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Imperial God Emperor 444 - Clone shows off it's power

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Chapter 444, Clone shows off it’s power

From the very beginning, Ye Qingyu knew that, after his first entry into the [Light Palace] triggered the [Divine Sword of Light], there was an invisible undercurrent beginning to surge in the Imperial Capital. The powerful attacks that had once targeted the [Light Palace], that thunder, lightning, giant hand gale, rainstorm and so on were all terrifying top experts investigating the [Light Palace].

Even if he was unable to get out of the [Light Palace] for a long time and the investigating powers that were unable to penetrate the [Light Palace] had gradually disappeared, the real people that were watching the [Light Palace] had not really relaxed their vigilance at all.

Ye Qingyu had been preparing for more than half a year. As his martial arts progressed, the circumstances of the Snow Empire in the Heaven Wasteland Domain had begun to worsen.

After several discussions with the [Spiritual Elder] Spirit monkey battle companion, they finally decided to completely detonate the chaotic situation. To strike first to dominate the enemy and change the undercurrent into an obvious wave, in order to actively attack the Brute Race of the White Mountain Black Water.

And this step was just a bait.

Ye Qingyu’s real goal was the Right Minister’s residence.

The political powers of the empire were in disunity. In addition to the fact that the Emperor does not act, the Right Minister was a malignant cancer of the empire, repeatedly causing internal friction and constantly weakening the strength of the empire. This time, the peace negotiations were also something the Right Minster’s residence had vigorously encouraged.

The Right Minister seemed to be not the Right Minister of the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

But the Right Minster of the Right Minister’s residence.

In the eyes of the people of the Right Minster’s residence, the Human Race had divided long ago, and only their own interests were the real interests.

Ye Qingyu’s attack on the Brute Race was, in fact, just an excuse. He was really waiting for the people of the Right Minister’s residence to lose their patience and directly deal with the [Light Palace].

And as expected, [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua really took the bait.

The following events not only made Ye Qingyu surprised, but also extremely excited. The Right Minister’s residence had reacted so strongly. Logically speaking, given the scheming nature of the Right Minister and his understanding of the [Light Palace], he should not have let [Red Eagle] and others to cause such a huge scene, but that was the truth in front of him.

However, the moment this huge jet-black bell appeared, Ye Qingyu suddenly understood what the Right Minster was thinking.

“So in the heart of the Right Minister, the so-called [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] who are like adopted sons, can be so easily discarded. With the death of [Proud Eagle] and [Purple Eagle], he found himself the excuse to attack... This man treats his soldiers like mud.”

Ye Qingyu intently watched the battle in the sky.

The golden coiled dragon stick appeared, violently striking the huge jet-black bell. The stick was hundreds of feet long, glittering with a golden colour. Its golden brilliance was like a huge raging wave that was about to pierce through the void in the sky, crushing the clouds.

The huge bell was knocked continuously and was shaking violently like a mountain, that even the black light that was being emitted was fragmented and could no longer attack. Instead it was defending against the golden coiled dragon cudgel.

In the sky, there was a thunder-like sound, incessantly roaring.

It was clearly visible that every time the huge bell was struck, there were wave-like air currents spreading outwards.

Suddenly, there was a boom of yuan qi in the sky, waves of qi shooting up, the invisible monstrous waves were shooting in all directions. Wherever the waves passed by, pieces of the void were being split like paper, light twisted, and black cracks appearing. But under the power of heaven and earth, the cracks were rapidly healed.

Although the two sides of the battle seemed like two pieces of weapons on the surface, the spectators all knew that they represented the showdown between two terrifying experts.

If the battlefield was not the high altitude of the endless sky, and both sides were not deliberately controlling their strength to not spread to the ground, then most likely, there would have been countless creatures crumbling into smithereens with each impact, large cities and mountains being turned into barren lands.

Such a level of battle was as if it was as simple as the Great Dao. On the surface, it was the staff as well as the bell clashing together once every ten breaths. But in reality, this was not only the clash of energy ,but was the strike and impact of the power of the Laws as well as martial will.

“That golden coiled dragon cudgel should be the embodiment of [Spiritual Elder], and the huge jet-black bell may be a power from the Right Minister’s residence. From the previous roar of [Spiritual Elder], it seems that these two people have already fought before, and are old enemies!”

Ye Qingyu thought to himself.

At this level of fighting, there was no way he could interfere.

Glancing around, Ye Qingyu’s attention once again returned to [Red Eagle] and the Imperial Guards outside of the City of Light.

“Since it has begun, let’s play with them.”

Ye Qingyu smiled and grew more determined.

As he was in deep thought, there was a wisp of milky white smoke shooting out from between his eyebrows across the sky, passing through the [Back Killing Gate], [Middle Killing Gate], and [Front Killing Gate], before arriving at the city tower of the [East Killing Gate].

Since the wretched fat man had fled with an army of people, there was not a single soldier in the town of the City of Light.

That wisp of faint milky white smoke was altering into a vague body shape, and then instantaneously into a solid form, becoming Ye Qingyu.

Clone projection.

This was one of the wonders of the formation of the [Light Palace].

Ye Qingyu was still unable to walk out of the [Light Palace]. Before when he suddenly appeared and killed [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua, that was in fact a clone projection, but now he knew that it was possible to let some people into the [Light Palace], such as Li Changheng and Yang Henshui, to use the cold jade bed to heal their injuries.

This projection was not only shaped exactly like Ye Qingyu, his cultivation, temperament, fighting strength, height and so on, were also no different to his real self. He was handsome and imposing, his white robe fluttering, like a dragon.

He stood at the city gate and looked down, his eyes rapidly scanning across thousands of men and horses, and immediately fell on [Red Eagle] and the other two people.

Outside of the City.

The emergence of the huge jet-black bell made the [Red Eagle] and the other two people breathe a sigh of relief.

Because that huge bell represented the will of the Right Minister.

So they more calmly commanded the troops and attacked the City of Light from all sides like a thunderstorm.

There were not many masters in the [Light Palace]. That wisp of divine thought of the Spirit monkey was the only threat, but now that the monkey’s attention was diverted, they only needed to break through the [Silver Flowing Light Formation] to instantly destroy the [Light Palace]. After this they would be commended by the Right Minster for their contributions.

“Haha, they are already decaying, but must struggle to their death. That’s just bringing humiliation to themselves. That conceited Palace Lord dares go against our Right Minister, what is he thinking!”

[Sly Eagle], Wu Yan sneered.

He was the eldest son of the head of the Weicheng City’s Wu household Wu Boxiong. Previously Ye Qingyu had a dispute with the Wu Household when he passed through Weicheng City, because of Sentinel B’s family matters. In the end the Wu family suffered a disastrous loss, and Wu Boxiong wrote to his eldest son to complain.

Wu Yan remembered this incident.

Hitting Weicheng City’s Wu household’s face was the same as hitting Wu Yan’s face.

As one of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles], a trusted aide of the Right Minister, Wu Yan’s arrogance was no different from that of the other Eagles. He simply did not attach any importance to an insignificant fourth-ranked military marquis. He originally planned to wait for Ye Qingyu to enter the capital to give a warning to this boorish fellow.

But who would have known that once Ye Qingyu stepped foot into the capital, he would be taken away by Dugu Quan, then directly entered the training camp, and then the battle with the Du household in the Drunk Immortal Restaurant took place, and finally came into the [Light Palace]. Wu Yan never found the opportunity to retaliate and frame Ye Qingyu.

And he also gradually came to realize that he may not be able to win against the little military marquis that he had looked down on before.

This discovery made him both angry and resentful.

But the fact that things had suddenly changed and evolved to the situation it was now made the [Sly Eagle], Wu Yan, extremely excited.

Because he saw the hope of punishing the little military marquis.

As long as they could break into the City of Light, then everything that Ye Qingyu had would disappear again. In this chaotic battle, who could guarantee that the little Palace Lord would survive?

Wu Yan laughed grimly.

Beside him, [Red Eagle] and [Snow Eagle] also burst into loud laughter, sweeping away the silence and haze before.

But at this moment, for some reason, [Red Eagle] could feel his heart suddenly pounding, suddenly becoming flustered.

When he looked up again, on the empty city tower, for some reason, there was a youngster in a white jade-like robe and with ink-black hair charging toward him and the other people. His eyes, cold and sharp like a sword, were fixing him with a piercing stare, as though cutting his face. There was a chill in the air.

“Who is that?”

[Red Eagle] was inwardly shocked.

But before he had the time to react, that white figure flickered and shot out like a stream of flowing light, piercing through the [Silver Flowing Light Formation]. Like a ghost, he immediately arrived in front of him.


The white youngster uttered coldly, his finger, like a sword, pointed to the spot between the [Red Eagle’s] eyebrows.

“Ah....” [Red Eagle] shrieked, when several red lights whirled out from his body, circling around and protecting him within. At the same time the sword at his waist was pulled up.

But it was only pulled out half way.

Because the next moment his head went flying up.

Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation stage, the Bitter River of the Bitter Sea stage, and his understanding of the [Human King Sword Mantra] was at the peak level. His attack had finally reached the state mentioned in the three Greatest Sword Mantras, making the opponents unable to defend themselves.

Having no sword in one’s hand was superior to having a sword.

As his sword-like finger was stretching out, there was an invisible sword qi shooting forward. The cultivation level of [Red Eagle] was lower than that of Ye Qingyu, and he had never seen such a marvelous and unique sword technique before, so he was careless and killed in one move.

It was only when [Red Eagle’s] head flew up, that [Snow Eagle] and [Sly Eagle] reacted.


“Bad... run!”

The two people were almost frightened to death.

[Red Eagle’s] strength was above theirs, yet was unexpectedly killed by the white-robed youngster in the blink of the eye. They knew that they were definitely no match for this white-robed youngster.
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