheng still took a hard stance, "That's right. Even if we allow you to bring him away, if you bring him away, you are causing harm to Palace Lord Ye... could it be that you want Palace Lord Ye to end up the same as you, descending eternally within the Unmoving City of Darkness?"

Song Xiaojun took a step forward, killing intent exploded, "Old dog, what darkness and light. is this something a frog in the well like you can define? Today, I will definitely bring him away. Whoever wants to stop me, they can test the power of the Black Lotus Radiance.”

As she said this, the black lotus flames surrounding the young girl surged. She took large strides forwards.

"Stop her!" Lin Zheng said in anger.

Yu Feiyan and the others activated their yuan power, meeting her.

The situation broke off in but a moment's time.

No matter what the reason, they must not let Song Xiaojun bring Ye Qingyu away. This was especially so after Lin Zheng and Yu Feiyan could faintly guess at his identity and the relations he had. Even if they risked their lives, they could not allow Ye Qingyu to be carried away in such a situation.

Song Xiaojun, upon seeing this, the killing intent in her eyes burned.

At this time, the little princess Yu Xiaoxing that had originally fainted woke up slightly. Her strength was originally powerful and she became conscious quicker than Lu Heng had originally estimated.

With her wisdom and cleverness, seeing the scene, she instantly realized something.

Yu Xiaoxing had long discovered the intricacies of that relationship between Ye Qingyu and Song Xiaojun through her womans intuition.

"Stop, don't act." Yu Xiaoxing struggled to jump up, rushing to Song Xiaojun and the others. Loudly shouting, "Retreat, everyone retreat..."

"Princess..." The Right Minister's complexion changed, wanting to say something.

"Shut your mouth, don't speak," Yu Xiaoxing shouted authoritatively. In her eyes, there was only fear and sorrow. Lifting her head and shouting, "Retreat, all of you retreat. Don't stop her, let her take brother Qingyu away, no one is to stop her!"

"But Princess, that demonic girl is the darkness..." Lin Zheng frowned, wanting to say something.

"Don't speak anymore, I know," Yu Xiaoxing screamed. "I don't care, I don't care about such things. Darkness or Light, it has nothing to do with me. I only want my brother Qingyu to live on, I only want him to live. I don't care about other matters, if Song Xiaojun is able to save brother Qingyu, then let her bring brother Qingyu away... move away, all of you move away!"

There were clear and translucent tears that began slowly dripping on her beautiful and white-as-jade face.

Her somewhat skinny figure seemed exceedingly lonely within the skies filled with snow, under the surrounding people. One's heart could not help but ache.

The her at this moment, did not have the pride and self-confidence she had normally. She did not have the deviousness and mischievousness she had, without the calmness that she had at Youyan Pass. In these past years, the [Painting Saint] Liu Yuqing had made her train her heart and mental state. At this moment, it had completely turned into ashes.

The Yu Xiaoxing at this moment was like a gambler that had wagered everything she had. Her eyes looked fixedly on the body of Ye Qingyu in ice that Song Xiaojun had in her embrace, forgetting about everything else.

"Princess, this matter is too important. Princess you... must reconsider..." Lin Zheng said carefully, wanting to persuade Yu Xiaoxing.

If it were other people, with Lin Zheng's status and position, if others spoke in such a manner, they would have long been sent flying, or perhaps have been ordered to move away.

But Yu Xiaoxing was after all of the Imperial family. Lin Zheng was still a minister in front of Yu Xiaoxing.

Of course, most important, with Yu Xiaoxing's identity, she was not only just the Princess. Most importantly, she was...

"That's right, Xing'er, you cannot be impulsive in this matter. It's best that you don't interfere." Yu Feiyan also opened his mouth.“

The reason he and Lin Zheng wanted to make Ye Qingyu forcibly stay was because they had reasons they really had no way of explaining.

"Don't speak anymore, my mind is made up." Yu Xiaoxing wiped away her tears, then suddenly straightened her figure. Her expression became unprecedentedly determined, saying word by word, no room to bend at all, "My words don't have effect when I speak with the identity of a Princess? Fine, then I'll switch to another identity..."

As she said this, there was a flash in her palm. There was a golden Imperial seal that appeared, nine dragons carved around the jade. The Imperial aura roiled as she said unquestionably, "Right now, as the Crown Prince of the Empire, I order you to retreat, don't block her. Do you understand?"
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