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Chapter 461, Obstruct

Li Changkong was from an aristocratic family background. Although he had been reduced to poverty, but he was more informed than the general people. He more or less knew about many things in the Imperial capital.

Ye Qingyu lightly nodded in reply.

Right Minister’s residence?

As he had guessed, today’s battle was absolutely related to the Right Minister’s residence.

Among the entire Imperial capital, a person that can hide the sky with one hand caused such a big disturbance, yet there were no Imperial Guards of the Imperial family and military forces intervening. The only person possessing such large powers, besides the Right Minister, the person above millions of people and below one person, who else could it be?

He just did not think that the plot would be uncovered now?

The Right Minister unexpectedly sent out even his trusted aides, was he really planning to expose himself now?

What he had done, hasn’t he already gone past the line of the Imperial family?

Why had the Snow Emperor still not appeared to obstruct them?


Imperial ancestral land.

At the back courtyard of a temple.

A long-eyebrowed monk was standing in an eight-level Buddhist stupa tower. A hint of anger was on his face, his eyes bright like a sword. He was looking at a slim middle-aged scholar clad in a blue silk robe, saying irritably, “Qin Lin, how dare you obstruct me?”

The slim middle-aged scholar lightly smiled, stroking his long beard, “Since you have abdicated and became a monk, why call yourself majesty? Are you reluctant to leave this world, unable to abandon the worldly affairs? This was not Your Majesty’s heart and will back then.”

The monk glared at him, saying, “If you call me Your Majesty, why can’t I say I am?”

“Ha ha ha, that is right.” The slim middle-aged man smiled and said, “I am too small-minded, but Your Majesty have retired for decades, and the throne had been passed to the Crown Prince. You claimed you need to cultivate the mind and study Buddhist doctrine, yet I haven’t seen you in years but your temper is just as bad. It seems that Your Majesty have not been studying Buddhist doctrine and cultivating the mind.”

“Cultivating the mind does not mean extinguishing anger.” Between the monk’s forehead, there was a faint majesty of an Emperor. “I have not hit someone in 50 years, Mister Qin, you were the most distinguished person of the righteous path back then, the heavenly sword of the correct path’s endless peaks. Since you were of the righteous path sects, you naturally should understand how the laws of the heaven flows. You should understand just what you are doing today, and whether it is truly right or wrong. I urge you to move aside. Do not make a mistake and force me to get violent.”

“The righteous path sects? The five endless peaks back then were just empty words, were they not all destroyed by Your Majesty’s army, and became like stray dogs? Now, there is no sense of righteousness in my heart, only resentment... I want to experience Your Majesty’s [True Dragon Imperial Fist] that shook Heaven Wasteland. I hope your Majesty will enlighten me.”

Mister Qin wore a faint smile, not retreating an inch.

Between the monk’s brows, there suddenly was an incomparably overbearing aura diffusing out. A bright light shot out from his eyes like swords. “Good, since you have become depraved, killing you is not considered unlawful killing.”

When he finished, a yellow true dragon came roaring out from between his eyebrows, directly trying to swallow Mister Qin.

The fist intent of the [True Dragon Imperial Fist] had instantly erupted.

Mister Qin laughed. “A hundred years has past, yet your Majesty is still as impressive as before.” As he spoke, a sword emerged in his hand. The back of the sword was a silver red, the blade red as blood. He administered a backhand slash, shattering the yellow true dragon fist intent.

“Beheading Dragon Sword?” The old monk’s eyes were flashing.

Mister Qin’s right hand was clasping the sword, his left index and middle fingers lightly wiping the body of the sword, when the sword light extinguished, flickering. “The North has the Heavenly sword, the wielder can behead the dragon. Your majesty is the true dragon son of the Heavens, which means that you will most likely fall under this Beheading Dragon Sword.”

The Monk gave a heroic smile, “You wasted so much time to find this sword, it seems you have been planning this for a long while, but your plan of killing me, is nothing but wishful thinking.”

His words finished.

The dragon-shaped fist intent of the [True Dragon Imperial Fist] broke out.

A number of yellow true dragons were sent spiralling out, like the true dragon war god had descended, incomparably powerful.

“Your Majesty, why don’t we change to another battlefield, I think that Your Majesty do not want this Imperial ancestral land to be demolished in the battle between you and me?” Mister Qin said with a tone of scornful indifference.

Monk’s forehead was showing anger once again.

He was thinking of the fact that he was able to move unhindered in the city in the past. His powers had once trembled the Heaven Wasteland Domain, when had he ever been like he was today, and be controlled by someone?

“Fine, at the peak of the Ninth Heaven, I will kill you, and end the Heavenly Sword Sect.” The monk’s voice faded, his body transforming into a yellow red light, shooting upwards in the blink of the eye, and disappearing in the depths of the sky.

Mr. Qin smiled and followed.


“Lin Zheng told you to come?”

Among the dim space, a tall and burly body slowly got up, looking at the young scholar in front, there was a strange light flowing within his eyes. Within the entire space, powers were surging like raging tides, that made one’s heart palpitate.

The young scholar’s hand was holding a roll of bamboo scroll, mouth curving into a smile, bowing as he said. “Sinful subject Yu Xianjue meets Snow Emperor.”

“Yu Xianjue? The [Heavenly Book] of the [Book, Sword, Tea, Wine and Flower] Righteous path’s five endless peaks during the era of sects?” The tone of the burly figure sounded slightly astonished. “Didn’t expect Lin Zheng to rope in people like you, that’s surprising indeed.”

“I wouldn’t say rope in, it’s just a matter of each gets what he wants.” Yu Xianjue smiled. “Thanks to the Snow Empire, my [Heavenly Book Pavilion] sect was destroyed, leaving me like a lonely ghost, wandering around. The Snow Empire is as powerful as the sky, to want revenge is impossible by myself, but since the Right Minister also wants to extinguish the Snow Empire, we share a common goal.”

“Share a common goal... to destroy the Snow Empire?” The Snow Emperor’s burly body stepped forward, like a stormy wave rolling over.

He laughed. “I heard that the [Heavenly Book] Yu Xianjue of the righteous path’s five endless peaks, [Book, Sword, Tea, Wine and Flower], is well-educated, and also the most open-minded and righteous. 100 years have past, and you also saw that, under the rule of the Snow Empire, the Human Race have become strong and flourishing. In the south, we are constantly expanding the territory south to the southern waters, so much so that the Hurricane Wave Demon Court does not even dare to take a breath. In the West, the Brute Race had not stepped one step out of the desert. In the East, the Northeast Black Mountain White Waters Brute Race is no longer as powerful as before. In the North, the Snow Ground Demon Court is not even able to completely rule the blizzard ice field. Our Human Race resides in Human Wasteland Domain’s most vast and fertile land, the people have been living peacefully for a hundred years, and their strength have been improving greatly. This is all due to the Snow Empire creating a period of prosperity. Don’t tell me Mister Yu does not see all this?”

Yu Xianjue slightly bowed his head, not knowing what to say.

Because what the Snow Emperor had said was the truth.

Back then, during the era of sects there was no peace and people lived on the edge of starvation, there were blood and bones everywhere. The Human Race massacred one another, and it was almost as tragic as being ruled by the other races. In these hundred years, the Snow Empire united the Human Race. Wherever the army went, the other races were left trembling, it was indeed a sign of the Human Race’s strength.

His appearance today, obstructing the Snow Emperor from regaining control of the overall situation and resolving the crisis of the [Light Palace], was indeed harming the Human Race and in favour of the other races, but...

“I, Yu Xianjue come from a poor background and was abandoned by my parents,. In the depth of winter I was almost frozen to death in the wilderness. It was master who rescued me, raised me, and taught me martial arts. [Heavenly Book Pavilion] was like my home, but was crushed by the Imperial Army. Master and all the senior and junior brothers were killed. As a disciple, if I do not avenge them, how can I live in this world?” Yu Xianjue was silent for a long while, before he raised his head and continued. “In these hundred years, there was not one night that I could sleep soundly. I had countless times dreamt of Master and the senior and junior brothers with blood across their face, and dreamt of... avenging my family. I cannot forget, and I also cannot retreat.”

Finally, on Yu Xianjue’s face, although there was a wisp of shame, but there was determination in his eyes.

“For family, you abandon righteousness.” Snow Emperor shook his head, “Idiot, ignorant!”

Yu Xianjue said in a most resolute tone, “Your Majesty no need to say anything more. Death is nothing, please enlighten me.”

Snow Emperor pondered for a while, he knew that this person was determined to obstruct him. Known as one of the righteous path’s five endless peaks back then, Yu Xianjue’s strength should not be underestimated. If he did not exert his full strength, he could not win against this opponent. If he wanted to stabilize the overall situation, he could only...

“Lets go to the peak of the Ninth Heaven for a battle.” The Snow Emperor casually drew across in the void and a pitch-black crack appeared.

He stepped in with one of his feet and his figure flashed away.

Yu Xianjue followed, stepping in.

The void crack soon vanished.



At the same time.

The residence of the Apex Prince.

In a secret chamber, there was a white candle flickering lightly, much duller than half an hour before.

But on the other side, Golden Summit Prince Yu Feiyan looked as though he had obtained new life.

His blood and qi became as strong and unfathomable as the oceans, a terrifying force tumbling around his body. An overbearing aura was filling the entire Chamber of Secrets, and his eyes under his sword-like brows were shooting out a beam of light, like a divine sword, like a tangible object, at the wall of the secret chamber, immediately triggering the rippling of light. The light net of hidden formation on the wall was frantically flashing.

The formation that was known to isolate experts of the Ascending Heaven stage had almost collapsed at Yu Feiyan’s gaze.

“First refine your inner strength, slowly accept it,” The white candle flickered, voice sounding exhausted. “Your newly obtained strength cannot be used fully yet.”

Yu Feiyan’s face was full of excitement and joy. He opened his arms wide and slightly closed his eyes, exclaiming, “This is the power of the peak of the Ascending Heaven? Hahaha, wonderful... This powerful feeling, it is too wonderful, ahhaha, goodbye Lin Zheng you old fool, I can kill him in one blow.”

“Don’t underestimate any one of your opponents,” the white candle tone warned in a serious tone.

“Hahaha, I know, I know... What’s the situation at the [Light Palace]? Is it time for me to clean the mess up?” Yu Feiyan uttered loudly, the entire secret chamber shaking.
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