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Imperial God Emperor 443 - A great enemy incoming

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Chapter 443, A great enemy incoming

But this second round of light cannon strike still had no effect on the silver flowing light screen. Despite the continuous bombardment, that thin paper-like layer of light screen was still standing strong.

Not only did it defend the attacks of the formation energy light cannons, the ships and armoured soldiers that were approaching close to the silver flowing light screen were also blocked from entering, unable to advance anymore.

[Red Eagle], [Snow Eagle] and the [Sly Eagle] were all standing stunned, not knowing what to do.

The Right Minister’s residence had overseen the Imperial Capital for all these years, just when had they ever suffered such a blow. In the entire Imperial Capital, there was rarely anyone that dared to challenge the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] who were seen as sons of the Right Minister. Even the Golden Apex Prince Yu Feiyan, who occasionally fought with the Right Minister over power, dared not to touch the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles].

But in a short span of one day, the [Light Palace] had killed two eagles.

The remaining three eagles, after their huge outrage, had finally calmed down. And for the first time, felt that the situation in front of them seemed to be beyond the scope of their control. It was not something that they could solve and deal with.


In the [Light Palace].

Li Changheng and Yang Henshui were in some kind of deep slumber state, lying shoulder to shoulder on the bed of the cold jade. The terrifying fire poison injury was completely gone, leaving only faint scar marks on their skin and their breathing also returned steady and normal.

Jin San’s fire attack which contained the [‘One Taste’ True Flame], coordinated with the barbarian magic strength and the help of the bodies of several barbarian warriors, had inflicted severe injuries to the two men. The fire poison within their body was not a poison that ordinary people could treat. And even if a Bitter Sea expert was facing this sort of injury, they would also be placed into distress.

Fortunately, Ye Qingyu had mastered the supreme power of ice.

He drove away the fiery substance within their body using the [Supreme Ice Flame], and then used the cold jade bed to guide the formation of the [Light Palace] to remove the fire poison and force into the underground fire spring for it to be completely eliminated.

According to Ye Qingyu’s previous judgment, in another two or three days these two would completely return to normal and there would not be any residual effects whatsoever.

Ye Qingyu was thoroughly relieved.

He stood before the cold jade table and looked down.

At this time there was a miniature version of the holographic projection sand table that appeared in the main hall on the cold jade table. The countless projections that were reflected off of the jade table were more vivid and clearer than before on the ground of the stone palace.

Everything inside and outside of the City of Light was being displayed.

The scene of the Imperial Guards of the empire besieging the city was plainly visible.

But Ye Qingyu’s eyes this time fell on the soldier camp of the [Light Palace].

“This damn fatty really is a talent. He has been acting a fool all this time, even I could not tell, and was tricked by him...”

Ye Qingyu was able to clearly see the course of events of the big fat general killing [Purple Eagle] with three arrows through the holographic projection sand table on this cold jade table.

Ye Qingyu of course did not think that this fat man was just lucky, or it was a coincidence that this fat man occupied the upper hand.

It could be said that among the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagle’s], [Violet Eagle’s] archery skills were well known across the empire and he possessed such rare weapons such as the [Purple Cloud Bow] and [Flowing Light Arrow]. He had killed many strong masters before, but in this archery competition he was directly shot by the fat man and lost his life.

There was only one explanation: the fatty was incredibly skilled in archery and had reached the level of supernatural beings. He thoroughly crushed [Purple Eagle] who was equally an expert in archery.

Ye Qingyu had been in the City of Light for a while now, but it was only now that he realized that the fat man was a deep and unfathomable master.

It was just that this fat man had concealed his skills too deeply.

Adding to this the soldiers of his battalion all seemed old, disrespectful, impolite, and had a relaxed military disciplin. Along with this fat man they were just like a group of trash. However, after the lesson that he learned from the fat man, Ye Qingyu felt that the hooligan soldiers of the light camp should not be underestimated either.

The [Light Palace] that had been in decline for nearly a hundred years. Just what was the true treasure that had been left behind?

Ye Qingyu was suddenly aware of something.

He had been neglecting too many things before.

This fat man and this group of soldiers looked like idiots, but who knows whether they were just pretending? A man who can kill [Purple Eagle] with a bow and arrow was definitely not a nobody.

There were countless thoughts flashing across Ye Qingyu’s mind. As he was thinking of how to use this big fat man and the group of light soldiers, his eyes once again fell on the holographic projection sand table on the cold jade table.

Outside the city.

The situation had changed.

The Imperial Guards, led by three eagles, were frantically attacking, and in addition to the frontal attack, they were constantly digging, yet still could not intrude into the City of Light.

There was a scowl on Ye Qingyu’s face.

“The Imperial Guards of the empire are used only by the Imperial family. They should uphold the laws of heaven and humanity, protect the bloodline of the Imperial family of the Snow Empire, and defend the citizens of the Human Race of the empire. They are one of the most elite and important forces of the Human Race of the Heaven Wasteland Domain, even when the Demon and Barbarian Race invaded the borders of huge cities, the Imperial Guards still held back their troops. According to the Imperial Law, if not the critical moment, Imperial Guards should not move. These people of the Right Minister’s residencedare to mobilize the Imperial Guards to lay siege to the City of Light!”

There was an icy-cold killing intent in Ye Qingyu’s voice.

“The Emperor ignores government affairs, and the Imperial Guards had long divided into three groups: the Right Minister’s residence, the Golden Apex Prince and the military. It was already like scattered sand, so it’s normal that this kind of situation occurred.” Spirit monkey’s voice echoed in the [Light Palace]. “You chose the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] as the point of breakthrough, and used thunderous methods to kill two people. This aligns with my thoughts exactly, hahaha, I was right about you... The heart of a bodhisattva, thunderous methods, haha, you are the same!”

“What is the same?” Ye Qingyu quickly enquired.

“Ah...” The spirit monkey stuttered, and very quickly changed the subject. “All these years the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] were just like the lackeys of Lin Zheng, helping Lin Zheng this old fox to eradicate outsiders. I do not know how much blood had stained their hands. Except that [Silver Eagle] who comes like the wind, they are not good people. Pampered, vicious, and hostile. These people should have been dead long ago. Especially that [Proud Eagle] and [Red Eagle] they should have died 10,000 times already! So you were right to kill them, well done, haha!”

Ye Qingyu no longer questioned any further.

He noticed that from chatting with the monkey these days that at every crucial moments, the monkey would joke around. Since he would not find out any new information he might as well not ask.

After a while Ye Qingyu then said, “My martial skills are not good enough, but with the help of the power of the underground fire spring, [Spiritual Elder], how much longer can the [Silver Flowing Light Formation] withstand?”

In the past few days, the Spirit monkey had strongly requested Ye Qingyu to call him by this title.

“No need to worry, when my master activated the the [Silver Flowing Light Formation] back then, even experts of the Ascending Heaven stage could not break through. Those completely useless people outside, even if they attack for ten days and ten nights, the [Silver Flowing Light Formation] would not shake in the slightest...” the monkey said confidently.

Before his voice fell.


A formidable force suddenly appeared, making the whole light city tremble.

“What’s going on?”

Ye Qingyu felt the ground quaking, the [Light Palace] shook up violently, as though it was about to collapse. Even the holographic projection sand table on the cold jade table was flickering and about to disappear.

This was the first time he had encountered such a strange sight ever since coming to the [Light Palace].

Suddenly, Ye Qingyu felt difficulty breathing.

This was a feeling only felt when a martial artist encounters a frightening presence. Ever since reaching the Bitter Sea stage, Ye Qingyu had never encountered an expert that brought him this feeling.

Before he could react, a roar of fury sounded from the pit of underground fire spring beneath——

“If I don’t do anything, you think I’m really dead?”

It was the voice of the Spirit monkey battle companion, with an indescribably, angry tone.

He had just said that this [Silver Flowing Light Formation] can support everything, but before his voice died away, the light film of the formation was almost crumbling. This was simply a slap in his face.

He attacked in fury.

Along with his voice came a golden beam of light, rising up from the [Light Palace], turning into a long golden light stick, the hoops at both ends was a coiled dragon. It was majestic, sacred, and solemn. There was a frightening divine power that could suppress the heavens twisting around the golden stick like it was alive. The roar of the dragon was too wonderful for words.

As the golden brilliance of the long stick enveloped him, the feeling of suffocation that Ye Qingyu felt before was gone. Instead a wonderful, indescribable warmth was wandering around his body. He felt as though he was walking on clouds like an immortal.

But in this split second, this strange golden stick shot out into the air with a swoosh from the giant courtyard of the [Light Palace] and disappeared with a flash.

At this moment, the formation projection sand table on the cold jade table instantly dissipated.

Ye Qingyu also was in no mood to look at the projection sand table. He flashed away, reappearing at the door of the [Light Palace], looking upwards.

Suddenly there was a huge jet-black bell that almost covered the sky, rapidly rotating, casting ominous lights and shadows like those of ancient demonic evil spirits. Every now and then, there was a slight vibration, as the bell produced a black light wave that, at a speed visible to the naked eye, struck the light film of the [Silver Flowing Light Formation].

The silver flowing light barrier that shrouded the city of light was rippling and flashing, the colour quickly growing weaker and cracks after cracks were spreading across the barrier.

“You again... die.”

The voice of the Spirit monkey battle companion was reverberating between heaven and earth.

And the golden coiled dragon cudgel soared, striking the huge jet-black bell above.

The moment he saw the jet-black giant bell, Ye Qingyu was slightly startled.

He knew that a real great enemy was coming.
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