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"Qu Hanshan, you've finally appeared." As the Right Minister, Lin Zheng, saw this person, his expression instead slightly relaxed. With a cold smile, "I thought you only knew how to hide in the background and shoot arrows from the side."

Qu Hanshan?

As Ye Qingyu heard this name, he was shaken. He could not but lift his head to regard this mighty old man in detail.

In these years, the entire world knew of Right Minister, Lin Zheng. He had unmatched power and authority, nearly ruling over the entire Imperial Court of the Empire. His power had even extended into the military, so much so that when people heard of the word 'Minister', they would only think of the Right Minister, Lin Zheng.

Namely because of the fact that the power of the Right Minister, Lin Zheng was too dazzling, his light too bright, that it caused nearly everyone to forget one thing---

Under the Empire of the Emperor, there was not only one minister that ruled all the officials. There was two.

Apart from the Right Minister, there was a Left Minister.

The Right Minister, Lin Zheng.

The Left Minister, Qu Hanshan.

"Since you have planned such a great plot, if I Qu Hanshan, was not to appear, would I not miss such a big event?" The Left Minister, Qu Hanshan did not seem to mind the mockery of the Right Minister in the least. As opposed to this, it was like he was greeting an old friend. With a faint smile, "the things that you have done may have caused too great a disturbance."

Lin Zheng suddenly smiled, "Qu Hanshan, you should not have came. You cannot stop me."

"Since you have the tool of fate, the [White Tiger Armour] in your hands, you are naturally above even the heavens. It's only that there are some matters that cannot be divided into can or cannot, but instead into should or should not."

"Haha, you still have such skillful words even now." There was disdain in the gaze of Lin Zheng. "Qu Hanshan, do you know what I don't like most about you?"

Qu Hanshan had a faint smile, "Please advise me."

“Haha, the thing I hate most is the pretense you put on at all times. You have to act as if you are a saint every minute, every second." The Right Minister, Lin Zheng, continued to sneer. "The way of heaven is in the heavens, the way of man is in the mortal world. From the heavens to the earth, everyone is competing. Even you are competing, so why are you pretending to be a high and almighty immortal separate from the mortal world. Just who are you fooling."

Lin Zheng said, the main point on the word 'compete'.

The authority and status he had today was famed and feared. This was all something that he had competed for from the impossible. He competed with the heavens, with the earth, with time, with people. In the impression of many people, the Right Minister was as leisurely and idle as an old man. But once his heart to compete was aroused, he was like a peerless sword being unsheathed, making someone have no way of receiving him.

Such words coming out from his mouth was like the righteousness of the Dao. No one was able to refute his words in the slightest.

Qu Hanshan frowned, then nodded his head. "I know."

"Since it is like this, then act. You and I have competed on the open and in the shadows for so many years, it must have been hard for you to endure and remain standing. In these years, I have competed with so many people, but you are still able to stand on your own footing. Although I find you annoying, but I cannot help but regard you in a new light." Right Minister Lin Zheng walked towards Qu Hanshan step by step. Between his brows, there was an aura of sentimentality, "Let the grievances between us, end today."

“Since killing intent has been aroused in your heart, then perhaps today is really an ending. But this is not my personal grievance, but for the greater good of the Empire," Qu Hanshan said seriously.

Lin Zheng sneered, "With your personality, you rarely do anything that you are not sure of. You evidently know you are not my opponent, but you still appeared. That is just going to your death. You must have found some underlings, tell them to appear."

The complexion of Qu Hanshan instantly became strange.

The next instant---


A sword light that was as bright as the sun suddenly began to explode from the barriers of sapce. It turned into a hundred-meter-long formation sword qi, with tight and clustered formations encircling it. The might of it was enough to shock the heavens, and everywhere the sword qi passed by, the air was like butter, being cut apart, splitting the air rumbling apart into two. The point where this sword qi pointed at was namely at the Right Minister, Lin Zheng.

The complexion of Lin Zheng suddenly changed.

He lifted his hand, his yuan qi turning into a glimmering claw of a white tiger. It suddenly swiped at the huge formation sword.


The yuan qi sword exploded, turning into a chaotic turbulence of yuan qi.

A figure suddenly shot outwards from this endless chaotic turbulence like a bolt of lightning. There was a wind and snow long sword in his hand, and the move of his sword was like a rumble of thunder. The figure instantly neared inches from Lin Zheng, completely sealing him off.

"So it was the arrival of the Old Commander."

The surprise on Lin Zheng's face retreated. He stood alone in the air, and struck out with hundreds of palms strikes. It constantly struck again and again on the sword move that was like a bolt of lightning, choosing to face against it directly. It was like heavenly fire striking against an ice mountain, sparks and ice flying everywhere. There was the repeated sounds of explosions, as the air around was shattered and reformed, with a storm beginning to form.

"Your words, you really think you are definitely going to win. Don't speak so much rubbish, just fight. We'll see who’s right or wrong!"

A voice like that of a great bell sounded.

An old man that seemed even more mighty than Qu Hanshan, with a black sword of cold steel in his hands and wearing black armour appeared. His appearance was like a mighty tiger, with pure yellow hair, standing up like needles. His eyebrows were yellow and filled with a red light, as if there was a blood-coloured fierce qi that was like real surrounding him. As both his eyes opened and closed, there was a glimmer fluctuating.

That old man was namely the old commander, Li Guangbi.

"The temper of the Old Commander is still that great."

The Right Minister, Lin Zheng, faintly clasped his hands together. In his expression, there was a slight respect.

Although he did not regard the Left Minister, Qu Hanshan, who walked carefully and came to his position step by step from a poor background with high regards, but this was different for the Commander. For this was a legend amongst the military of the Empire. He was one of the great existences of the army, the old Commander Li Guangbi. Lin Zheng was evidently extremely courteous. After all, whether it was his identity or status, or the effect he had on the Imperial military, he was first class. Although they were on different sides, but he maintained a suitable respect for him.

For Li Zheng, from the top to the bottom of the entire Empire, there was not many people worthy of his respect, or could be counted with one's hands just who deserved his respect. But Old Commander Li Guangbi, was definitely one of them.

"Useless words, I rely on my temper to stay alive. Treacherous minister, receive my sword."

Li Guangbi's expression suddenly turned ferocious, like a tiger striking for its prey. The sword move struck out once again, sword shadows completely covering the skies.

"For the contributions that you have made for the Empire in the past, and as I am your junior, I will first let you have three moves." Lin Zheng's figure flickered, evading sword after sword but not striking back.

The Qu Hanshan by the side lifted his hand, a ruler held in it.


He let out a shout of reminder, then the ruler in his hand struck out.

The complexion of Lin Zheng suddenly changed, his hand striking out at the air behind his head. The mirage of a tiger's claw protected his hand, and it was as if it struck something. With a bang, in the air a white-coloured ruler appeared. Instantly, there was a fierce wind that was created, as the fragments of space along with chaotic turbulence appeared.

The next instant, Qu Hanshan once again struck out with his ruler from far away.

Lin Zheng struck again, this time striking in front of his chest.


Amidst the chaotic yuan qi turbulence, the image of a ruler appeared still again.

The attacking methods of Qu Hanshan was extremely strange. It was evident that the movements of the ruler was hundreds of meters away, but the attack instantly descended without any signs or sound five meters next to Lin Zheng. If it was a normal person, they would have no way of detecting the arrival of that attack. If a solid strike was struck, even if it was a Heaven Ascension stage expert that was hit by it, they would spit out a mouthful of blood.

After Li Guangbi had made three moves, there was a light that ferociously exploded from the eyes of Lin Zheng. His aura surged, as he began to retaliate.

A white coloured tiger light image appeared on his shoulder.

As Lin Zheng struck with every move, the white tiger would roar. It would either strike out with its claws, or perhaps open its mouth and spit out silver blades, coordinating with Lin Zheng. It was completely at a state of perfect cooperation with no flaws. The tail of the white light tiger was two meters long, and constantly changed position. Every attack that struck within one meter of Lin Zheng would be blocked by the tail of this white light tiger.

"Could it be that the white light tiger is the so called [White Tiger Armour]?

A thought occurred to Ye Qingyu.

Very long ago, from all avenues of information, the Right Minister held a Tool of Fate of Snow Empire, called the [White Tiger Armour], in his hands. The effects of it was incredible, and was beyond the imagination of normal people. According to the rumours, if a Bitter Sea stage expert donned the [White Tiger Armour], even he would have the power to fight with a Heaven Ascension stage expert.

Ye Qingyu originally thought that the so called [White Tiger Armour] was the same asany other Treasured tool]. It was also of the armour type. But from the current situation, he had thought of this too simply. As a Tool of Fate of the Empire, it was evident that the [White Tiger Armour] had already gained intelligence. Coordinating with Lin Zheng, its power was multiplied.

But... the black steel sword in the Old Commander's hands as well as the white-coloured ruler in the Left Minister's hand were also not ordinary items. Could they also be Tools of Fate?"

Ye Qingyu examined carefully.

He could faintly feel that there was an energy different from yuan qi or formation energy fluctuating within these three items.

"Should I immediately act and aid the Left Minister and Old Commander to kill the Right Minister, Lin Zheng?”

Such a thought occurred to Ye Qingyu.

The yuan qi in his body moved, as an invisible cold qi emanated. A cold qi light sword soundlessly appeared next to him, this was namely one of the signs that the [Human King Sword Mantra] was being activated.

But at this time, there was an unprecedented cold intent that exploded in Ye Qingyu's heart.

A fear he had never experienced before exploded in his brain.

In the time of a spark, within the air, a ripple occured. Another sword light, as bright as a shooting star, neared instantly, exploding with killing intent.

The target of this ambush, was namely Ye Qingyu.

The appearance of this sword was extremely strange. Even the Aunt Heng by the side had not observed that anything was wrong.

Ye Qingyu's figure was instantly struck at his waist, separating in two.

The owner of the sword light instantly appeared, showing up behind Ye Qingyu.

"Little Yu..." Aunt Heng was shocked.

At this time, Ye Qingyu's corpse that had turned into two turned into faint silvery mist.


An icy and cruel laughter sounded from within the air, and followed by that, tens of silver mist shaped figures rose and appeared from all directions. It was like a sword formation that instantly surrouded the person that had ambushed holding the sword. Sword moves exploded as a red mark of death appeared on his body.

The person holding the sword had a disbelieving expression as he spat out a jet of blood.

The next instant, Ye Qingyu's true body appeared next to the sword carrying assassination. The cold ice sword mirage was in his hands, as he mercilessly struck out.

This entire process was like a flowing shadow appearing, and finished like a hawk capturing the rabbit. It was extremely quick. The person who was carrying the sword had not even yet fully understood why his sure death sword strike had not heavily injured Ye Qingyu and it was before even Aunt Heng had reacted.

The battle technique that Ye Qingyu demonstrated at this moment was extremely bright and resplendent, as if it was just a dream, with no way of describing it.
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