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Imperial God Emperor 448 - How is my strength?

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Chapter 448, How is my strength?

The ocean blue light rope that was binding this man was obviously an impressive treasure. It was like the immortal binding rope, once tied around the body, one’s cultivation skills were immediately sealed. This item should be Ximen Yeshui’s treasured object.

And that scarlet demon pestle hanging at the triangular faced man’s waist was obviously the scarlet light projectile that wounded him before, which should be a Dao level weapon. If such a weapon was activated by an expert of the Bitter Sea stage, it should be absolutely invincible.

But Ye Qingyu had not seen this triangular faced man before.

Although tied up by the ocean blue light rope and had his cultivation skills sealed, Ye Qingyu could still vaguely feel that this person’s strength was above him. No wonder he had not noticed his presence in the void when he was killing the three eagles and the man had almost succeeding launching a sneak attack on him.

“Let go of me, you caged fools, you all will be dead. You’re still not aware of the impending catastrophe,” the triangular face yelled, although he dared not struggle, still looked as fierce as before.

“Shut up.” Ximen Yeshui slapped him several times across the face. “Do not disturb me training my bird.”

The triangular faced middle-aged man was suddenly bright red.

Thinking that with his cultivation level, status, and identity, when had he ever received this kind of treatment before. Even the Right Minister of the empire would slightly bow to him, but now he was tied up and dropped on the ground like a dog, and was slapped on the face.

What a misjudgement.

He did not expect the dark-faced scholar would be so powerful, that he could completely restrain a Dao level weapon of the era of sects. By the time he realized the situation was unfavourable it was already too late to escape.

Ye Qingyu smiled curiously and let Gao Han carry the triangular faced man up the suspended stone steps.

“Tell us, what is the impending catastrophe?” Ye Qingyu asked with a smile, squatted down, holding a little white rabbit in his arms.

The battle in the sky was currently in full progress, flames projecting out, sounds of the bell reverberating across the sky, thousands of images of the stick flickering, drawing in a tide of powerful elements. The figures of the three experts were constantly moving higher in coordination, to an altitude of tens of thousands of meters high, and almost reaching the stars.

Seeing that the monkey would not be at a disadvantage for a while, Ye Qingyu was slightly relieved, and decided to first cross-examine this captive.

The triangular faced shot a glance at Ye Qingyu, coldly smiling, “You’re Ye Qingyu? The fool that was tricked into the fire pit but didn’t know himself?”

When Ye Qingyu heard the first sentence, he wanted to nod, but as soon as he heard the second sentence, his face immediately darkened, who said that, who’s a fool?

Before Ye Qingyu had said a word, Ximen Yeshui came over with his parrot, slapping the triangular faced man several times across the face. “Speak politely to my brother, answer what he asks you. If you talk nonsense again, I will slap you till you die.”

Ye Qingyu kept his lips closed, inwardly laughing.

The triangular face of the man was more swollen, embarrassed and furious.

But he was evidently frightened by this kind of unreasonable and humiliating treatment from Ximen Yeshui. With his status, even if he suffered all sorts of tortures in the world, he may not beg for mercy, but now, the fact that he was randomly slapped like a dead dog would become a lifelong disgrace. As a result, the hatred within his eyes made him look much more honest.

“Demons have gathered, the authorities of the ancient times have also come to the capital, to extinguish the orthodoxy of the [Light Palace]. The smelly monkey can not support it for too long, you will all have to die,” the triangular faced man said, clenching his teeth.

Ye Qingyu was slightly startled by what was said. “Are you serious?”

“Kekeke...” Triangular face ruthlessly smiled, and was about to speak when...


While playing with the parrot, Ximen Yeshui slapped the triangular faced man repeatedly across the face, yelling, “You can’t fucking talk? What are you laughing at? You’re already ugly, your laughing face is more frightening, what if you scared my little baby [Rosy Cloud]?”

“You... You....” The triangular faced man was ashamed and felt very resentful. After a brief pause he was suddenly desperately struggling, like a beast that had fallen into a trap, roaring, “I will kill you... humiliated me, kill you, I am...”

Ximen Yeshui paused for a moment, and then flew into a rage.

He did not say a single word, and slapped him several times in the face as fast as he could, that it seemed like the position below his arm was leaving an afterimage.

At the same time, the ocean blue light rope was rapidly shrinking, binding his body tightly, while the blue light was flashing and producing the faint sounds of ocean waves.

“Ah...” Triangular face screamed, “Stop, hurry stop, you...”

Ximen Yeshui stopped and rubbed his palms, looking at that triangular face that was beaten like meat. “Ouch, my hands ache now, old fool, your cultivation is ordinary, but why is your skin so thick?”

At this moment the triangular faced man couldn’t even come up with a retort. He kept his head low and did not dare speak.

Xiemen Yeshui chuckled, pointing his finger at him.

The triangular faced man was taken aback, then suddenly felt the blue light rope was loosening. He could vaguely activate the yuan qi within his body, and the injuries on his face were instantly recovering, but then the blue light rope was again tightly sealing his strength.

“Okay, don’t humiliate him anymore.” Ye Qingyu waved his hand and timely stood in front of the old man, stopping Ximen Yeshui. The dark-faced scholar moved away with his parrot, before he looked down at the triangular faced man whose injuries had fully recovered and said, “What, can you talk now?”

The triangular faced man was still keeping his low head and did not utter a word.

Ye Qingyu, knowing what he was thinking, said with a smile, “You said we would die today, because besides you there are no other masters, so those demons, evil spirits, and authorities from the era of sects would certainly win, right?”

Triangular face cast a glance at Ye Qingyu, did not speak, and simply nodded.

Ye Qingyu pointed to the distance where Ximen Yeshui was teasing his parrot. “Isn’t there an expert sitting here?”

Triangular face snorted aloud, “One cannot save the situation alone.”

“Well, what do you think of my strength?” Ye Qingyu pointed at himself.

“Kid, if the [Flowing Silver Light Formation] was not here, I would have killed you already.” As the triangular faced man was speaking, as though he had suddenly realized something, his eyes were suddenly wide with disbelief, like he had seen a ghost. “You... You’re not injured, once wounded by my flaming divine projectile, the fiery poison would enter the heart. Even a top expert of the Bitter Sea stage, even if they were not dead, would shed off a layer of skin, how did you...”

Ye Qingyu smiled in reply, but did not explain.

He looked up at the sky, saying, “Do you think the black-robed old man and the strange lava monster are experts?”

The triangular faced man did not know what Ye Qingyu was referring to. “Black Wind old ancestor and the Divine Flame Monarch were already famous hundreds of years ago. Their cultivation has long reached a state where they are half a step into the Heaven Ascension stage. Their strength can only be higher than mine. They are definitely strong experts.”

This triangular faced man did not make any illogical remarks.

His strength was in the Bitter Sea stage, and was lower than that of the two people. The reason that he could become one of the candidates this time was because he possessed the flaming divine projectile.

Once this divine projectile was activated with the secret techniques of his sect, it possessed infinite power and was comparable to the strength of the early stages of theHeaven Ascension stage.

Ye Qingyu nodded and did not speak again.

He unfolded his hand, when a pale golden arrow appeared.

This arrow was only the size of a palm It had a faint golden colour, without the arrow shaft, and seemingly extremely bizarre.

This was the [Cloud Piercing Arrow].

During the time at Youyan Pass, in the battle of the abandoned new soldier training camp, Liu Siufeng had stopped the three terrifying golden glimmers of light coming from the edges of the sky. It had turned into three golden arrows that he bestowed to Ye Qingyu.

This was the first time that Ye Qingyu took out the [Cloud Piercing Arrows].

Under the astonished gaze of the triangular faced man, Ye Qingyu turned his hand over and attacked. When he was killing the three eagles, Ye Qingyu stored the [Purple Eagle’s] [Purple Cloud Bow] into his bag, and since [Purple Eagle] had died, this divine bow was without a master, so it did not repel him.

Ye Qingyu held the bow with one hand and the arrow with the other, drawing in a deep breath.

His skin was beginning to change, faint silver dragon scales growing out from under the skin, his nails deep and long, fingers resembling those of a dragon, and both of his hands, arms, and legs were transforming into the shape of a dragon. This was the sign of activation of the [True Will of the Sky Dragon].

After transforming into the Dragon Form, Ye Qingyu’s strength had increased to a state of extreme terror.

At the same time, the [Limitless Divine Way] was also activated.

Instantly entering into the [First Limit] state.

The strength and imposing manner of Ye Qingyu had suddenly increased several folds to an unimaginable level, exuding an overbearing imposing aura that made people’s heart pound.

The expression on the face of the triangular faced man slightly changed.

But this was not the power that Ye Qingyu expected.

He once again activated the [Limitless Divine Way], attempting various bizarre states over and over again. Finally after three or four tries, he touched on the [Second Limit] state of the [Limitless Divine Way].

The imposing manner that was rising dramatically, in this moment, suddenly erupted with a loud bang. The stream of air around Ye Qingyu was like a vortex, his white robe fluttering without wind and his black hair also slowly floating up.

The triangular faced man’s eyes were finally wide with shock.

In a split second, someone’s strength had shot up several folds. He had heard and seen a secret technique like that before, but to increase two or three times was absolutely unbelievable.

And the thing that made him even more astonished was not over.

After approximately ten seconds, Ye Qingyu’s strength, imposing manner, and aura had doubled again. He was standing motionless at the same spot, while streams of air were surging wildly like a galloping horse, swirling up endless fiery leaves within hundreds of meters. Even the triangular faced man was quivering with fear.

What’s going on? This boy’s imposing aura had suddenly increased to its peak, surpassing me, this is... he has a battle strength that is comparable to the peak of the Bitter Lake stage!”

The triangular faced man was astounded.

But after less than 10 seconds, something happened that made his eyes almost fall out.

Ye Qingyu’s imposing manner and strength unexpectedly rocketing again, vaguely touching into the peak of the Bitter Sea stage.

The whirling force around his body was like a tangible object, visibly gathering together to the naked eye. The tiny specks of particle, fragments of grass, gravel and so on were hovering around, with Ye Qingyu’s body, this strange force field, as the center.

The exposed skin of Ye Qingyu’s body had turned into silver dragon scales. While scales were spreading swiftly, his entire head was turning into a dragon beast, only his body maintained a human shape.

His eyes were as red as blood.

Stepping forward and standing straight, like a Demon God.

The blue light rope was producing a misty light, protecting the triangular faced man who had his cultivation skills sealed. Otherwise the invisible force would have long squeezed him into smithereens.

With a deep breath, Ye Qingyu uttered a terrifying roar.

That was the true cry of a dragon.

Then, he suddenly pulled the bow.

The [Purple Cloud Bow] was pulled back like a full moon, the arc of the bow was graceful and beautiful, like the horn of an antelope, and there was a rhyme to it.

The arrow was released.

The moment the golden body of the [Cloud Piercing Arrow] left the bow, it was emitting golden flames that were condensing into an arrow shaft of flowing light, connecting with the [Purple Cloud Bow], becoming one with it.

A golden brilliance and purple aura were diffusing out, completely enveloping Ye Qingyu’s body, like a yin and yang fish swirling around his body.

Time, at this moment, seemed to have stopped.

“Monkey, you’re wasting time!”

Ye Qingyu bellowed, the long arrow shot into the sky, and the Dragon Claw let go of the bowstring.

A golden light was released from the bow, vanishing into the sky instantly.

The speed of the golden light was completely beyond the range that everyone’s vision could capture.

While playing with his parrot, Ximen Yeshui’s mouth widened into a round ‘O’.

The triangular faced man subconsciously looked toward the sky.

It was unknown when, but the whole sky was torn apart by a wisp of golden light, like a blue gem slashed open by a sword. And in a high place of the endless vault of heaven, the black-robed old man and strange lava person, who were bitterly fighting against the golden coiled dragon cudgel, also suddenly froze——
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