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Imperial God Emperor 471 - Crucial time

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There was the sound of a metallic clash.

There was a disbelieving look on the Right Minister's face.

He had entirely not imagined that the [White Tiger Armour], which had nearly reached a state where he could communicate with it, would lose its effectiveness without any signs whatsoever. The tail of the White Tiger that was about to block that blade light suddenly stopped, as if the [White Tiger Armour] had lost its effect and fallen into a slumbering state.

Qin Zhishui did not imagine that his blade would have such an effect.

He had prepared countless changes to his moves, countless ways to avoid the counter strike of the Right Minister. But such preparations did not need to be used.

But the huge force that was transferred from the impact was still enough to make Qin Zhishui shocked.

This blade struck squarely on Lin Zheng's head, like it was striking on divine steel. The glimmer only advanced briefly, then it did not have the slightest of effects any further. It could not advance another inch. And the force rebounding from the hilt of the blade was enough to cause the entire arm of Qin Zhishui to go numb.

Thankfully, because of his shock, the fist of the Right Minister Lin Zheng did not really land squarely on Qin Zhishui.

The instant the blade struck his head, his fist transformed into a palm. He pushed upwards, grabbing Qin Zhishui's blade. With a slight exertion of strength and a boom, this blade that had been refined hundreds of time over was turned into fine silver dust that exploded in the air.

Qin Zhishui was also sent flying upwards.

On the forehead of the Right Minister, there was a faint bloodline the width of a hair appearing. There were tiny and miniscule blood droplets appearing instantly, creating a strange and terrifying sight.

This was the first time that he had been injured in battle for the last forty years.

The originally chaotic battlefield where people were killing and blood was running down, seeing such a scene, also abruptly halted.

At this instant, the sect experts under the Right Minister's forces had a disbelieving and incredulous light flickering on their faces, as well as even a shred of fear and apprehension.

There was a hard to conceal fear appearing in the gazes of the people looking at Qin Zhishui.

Striking at the same time, the Lord of the Light Palace Ye Qingyu was sent flying by a fist without causing the slightest of effect. But the blade of the [Matchless Blade King] Qin Zhishui broke apart the defenses of the Right Minister, and had even injured this huge tyrannical figure of the martial scene of Snow Empire...

No wonder in these days, the [Matchless Blade King] would be able to cause such a huge disturbance.

At this time.

"Hahaha... somewhat interesting."

The Right Minister let out a faint cold smile.

He lifted his hand to his forehead and wiped away this line of blood droplets, as well as the Matchless blade qi that had entered into his head along with this bloodline. He held it in his hand, transforming into a small ball of blood the size of a thumb.

As for the injury on his forehead, with a wipe, it instantly disappeared. There was no longer any wound that could be seen.

The little ball of blood spinning on his palm was like a red jade.

There was a faint silver glimmer that could be seen flickering within this ball of blood.

This was namely the blade qi that had entered into the Right Minister's head by the blade strike of Qin Zhishui.

"Good, good, good." He said good in succession three times, not even paying a glance to Qin Zhishui, his gaze entirely focused on Ye Qingyu. "I did not imagine that your sword would have such a sealing ability contained within it. Before I could even notice, it had sealed away the power of the [White Tiger Armour]... could it be that this is a rumoured ability that is only passed down in the Light Palace? It really is special. Ever since I have worn the [White Tiger Armour], it had never been sealed away by someone, even for an instant."

As these words were said, the atmosphere changed.

The gazes of everyone shifted from the figure of Qin Zhishui to Ye Qingyu whose white robe was covered in blood stains.

Including Qin Zhishui himself.

So it was like this.

The reason why the blade was able to strike at the Right Minister's head was not because the [Matchless Blade !i] was incomparably sharp.

It was because of the sword strike of the Palard Lord Ye Qingyu. Although it had seemed to be ineffective, but without anyone noticing, it had sealed away the power of the [White Tiger Armour]. With the Right Minister not noticing, he had suffered as a result of this.

But just what was the deal with that sword?

These people had observed clearly. That sword had evidently struck on the tail of the White Tiger, but there was not any strange scene that had appeared. But in an instant, it had sealed away the power of the [White Tiger Armour].

Could this be a divine technique from the legends?

At this time, an icy light was constantly flickering on Ye Qingyu's left shoulder.

In the next instant, the left shoulder that had nearly exploded had already recovered.

Someone at the Bitter Sea stage cultivation, on some level was able to make flesh regrow.

Ye Qingyu was already an existence at the Bitter River stage. Furthermore, the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] was an exceedingly powerful body refinement and recovery technique. To heal from an external wound that seemed to be serious, in truth did not require too much effort.

With the Crepe Myrtle sword in his hand, Ye Qingyu's aura continuously rose.

White scale after white scale began to grow under his skin with a speed that was visible to the naked eye. It not only grew on his hands and arms, but even on his neck, his chin, his face, there were dragon scales that were faintly flickering with silver light growing.

Only by activating the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] to its extreme and pushing the strength of his body to a pinnacle state could he utilize the mysteries of the [Limitless Divine Way] to it's most optimal state. He could attempt to enter into the realm of the fourth, or even the fifth limit.


"Fine. It seems that person of the Light Palace had really left behind something in the past. Then let me experience what the true mysterious and abilities of the Light Palace are..."

The expression on the face of the Right Minister gradually became serious and sharp.

He blew lightly with his mouth. The ball of blood that was spinning in his palm that contained the matchless blade qi blew out. then with a faint suck, the already purified droplet of blood went into his mouth again, once again transforming into pure yuan qi, perfectly compatible with his own body. He did not waste any of the power in his body.

A piercing gaze that was like it had substance, shot out explosively from Lin Zheng's eyes

Ye Qingyu, seeing this scene, knew it was not a good sign.

This fellow was about to explode.

As expected, the next instant, an abnormal change occurred.

A energy fluctuation like a turbulence of chaos exploded from Lin Zheng's body. The white tiger on his shoulder let out a roar, having the stance of wanting to leap through the air. On the body of the white tiger, there were instantly hundreds upon hundreds of large and small parts that flickered with a piercing silver light. It was as if it was a formation array that was inexplicably mysterious. A terrifying energy was fluctuating in its body.

The next instant, the different silver light parts of different shapes faintly shuddered. Like swallows returning to the nest, it landed and stuck on the skinny body of Lin Zheng.

The white tiger had turned into armour.

Every silver part was a part of the [White Tiger Armour] after it had turned into armour.

These silver parts were like it was alive. It instantly covered Lin Zheng's body, combining together and becoming the true [White Tiger Armour].

When the silver light had not entirely faded away, one could faintly see a mysterious and noble white armour appearing on Lin Zheng's body. Intricately shaped, it was filled with an extremely beautiful and artistic aura, as if it was a dream-like work of art. As for Lin Zheng's head, it turned into a saintly and fierce head of a white tiger.


An ear shattering tiger's roar emitted from this White Tiger's head.

Lin Zheng's figure turned into white light that instantly came before Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu's spirit madly shuddered. Nearly subconsciously, the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] once again struck out, as well as the [Protection of Heaven and Earth] from the [Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King]. A layer of mysterious and pure golden light, like an ancient deity of the Ancient Ages protecting him, appeared around his body. At the same time, there was a strange power that appeared, which slowed down Lin Zheng's speed.


The Crepe Myrtle sword impacted on the fist that Lin Zheng struck out with.

The fist was covered with a white tiger claw armoured glove.

The Ye Qingyu, who was at the [Third Limit] of the [Limitless Divine Way] was once again sent flying out...

After all, the difference between the martial cultivation of the two was like a massive ravine between them. Even if Ye Qingyu possessed numerous divine techniques, it was very difficult for him to truly fight a battle with the Right Minister, Lin Zheng. If not for his miraculous battle techniques, it was likely that one of his fists would have completely killed him.

His position was high and mighty. Although in many years, he had not personally acted and fought to kill, but the experience of Lin Zheng was still rich and varied.

In such an important event, he acted with the mindset of a tiger trying to capture a rabbit. He did not underestimate the enemy in the least.

But after sending Ye Qingyu flying out with one move, the tiger head face of Lin Zheng had shock flitting by in his face.

He had armourfied the [White Tiger Armour] because he wanted to neutralize the power of Ye Qingyu to seal of his power with his sword.

But through this exchange of blows, Lin Zheng instantly realized that his method had failed.

There was a strange power held in Ye Qingyu's sword. As soon as one made contact with it, it would have the strange effect of sealing the power of the opponents. This was not only targeted at the spirit of the [White Tiger Armour]. After it had changed into the form of a battle armour, it would, through the armour, impact upon his own body.

Could this really be a type of divine technique?

Even if it was a temporary moment where his power was sealed off, it could perhaps create potentially serious and fearful consequences.


Qin Zhishui once again struck out with his blade.

The blade qi was like a rainbow, completely dazzling the night skies, incomparably brilliant.

Dugu Quan as well as Ouyang Buping also acted in unison at this moment.

Dugu Quan spat out a jade green pill the size of a dragon's eye from his mouth. This was namely his pill that was tied his life, it was a high class Spirit Pills that he treated extremely preciously.

A Spirit Pill was different from those medicinal pills that could only be used to treat injuries or illnesses. At the same time, it also possessed the power to kill one's opponents.

This Jade Green pill was known as the [Jade Green Tree Pill]. It contained an endless and limitless life power of it. The pill was originally an ancient demon tree that Dugu Quan had coincidentally obtained in the past. After hundreds of years, it had always been nourished in his dantian, a fact that only a few knew about.

As this crucial moment, the Pill God of Snow Empire did not hide anymore.

He acted with his full power in his first strike.

Under the control of Dugu Quan, the pill suddenly let out an acute explosion. It turned into the shape of an ancient tree, landing on the ground. The leaves reached to the sky, shrouding the heavens and the sun, incomparably vast. Green vine after green vine began rapidly growing and extending underneath the ground and on the surface, like green ancient dragons. With the speed and momentum of lightning, it headed for the Right Minister, Lin Zheng and surrounded him.
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