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Imperial God Emperor 445 - Oh, you don't have a stomach ache anymore

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Chapter 445 - Oh, you don’t have a stomach ache anymore

The two eagles’ courage melted like ice, immediately turned around and swiftly fled.

But Ye Qingyu was set on killing, how would he give them the opportunity to escape.

The finger on his palm moved slightly. At the edge of his palm, a golden light flashed, as a profoundness burst forth. The [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] of the [Four Moves of the Unmatched General] shot out. In the flash of a spark, he neared instantly, the [Human King Sword Mantra] activating the move of the [Storm of Swords]. Sword qi spread out everywhere.


“Spare me.”

The eyes of [Snow Eagle] and [Sly Eagle] were cracking, feeling the arrival of death, let out a crazy roar, activating all its power to defend themselves but were ultimately unable to withstand the terrifying sword attack.


Blood fog filled the air. Although the two people had darted over thousands of meters in a split second, they were still unable to escape the deadly sword qi, turning into two puffs of blood fog as they dropped to the ground!

Ye Qingyu had killed three people at once. He paused for a moment, before landing on a long spear that was inserted into the ground.

Around him, Imperial Guards were moving back like the tide, making a huge empty zone. Knives and swords stood there like trees in a forest, aiming at Ye Qingyu, but no one dared to charge forward.

But it was at this moment when Ye Qingyu had suddenly realized something, his expression abruptly changed, moving back anxiously.

A scarlet soul-stealing light, like a sudden clap of thunder, burst up with no advance warning from the void hundred meters away. There was a strong killing intent and a brilliance as dazzling as the scorching sun, which unexpectedly made Ye Qingyu feel a kind of irresistible feeling.

Another frightening top expert had acted.

Ye Qingyu moved back, clasping his sword firmly at the same time, arranging the area in front with invisible sword qi... At the same time, he activated the [True Will of the Sky Dragon]. He instantly transformed into a silver sky dragon, escaping at a much rapid pace.

Boom boom boom!

The scarlet light projectile swept away all obstacles in its path, ruthlessly destroying the walls of sword qi.

Ye Qingyu, who had transformed into a dragon, was traveling at a much faster speed than before. At the same time his dragon tail flung about, mercilessly striking the scarlet light projectile.


The tendons of the dragon tail were broken, bones snapped, and blood spattered.

The light projectile that was hit by the dragon’s tail, which contained thousands of pounds of force, had only cracked open slightly. It accidentally brushed against the dragon’s body and a powerful sword-like qi slashed across the dragon’s body, sending fragments of dragon scale splattering everywhere.

In the state of a dragon, Ye Qingyu spurted blood from the corner of his dragon mouth.

Previously, under the state of the dragon, he was near invincible. His physical body was comparable to a spiritual weapon or treasure weapon, and he could crush divine swords and weapons with his bare hands. Even if a beginner of the Bitter Sea stage launched a full-strength attack at him, his scales would not be damaged at all. But the scarlet light projectile had barely touched him yet scales were sputtering out...

The terrifying power of the scarlet light flying projectile was obvious.

Ye Qingyu immediately knew that he was no match for that person, and desperately tried to flee.


The scarlet light projectile, like a soul-harvesting scythe, circled once in the void before heading for the Silver Sky Dragon again.

Ye Qingyu had already come to the edge of the [Silver Flowing Light Formation]. But he had no choice but to counterattack.

He extended out his dragon claw, as though he was searching the sea, and heavily slammed against the scarlet light projectile.

Bang bang!

Blood spluttered and bone fragments shot out in all directions.

The scarlet light projectile paused for a moment, but Ye Qingyu’s pair of dragon claws was instantly disintegrating into foams of blood.


Ye Qingyu felt the terror of the light projectile, which was simply unlike a power of the human world. Taking advantage of when the projectile stopped for a moment, he plunged into the [Silver Flowing Light Formation], turned into a faint wisp of white mist, and disappeared in the void.

At the same time.

The scarlet projectile was heavily attacking the silver flowing light screen.

The whole City of Light trembled like an earthquake had hit.

The ripples of the silver flowing light screen were frantically flashing, and every time there was an impact the light screen would cave in, like a sinkhole with cracks forming around, which made one’s heart palpitate.

Bang Bang Bang!

The scarlet light projectile was continuously bombarding the silver flowing light screen.

In front of the [Light Palace].

That wisp of silver mist came to the side of Ye Qingyu, and transformed into a Ye Qingyu. It was the clone projection.

But there were visible bone-deep scars, from the left shoulder to the right hip, almost splitting the clone into two pieces. His two arms were snapped off from the elbow, leaving only his upper arms, bloody and mangled. It was a tragic looking sight.

Blood gushed out from the projecting clone’s mouth.

Also from the mouth of Ye Qingyu’s real body.

The [Spiritual Elder], the Spirit monkey had said before that, the clone can walk out of the [Light Palace], and possessed the same fighting strength as Ye Qingyu. But if injured, Ye Qingyu’s real body would also sustain the same scars.

This clone that was almost dying was slightly flickering, turned into a ball of silver light mist and penetrated through the space between Ye Qingyu’s eyebrows.


Ye Qingyu spurted out a jet of blood.

This jet of blood was floating in the void and did not fall to the ground, like a living creature, tumbling and rolling about, glistening and radiating a dark light, like the most perfect blood jade. Under the blazing sunlight, it looked dazzling and stunning.

Once one reached the cultivation level of the Bitter Sea stage, one can be called a top level expert.

And in the blood of a top level expert, there was both power and spiritual nature, where impurities are removed. In the Human Race there were some evil secret techniques that could seize others strength through their blood. This was the reason why demons and brutes captured experts of the Human Race and swallowed them alive.

While the experts of the Human Race would capture the experts of Demon and brute Races and refine them into blood pills, or directly capture the demon core of the Demon Race.

Ye Qingyu was currently at the level of Bitter River stage of the Bitter Sea. His blood contained his martial spirit and cultivation, every drop of blood lost was equal to a loss of strength.

He drew a deep breath and swallowed the blood again.

Ye Qingyu could clearly feel a heart-wrenching sharp pain coming from where the clone was wounded. At the same time, as though his arms were not his anymore, they went numb and he could no longer feel them.

Ye Qingyu looked down.

The flesh on his arms, like chunks of dried up mud, were falling off and white bones were exposed, and then at a speed visible to the naked eye, were quickly crumbling into a fine powder and drifted away through the air. In the blink of the eye, half of his palm was almost gone...

Scars and wounds were beginning to appear across his left shoulder to his right hip.

Ye Qingyu knew that these were the injuries of the clone being transferred onto his own physical body. He dared not neglect them, hurriedly returned to the [Light Palace], sat in the most central area of the temple, activating the Nameless breathing technique, and began to suppress his injuries.

After ten minutes, Ye Qingyu finally breathed a long sigh, his expression also gradually returned normal.

The injury was completely suppressed.

Worried about the situation outside, he got up and walked out towards the [Light Palace].

“The Spirit monkey was right. Although it’s just a clone, but if killed, the real body also dies. Today I almost lost my life!”

As Ye Qingyu was in deep thought, cold sweat poured from his forehead.

Before killing the three eagles, Ye Qingyu also knew that it was very likely that the opponents would be prepared and that it would be dangerous if he appeared outside the City of Light. But he did not think that the opponent would be so fast and able to wound him so severely before he could act.

Fortunately, the clone’s injuries were only transferred to his body, rather than the terrifying force being injected into his real body, so it was not difficult for him to recover.

As Ye Qingyu came out, the battle in the sky was still ongoing.

The golden coiled dragon cudgel was striking the giant bell at a much frequent and rapid rate. The colour and luster of the giant bell was gradually dimmer and cracks were spreading across the body of the bell, but it was still pestering the golden coiled dragon cudgel.

“Within half an hour, the jet-black giant bell will be defeated, but...”

Ye Qingyu’s gaze fell on the east side where that scarlet light projectile was constantly bombarding the [Silver Flowing Light Formation]. The light screen that was an intense colour of pure silver had gradually lost its glossy colour and seemed as though it would be shattered at any time.

“Woof, woof had told you that the smelly monkey is unreliable.” Silly dog Little Nine staggered to one side, like he was drunk, a painful expression on his face as he said, “Now what do we do? The red mallet will soon shatter this layer of silver turtle shell, and once it smashes in we will die for sure!”

“When did you say that? Before when [Spiritual Elder] and I were discussing the plan, weren’t you were praising him incessantly and calling [Spiritual Elder] your brother?” Ye Qingyu looked at Silly dog Little Nine and asked.

“How is that possible, I’m a noble dog, how would I be brothers with that smelly monkey?” The silly dog turned away and looked elsewhere, strongly denying it.

He evidently had decided to change his tone entirely.

Ye Qingyu was also speechless.

“Woof thinks that we are being tricked by that smelly monkey, what does this [Light Palace] have to do with us. That smelly monkey could not defend this broken palace by himself, so he trapped us here to help him...” Little Nine growled. “Why don’t we take advantage of this opportunity, steal that cold jade bed, stone table and stone chair, and run away. Hey, the world outside is so big, we rob along the way... No, we should have a strong sense of justice and help the weak along the way, Woof hahaha. Free and leisurely, let that smelly monkey fight here himself...”

“You’re a dog, you should have loyalty,” Ye Qingyu said in a condemning tone.

“Towards that smelly monkey, I have no loyalty to speak of,” Little Nine said in a righteous tone. “That smelly monkey was the one disloyal first.”

When Ye Qingyu heard what he said, he cast him a glance with narrowed eyes. He suddenly smiled and said in a mocking tone, “You don’t have a stomach ache anymore?

There was an abrupt change of expression on Little Nine’s face.

His hind limbs were instinctively twitching, and rumbling sounds were coming from his stomach as he growled, “His mother woof, this makes me angry even talking about it, those barbarians are so unhygienic, dirty and smelly. They must carry some dirty things. I swallowed that guy. I really am unlucky... I have eaten wild wolves and boars before and had never had a stomach ache like this. I swear that, even if I am hungry and eat feces, I will never eat those barbarians again...”
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