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Imperial God Emperor 457 - Your trouble is my trouble

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Chapter 457, Your trouble is my trouble

A hundred years ago, during the era of sects, the Blood Moon Demon Sect was a very terrifying sect. They offered the blood of living people to the blood moon, so as to receive the awfully frightening evil powers that were scattered between the heaven and earth. Its disciples walked the world and slaughtered frequently, staining the earth with blood. They even took the bones, flesh and blood of living people as food. Wherever they passed, there was not a blade of grass that grew near. It was an infamous evil sect, and everyone turned pale at the mention of its name.

When the Snow Empire was established, especially towards this evil demon sect, they showed no mercy.

The funny thing was that the Blood Moon Demon Sect was arrogant and willful when they faced the military of the [Light Palace] of the Snow Empire. Not only were they unafraid, they instead gathered the power of their sect, as well as the other hundreds of large and small sects under them, in a futile attempt to defeat the [Light Palace] military camp, defeat the army of the Snow Empire, and replace them.

The result was that in the first moments of the confrontation, the military camp of the [Light Palace] taught them a lesson.

The man who commanded that battle was the fourth Divine General Zhi of the legendary Five Divine Generals.

At that time, Divine General Zhi, along with the other four Divine Generals, were the symbols of perfection and invincibility. With a pair of blood axes and blood-red armour, he had killed many famous and powerful sect masters and evil old ancestors, but he was covered in armour and no one had seen his true face before.

In that war, the Blood Moon Demon Sect was destroyed into ashes.

Within one day, their main sect gate was breached, the mountain protection formation faded. The blood moon disciples were almost wiped out, everything in the armoury was taken away, the master of the sect, Blood War Demon, was chopped into pieces by Fourth Divine General Zhi’s blood axe, and almost none of the thousands of elder of the sect could escape. After this war, the fourth Divine General was well known across the world and even more regarded as an incredible figure.

[Heart Deception War Demon], an elder of the Blood Moon Demon Sect, was also killed then.

The most precious treasure of the Blood Moon Demon Sect, the [Blood Moon Demon Armour] also disappeared in the flames of the war.

No one would think that the [Blood Moon Demon Armour] would reappear today, and that rotten aura of the demon armour was a unique characteristic of the [Rotten Blood Vine] cultivation technique. As the leader of that war, Wen Wan instantly recognized who the person that was wrapped in the [Blood Moon Demon Armour] was.

It seems that [Heart Deception War Demon] did not die, but had escaped with the sect’s treasure [Blood Moon Demon Armour].

Wen Wan was one of the leaders of the destruction of the Blood Moon Demon Sect, and [Heart Deception War Demon] was a respected elder of the Blood Moon Demon Sect.

The two men stood opposite each other in the air, with sparks arcing back and forth between their eyes.

For Heart [Deception War Demon], it could be described as when enemies come face to face their eyes blazed with hatred. New hatred piling on the old grudge, he was itching to kill Wen Wan ten thousand times over.

“Very good, I didn’t think that the fourth Divine General Zhi would look like this. I will remember you, I vowed to the heroic spirit of my ancestors and thousands of dead disciples of the Blood Moon Demon Sect that, no matter what, I will kill you!” The voice of [Heart Deception War Demon] echoed, and the hatred, as if it were blood, was gushing out from his words, sending chills down one’s spine.

Wen Wan laughed.

“The old ghosts of the Blood Moon Demon Sect and those minions, it is unknown how many human beings they had killed and tortured. They should have gone to hell, what heroic spirit? Pah, this kind of evil sect, I will destroy one when I see one, I will destroy 10,000 if I see 10,000.” The blood axes in his hands were rising slowly, and between his palm and the axe hilt, there was a blood-like red light surging.

The methods of Wen Wan seemed to resemble those of the Blood Moon Demon Sect, but there was not the slightest evil aura, instead it was burning brightly. He said disdainfully, “One hundred years ago, you were lucky to have escaped. Since today you came out to find death, good, I will kill the fish that slipped through the net. I will completely wipe out the Blood Moon Demon Sect.”,

“Keke...” [Heart Deception War Demon] laughed, “In order to avenge my sect, I have abandoned my fleshly body, and completely formed into one with the [Blood Moon Demon Armour], breaking the limits of the Blood Moon Demon Sect. For me to kill you now is incredibly easy. Haha, do you dare to come to the battlefield of the Pinnacle of the Ninth Heaven with me for a battle?”

As he finished speaking, the blood-coloured demon armour rose, turning into a beam of blood light, disappearing in a higher altitude of the sky.

Wen Wan’s body flashed, following like a bolt of lightning.

Experts of such level, once a battle breaks out, was bound to darken the sun and moon and cause the ground to quake. The terrible power that erupted could instantly wipe out cities, destroy the earth, turn lands of life into deserts, or even shatter everything within thousands of miles. They must go to the battlefield of the Pinnacle of the Ninth Heaven to fight freely.

In the sky, there was no other figure.

Ye Qingyu stood before the [Light Palace], not knowing what to say.

Since Wen Wan was the fourth Divine General Zhi, then why was he always at his side?

Since entering White Deer Academy, Wen Wan had been treating him differently, and later Wen Wan served in the Youyan army first. At that time it seemed that he was appointed into the Youyan Pass, but now there seemed to be another mystery.

Because shortly after entering Youyan Pass, Wen Wan wrote to him, inviting him to cultivate martial arts in Youyan Pass.

In a way, Wen Wan was like a responsible leader, guiding the footsteps of Ye Qingyu at every step, so that Ye Qingyu unconsciously embarked on a good road that he had planned beforehand. And on this path, he has been escorting and protecting Ye Qingyu all along.

Why did Wen Wan appear at White Deer Academy?

And that female sword immortal Wang Jianru.

So many amazing people, why would they conceal their identity and stay in White Deer Academy?

Now thinking back, those days in Youyan Pass, Ye Qingyu’s recklessness had shocked a lot of people.

But every time, he had a narrow escape.

This was most likely because Wen Wan had done things in the background...

Although every step that Ye Qingyu took had seemingly taken into account the reaction of all parties, trying hard to seek a balance, but in fact, every step was extremely dangerous, like dancing on a steel wire. But in the end it was always a close call. Even the commander of the front battalion Liu Suifeng, Mister Liu and others of the Pass Lord’s residence took care of Ye Qingyu, to even Lu Zhaoge...

Ye Qingyu rubbed his temples.

He vaguely came to realize that everything that had happened to him was not that simple.

As one the five Great Divine Generals, Divine General Zhi had concealed his identity and was living in a small city, perhaps waiting for something. Perhaps it was possible that he had helped Ye Qingyu, a younger junior with potential, on the spur of the moment. But even if so, Wen Wan should not have spent so much time and energy on Ye Qingyu.


“Why was it me that finally became the Lord of the Light Palace? And could walk into the [Light Palace]?”

Since Wen Wan was the fourth Divine General Zhi, then he should have known about the smelly monkey. After all, one was the right hand man of the God of War, and the other was the battle companion of the God of War...

Ye Qingyu drew a deep breath.

So that means, the fact that the smelly monkey tricked him into stirring up the situation, Wen Wan probably already knew of this beforehand.

Therefore, the battle at the [Light Palace] today, where all evil monsters made an appearance one after another, perhaps was also according to the plan and prediction of the smelly monkey and Wen Wan?

Ye Qingyu did not know what to say.

There was too much mist covering everything in his mind.

There were lots of problems. When he carefully thought about it, everything seemed outrageous. There were seemingly many possibilities, but each one was jaw-dropping.

There were so many problems that Ye Qingyu couldn’t be sure of now.

The only thing that he could be sure of was that the battle of the [Light Palace] was not over.

It may even be the opposite; it was just the beginning.

There was a possibility that more old monsters would show up.

And Ye Qingyu’s intuition, indeed, was not wrong.

In the endless snow, the void in the sky was rippling again, as another formidable figure appeared in the void. This figure that was emitting poisonous mist was unclear, and it was difficult to distinguish whether the person was from the Human Race or another race. But he was certain that this existence was also a very fierce person, and evidently did not have good intention towards the [Light Palace].

Terrifying poisonous lightning was gathering in his hands, forming a huge ball of light containing green poisonous mist bubbling inside, and then suddenly bombarded at the [Silver Flowing Light Formation].

Ye Qingyu was unable to stand in the face of this level of attack...

Fortunately at his side, there was another fierce person.

Ximen Yeshui, who was playing with his parrot, was disturbed again. Enraged, he stretched his hand into the void and the ocean blue three-pronged spear emerged in his hand, thrusting at the poisonous lightning in the void that was falling like a meteorite.


The poisonous lightning exploded, diffusing in the air.

The green fallout pounded against [Silver Flowing Light Formation], causing waves of silver ripples. But the silver formation eventually withstood the attacks.

“I say brother, what is your identity? What exactly did you do, why does it seems like you have stabbed a hornet’s nest, so many ruthless people came to find you?” Ximen Yeshui looked at Ye Qingyu like he was the root of the trouble.

Ye Qingyu shrugged and forced a smile.

“All right.” Ximen Yeshui was also a little helpless, saying, “Although you bring a lot of trouble, but I said before that we are brothers, since we are brothers, then your trouble is my trouble. I’ll help you... But, give me a hand and take care of my bird.”

He handed his multicoloured parrot to Ye Qingyu, about to turn around, when he suddenly thought of something, shot a wary glance at Silly dog Little Nine and said in a serious tone, “Brother, I’m not joking. Do take good care of [Rosy Cloud], don’t let that little fat dog of yours that even eats shit eat my parrot.”

“Woof...” Silly dog Little Nine snapped. “Black face, what do you mean, say it to me directly, do not talk behind my back.”

“I said it to your face, when did I talk behind your back?” Ximen Yeshui said loudly, holding the spear and soaring up.

Boom boom boom!

A battle instantly unfolded.

The real battle strength of Ximen Yeshui erupted———
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