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Imperial God Emperor 460 - Seeing Aunt Heng Again

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Chapter 460, Seeing Aunt Heng again

After a brief pause, Bai Yuqing exclaimed, “In the [Light Palace], advanced masters are coming forth in large numbers. It really is astonishing, such strength, isn’t it too terrifying? Even the Three sects and three schools, may not hold out against these people?”

“Ah, when the [Light Palace] aided the Imperial family of the Snow Empire back then, it wiped out and ended the era of sects. If there was no real power behind them, then how could they do this?” The one-armed divine nun sighed regretfully. “You girl, have not seen the flourishing state of the [Light Palace] during its glorious period... It really was a legendary time.”

“Master, since there are so many strong experts to support the [Light Palace], why has it deteriorated all these years? In this past hundred years, the five Great Divine Generals as well as that shadow had not made an appearance in this world.” Bai Yuqing asked in a puzzled tone. “Besides the [Expert Within the Shadow], any one of the five Great Divine Generals could maintain the glory of the [Light Palace], couldn’t they?”

Single-armed divine nun shook her head. “So-called rise and fall. The glory of the [Light Palace] was all due to that person. Although there were the [Expert Within the Shadows], the five Great Divine Generals, as well as the countless masters of the soldier camp of the [Light Palace], the main reason it flourished was because the one that established the [Light Palace], the War God, was too terrifying. There was no enemy that could match his strength in the sky or on the ground. The War God suddenly went missing a hundred years ago and following his disappearance the [Light Palace] encountered a great enemy.”

“A great enemy? What kind of power could contend with the [Light Palace] at that time?” Bai Yuqing asked curiously.

“I don’t know about that, maybe some sacred place of the ancient sects, maybe some foreign demons...” the one-armed divine nun said. “In that period of history, opinions differ, no one knows the truth. Anyway, in the end the Snow Empire still, as they wished, ruled all the lands, the Human Race prospered. Many things of the past, began to be gradually forgotten…”


Ye Qingyu was palpitating with anxiety and worry at one side.

He was afraid that Song Xiaojun would be wounded, and was worried that the shadow could not stop Song Xiaojun’s onslaught.

In the void, there were black shadows flashing, like demons and ghosts, the dark red flame lotus petals fluttering. As they flew past, all black shadows were destroyed. Such a battle was like watching the most beautiful scenery in the world, but Ye Qingyu was deeply aware that this beautiful scene contained a terrible murderous intent. Both sides, no matter whom, as long as they were careless for a moment, was in danger of perishing.

Ye Qingyu’s injury was not light, and he did not know which side to help.

In fact, at this level of combat, unless Ye Qingyu once again activated the [Fifth Limit] state of the [Limitless Divine Way], there was no way he could interfere.


“Go back.”

A calm and indifferent voice, sounded in the ears of Ye Qingyu.

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu was startled.

“Go back, don’t worry, I will not kill her,” the voice sounded again.

Ye Qingyu finally understood.

The person who spoke was the black shadow.

Ye Qinyu hesitated slightly for a moment, before he nodded and bowed his thanks. He turned into a stream of light, and instantaneously returned to before the [Light Palace].

And by the time he looked up into the sky again, both the black shadow and Song Xiaojun’s figure were unexpectedly gone. It may be assumed that after these two people had tested each other’s strength and became aware that both were of the Ascending Heaven stage, they knew that there was no way to decide the winner like that and headed for the peak of the Ninth Heaven to be able to battle without restrain.

Ye Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief.

His mood began to turn very bad.

What had happened to Song Xiaojun? Why did she suddenly not recognize him?

And every one her attacks were merciless and deadly, not holding back at all, clearly trying to kill him.

“Squeak...” The little white rabbit was no longer struggling, shrinking back into Ye Qingyu’s arms wailing, pearls of tears rolling down from its ruby red eyes. It was evidently extremely heartbroken.

Ye Qingyu stretched out his hand and gently stroked it comfortingly.

The black-coloured shadow may be one of the five Great Divine Generals of the [Light Palace]. He hoped that his battle with Song Xiaojun would end with a draw, what if Song Xiaojun was no match for that person... The Unmoving City of Darkness had many secret techniques. Even if Song Xiaojun was defeated, she should be able to escape...

Ye Qingyu looked up at the sky.

It should not be over yet.

“Who would be the next to come?”

He was suddenly no longer worried about the situation in front of him.

The fact that the smelly monkey urged him to attack, and Divine General Gong and Divine General Zhi had appeared, showed that the powers of the [Light Palace] were prepared all these years and should have everything all planned out already. The only thing he could do now was to play the role of a spectator. There was no longer much that could be done to affect the situation significantly.

Besides, it was no use worrying.

He slowly walked into the [Light Palace], sat cross-legged on the cold jade chair, activated the nameless breathing technique, and began to heal himself.

The [Supreme Ice Flame] was activated. A small silver ice dragon, visible but not tangible, was spiralling around Ye Qingyu, constantly moving back and forth among his muscles, bones, and blood. Sparkling snowflakes, like the scales of the silver dragon, were similarly shrouding Ye Qingyu’s whole body.

Time slowly went by.

Ye Qingyu finally opened his eyes.

The dark fire poisonous force on the periphery of his body had been thoroughly removed.

Today, Ye Qingyu had been wounded several times. Fortunately all were not fatal, and by drawing the power of the underground fire spirit spring sword pit of the [Light Palace], he eventually had completely recovered.

He stood up slowly.

From the light rays that pierced through the great courtyard of the [Light Palace], he realized that the sky was already dark.

“Lord of the palace.”

The voice of Li Changkong and Yang Hengshui sounded in his ears.

These two people had finally recovered from their serious injuries.

Ye Qingyu nodded, did not speak, and slowly walked towards the outside of the palace.

The two Envoys of Light followed behind.

Once out of the hall, from the void overhead, there was a powerful force surging. Despite a huge battle among experts occurring in the sky, in the doorway of the [Light Palace], there stood a person.

Without his consent, there was someone that could enter the [Light Palace]?

Ye Qingyu was shocked.

Looking more carefully, this person wore a long white dress. She had dark hair almost down to the heel, had an extremely slim figure, and there was a quiet and gentle aura; it was someone that he knew——

The extremely gentle woman, Aunt Heng, who he had seen in the ancestral land of the Imperial family before.

“Your injury is better?” Aunt Heng seemed to have heard footsteps, looked back, her eyes falling on the body of Ye Qingyu, and said with a faint smile, “The situation has developed to this degree, yet you could still so calmly go inside to heal.”

Ye Qingyu smiled, slowly walked over, and stood shoulder to shoulder with her. “There’s nothing I can do, mighty experts have descended, immortals are battling, I am just an ordinary mortal. Even if I stand at this gate watching, it’s of no use. It’s better to go back and heal my wounds. Even if the [Light Palace] really was breached, I will have a chance of escaping if I am fully healed.

Aunt Heng shook her head and said with a smile, “You child...”

The tone of her voice was like a close elder scolding her nephew.

Although Ye Qingyu was inwardly surprised, he wanted to know more about why Aunt Heng had suddenly appeared in the [Light Palace]. But before he was able to ask, just like Li Changkong and Yang Henshui behind, Ye Qingyu also looked up to the sky, his eyes falling on the man who was fighting.

In the sky, there were four people, divided into two pairs, fighting at close quarters

The pair fighting in the east, one of whom was a middle-aged nun with only one arm, was holding a snow-white horsetail whisk in her hand. When she flicked the horsetail whisk, it was as though a dragon was coming into being, full of changes, infinitely profound. The moment that Ye Qingyu saw her, he knew that the strength of this woman was well above his, and should not be underestimated. The opponent of the nun was a man clad in a vine armour, wielding a withered wooden stick, like a fire staff, equally as amazing and astonishing. He was at a complete standstill with the nun.

On the western side of the battle ring, one of them was a man in a long green robe, holding a folding fan, with a slender figure, sword-like brows and big dazzling eyes, looking graceful and confident. While snapping open and closing his folding fan, blade lights were bursting forth. His strength was equally deep and unfathomable. While his opponent, could not help but make Ye

Qingyu laugh after a moment of surprise.

It was fatty.

The fatty who fought over the valuables in the army camp.

This fatty for some unknown reason was fighting with that jade-faced scholar, like a meatball, floating in the air. He was armed with an ordinary long bow and carrying tens of arrows in the quiver on his back. While yelling and avoiding the opponent’s attack, he was constantly lifting the bow and drawing it to shoot an arrow.

Each arrow that was shot out was accompanied by a mighty burst of power. The jade-faced scholar didn’t dare to face it head on and could only dodge.

Fatty’s facial expression was exaggerated, but also of pain and panic, as if someone had forced him to fight. His fat belly was wobbling as he moved, looking extremely funny, and did not exhibit the demeanour of a master, but to his surprise the jade-faced scholar was suppressed, unable to get away.

Ye Qingyu did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Wasn’t the fat man preparing to escape? How did he end up in the fight?

“It’s them?” From behind came the surprised voice of Li Changkong.

Ye Qingyu twisted around to look at him.

Li Changkong hurriedly said, “That old man with the withered tree branch and vine armour and the folding fan jade-faced scholar, are experts of the Right Minister's residence. The former is in charge of the Right Ministers West Courtyard, known as withered wood old man, and the latter is in charge of the East Courtyard, Jade-faced scholar. They both were experts that the Right Minister had gathered. These two people are ranked in the [Divine Dragon List], well known in the Imperial capital, although not as famous as the [Thirteen Cold Blooded Eagles], their status in the Right Minister's residence are very high, and they are the core aides of the Right Minister.”
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