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The clear and bright laughter of the two resounded throughout the crowd, infecting countless people.

There was also a smile on Gao Han's face.

He knew that this was true and real Li Changheng and Yang Henshui. Normally, one would silently focus on martial arts alone, while the other would wander and drink to drown his sorrows, these were only an outer facade.

Dai Youmeng and Liu Jingyan still had lowered heads, not saying anything.

The surrounding crowd let out even more explosive cheers and applause, as if it was spring thunder. It swept away all the gloominess that enshrouded these streets these days. An unprecedented atmosphere began resounding throughout everyone's heart.

"Hachi hachi... mad dog Wen, let me go, let me go..." Seeing this scene, Little Nine became even more agitated. All the white fur on his body was standing up, his two paws wildly scrambling in the air as he began to struggle fiercely.

"I need to go kill the enemies, I need to kill the group of little Brutes..." He began roaring.

For this black bellied dog that was so vain, after following behind demon king Ye for so long, he had been influenced. With such an ideal opportunity to be in the spotlight, how could he let this pass by?

Wen Wan thought for a bit, then loosened his hand.

"Eh?" Little Nine was dumbstruck for a moment, before momentum carried him forward... With a whoosh, he transformed into a bolt of white lightning that shot out. His speed was too fast, he could not be stopped. With a bang, he directly struck one of the three remaining Brute Race soldiers.

The three Brute Race soldiers were also stunned at this time.


There was the sounds of wu wu coming from the mouth of the silly dog.

He was like mud that slowly slid down from the tall body of the Brute Race soldier. He fell on the ground, his head completely dizzy, stars around him.

"Mad dog Wen... you stupid useless... why did you let go so suddenly... woof, woof, I've hit into something... woof, it hurts!" Little Nine stood up shakily, as if he was drunk, his footsteps unsteady.”

"You told me to let go." Wen Wan let out a black bellied smile.

"Oh? But... when you release, you should warn me beforehand..." Little Nine was about to be driven mad.

"Oh, next time." Wen Wan seriously nodded his head.

Little Nine, "Old Wen, I can tell, you are deliberately doing this to me. Wait until next..."

Before he had finished.

"Go die!"

A Brute Race soldier let out an enraged roar, his face filled with a sinister killing intent. He suddenly lifted his leg that had massive steel boots on with massive soles, and sent it crashing mercilessly towards Little Nine, as if he was stamping to kill an ant.


"Quickly dodge!“


Within the crowd, there was already someone who could not help but screech.

For those who did not understand that Little Nine was a little demon wearing the outer skin of a cute animal, this was an utterly cruel and merciless scream. A cute little white spirit, was about to be brutally crushed alive by the Brute Race soldier. For those with a healthy amount of pity, they had already closed their eyes.

Ximen Yeshui and Wen Wan also similarly closed their eyes.

"Too cruel!“

"I can't bear to watch."“

These were the words uttered by the two.

Then they could hear the furious roar like the roar of a tiger, "I didn't even finish speaking, you dare stamp on me? I'll bite you to death, woof woof!”

The Little Nine that was originally still wobbling suddenly lifted his head. His head that was the size of a hand, suddenly expanded countless times. A great bloody mouth began to open, and his little white translucent teeth had suddenly transformed into teeth that were like sharp blades and swords and his blood red tongue that had barbs on it licked out...

The Brute Race soldier that had stepped out with his foot was instantly swallowed into the mouth of this little dog.

Gao Han was dumbstruck.

Liu Jingyan, Dai Youmeng were also similarly dumbstruck.

Yang Henshui, Li Changheng were also dumbstruck.

The surrounding people spectating were all dumbstruck.

This... what was happening?

From what it seemed like, it was like that Brute Race soldier had committed suicide by walking into Little Nine's mouth. But the important point was, how was it possible for such a cute little dog to have such a large mouth?

Just what was this monster?

And at this time, Little Nine had already turned back to his cute and adorable appearance before. His pink little tongue was licking at his lips, his mouth chomping away, "Strange taste, it's sour... en, and somewhat bitter!”

The other two Brute Race soldiers had disbelieving expressions as they subconsciously jumped away.

After all, their comrade had disappeared in but a blink.

Little Nine lazily scratched his head, then suddenly jumped up. He demonstrated the sharp claws he had under his chubby flesh, and tore apart the plaque hung high up that said [Humans are like dogs, not allowed inside]

"If you look down on dogs, then you look down on me. If you look down on me, then you deserve to die..." It made a gesture that he thought was extremely elegant and handsome, as he stated proudly.“

"Sigh, too cruel." Wen Wan shook his head.

"That's right, I really can't look at such a cruel scene," Ximen Yeshui said with a smile and somewhat closed eyes.

Only those two had long known that such a scene would happen.



The little body of Little Nine suddenly quivered, as he let out a burp. He opened his mouth, and a faint golden fire kindling came out, as well as black smoke from his nostrils...


His body suddenly began shaking like a sifting chaff, as he continued to let out belches. There were constantly little fire kindlings as well as sulphuric smelling black smoke that came out from his mouth, turning his white fur completely black.

Had he gone rabid?

"Not good... Belch... I've eaten something wrong... Belch... these motherfucking Brutes, do they never wash their body? Hiccup..." The dog continued to cough and burp, fire and smoke continuing to come from his mouth.

Then he turned into a stream of light. With a whoosh, he disappeared from where he was.

"Belch... I'm returning to go take a shit, belch... hiccup... I won't eat random things from now on... those damn brutes... they're even more disgusting than shit... you, quickly kill the two that are left over before returning..."

From far away, there was the enraged voice of Little Nine.

Wen Wan stopped and was dumbstruck yet again, "Could it be... you've eaten shit before?"

Gao Han directly spluttered after hearing this.

He had once been a respectful and hidden expert that was famed throughout the Jianghu in the South. [The Fisherman of Han River] had never lost his composure like this before... but he felt that he was nearly completely broken by these maniacs.

The other side.

there was silence all around.

After a long while, there was a swathe of laughter that came from the crowd.

There were some people that hugged there stomach, there were some people that laughed till tears came from their eyes. Everyone was amused and entertained by this cute and milky white little dog. How could it be possible there was such a cute little thing in the world?

But on the faces of Gao Han, Liu Jingyan and the others, they all had shocked and serious expressions.

Previously, they had only thought that this little milky white dog had gained intelligence, that's why it was able to speak. They did not imagine he would have such a strong side. Although the strength of the Brute Race soldiers were only average, but there was a powerful brute magic force within their bodies. It was enough to instantly kill someone at the early stages of the Bitter Sea stage, to think it would be completely swallowed in one mouthful by this little milky dog pretending to be crazy...

It seemed like the people and items that was beside the Lord could not be underestimated at all.

If this crazy little dog was so terrifying, then what about that little white rabbit with pink eyes beside the Lord. Just how fearful would it be?

As this thought occurred to Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng, their hearts shivered.

At the same time, Ximen Yeshui came to the two Brute Race soldiers that were left.

"Ever since coming to the [Light Palace], I haven't done anything. This time, I'll show my ability and help my brother Ye..." He laughingly beckoned to the two Brute Race soldiers, "Come together, don't waste time for me to send you on your way! Tonight, I have a meeting with little Sakura to recite poems and admire the moon."

There was a vicious light in the eyes of the two Brute Race soldiers.

"Ai? You don't understand?" Ximen Yeshui extended his thumb that slowly pointed downwards, then jerked it downwards several times.

This proved that this provocative action was universal throughout the world.

At this, the two Brute Race soldiers could no longer suppress the rage in their hearts. They charged forward together.

Ximen Yeshui laughingly grabbed in the air, then a faint pale blue trident appeared in his hands.

He stood where he was his, and jabbed several times with his trident.

The two Brute Race soldiers, for some unknown reason, were like wooden puppets. They could not even dodge before they were completely stabbed through by the trident. Then they fell on the ground and could not be even more dead!

Double kill!

No one had reacted to what had just happened.

Gao Han's pupils shrunk.

Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng felt a chill that began shooting up from their spine, directly to their heads, as if their brains were about to explode.

This... just what level was this power?

This dark faced scholar that would go with Li Changheng to the brothels everyday was so powerful?

The Yang Henshui with half a burnt face also quivered, blood flying everywhere.

Li Changheng was originally still grimacing in pain, but was suddenly taken aback. Then he began cursing and grumbling in a low voice: "Ximen, you damn dog. You steal my women when you come to the brothel with me, but right now you are even stealing my spotlight that I had in battle. I nearly died to kill one, but you just jabbed a couple of times before two died..."


The soldiers of the Brute Race envoys as well as the Brute Race leader, only just reacted from within their shock.

Looking at the corpses of their two comrades, as well as those two bodies that had exploded, as well as one which had been eaten by that dog, the rage in the hearts of these Brutes had reached the extreme. Thinking back to the orders of Jin San, then looking at the dark faced scholar holding a trident from far off, they could only choose to endure it right now!"

"You will pay the price."

The Brute Race leader bit his teeth as he said, "The courageous warriors of the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race, absolutely does not fear death. Moreover, they have returned to the embrace of the everlasting heaven... but for you, you stupid humans, you will soon know what is called fury, what is called regret.”

Gao Han pressed his lips together, not saying a word and turning to leave.

Since the order of the Palace Lord had already been completed, he did not need to argue and exchange threats with these Brutes.

If speaking of rage, the rage gathered in the hearts of the humans was enough to scorch the heavens. When the moment came when such fury was released, it was hard to tell just who would be regretful.

The surrounding people applauded and cheered. Under passionate cheers that was rarely seen these days, the seven Envoys of Light left the location of the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race. Sitting on the flying airship of Light, they directly left.

The flying lightship rose in the air and left.

Within the air, the wind was blowing strongly.

Seeing that the surrounding crowd could not see them, Li Changheng did not try to endure anymore. He began howling like a pig being slaughtered, "Ouch, mother, it really hurts. Quickly go find a doctor, mother, I'm about to die, I'm about to die..."

Gao Han spluttered yet again.

"Look at old Yan, he's not even saying a word. That's how hard he is, isn't that right, old Yang?" As one of the members of the brothel duo, Ximen Yeshui had a disdainful expression towards his comrade, turning his head to look at Yang Henshui.

But he discovered that Yang Henshui had already fainted at some unknown time.
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