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Imperial God Emperor 441 - Arrow

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"Surround them, don't even let one get away!"

"Form up!"

"Completely seal the North, East, South, and West gates. Even if a bird flies out, shoot it down!"

“Where are the formation military officers? Pass my order on, lay down a sealing formation. I want there to not even be a shred of wind that escapes from the City of Light.”

There were all sorts of shouts and cries sounding outside the City of Light.

The ten thousand elites under the command of the Right Minister's residence had already completely surrounded the City of Light. Right now, the light of the newly risen sun shone upon layer after layer of blades and swords, causing someone to feel that it was a tall forest. Surges of unparalleled energy and aura was present, with all sorts of coloured energy rising in the air. A sealing formation was laid after the first instance…

In front of the North Eastern gate.

The four surrounding sinister armoured experts stood alone in front of the camp.

Behind them was an army ten thousand strong, it's banner like a dragon.

In front of them was a twenty-meter-tall black steel Punishment Pillar. At it's very top was a frozen head.

The disdainful expression on Wei Hua's face had not yet disappeared. The provocative tilt of his lips demonstrated that even until the last moment of his life, he had not discovered he had died.

Under the sunlight of early winter as well as the cold wind, Wei Hua's head rocked back and forth.

"Go get old seven's head and take it down. When we return, sow it back together with the corpse and choose a day to bury him," a person wearing crimson red armour that was like blood and was gilded, said in a dark voice.

There was a series of agreement behind him.

The deputy officer that followed behind was also a Bitter Sea stage expert. He turned into a stream of light that charge forward, going to take the head from the Punishment Pillar.

But as his fingers were about to touch the head, suddenly there was a sharp piercing sound. A faint stream of silver light suddenly shot out from the hole of the far off City of Light, striking directly at the deputy officer.

From the far off city gates, there was someone from far off that shot an arrow.

"You dare!"

The hair of the deputy officer stood up. Letting out an enrage roar, his palm striking out.


The arrow was crushed into powder, exploding in the air.

But before the deputy officer could take Wei Hua's head, his complexion madly changed. He could suddenly feel a hidden energy charging towards him that faintly made him have no way of blocking it. He could no longer care about taking Wei Hua's head, both his palms madly struck out. He clashed with the hidden force, and his entire person was sent flying back, returning to the ground.

"What kind of ruffian has come here, that dares to cause trouble at our City of Light?"

A somewhat vulgar voice, pretending to be strong but weak on the inside, emitted behind the crenelated parapet walls of the Eastern Kill Gate. It was namely the big fatty military officer, the leader of the soldier camp, that was donned in a large disorderly armour, with a bow in his hands. He was hiding deep within as he let out a loud shout.

Next to the fatty, there were tens of soldiers. They were also of an appearance where they were fearful and hiding, and wore several layers of armour. They sneakily lay behind the crenelated parapet walls, and lay there looking outside.

"General, that arrow of yours was really beautiful."

"That's right ,that grandchild was sent flying back by your arrow."

"General is amazing, general is tyrannical."

The soldiers that often gambled together with the officers were sneakily lying and hiding behind the crenelated parapet walls. They were flattering the fatty as they bootlicked.

There was a faint redness on the fatty's face. He said in a slightly embarrassed voice, "Hehe, thinking back to the past, my three arrows were enough to hold the Heavenly Gates. That fame shook the entire world. Wahahaha..."

As the fatty laughed, all the flesh on his body also quivered.

The large armour on his body was forcefully put on his body. But even so, the chubby fat on his body would be forced out from the gaps in the armour. It made his entire person look like he was suffering. Especially when he called out his title, it seem extremely laughable and comical.

But at that time.

"Who dares shot an arrow from the city? Scram out."

A loud enraged shout sounded out from the far off military formation. Like rumbling thunder, it resounded over. The roaring voice was like a strong gale or wave that struck towards them.

The fatty instantly quivered and abandoned his stance of pretending to be an expert. He instantly lay flat on the ground, hiding behind the walls. As he shivered, he looked towards his underlings, "Why does it feel like there are experts in the formation?"

"In front of you genera, they are just a bunch of dogs and chickens," a group of soldiers said flatteringly.

The fatty was instantly delighted. Pretending to be serious, "Although these words aren’t truthful, I love to hear them. But I have a feeling that the bastards that appeared outside today are not as easy to handle as that."

"Hey, General, you might not be aware, but the people outside are the Forbidden Army of the empire. The four people leading them are people of the Right Minister's residence," there was a soldier that originally guarded the gates that replied.


The knees of the fatty weakened, directly lying on the ground.

"Oh, I suddenly remembered. There's an important matter that I have to go to do. This matter of fighting and killing, it's best to leave it to the seven Envoys of light. Let us retreat..." His shivering became worse, his head cursing in his heart. He just wanted to look at the landscape of the city walls coincidentally, then encountered the people of the Right Minister's residence. Mother, he previously thought they were just little thieves.

To think he would have provoked the people of the Right Minister's residence.

Just what was this.

The fatty stabilized himself and was about to directly leave, crawling out like a cat.

But at that time, there was another loud shout that resouded below the city gates, "That damn fatty that just sneakily shot the arrow, scram out..."

The figure of the fatty above the city gates suddenly stopped.

There were hints of hot tears sparkling in his eyes, as if he was a girl that had just received a great humiliation. His entire body quivered, then he bit his teeth and stood his ground deciding not go go anymore. He suddenly turn to face the walls, and shouted with rage, "Lies, when did I let out a sneaky arrow? I evidently shot out a clear arrow! Don't insult me, don't insult the method I used to shoot out the arrow with... who just lied? Scram out for me."

"General is amazing!"

"General is heroic!"

The soldiers of the City of Light that lay deep behind the walls feared being seen by the people of the Right Minister's residence. As they hid from sight, they flattered incessantly.

Nearly at the same time.


A piercing noise broke through the air, the sound of the arrow nearly breaking the eardrums.

The fatty moved his head.

An arrow passed by right next to his ear. With a boom, nearly half the building behind him collapsed. It was like it was struck by an energy cannon. Amidst the dust and smoke, the power of the arrow still had not yet disappeared.


The fatty let out a high pitched shriek, his ear like it was on fire and burning. Half the hair on his head, because of the friction cause by the arrow with the air, the head had caused it to go withered and yellow.

From below the city far off.

A person wearing a violet-coloured armour, slowly lowered the arm holding the bow. Saying, "Oh? Somewhat interesting, to think that fatty really evaded it..."

Amongst them, the marksmanship of Zhou Chang was known as number one. Under his arrows, it was unknown how many experts had died by it. Every time his bow quivered, it represented that life would wither away under his arrows. Although he had just casually shot the arrow, but he had not imagined that the vulgar fatty upon the city gates would just tilt his head to avoid the arrow!

Was this an unintentional movement done under coincidence?

Or was this a deliberate evasion that was deemphasized?

There were strange expressions on the faces of the four eagles of the Right Minister's residence.

"Old five, has your marksmanship regressed? the [Red Eagle] calmly asked. "Why can't you even hit the famous fatty trash in the capital?"

As the commander of the soldier camp of the City of Light, the big fatty had once attracted the attention of countless people. But the matters afterward was evidence that this fatty was absolutely just trash. Not only was he gluttonous, lazy, and with average strength, but his personality was lowly and he loved to gamble. He did not have any value to be used whatsoever. In the history of all the commanders of the soldier camps of the capital, there had never been one so vulgar. Later, others did not even have any interest in removing him from his post.

For such a trash to be able to avoid an arrow from the [Violet Eagle]...

Although it was a casual arrow, but for it to be avoided, this was still a humiliation.

The [Violet Eagle's] face darkened. He did not say anything and only lifted his arm slightly. Another sound of something piercing through air resounded.

Another arrow shot out.

Under the buildings of the city gate, the fatty once again tilted his head mysteriously.

The arrow once again missed.

"Motherfucker, have they gotten addicted to shooting?" The fatty's face was dumbfounded, as it seemed he was still shell shocked. Instantly, he was so angry that all the chubby flesh was quivering. With anger, "That violet-coloured one shot at me, I'll fight with you... I’ll let you see how amazing I am."

As he said that, he lifted the bow in his hand and shot out.


The arrow pierced through the air.



When it was still a hundred meters away from [Red Eagle] and the others, the force behind the arrow was gone and it fell weakly on the ground.

[Violet Eagle] and the others did not know whether to laugh or cry.

The soldiers behind him also nearly burst out laughing.

Was this fit to be known as the Archer God?

It could not even shoot out a distance of five hundred meters. Even the lowest archers of the Imperial Guard could easily pull back a bow with a thousand pounds of force, and shoot at a bug five hundred meters away.

[Violet Eagle] did not know just how this fatty was able to avoid two of his arrows.

He smiled, not underestimating his opponent anymore. He seriously and truly lifted his arm, deeply breathing in. He pulled back the bow and nocked the arrow, not as casual as before. Instead, he gathered his qi and focused, falling into the most optimal state to shoot his arrow.

The quaking of the bow string had not yet sounded.

The bow string did not even have time to start quivering.

But the arrow had already transformed into a ray of light. Without sound or sign, like it was a white bolt of lightning under the sunlight, it came before the fatty.


Fatty had also drawn back his bow at some unknown time.

A normal bow.

A normal arrow

Drawing back the bow, shooting it out.


A light and minute sound.

This normal arrow clashed against the other together.

There was a disdainful expression appearing on [Violet Eagle's] face. But at nearly the same time, he was shocked, as if he had lost his soul---
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