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Gao Han's heart constricted.

He knew in his heart just what kind of iron-blooded man Yang Henshui was very clearly. Even if his flesh was sliced apart blade by blade, Yang Henshui would not even frown. After all, for a Bitter Sea stage expert, unless their heads were destroyed or their internal organs were shattered into pieces, these were not fatal wounds. Mere pain could not be counted as anything for experts at this realm.

But right now, Yang Henshui had fainted.

One could tell just how heavy an injury he had sustained from this fact alone.

This absolutely was not normal pain.

As they spoke, Li Changheng’s voice, after screeching like a pig being slaughtered, gradually weakened. He slowly lay beside Yang Henshui, also fainting. Evidently, he could not stay conscious any longer.

"Crap!" Gao Han hiddenly cursed.

The injuries of the two must be even more terrifying than originally expected.

Wen Wan knelt down and inspected the two. As his hand extended towards the burnt wounded areas on the two's body, there was a scorching flame that was hot like a blade surging out, posing an extremely strange sight.

"This is the power of fire poison, and it's not a normal fire poison." There was a rare serious expression on Wen Wan's face, "Quickly return. This fire poison is most likely something only our Lord will be able to do something about. If we delay in the slightest, then they both will be in danger!"

Gao Han nodded his head, then quickly walked past them, personally controlling the Light flying airship. Like a comet, it flew towards the [Light Palace].



"Lord, why must you make them go to their deaths?"

In the place where the envoys of the White Mountain Black Water were staying, within the great tent, there was a scholarly looking person of a different race that was looking towards Jin San with a puzzled expression.

As one of the most relied upon strategist by Jin San, this person was bestowed with the surname of Jin. This scolar of another race was called Jin Shun, and he was originally a top level expert. It was said that he had some background, and was not like the other leaders of the Brute Race, where he absolutely feared Jin San. Often, if there were questions that others did not dare ask in front of Jin San, he would ask it. If there were people who did not dare speak in front of Jin San, he would dare speak.

"It's nothing, they just killied some lowly scum women of the Human Race. But they did not follow my orders, so they should long have died. Seeing several women, they could not control themselves. Such warriors are not fit to follow beside me. What worth do they have? Its perfect if they die." There was a faint smile on Jin San's face.

After pausing a bit, he said once again, "To be killed by the experts of the Human Race is the most value that will be gained from them. It can boost the moral of our soldiers. Furthermore..." As he said to here, Jin San's gaze, through the tent, stared at the [Light Palace] far off. "That person in the human [Light Palace] is somewhat interesting. To think he would dare use the Order of Light to provoke me, should I not return him with something? Those seven Envoys of Light, I originally wanted to cripple them all. Who would have thought that these seven envoys were not useless trash. They were outside of my expectations. Especially that dog, as well as that dark faced scholar who came out at the end, they are worth paying attention to!"

Jin Shun lightly caressed his white bone fan. Smiling, "I understand now. Lord, you want that person to expend his attention and cultivation to treat and heal those two... the ['One Taste' True Flame], is unparalleled in the world. Even if that person expended all his cultivation, it is possible that he may not be able to erase it entirely. But it will aid you instead. The profoundness of the ['One Taste' True Flame] will be able to investigate into the martial cultivation of that person."

"It's not only just so." Jin San smiled, saying, "Although the fact that the Human Race has newly appointed this person into the [Light Palace] is somewhat unexpected and surprising, but this is not what we must fear the most. What I mainly want to do is to determine whether that War God of the past still exists or not. He is truly the existence that threatens the life and death of our race. If the situation is not right for us, we will immediately apologize and withdraw our troops and leave the three provinces in the North East. This will prevent that person from destroying and annihilating everything in his rage."

"But in the rumours, is that person not already dead?" Jin Shun asked with surprise. "In these years, our race has probed into this matter countless times, having an infinite number of investigations. Even the three great elders of the Magic Pavillion sacrificed years of their life, but they were not able to find any signs of life from that person. This means, that person has long disappeared and died, his soul scattered and gone. He does not exist in this world anymore."“

"That Fiendgod of the past was far too terrifying. His abilities could bypass the heavens and slice apart the Earth. It is not something you nor I can imagine. With his power alone, he suppressed the Heavens itself. Even if he disappeared for a hundred years, the threat is not yet gone. All the sects within Heaven Wasteland Domain fears to make a move. In these years, all the factions and forces are just testing the waters, fearing that person has left a trap behind. A hundred years, perhaps that is a long time from the perspective of a normal person. But for experts such as them, it is but just an instant. In these hundreds of years, the fact that none of the forces has been able to find any traces of him makes them even more unsettled. For such a Fiendgod, how could he suddenly perish just like that?"

As Jin San spoke of this, there was a deep apprehension in his eyes flashing by.

He was the infamous leader of the [Berserk Horned Army], and he would not even fear an army of thousands. Even in front of the North Eastern Brute Race King, he was fully confident. But to think there would be such an expression revealed when that person's name was mentioned.

Jin Shun nodded his head thoughtfully. "Lord, you mean that only by causing disturbance amongst the capital of the Human Race can we detect some ripples. If that Fiendgod of the past still truly exists, then perhaps he would allow war, fire and conflict to spread everywhere. But he would absolutely not tolerate the [Light Palace] that he constructed with his own hands to be destroyed."

Jin San nodded his head. "The branch of the Saint Race of the North Western Great Desert as well as the demon courts hves also came to Snow Capital. We may not need to do anything ourselves, we can just observe and see."



"What do you mean?"

Gao Han had anger in his complexion as he stood at the head of the flying airship of Light. He looked towards the military airships that blocked their path.

"Wei Hua of the Right Minster. I am obeying orders to patrol this area. I heard there is a battle occurring near the area where the Brute Race envoys are located. I've already asked the surrounding spectators, it is said that the seven Envoys of Light of the [Light Palace] has incited the Brute Race and caused trouble." A young man wearing pure black armour stood at the very front and center of the airship as he spoke, both his hands crossed as he said such words. He looked to be about twenty years of age, with no hair to be seen on his face. "Is there such a matter?"

Wei Hua”...?”

The [Proud Eagle] that was ranked twelve of the [Thirteen Cold-Blooded Eagles] of the Right Minister?

Gao Han instantly knew about the background of this young man.

In other words, these people belonged to the faction of the Right Minister.

But there was impatience in his heart, he wanted to go back quickly and ask Ye Qingyu to treat his two comrades. Hearing this, he clasped his hands, "That's right, we are obeying the orders of the Lord of the Light Palace. We have taken care of those Brute Race soldiers who raped those women several days ago..."

"Hahaha..." The young man called Wei Hua wearing pure black armour let out a long laugh. "No need to explain too much. The reason the Brute Race entered into the capital is to eliminate any hostilities. The Right Minister has long placed an order that one must treat them with courtesy and respect. For you to dare intrude upon their location and kill their people, you really have malicious intentions. Could it be that you want to destroy the negotiation of peace? Follow me and explain yourself at the Right Minister's residence.”

As he spoke.

The surrounding black-coloured flying airships tightened their formation, forcing themselves closer.

Gao Han had an enraged glare as he uttered in a low voice, "When did the matters of the [Light Palace] need explaining to the Right Minister? Laughable. I need to immediately return to report back to my lord in the [Light Palace]. Move away, don't make a mistake."

Every second that was delayed would mean Yang Henshui and Li Changheng would be placed in greater danger.

Gao Han did not have time to be entangled with the people from the Right Minster.

Furthermore, this crowd of people were suspicious. They did not look like they were just patrolling here coincidentally, but instead had received news and had waited here for them specifically.

"Haha, every matter that has something to deal with the negotiation of peace belongs under the jurisdiction of the Right Minster. What about the [Light Palace]? Could it be that he dares disobey the order of the Right Minister?" Wei Hua uttered with contempt.

After all, so many years had passed by since that existence known as the [Light Palace] had died. Did they think they could rekindle the ashes here?

Furthermore, this time they had long prepared beforehand. They must block the passage of this airship that belonged to the [Light Palace]. They were namely to cause a disturbance, because they wanted to give some pressure towards the little fellows at the [Light Palace].

"Are you going to move away?" Gao Han's expression darkened.

There was a killing intent flashing by in the eyes of Ximen Yeshui.

Wei Hua had a calm smile, “In these twenty years, there’s no one who has ever dared to use such a tone to speak to me, [Proud Eagle], like so. Gao Han, an Envoy of Light is it? Very good, I’ll remember you.”

Gao Han coldly said, "Don't give me your actions where you pretend to scare others, it's no use on me. I'll ask again, are you going to move away?"

After hearing this, Wei Hua only had a cold smile.

He waved his hands.

All around them, the moan and creaks of bows being pulled back to their fullest could be heard. Cold glimmers of light aimed towards the people on the Light flying airship. These were piercing yuan armour arrows. Under the attack of thousands of arrows, it would pose a threat to even top level experts.

At this time, the surrounding black-coloured airships seemed to form some sort of surrounding formation, causing a palpitating energy fluctuation. Faintly, within the air, there was an invisible power of the formations activating.

"I only need one word. Are you going to follow me away or not?"

Wei Hua had a face filled with contempt and ridicule.

The situation today, had been something they had long prepared for. This was something they had planned deliberately onto the unsuspecting. The abilities of these seven Envoys of Light had clearly been investigated beforehand. Right now, two had nearly been killed. Furthermore, there were many cards hidden up his sleeve, with all sorts of guarantees. As long as he acted, he could instantly use this opportunity to kill the seven Envoys of Light. This could be counted as cutting off seven arms from that little brat. At that time, he would not be able to be so arrogant from then on.

Haha, the [Light Palace] was indeed very terrifying.

But that was only in the past.

Right now, it only had its name without power. It could only be played to it's death by others now.

At this time, Gao Han could already tell that the [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua was targeting them. This was not initially the situation he had imagined, that they were just here to delay themselves. But this was...

In the eyes of Wei Hua, Gao Han was able to see killing intent.

He really was extremely mad and reckless.

"I'll count to three, if you do not obediently follow me to the Right Minister residence to accept questioning, then don't blame me for not showing mercy..." Wei Hua pressed them even more, as he said, word by word, "One... two...”

The atmosphere suddenly grew extremely tense.

At this time, there was a voice that sounded in the air----

"No need to count. You go die."

A figure appeared without any warning beside Wei Hua at the head of the flying airship. With a strike of his hand, light flickered. With the cultivation of the [Proud Eagle] Wei Hua, he was not even able to react. his head was hacked off, and grabbed in the hands of that person.
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