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Imperial God Emperor 451 - One fiery leaf

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Chapter 451, One Fiery Leaf

This strike from the bald-headed Brute expert was incredibly powerful, like the wrath of heavens, and before that intangible qi had struck, the silver light formation was already sunken in, the brilliance flashing frantically and cracks faintly began to spread.

Outside of the city of the [Light Palace], everyone felt a feeling of suffocation as though a sacred mountain was crushing down.


Ye Qingyu could feel his heart jumping wildly in his chest.

He could almost instantly conclude that the [Silver Flowing Light Formation] was absolutely unable to withstand this blow. If the attack of the bald-headed Brute giant had really struck them, the [Light Palace] would be completely destroyed.

“This smelly monkey actually disappeared at the critical moment!”

Ye Qingyu clenched his teeth and raised his hand to throw a little green thing.

It was a green tortoise shell the size of a fist, with an intricate pattern as if made by the heavens, and a translucent jade colour like a piece of precious jade, flying out from Ye Qingyu’s hands. It whirled across the sky, incessantly expanding in size, and in the blink of an eye it had covered a part of the sky and glistening green flames shrouded the entire [Light Palace].


The power of the invisible sword struck against the green flames.

Ye Qingyu’s face darkened, his body rocking from side to side.

The green flame was rapidly flashing dozens of times, and eventually, like a whale sucking up water, was instantly returned to the jade green shell, falling down from the void and landing into Ye Qingyu’s hand.


In the sky, the bald-headed Brute gave a surprised look of disbelief.

His attack, was actually blocked?

What is that jade-green tortoise shell?

It seemed to be some sort of treasure of the [Light Palace]?

This [Light Palace] of the Human Race, was really interesting. It must not be underestimated. But... today the root of the trouble of the Heaven Wasteland Domain is doomed to be destroyed. The greatest enemies of the Brute Race, and this little temple building, no matter how deep it is inside, also needed to be destroyed.

With this in mind, this person was about to launch another blow...

“What Brute is that, to dare to be so arrogant and rude in the Imperial Capital? Whether I am wrong or not, is the matter of the Human Race. The Emperor of the Snow Empire will decide this. You’re just a little Brute, an outsider, a guest. How dare you criticize the host, you’re seeking death, quickly get lost!”

From below came the roar of Ye Qingyu.

The sound was transmitted via yuan qi, like rumbling thunder, resounding through the sky of the Imperial Capital.

All the people within ten miles of distance were able to hear it clearly.

When the green tortoise shell that Ye Qingyu activated withstood this bald-headed Brute’s attack, it had already almost consumed the yuan qi within his body. This tortoise shell was a gift from the [Tortoise Shell] Immortal when Ye Qingyu was exploring the palace of the [Formation Sovereign] Luo Su. It is a rare treasured object that once instilled with yuan qi, could resist a full-forced attack of a beginner expert of the Ascending Heaven stage.

But it was just one attack.

If the Brute man was to launch another attack, Ye Qingyu would not be able to defend himself.

Since he was no match for him, and the smelly monkey had disappeared, what to do... Well, might as well talk some nonsense, delay some time, and see if that smelly monkey would come back to life, or wait till other reinforcements come.

This was what the Palace Lord was thinking.

But in the sky, the bald-headed Brute giant had no intention of stopping at all.

In the eyes of an existence of his cultivation level and status, Ye Qingyu was like an ant desperately struggling, and had no right to even talk to him. Moreover, he was well aware what Ye Qingyu was planning; he would not give Ye Qingyu the chance to stall for time at all.

He waved his hand lightly in the air.

A blast of qi gushed through the air...

The air was directly cut apart by an invisible blade, then struck down at the [Light Palace].


“Damn it...”

Ye Qingyu was furious.

You really think I would let you slaughter me like that. If I was not preparing for sudden attacks by the guys hiding in the shadows, and cannot use some attacks, it is not impossible for me to get rid of you little Brutes...

He was about to move again, releasing his most destructive weapon, when...

An unexpected change that no one had imagined was happening.

A soft breeze suddenly rustled through the fiery forest in front of the temple.

Within the fiery forest, there was a withered piece of fiery leaf, that right before falling on the ground was wrapped in this breeze, and leisurely flew back up, like a butterfly as red as the sunset, fluttering in the sky.

This little piece of red leaf was floating about, seemingly very slow, but Ye Qingyu suddenly felt his vision go blurry, and when he cleared his eyes and looked again, the leaf was already in mid-air, facing the explosion of invisible qi.

Something unbelievable happened.

The weak and delicate little leaf, in that brief moment of contact, had split the invisible blade that the bald-headed Brute giant launched out into two parts, utterly destroying it.

Where the little fiery red leaf was, the mighty sword qi of the Brute Witch was just like snow being splashed with boiling soup, instantly disappearing without a trace. The crushed sword qi that was everywhere across the sky, the broken void, and the fragmented air had all calmed down, like nothing had happened.

Then the little leaf fluttered down again, falling lightly into the fiery forest before the [Light Palace], piling up on the other thousands of leaves.

Ye Qingyu rubbed his eyes, taking in a deep breath.


What was happening?

That leaf...

Ye Qingyu’s eyes were intently fixed on the pile of leaves, unable to figure out what was happening...

That gust of wind...

Where did it come from?

Ye Qingyu scanned the surroundings of the fiery forest, and there was no one else.

There was only the deaf and mute Old man Su, standing crooked, sweeping up the fiery leaves on the ground with a straw broom, creating light brushing noises. And because he was deaf, no matter how noisy the battle was he obviously did not know what was happening.

Could it be him?

Ye Qingyu’s eyes lit up, then immediately shook his head.

Old man Su’s body was deteriorating, losing blood and qi, and had internal injuries. Ye Qingyu also had secretly observed him before. He was certain that this old man had limited strength, and was absolutely not hiding anything.

Who was it?

Ye Qingyu glanced around again, then looked up at the air.

The bald-headed Brute giant was also astonished, a look of disbelief came across his face, stopping his attacks and instead was warily watching below. Evidently that little piece of leaf made him feel a huge threat.

There was a moment of complete silence.

After about ten seconds——

“I didn’t think that in the [Light Palace], there would be a peerless master, I underestimated it,”

another cold and arrogant voice sounded.

Twenty meters away from the bald-headed Brute, where the light was flickering and the air rippled, there was a figure slowly coming out.

It was an expert of the Demon Race.

There was water vapour curling up from his body, along with a demonic aura, and in addition to a human head there were eight other dragon heads, which all had a horn growing on their head. He had indigo hair, green scales all over his body, and rings around his head. When he opened his mouth, revealing his white fangs and scarlet red tongue, he was taking in and puffing out poison, flame, ice and other strange demonic forces. One glance at him was enough to send a shiver down one’s spine

The Demon King of the Hurricane Wave Demon Court?

When Ye Qingyu saw this man, his heart jumped.

Though he had never seen this demon elder before, but based on his appearance, he must be the person of the Hurricane Wave Demon Court in charge of leading the demon clan of the Southern Water City. Among the entire Hurricane Wave Demon Court, his peculiar appearance was also very well-known. He was one of the ten Great Demon King’s of the Southern Water City, Long Hangxun.

These brutes and demons were really arrogant.

They came to the Imperial Capital as guests, but dared to meddle in the affairs of the Human Race.

Ye Qingyu was furious.

But at the same time he also knew that they had created a huge disturbance, yet no skilled masters from the Imperial household were sent to help out and the military also maintained a very strange silence. This meant that, in the empire, there was more than one important person of the empire that had secretly reached an agreement with these demons and brutes, and had tacitly consented them to do so.

These people really were ridiculously bold.

“Long Hangyun, why are you here, don’t tell me you also want to meddle in the matters of the Human Race?” Ye Qingyu stood in front of the [Light Palace], his white robe bright as jade, and questioned him, his voice loud like the roar of thunder.

“Haha, little kid, dare to call me directly by my name. Now the talented and able have gathered, all living creatures under the heavens should manage the affairs of the world. The [Light Palace] willfully slaughtered the innocent back then, blood filled the sky.” Great Demon Long Hangyun stood in the vault of heaven, laughing loudly, and said disdainfully, “My Southern Water City Demon Clan also had been slaughtered countless times by the minions of the [Light Palace]. Today I came to help, to get revenge, what’s wrong with that?”

Ye Qingyu laughed loudly, “Long Hangyun, you are a master of your generation, don’t you feel ashamed saying such words? I am young, but also know that those that were killed by the [Light Palace] were all demons of the Southern Water City that were creating chaos and massacring in the land of the Human Race. Since the heavens care for every living thing, the Lord of the Light Palace back then spared you guys and did not raid the Southern Water City, otherwise today the Hurricane Wave Demon Court wouldn’t exist. Not only are you not grateful and did notrepent, instead attacked the [Light Palace], do you really think that no one can control you? Be careful of losing your life in the Snow Capital.”


Long Hangyun was enraged.

In the City of Water, he governed tens of millions of demon clans, was well respected, and his words carried enormous weight. There was no one who dared to talk to him in that tone.

As he thundered, one of the little eight dragon heads at the side of his head suddenly opened its mouth and shot out a purple lightning at Ye Qingyu, with a power like that of a blade of a destructive deity.

The formidable power of the purple lightning was above that of the bald-headed Brute giant’s invisible sword.

Ye Qingyu clenched his teeth, and was about to move.

At this moment, in the fiery forest, there was another gust of wind, whipping up the thin red fiery leaves, defying the natural order, rose to mid-air in the blink of the eye, and slashed at the purple lightning as though it was a bright red sword.


A sudden burst of noise.

The purple lightning vanished.

The fiery leaves were set into flames at the edge, slowly descending.

Ye Qingyu’s eyes glowed.

This time he saw clearly——
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