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Imperial God Emperor 470 - Cooperating to defeat the enemy

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In the air, there was a ripple flickering and flashing.

Suddenly there was an explosive noise, as a chaotic energy surged. There was evidently some sort of hidden formation energy shield that had been destroyed.

Then there were thousands of black figures that were like bolts of lightning in the night that rushed over like a gust of wind from far off.

And at the very forefront were the two old men, Ouyang Buping and Dugu Quan.

The person that previously spoke was namely the Pill God of Snow Empire, Dugu Quan.

"Haha, brother Ye, your words have really gotten directly into the bottom of my heart." Dugu Quan flew in the sky and laughed greatly, "To be able to have a sworn brother like you in my later years, my wishes have really been completely fulfilled. Today, I will fight shoulder to shoulder with you, if it's a mountain then we'll climb over, if its fire then we'll prevail over it together."

The Divine Doctor Ouyang Buping also said loudly, "That's right, we noticed it too late and was delayed by the underlings of that old dog Lin Zheng. We came to provide support too late, don't blame us brother Ye. Thankfully, there was the aid of the Sword King Qin, as well as other brothers of the Jianghu, so we were able to break the encirclement and rush here. We were able to hear such morale rousing words from far away, I am ashamed..."

One was known as the Pill God and one was known as the Divine Doctor. These were not martial titles that were not renowned throughout the Empire. But this did not represent they were not martial experts. In fact, this was entirely the opposite. The martial cultivation of the two was also extremely profund. They had entered into the Bitter Sea stage a hundred years ago, so their cultivation today was even more unfathomable than before.

And behind them, there were roughly thousands of people. They were all martial experts, the large majority of them covered in blood. Evidently, to get to here, they had experienced a path of killing and had paid a significant price.


There was sounds of air being pierced like arrows being released.

The people that came to reinforce had arrived, descending in front of the [Light Palace]. They stood shoulder in shoulder with the soldiers of the [Light Palace].

The people of the [Light Palace] that had originally fought alone, their morale was also instantly heightened by this addition.

"Brother Ye, long time no see. How are you."

The [Matchless Blade King] Qin Zhishui, wearing flaming armour appeared next to Ye Qingyu, raising his hands in greeting.

These days he had a huge disturbance within Snow Capital, causing the movement of all forces. He was the successor of the [Matchless Blade City] that people had been chasing to kill. Compared to the previous noble and handsome young master appearance that he had at the Xian Pavilion at Youyan Pass, there was a huge transformation. He seemed to have grown older, without the previous white complexion and aura he had before. But his eyes had grown sharper, with his eyebrows nearly touching his temple, making him look even more unmatchedly heroic than before.

A scar had appeared on his left face, the colour extremely pale.

But with Qin Wushuang's cultivation, for there to be a scar to be left on his face and not be able to be erased, one could see just how terrifying his initial injuries were. One could tell just what sort of heart pounding experiences he had gone through in Snow Capital, he must have been in battle at every moment in time.

Next to him, there were around twenty experts also wearing flame-like armour. They should all be experts that originated from the [Matchless Blade City]. Every one of them had a deep aura and serious expressions, not in any way lesser than that of the soldiers of the Light camp. Evidently, they were a little platoon of elites that had undergone hundreds of battles.

"The fame of brother Qin has shaken Snow Captial in these days. Seeing you today, your radiance is definitely better than in the past and your cultivation has progressed even further. Congratulations." Ye Qingyu let out a loud laughter, directly giving Qin Zhishui an embrace.

Ye Qingyu had incomparable admiration for this successor of the [Matchless Blade City].

If amongst the Three Sects and Three Schools,there were any loyal sects, then the [Matchless Blade City] would definitely be at the forefront. And if there were any loyal warriors amongst the Three Sects and Three Schools, then the [Matchless Blade King] Qin Wushuang would absolutely be at the forefront.

This was a true iron-blooded man.

His pride was as if it had been created by the world.

"These are all experts of all sorts of large gangs and sects within the capital, as well as some experts within the military. They are all warriors that are loyal to the empire. Previously, the Old Commander had hiddenly contacted them before. But it’s a pity that old bastard Lin Zheng is too sly and crafty. Before he attacked the [Light Palace], he left behind his underlings to surrounded us, so we had to break through the heavy encirclement. Before we came here, we already lost over 50 percent of our manpower." Qin Zhishui continued to introduce the Jianghu people that he brought over.

"Brothers, it's been hard.”

Ye Qingyu clasped his hands and said in a low voice, paying his respects to the experts that came covered with blood.

"Palace Lord Ye is courteous."

"The things that Palace Lord Ye has done, in truth has personally vented our frustrations. Those Brutes, all deserve to die."

"Palace Lord Ye, as well as Blade King Qin, are the spine and pillars of the martial experts of the Snow Empire."

"Previously Old Commander Li had said before, once battle begun, he would not have the time to give command and told us to listen to the direction of Palace Lord Ye. Please give us orders and tell us what to do."

"That's right, today let's immediately fight and kill here today."

The surrounding people were after all people of the Jianghu. They did not have the strict discipline of the army. Therefore when they heard Ye Qingyu words, all began shouting and yelling. Although they were somewhat scattered, but at least from their performance, they were as passionate as fire, with high morale.

At this time, Ye Qingyu did not know what arrangements to make for these people.

To want to rely on the advantage of numbers to defeat the Right Minister Lin Zheng was evidently not something realistic. Even if they spent this thousand of people to expend the yuan qi of Lin Zheng, it would not have too great of an effect because Lin Zheng was wearing the [White Tiger Armour]. Furthermore, even if it could really expend a portion of Lin Zheng's power, Ye Qingyu would not use such a bloody method.

Furthermore, the Jianghu power under the commander of the Right Minister was posturing threateningly opposite them. Their number was not in any way least than theirs.

"“Everyone, lets first protect the [Light Palace]."

Ye Qingyu loudly shouted.

Ever since the battle had begun, the forces of the Right Minister had attacked the [Light Palace] several times already. There were several Heaven Ascension stage experts that had appeared, and finally even the Right Minister Lin Zheng had personally appeared. Even if one did not use a brain to think, one could be sure that it was definitely not because Lin Zheng really hated the [Light Palace] or because of Ye Qingyu.

The only explanation was that within it, the [Light Palace] was concealing some important item or secret.

This sort of item or perhaps secret must play an important role in the plan of the Right Minister.

In the skies.

Lin Zheng stood alone where he was, his expression cold.

Dugu Quan and the others had broken past the formation and seal he had arranged beforehand, charging towards the [Light Palace]. This was something that he had not expected, that before Li Guangbi had gone to battle, he had arranged such a way to give the [Light Palace] some external support. But the problem was, would such a ragtag crowd really be of use? Could they really bring a shred of hope to the [Light Palace]?

There was a cold smile that appeared on Lin Zheng's face.

He slightly breathed in, then his figure suddenly charged down from above. The [White Tiger Armour] protected him like a silver star screen. In but a breath's time, he heavily struck the [Flowing Silver Light Formation] that had not yet entirely collapsed. In an instant, the protective light barrier of the formation was entirely destroyed, and he struck down like a bolt of lightning into the crowd below.


It was like an asteroid striking the ground.

Heavenly fire flew everywhere, the ground broke and shattered. The white-coloured energy fluctuation was like a storm that swept everywhere all around.

The unprepared experts of the Jianghu at the very center of this was directly struck by the waves of this destructive strike. They could not even let out a scream before they turned into ashes in the air. Large pieces of earth was sent flying with a boom, dust shooting to the skies. Countless Fire trees were uprooted from the roots.

Such a scene was truly too terrifying.

The experts that were able to rush here and support, enduring all the trials they faced, were all strong experts. But in front of such a scene, they were like thin paper in front of fire, being transformed into ashes in mere moments.

Of the nearly one thousand experts, they had instantly lost ten percent of it.


Within the protective barrier of the White Tiger, the thin figure of the Right Minister was evident. He took large strides presuringly towards the [Light Palace].

Behind him, the experts of the Right Minister's residence as well as the Jinahu were like a mountain avalanche, charging towards them.

The scene instantly entered into a state where blades were met.

Everywhere the Right Minister, Lin Zheng went, he was invincible. There were several experts that attempted to block him, but as he listed his hand, they were all turned into ashes. The White Tiger spirit lay on his shoulder, the silver light of his yuan qi emitting from his sword. The long tail of the tiger was like a divine whip curling in the air. There was absolutely no expert who could even enter ten meters near him.

This frail and skinny old man was like a Fiendgod descending. In an instant, he was like a scorching sharp sword cutting through butter. He had begun opening a huge crack within the formation of the [Light Palace].

And behind him, in the camp of the traitors, their experts were like wildfire. Following this crack, they charged forwards.

The camp of the [Light Palace] was instantly plunged into chaos.

"Damn it, we must stop this old bastard." The [Matchless Blade King], Qin Zhishui took a look and instantly knew it would be troublesome. If they could not stop Lin Zheng, then just by his efforts alone of breaking a path through like breaking bamboo, the side of the [Light Palace] would definitely fall. They could not even endure for a significant period of time.


The light of the blade pierced through the air.

Qin Zhishui acted personally.

He let out an enraged shout, turning into one with his long blade. He transformed into a blade glimmer, that struck towards Lin Zheng to kill.

"Careful brother Qin, I'll lend you a hand."

Ye Qingyu feared that Qin Zhishui would be hurt, and quickly followed after. The Crepe Myrtle Sword in his hand shuddered, the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] of the Unmatched General instantly striking out.

The [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] had two specialities; one was to close the distance while the other was to seal off the others yuan qi.

There Ye Qingyu was able to reach first despite striking later. He rushed past the sword light of Qin Zhishui, instantly invading near the Right Minister, Lin Zheng. The sword glimmer of the Crepe Myrtle Sword exploded, striking downwards.


There was a faint shock that flitted past the eyes of Lin Zheng.

This was the second time he had exhaled because of Ye Qingyu.

Ever since he had started fighting, this was the first time someone had broken the defences of the [White Tiger Armour] and came to within one meter of his body.

As the sword glimmer was about to chop down, Lin Zheng acted as if he did not see this at all. A fist struck towards Ye Qingyu’s chest, the force of the fist like shocking thunder. He did not show the slightest hint of mercy. Since the situation had progressed so far, even if he admired talent, he would absolutely not show any pity whatsoever.

The white tiger on his shoulder acted. As it roared, the tail of the tiger blocked Ye Qingyu's sword.

Ye Qingyu's complexion did not change, he had long expected this. The [True Will of the Sky Dragon] activated as his left hand along with his arm turned into dragon claws and a dragon limb, striking directly on Lin Zheng's fist.


Amongst the huge shudder, there was blood appearing.

Ye Qingyu's arm shattered, dragon scales flying everywhere. The flesh on his fist was nearly blown away by the impact, leaving only white bone behind. The skin and flesh of his arm had been stripped away by the impact, like a fire stick dipped in blood, incomparably tragic.


Ye Qingyu spat out a mouthful of blood and was like a kite that had its string cut, flying away.

At this time, the sword light of Qin Zhishui also struck.

The force of the blade was like lightning, with faint signs that it would break apart the air.

The Right Minister did not pay attention to the blade light. Another fist struck out, directly striking at the true body of Qin Zhishui behind the blade light.

But the next moment, his complexion greatly changed.

Because the white tiger light at his shoulder disappeared at that moment.

The incomparably tyrannical blade of Qin Zhishui, landed directly on the head of the Right Minister----
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