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His white robes fluttered, his black hair blowing in the wind.

The long slender figure that suddenly appeared towered like a dragon. He stood silently at the head of the flying airship, one of his hands holding the head of the [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua amidst the fierce wind, while the other was behind his back. A layer of frost appeared at the bottom section of the head, so it did not drip with blood.

The headless body of Wei Hua was also similarly sealed with ice. It silently stood there.

The change had occurred far, far too suddenly.

At that instant, everything stopped.

No one dared believe the [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua, one of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] of the Right Minister, a famed person on the [Heavenly Officer List] of the empire, would be killed just like so. Under the protection of so many subordinates and flying airships, in but the time of a spark, without any chance to resist, he was slaughtered just like killing a chicken.


"Palace Lord!"

After being taken aback, Gao Han and the others were delighted, quickly bowing to pay their respects.

The person that suddenly appeared, that stood towering next to the headless corpse, if it was not Ye Qingyu who else could it be?

Ye Qingyu lightly waved his hand, indicating for everyone to rise.

His gaze fell on Yang Henshui and Li Changheng’s situation on the Light flying airship. With a thought, he flicked out from his fingers two translucent and beautiful ice crystal snowflakes. It landed on the bodies of the two Envoys of Light and instantly dissolved and disappeared.

But the aura of Yang Hengshui as well as Li Changheng instantly stabilized.

The originally painful expression that was still on the faces of the two unconscious people disappeared at that instant.

"I'll first bring them back to treat their injuries, you guys follow afterwards."

Ye Qingyu gave them instructions as light shot out from his body. It enwrapped around Yang Henshui and Li Changheng. With a flash, both the unconscious experts disappeared from where they were.

What also disappeared along with this was the head of the [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua.

At this time, the experts and soldiers of the Right Minister on the surrounding flying airships finally reacted to what had just happened. Massive shock and rage caused their minds to be nearly completely blank. They utterly did not know what they should do.

Wei Hua's death, from their perspective, was like the heavens itself had collapsed. In so many years, the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] of the Right Minister had never had any precedent of anyone perishing.

"Shoot your arrows, shoot and kill them!"

The person that seemed to be the deputy commander suddenly let out an enraged roar like he had gone rabid. He pointed at Gao Han and the others on the Light flying airship, his eyes filled with terror…

The death of Wei Hua was similar to an apocalyptic disaster. When they returned to the Right Minister's residence, they would not be able to escape responsibility.


Kacha Kacha Kacha.

A clear and crisp noise like that of an ice pillar shattering emitted.

Those piercing yuan bows suddenly cracked like thin ice.The piercing yuan armour arrows on it could no longer be shot out---- it was said that these bows were made from hundreds of tendons from dragon tendons encircling around together. Swords could not cut it, fire and water could not harm it. It was famed for being tough, but right now it would break with but a light pull.

The reason was that, unbeknownst to everyone, a thin layer of frost had already covered the bows of the divine archers. The bows could not withstand the power of this frost, and had long gone brittle.

But it was not only just so.

Apart from several hundreds of these long bows, the formation cannons on the surrounding flying airships were also covered by frost. It was hard to activate anymore, and they became mute cannons. Even some formations on the body of the flying airships had stopped working. Only the floating formation was forcibly managed to be maintained, otherwise all these flying airships would have long crashed to the ground.

In a flash, nearly all of the military preparations of the patrolling troop lost their battle effectiveness.

"Let's go!"

After seeing this, Gao Han personally activated the Light flying airship. It broke through the pass, knocking away several patrolling airships. It directly charged through the air, disappearing in the direction of the [Light Palace].


A light sound.

The headless body of Wei Hua landed heavily on the deck of the flying airship.

The deputy commander’s heart, upon seeing this scene, was like ice.

He knew, that since this had happened, this matter had really gone disastrous.

Someone within the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] had fallen. This was not like the death of other officials, this was well and truly slapping the Right Minister's residence on the face. One could imagine, once news of this spread through the channels, the entire capital would be shaken.

Was a storm really about to arrive?



The entire empire was moved.

It was like these two pieces of news had wings that grew on them. It began to madly spread throughout all the major cities of Heaven Wasteland Domain. Every time someone heard these two pieces of news, they would just give a light laugh, thinking it to be ridiculous information and then discarded it. Absolutely no one would believe it, just who did they think they were joking with.

The soldiers of the envoy group of White Mountain Black Water were killed?

The [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] was killed?

And it was done by the same person as well as on his orders?

Just how was this possible?

Apart from the Imperial family, the forces of the Right Minister were the greatest in the capital. Outside the empire, the Demon Race as well as the Brute Race was the strongest powers. No matter whether it was the Right Minister, or the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race, these were entities that could not be provoked within Heaven Wasteland Domain. But right now, there was someone who offended these two major forces at the same time?

That's why the first reaction people had when they received these two pieces of news was that someone had played a prank on them.

But as the news became more and more intense, and more and more people began discussing this news, as all sorts of details were constantly released, those who originally did not believe in these two pieces of news, began to regard it seriously.

As a result, there were people who specially investigated.

As such, there were people who began enquiring through various channels.

The result of such investigations and enquiries was enough to make one utterly shaken.

The matter, the rumours... they were all real.

After repeated confirmations, these people were all completely dumbfounded.

They had no way of imagining just what kind of tiger guts had the people in the [Light Palace] eaten, that they would dare to first kill the Brute Race soldiers, then the [Proud Eagle] of the Right Minister... wasn’t... wasn’t this breaking through a whole directly in the sky of the capital?

As for the important people who knew of these news faster and more in detail than the rest, their reactions were nearly the same as these people. But they were able to digest the shock in their hearts faster than them. After their initial shock of hearing such news, they all began taking action.

The gates of the Right Minister's residence opened greatly. The people who departed greatly increased, flying airships as well as battle beasts constantly departing. Those who had military power all returned to the residence one after the other. This was especially so for the experts of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles], they all flew towards the Right Minister's residence at the first instance.

The Right Minister’s residence originally had a chilliness that was present within it. But on this day, it became increasingly terrifying. The people walking past the residence was able to sense the fearful sinister killing intent emanating from the residence, quickly sped up their footsteps and departed rapidly. It was as if the walls of the Right Minister's residence would collapse at any instant, and there would be a bloodthirsty existence jumping out and finding someone to eliminate.

At the same time, another piece of explosive news began to be spread about.

On the Eastern killing gates of the City of Light, on the punishment pillar, there was a frozen head that was hung high up, showing it to the entire city.

After the confirmation of some people, they immediately discovered that this head was namely the head of Wei Hua, of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] of the Right Minister.


Everyone was crazy.

Everyone felt, that in less than a year of time, this newly appointed Lord of the Light Palace had gone crazy.

Previously, the death of Wei Hua could be attributed to some kind of mistake and there was still ways of making reparations. But right now, for Wei Hua's head to be publicly hung, this was tantamount to ripping the face of the Right Minister’s residence apart.

Ever since the Right Minister had come into power five years ago. he had also been provoked by such a brutal method that was like contempt many times. The people that had once provoked him included many nobles and powerful families. Most of the families looked down upon the official that came from a civil background, and hoped to make this lowly commoner depart.

But after five years, the people, as well as their close friends and families who had done such a thing, paid a price they regretted greatly. Either their entire family was killed, or they would receive torture that made them wished for death.

From then on, no one dared to become enemies with the Right Minister's residence.

Even if it was just a dog who walked out from the Right Minister's' residence, no one would dare shout at it.

But right now, one of the sworn sons of Lin Zheng, the Right Minister, one of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles], his head was currently being hung upon the Punishment Pillars.

Even Ouyang Buping and Dugu Quan, after they heard such news, was so shocked they could not even utter word. it was said that Ouyang Buping had broken a jade cup, and Dugu Quan, because he was too shocked, his hand had quivered and he had wasted a cauldron of normal pills that was about to be produced.

"That little brat... he really has gone crazy. After being silent, he is about to pierce a hole through the very heavens." Dugu Quan found Ouyang Buping at the first instance, and began discussing, "What do we do. We have already bounded ourselves together with this little bastard. This time, the matter has really gotten too big.“

"The Right Minister's residence should not be incited like so. What is wrong with that little kid? Why must he kill Wei Hua? Just how did Wei Hua offend him?" Ouyang Buping pressed his lips together. At this time, the Divine Doctor that was known as the person with the best mental cultivation suddenly let out a swear word, "Motherfucker, we have gotten onto a pirate ship. The person we've sworn as brothers too, even if we get utterly crushed, we must still recognize him. Right now, it's no use speaking of such, why don't we think of a method for the little bastard to take care of the present situation.”

Dugu Quan also had a grimace on his face, as he grumbled, "Previously, I felt that this little kid could cause trouble, but I did not imagine he would dare to cause such an incident... but going back on topic, perhaps this matter is something that we've overthought, and are worrying over nothing. Old man, do you think that brother Ye is the type of person that would not care about others when he goes mad?”

Ouyang Buping, upon hearing this, was slightly taken aback, then thought about it carefully. With surprise, "Old fox, you are right. This time, it was brother Ye who let out the first strike right? Doesn’t this mean that he has the self-confidence to believe in the fact that he can withstand the thunderous means of vengeance of the Right Minster?"

Dugu Quan laughed. "Ever since the year of that person, there has never been anyone who is able to enter into the [Light Palace]. Who knows just what is contained within the [Light Palace]. The methods and abilities of that person are absolutely something we will not be able to guess at. It's possible that he left something behind that is able to act against the Right Minster’s residence, perhaps something unexpected will occur."

"That's right..." There was a light flickering in the eyes of Ouyang Buping.

At this time, there were footsteps coming from the outside. it was namely Lin Baiyi coming in a rush, he had forgotten even to knock on the door. He directly pushed the door open, then realized what he did. Rushing out, he knocked again, then entered again.

This pill genius of the Lin family had a shred of urgency in his expression. After giving his greetings, he quickly said, "Master, Ouyang Shishu, somethings terrible has happened, something terrible has happened... the recent news just now, the [Red Eagle], [Violet Eagle], [Snow Eagle] as well as [Sly Eagle] of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] had brought with them ten thousand elite forbidden army soldiers, and had completely surrouded the City of Light! The entire capital is about to boil!”
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