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Chapter 462, White Tiger Armour

“I’ve just received the news that those two people of the Snow Empire were obstructed by people sent out by Lin Zheng, and won’t be able to leave for at least a day.” The white wax candle flickered, drops of wax flowing down, its tone was more serious than before. “It’s not a suitable time for you to appear now. After all, Lin Zheng has many forces. He controls almost the entire Imperial capital. He had painstakingly planned this for many years, just to strike a blow today. If you openly attacked, we do not have the slightest chance. He is in the light, we’re in the dark, and this is our advantage. You do not have to, because of the fact that you have gained strength, be momentarily impulsive, which could cause all of our work to go to waste.”

Yu Feiyan raised his sword-like brow, as though he had something to say, but eventually held his mouth.


Right Minister’s residence.

In the back courtyard garden.

Someone was rushing over to report, “Minister, Mister Yu and Mister Qin have acted according to the plan, and the two people have been stalled.”

The skinny old man nodded, smiled, took the hot towel from the maid’s hand, wiped his neck, casually threw the towel back to the maid, and said to a person clad entirely in black, “See? You do not have to worry.”

“Good. Well, it seems that you still abided by our agreement. There is now only two hours till the opening of the domain passage. In these two hours, you must break into the [Light Palace]. You know what I mean, Lin Zheng.” From the shadow of the black-robed person, came a gloomy voice.

Who was this person that dared call Lin Zheng by his name, and the tone of voice was like a command, it was shocking.

But Lin Zheng seemed to have been accustomed to it, and did not care too much as he replied, “Haha, the power of the [Light Palace] has been completely removed, you do not have to worry. At this time it is just an empty shell, just another hour and we will win, I will personally lead the attack myself.”

As he was speaking, he signalled to the personal guards standing outside the garden.

The personal guards immediately answered and turned away.

Returned in a flash.

The four personal guards came back carrying a tiger-headed beast bone giant box.

“The [White Tiger Armour]. After so many years, it is time to use it again.” Lin Zheng’s voice sounded a bit emotional. He pricked his fingertip, dropping a drop of blood onto the tiger head beast bone box.

Blood dripped in between the white tiger’s head, rapidly penetrating.

The next moment, the tiger head was moving by a strange force, the closely shut tiger eyes suddenly shot open, the boxed snapped open, and a mass of black light and shadow instantaneously gushed out, directly enveloping the Right Minister.

“Don’t forget our agreement.”

In the halo came the voice of Right Minister Lin Zheng.



Above the [Light Palace].

Half of the dozens of arrows on fatty’s back had been shot out.

“Why are you hiding? If you have the courage then come take one of my arrows.”

“You cheat, you used a fan to block my arrows.”

“Little loach, don’t run...”

Ah ah ah ah, stop, I won’t shoot you, I’m very tired, let’s make an agreement to not fight for now and rest for a while.”

“Hey, I secretly shot an arrow from behind... unfortunately, you dodged it.”

Throughout the battle, fatty was chattering nonstop and constantly yelling, vividly displaying his true shameless nature. It was a life-and-death confrontation, but he made it look like a complete joke.

The jade-faced scholar was holding a mouthful of blood in his mouth and did not spit it out, he had never seen such a shameless opponent.

But this fatty’s archery skills was really terrifying as well as incomparably strange. Each arrow contained a mighty power. Once the jade-faced scholar tried to use his folding fan to block the fatty’s arrow attack, he completely put away the thought of blocking directly and only moved about constantly, waiting for the chance to counterattack.

For any archer, close combat was a nightmare.

But fatty was an exception.

Every time the jade-faced scholar came near, fatty would whirl up the long bow in his hand and dance.

It seemed disorderly, but in fact was an invulnerable defense, and the jade faced scholar unexpectedly failed to attack.

And the other side.

The old man seemed much more troubled.

His rotten vine armour was more than half destroyed, and the withered wooden staff in his hand had snapped into two. Although one-armed divine nun only had one arm, her silver horsetail whisk was comparable to having a thousand arms like the Thousand-hand Bodhisattva, pressuring the old man to the point that he was panting.

“Damn old nun.” The withered wood old man roared with fear and anger, “I should have killed you then.”

One-armed divine nun’s expression was biting-cold. She did not say a word, her silver horsetail whisk containing infinite murderous intents. The strands of silver thread were transforming into an inescapable net, approaching from all sides, trapping the withered wood old man in the middle.

A hundred years ago, the head of the Qing Dao Sect plotted against divine nun, and attacked her sect. It was the withered wood old man who had cut off divine nun’s arm. To meet again was destined, but what the withered wood old man didn’t expect was that the old nun who had lost her arm had improved to such a frightening degree and was far superior to him.

“Horsetail whisk silver heart, heavenly net purgatory... kill!”

Old nun bellowed, and in the void were strands of the silver horsetail whisk spreading across the sky, extending infinitely, in a criss-cross pattern, like a giant net, shrouding the sky and ground. The sharp sword-like silver threads were surrounding the old man from all sides, and all of a sudden full murderous intent was overflowing.

The withered wood man’s face was so frightened, that he was too slow to react, trapped in the net of silver threads that was shrinking.

“You... You...” It was only then that he was aware that, in this pas hundred years, this old nun’s strength had actually far exceeded that of himself by several times. She most likely had already completely entered the Ascending Heaven stage, but was deliberately suppressing her strength, waiting for him to slip up, and then kill him in one move?”

“A Hundred years of enmity, ends with this... die!”

The one-armed divine nun did not hold back, the horsetail whisk erupted out with a brilliance, sword-like strands of thread sliced the withered wood old man’s body into several pieces, and then instantaneously evaporated into ashes, completely disappearing in the air.

Where the withered wood old man’s body disappeared, there were several specks of light flashing and falling down.

It was a mustard-coloured bracelet and an interdimensional spirit tool.

Thousands of silver threads of the horsetail whisk flashed, transforming into a white palm, absorbing all the specks of light.


The one-armed divine nun’s placed her hand on her chest as she murmured, light scattering from her body.

An amazing scene happened shortly after. Her broken left arm was suddenly growing, the colour of blood spreading across, producing crackling and rattling, and sounds of bones twisting, and then bright red flesh and white bones were growing at a speed visible to the naked eye. In less than three or four seconds, a new arm had regenerated.

There was not the slightest expression of surprise on one-armed divine nun’s face.

Once the blood and qi of a Bitter Sea expert reaches a certain level, one can initiate the regeneration of limbs. She had entered the Ascending Heaven stage for so many years, but the reason that her arm had not regrown was because of the importance of cause and effect in Buddhist teachings. If she did not kill the person that slashed off her arm, then she would not initiate the regrowth of her arm. Also, withered wood old man was indeed strong back then, he cut off her arm and poisoned her with a poison of the Qing Dao Sect, and it became very difficult for divine nun to regenerate her arm.

But now, since the culprit, withered wood old man, had been killed, then the arising and cessation of cause and effect, and the regeneration of an arm was just one thought away.

She stretched out her new arm, and the mustard bracelet as well as the interdimensional storage tool all fell into her hands.

Since the withered wood old man had died, the divine prohibition on these objects had vanished like smoke in thin air, and other prohibition formations were also instantaneously broken under divine nun’s powerful strength. She took a quick scan at the things inside.

Withered wood old man, who had been concealed in the Right Minister’s residence for so many years, was of an extremely high status and incomparably wealthy. The spaces inside the bracelet and treasures were storing many more rare objects. There was an abundance of valuable possessions, but divine nun merely swept her eye over the objects, and was tempted by nothing, until she finally took out a lavender-coloured scroll from inside of the mustard bracelet.

On the leaf seal of the scroll, wrote several ancient symbols——

[Viewing the Ways of the World Scripture].

It was the lost knowledge [Viewing the Ways of the World Scripture] of the Qing Dao Sect.

She flicked open the scroll and skimmed through, and finally cracked a smile, nodding, turning into a stream of light, and disappearing in the sky.



Bai Yuqing exclaimed.

The one-armed divine nun turned to stream of light, landing at her side.

“Master, your arm has healed?” Bai Yuqing cheered aloud.

Divine nun nodded, then passed the scroll over. “I didn’t expect that withered wood old man to actually have the manuscript of [Viewing the Ways of the World Scripture]. I have taken a look inside, the content is not fake. Qing’er, by cultivating following this scripture, it can solve the problems of your body.”

Bai Yuqing, both startled and pleasantly surprised, carefully received the scroll, “Master, your kindness, Qing’er will never forget. Master, please accept my bow of gratitude.”

The divine nun assisted her up, her face filled with a benevolent smile. “My Great Desolate Divine Palace only passes on it’s teaching for one person, so the requirements for a successor is extremely strict. In the past, your father had once given me a meal so I owe him a debt. Your talent is also greatly related to the Great Desolate Divine Palace. I watched you grow up, so you are like my own daughter. Quickly get up.”

To be able to find [Viewing the Ways of the World Scripture] had taken a load of divine nun’s mind.

The instant the scroll was handed to Bai Yuqing, the divine nun felt a sudden unrepressed feeling in her chest, as if a blockage had been unblocked. A sort of comprehension rushed to her head, and her cultivation that had not broken through to the next stage in so many years, had signs that it was ready to move.

Just then——


A beam of white light flitted across the sky, like the sun swiftly patrolling the vast sky, lighting up the entire Imperial Capital, and darting over in the direction of the [Light Palace].

The divine nun’s complexion suddenly changed.

“Is that... [White Tiger Armour]? The most outstanding genius of the Lin family in history is personally appearing?” The divine nun was utterly surprised.

“Master, What is [White Tiger Armour]?” Bai Yuqing had never seen such a drastic change of expression from her master.

“A treasured weapon of Heaven Wasteland Domain, also one of the six divine weapons of the current Heaven Wasteland Domain...” Divine nun muttered, the look of shock had not yet faded from her face. She continued mumbling, “The [Light Palace] this time, would really have some trouble...”
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