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Imperial God Emperor Chapter 46 The Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King

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Chapter 46 – The [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King]

It was an extremely realistic projection.

A middle-aged man wearing golden armour and had a golden crown, looking like the very picture of an emperor.

The first instant Ye Qingyu saw the projection, it was as if it had come to life. An indescribable aura of pressure and majesty was emitted from this projection, as if the sky was cracking and falling. As if he was an ant facing a dragon.

The glimmering golden armour, the crown surrounding him, the strange spear with a dragon’s head and the heavy gaze of this middle-aged man…

This was an image of a divine king!

Within Ye Qingyu’s mind, this fact came unknowingly to him.

He did not know the name of this middle-aged man, nor had he ever seen such a face before. He did not know the history of this golden armour, but Ye Qingyu could feel that this middle-aged man was definitely not normal nor was he a martial expert… he was a deity!

A real deity!

From Ye Qingyu’s estimation, even experts of the Bitter Sea stage or higher would not be the opponent of this middle-aged man.

From the day he was born till now, Ye Qingyu had never experienced such pressure before.

Even if this was from just a projection.

Just a projection.

“The entire page only has this scene, what does this mean?”

Ye Qingyu carefully observed, but he felt that the page contained too much information and yet nothing at the same time. The Bronze book was too mysterious, it was an object from the Fiendgod Age. It was only a pity that it wasn’t a secret martial technique…

And as he was thinking this thought, a change appeared on the image.

The golden armoured King who was standing quietly, suddenly moved.

Two beams of golden light, as if it were two divine swords, stabbed out from the Bronze book. Ye Qingyu instinctively backed away and in the next instant, the golden armoured King jumped out straight from the Bronze book, as if it had really came alive…

“This is bad……”

Ye Qingyu directly threw away the Bronze book.

He had really been frightened by this strange and mysterious book today.

Who would have guessed that after the ancient book left his hands, it did not fall down, but floated in the middle of the air.

The golden armoured King came rushing towards him, completely passing through Ye Qingyu’s body, as if it were just a mirage.

Ye Qingyu only just reacted. What rushed at him was just an illusion and not a real existence, it was only that it was too realistic, as if it had really come alive. The pressure it emitted made it difficult for him to determine whether it was true or not.

After being relieved slightly, he then saw the golden armoured King let out a commanding shout. Within the air, he demonstrated four martial battle techniques, at a speed which was enough to make one dizzy and disorientated.

As the moves were exhibited, there was a crash like a mountain breaking apart and indistinct scenes of volcanoes erupting appeared, as if the apocalypse had arrived…

This was the terrifying power of the four moves, it had the power to break apart Heaven and Earth.

It was only a pity that before Ye Qingyu could carefully observe in detail, the golden armoured King had already finished exhibiting these moves. He jumped, returning back into the Bronze book and transforming back again to a picture on the page, not moving in the slightest as if he had fallen asleep.

Ye Qingyu stood there blankly. With a wave of his hands, the [Fiendgod Titled Chart] floated back to his hands.

With a will of his heart, and a flash of light, Ye Qingyu stored the book back into his sea of consciousness.

“The power of these four battle techniques are endless, it’s only a pity that I did not observe it fully, it really is…” Regret was within his heart. When he was thinking, a golden light suddenly flashed in his mind and a bizarre information appeared unknowingly within his mind.

After Ye Qingyu perceived what the information was, his jaw was wide open.

“This is the four battle techniques… this is the complete entire training process for these techniques… Heavens!”

Ye Qingyu was nearly driven insane.

He would have never thought that just when he was being troubled by this exact problem, it would be solved. The four moves that the golden armoured King demonstrated along with the mantra appeared within his mind miraculously without anything missing.

This sensation was too wonderful.

It was as if it was a bloodline inheritance, or as if it was something that Ye Qingyu had already known tens of thousands of years ago but had forgotten and now suddenly remembered.

Very soon, Ye Qingyu became immersed within these four stances.

…… ……

Time passed day by day.

In the blink of an eye, another month had passed.

Ye Qingyu had already been confined in the [Grievance Hall] for a total of two months.

The him who had lost all contact with the outside world did not know what had occurred outside nor did anyone visit him.

Even very little sound would appear in this courtyard. Crows would not fly above, and the voice next to him did not appear again. Apart from Ye Qingyu talking to himself, the environment was quiet to an extent that it was slightly scary.

In this lonely and quiet environment, the strength of Ye Qingyu began altering fundamentally.

Under the blazing sun, the Ye Qingyu who had a bare torso was holding the [Inexorable spear] in a strange stance behind his back. The pale golden light shined on his body soaked with sweat, as if pearls were hanging on his body. His posture and stance was extremely peculiar, his entire person looking like a sculpture.

An aura as if he had exceeded his own realm, surrounded and completely enveloped his body.


A light flashed.

Ye Qingyu was not seen to move, but a part of the [Inexorable spear] had already struck out.

It was impossible to see the spear.

It was as if the spear had entirely disappeared in thin air.

Nearly at the same time, the long spear appeared from an impossible angle.

It was completely not in any normally thrown trajectory.

Nor did it emerge from at the same horizontal height as him.


It struck from the sky.

Yes, the [Inexorable spear] fell from the sky.

It was as if within the clouds, there was a deity that threw a giant flag from high up downwards, as if it was judging all lifeforms.

The long spear was like a banner. Bringing with it a power of light and justice, it flew like a beam of light, landing on the ground twenty meters away. Even the black ground that had been reinforced by mysterious runes, and the hardness that was comparable to tempered steel was stabbed through till it was one meter deep.

What was even more strange, was that an abnormal energy was surrounding the spear.

A terrifying power!

One could imagine how, if the spear that had struck from the sky had landed on a person, it would pass through their body in an instant.

Ye Qingyu was confident, that opponents such as Qin Wushuang would find it extremely difficult to leave with their life intact if faced with this move.

[Banner of Heaven and Earth]!

The name of this stance, was known as the [Banner of Heaven and Earth].

It was the third technique of the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King] and was also the most intricate stance.

Ye Qingyu’s facial expression did not change, and the right spear in his hand moved at high speed, stabbing out. A silver flash suddenly pierced through the air, the unstoppable spear strike destroying everything in its path. Everything within twenty meters was stabbed and rent apart.

As the blur of the spear dispersed in the air, a twenty-meter-vacuum was formed in the air, as if space itself was torn apart!

[Fierce Dragon Pierce]!

The first stance of the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King], [Fierce Dragon Pierce].

The power of this was comparable to the full power strike of someone at the second Spirit spring stage.

As he performed the [Fierce Dragon Pierce], the figure of Ye Qingyu, as if he was being pulled by some sort of force, came instantly to the position where the banner was stabbed into the ground. His body’s momentum was like the avalanche of a mountain, breaking apart layers upon layers of air!

This was the power of the first and third stance within the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King].

The endless power of these two stances being used consecutively was terrifying, able to produce a chilling impact.

Only after the two stances were finished being performed did Ye Qingyu stop.

“The power of these stances is really incomparably powerful. But it also uses an incomparable amount of inner yuan. With my current store of inner yuan, at the most I could use these two stances twice before I expend the vast majority of inner yuan in the Spirit spring of my dantian.

Ye Qingyu carefully considered.

He was extremely clear in his heart, that the force of the two stances that he had learnt had still not yet reached the optimum. According to the mysterious information he received, once the [Banner of Heaven and Earth] reaches the pinnacle, it could strike out from sky thousands of miles away. Likewise, the [Fierce Dragon Pierce] could also stabbed out into the distance thousands of miles away…

Apart from this, within the four stances, Ye Qingyu still did not completely grasp the second and fourth stance.

The second stance was a defensive technique, known as the [Protection of Heaven and Earth]. It was able to completely surround the body in inner yuan, creating a special domain that reduced the force of the enemy’s strike but also at the same time, slowed down their movements.

The fourth stance was the stance that was the most powerful and terrifying. The move involved leaping from the sky, using your own physical body as the weapon. Once it was trained to its extreme, it could cause a volcano to form from the bombardment and causing magma to erupt, turning the land a hundred miles around to a land of death, completely changing the terrain!

As he trained more and more, Ye Qingyu became more shocked.

The strength of these four stances was incomparable, completely surpassing any technique that White Deer Academy possessed. Who knows what person created these stances, these techniques could definitely be called as divine techniques!

Thus the value of the Bronze book, [Fiendgod Titled Chart], became even more evident.

Ye Qingyu understood, no matter what, he must keep the origins of these techniques a secret. Otherwise, the ordinary man was innocent, but the crime was in the treasuring of a jade ring. He feared that the existence of such an object would cause a storm of blood over conflict for this item.

These [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King] was only one page in the endless pages of the [Fiendgod Titled Chart]. The power was so strong even now, then what about in the pages after? There was sure to be even more strong and tyrannical techniques hidden secretly within…

Thinking about this, Ye Qingyu became more and more excited.

The [Fiendgod Titled Chart] would become his greatest help in becoming strong.

The sun shone fiercely on, scorching all those under it.

The time of the season in Deer City right now was the period that had the highest temperature. After another one or two months, the temperature would quickly fall, the entire Snow Country would enter the season of winter. Slowly, snow would envelop the entire land, entering the long winter.

The sweat of Ye Qingyu was like rain drops. Within this confined courtyard, he continued to train as normal.

Another half a month had passed.

There were only ten days left till the end of his three month imprisonment.

And as of today, Ye Qingyu finally comprehended the second stance of the golden armoured King.

The fourth stance with the greatest power, he still could not grasp the essence of it.

Today, Ye Qingyu was again training within the courtyard.

Suddenly a door opening could faintly be heard.

“It should be the disciplinary teacher in charge of delivering meals…” Ye Qingyu said looking at the time and seeing it was nearing meal time. But today, it seemed a little earlier than usual.

He did not pay attention to this, continuing to close his eyes and meditating. Absorbing the yuan qi of Heaven and Earth and turning it to inner yuan.

The sound of door knocking was heard again.

Footsteps came closer.

What sounded was a cute and crisp voice, as it were the sound of a lark, “Brother Qingyu.” A young girl’s faint fragrance drifted over.

Ye Qingyu was taken aback. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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