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Chapter 449, Brute King

The figures of the two strong experts were standing with one behind the other, a stance of launching a joint attack, struggling to withstand the attack of the golden coiled dragon cudgel. But the qi and force in their body, for some reason, had dissipated without a trace, and their bodies were as though they had been frozen stiff.

And in the centre of their eyebrows, there was a speck of gold flickering.

The golden coiled dragon cudgel also stopped.

All of a sudden, tens of thousands of streaks of golden light shot out from between the two people’s eyebrows, like tens of thousands of sharp swords were cutting through their heads from the inside out, shattering their body.

The rays of light suddenly exploded, and soon even their bodies were shattered, as though burned by a golden flame!

The black-robed man was incinerated to ashes on the spot.

Before, during the battle with the golden coiled dragon cudgel, he had lost the giant jet-black bell, which was equal to losing half his strength. Now he was directly shot to death by a [loud Piercing Arrow].

But the strange lava person, when his body was shattered, a spiritual flame unexpectedly flew out from his body, shooting into the air…

“Where are you going!”

The golden coiled dragon cudgel turned into a stream of golden light, chasing after him.

That flame was the essence of the strange lava person, the second origin that he received from fusing with the strange fire of the underground flame river. Once it escaped, he would soon be reborn.

If you don’t exterminate the roots of the weeds, it would only grow once more when the spring breeze blows again.

These surviving evil members of the era of sects, once discovered, must be thoroughly eradicated and not allowed to return.

So the Spiritual monkey battle companion certainly wouldn’t let him go.

But the trajectory of the flame was constantly changing. Its speed was as fast as flowing light, and for the time being, the golden coiled dragon cudgel was not able to immediately kill him.

On the ground.

Ye Qingyu’s complexion was flushing, swaying side to side. It was only after he drew in a deep breath, that he was able to stand firm, regained his footing, and slowly putting his arm down.

The aura that was half a step away from that of the Heaven Ascension stage was slowly dissipating.

Ye Qingyu waved to the sky as he put away the [Purple Cloud Bow].

A golden light emerged, sweeping across the vast sky, like a mother swallow returning to its nest, falling into the hollow of his palm, and transforming into a cluster of golden arrows.

It was the [Cloud-Piercing Arrows] that were shot out before.

This cluster of golden arrows contained Ye Qingyu’s consciousness, which meant that once shot out, no matter how far the distance, when he thought of it, he could retrieve it back. It was extremely marvellous.

Once the [Cloud Piercing Arrows] were returned to the warmth of the Spirit spring of the dantian world, Ye Qingyu then operated the Nameless breathing technique, and in less than ten seconds, the dragon scales on the surface of his skin had dissipated, the dragon claws and feet also restored to human form, and the strength that was surging within his body also finally calmed down.

He nodded lightly.

“This arrow is probably the greatest strength of mine at the moment. Although the effect is terrifying, but there is a huge drawback, that is, before shooting the arrow, the time needed to store up energy is too long. To trigger the [Fifth Limit] state of the [Limitless Divine Way], at least 30 seconds of preparation is required. In a battle with real experts, many attacks are launched in the blink of an eye, 30 seconds is enough for my opponents to kill me hundreds of times. If the Spiritual monkey battle companion had not suppressed the black-robed man and the strange lava person, I would not have had the chance to so easily shoot two people to death!”

Ye Qingyu summed up the advantages and disadvantages that he was very clear about.

Also, once one entered the [Fifth Limit] state of the [Limitless Divine Way], one’s battle strength would multiply and the yuan energy within the body would reach an incredible degree, creating an unbelievable load on the body.

In the aspect of body refining, Ye Qingyu has had several fortuitous encounters. He also had received the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], and could transform into a dragon. This he could barely withstand already, but in order to shoot that arrow, Ye Qingyu had suffered great pressure, bone damage, and muscle tearing. His injury was not light at all.

But the effect of this arrow was achieved.

His mouth curved upward in a faint smile, looking down at the triangular faced man who had an astonished look across his face, and deliberately smiled profoundly as he said, “Now do you still think I have no right to be in charge of the [Light Palace]?”

The triangular faced man opened his mouth wide, but no words would came out.

While Liu Jingyan suddenly stepped forward, knelt on the ground, and bowed in admiration. “Divine Palace Lord, subordinate respects you with the utmost of sincerity.”

As he was speaking, he suddenly turned and glowered at the triangular faced man, “My Lord is not even 18 years old, has been cultivating for less than three years, and is now occupying such a high and respected position. He will soar to the sky in the future, and the [Light Palace] will be as grand as before. You and your defeated army, how dare you be so impudent?”

Dai Youmeng also hurriedly complimented him excessively.

The triangular faced man glanced at these two people, his eyes flickering with contempt, and then when he looked back at Ye Qingyu, an unrestrainable expression made its way across his face.

After a brief while, he then said, “You are indeed very strong. You have endless potential, and you are a genius of your generation. You exhibit the style of the ruthless ruler of the [Light Palace] back then, but you have too little time, there is no way you could save this crisis. The Imperial family of the Snow Empire is declining, ministers are deceiving the emperor, the sects are returning, and Fiendgods are arriving from the outside. Even if that person was here, he may not be able to reverse the situation, let alone you.”

A strange look flashed across Ye Qingyu’s face, and then he calmly smiled. “Most likely, what you see is just the surface, the inside information of the Imperial family is not something you would know. I can tell from your cultivation and aura that you should be an expert of the era of sects hundreds of years ago. The matters of the Heaven Wasteland Domain are just your presumptions.”

The triangular faced man sneered coldly, “What I see is more than what you see... Young man, since you’re also considered a rare genius, I advise you to leave the Imperial Capital as soon as possible. If you can find a place to hide, cultivate for thousands of years, then someday in the future you may make great achievements in martial arts and may perhaps bring fortune to the Human Race.”

“Since you know the fortune of the Human Race, then why not help me defend the [Light Palace]? Since you are from that time, you should know that the [Light Palace] means something to the Human Race.” Ye Qingyu’s words were starting to persuade this triangular faced expert.

The triangular faced man stared at him blankly first then laughed coldly, “So this is your intention. Young man, you’re too naive. You want me to serve you?”

Ye Qingyu replied frankly, “Why not?”

The triangular faced man laughed coldly again, shaking his head, “If this was in the past, you really do possess the qualities and potential of a mighty master, but now... the situation is stronger than the people, you cannot pass this obstacle, you better think of ways to try to protect yourself first. Let’s talk if you survive.”

Ye Qingyu nodded, knowing that it was useless to say anything more. He waved his hand, signalling Gao Han to take this triangular faced man away, and temporarily imprison him in the dungeon of the Temple of Light. With the ocean blue light rope tying him up, they do not have to worry about him escaping.

It seemed more difficult than he previously thought.

The triangle faced expert did not say much, but the information revealed was astonishing enough.

Decline of the Imperial family.

Ministers deceiving the emperor.

The era of sects returning.

Fiendgods are arriving.

These words were the key points in the triangular faced man’s speech just now.

And when he uttered the last few words, Ye Qingyu noticed the strange look on his face, like he was wary of something, which made his heartbeat quicken slightly, and did not question him further.

He looked up at the sky, watching the golden coiled dragon cudgel pushing the flame to almost out of the boundary. The golden reflection of the cudgel was everywhere, almost extinguishing the flame.

At this moment——

“Why so ruthless?”

Another voice sounded.

In the sky, not sure when, but a big mountain-like body had appeared. It was a bald-headed giant, almost a full four meters tall, his body covered with tattoos, an ancient blood-coloured battle skirt draped over his lower body. He was muscular and standing barefoot.

An expert of the Brute Race?

While Ye Qingyu was still in a daze, the bald-headed Brute casually slashed across the air.

An invisible mighty force burst forth.

The air, like butter, spread out, dividing into two sides.

The shadow that filled the sky, like smoke dissipating and ash flying away, was revealing the real body of the golden coiled dragon cudgel.


A crisp cracking sound.

The golden coiled dragon cudgel, as if slashed by a divine weapon, was unexpectedly split into two, leaving a smooth mirror-like cut in the middle. The golden cudgel that was surrounded by surging golden light instantly lost all its spiritual nature, powerlessly falling down from the void...

Ye Qingyu raised his eyebrows, inwardly shocked.

Golden coiled dragon cudgel has been broken?

The bald-headed Brute just casually drew across the air, and was able to split golden coiled dragon cudgel in half that had been consecutively suppressing the black-robed old man and the strange lava man?

Heavens, what was this power?

The Spirit monkey battle companion would it... that consciousness, would it be destroyed?


At the same time.

Golden Crowned Prince Household.

Yu Feiyan was silently sitting in a secret chamber, where rune formations across the wall were projecting the scene of the battlefield in the void. When he saw the golden coiled dragon cudgel breaking apart, he suddenly jumped up, and there was an abrupt change in his expression.

“How could it be? This...”

He knew exactly how terrifying the monkey was, it could not have been defeated so easily like that.

“I did not expect the Witch King of White Mountain Brutes to be here, this group of Brutes are so impatient...” A slightly hoarse voice sounded in the center of the chamber, and the sound came from a burning candle on the table.

“Divine messenger, with the monkey dead, the [Light Palace] will be breached. What should we do?” Yu Feiyan turned around and said to this candle, his eyes flashing eagerly, but he restrained his impulse and asked in a respectful tone.

“Wait.” Candlelight was flickering, looking no different to an ordinary white candle, but when it was burning, candle wax dripping down, there was a clear voice coming from the candlelight, saying, “It’s not time yet.”


Star Reaching Building.

The location of the largest faction of the Imperial Capital, Star Faction.

On the hundred feet high roof was a girl dressed in red, a veil covering her face, with a slim and graceful figure, and exhibiting a kind of seductive appearance, as she was quietly standing against the wind——
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