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The fire kindling landed on the ice sculpture.

But Jin San's expression suddenly faintly changed.

The ice did not do as he imagined, and dissolve instantly. Instead, a faint layer of water light activated, and a strange ice qi power faintly resisted against the fire kindling.

When Jin San was young, he had fallen into a crevice of space and discovered a mysterious immortal herb garden. He had swallowed a [True Fire Ginseng], and was able to control the 'One Taste' True Flame.

When he managed to escape from the crevice of space, relying on the power of this True Flame, he suddenly rose to prominence in the Other army. He ran rampant throughout White Mountain Black Water, without anyone being in his opponent, sitting firmly in his position within the [Berserk Horned army]. In these hundreds of years, he was one of the greatest martial talent that had the possibility of becoming Saint Mage of the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race.

That kindling he emitted right now held the power of the 'One Taste' True Flame as well as the brute magic power. It was definitely unordinary, and extremely profound. Even thousand-year-old ice would instantly be incinerated in an instant by it.

But why was it that such a little ice Order of Light was able to resist against that kindling?

There was a trace of confusion that appeared on Jin San's face.

It seemed that the young generation of the Human Race from the rumours who had assumed responsibility over the [Light Palace],was evidently more powerful than it indicated from the reports.

"The Human Race has ruled over Heaven Wasteland Domain for about a hundred years. There are countless experts, and there are some existences that are never seen or heard of that have the power to suppress a race. They cannot be underestimated. Although we have gained the upper hand in the situation, but if the Human Race really made their determination to fight to the last breath, the victor or loser is not yet decided. Therefore, do not be too overboard in these days, understand?"

As Jin San activated the fire kindling to melt the ice sculpture, he shouted his orders.

"We listen to your orders!"

The Brute Race experts all replied within the tent.

The prestige and authority of Jin San was the greatest amongst the group.

Previously, they had been scared by the bone piercing ice qi power that came in front of them. A tiny little ice sword, to think it could turn into a terrifying ice realm. If not for the fact that the leader had acted, everyone would be heavily injured.

At this time, the experts of the Brute Race could still sense the cold qi power within their bodies. Their limbs were cold. It would need the work of three or four days at least, before they could force the coldness out from their bodies.

"We are the descendants of the Saint Mage of White Mountain Black Water. We bitterly struggle to live in the poor and barren land of the Brute Race, and have subsisted on nothing for many years. It is all done for today! It is absolutely impossible for us to kill all humans. As long as we are able to win the wealthy lands of the three great provinces in the North East, then we will have gained the ability to flourish and reproduce. In another fifty years’ time, the descendants of our Saint Mage will run rampant over Heaven Wasteland Domain. At that time, it will truly be the moment to rule over all..." There was a self-confident smile that appeared on Jin San, "The current human Snow Emperor, is only a fatty that has fallen into a trap, surrounded by all sides .This time, we will only cut off his flesh for us to eat but not kill him. We cannot force this fatty with strength still left to desperate measures. Listen to my orders, we will act more on the periphery these days.”

As these words were finished, the misfortunate Brute Race expert in the middle of the tent finally had the ice layer on his body removed. It transformed into strange white mist that disappeared in the air…


This Brute Race expert let out a jet of blood.

Before the jet of blood landed on the ground, it transformed into a blood-coloured ice stick that fell to the ground. A tragic cold qi began emitting from this blood-coloured ice.

The body of this Brute Race expert fell down, his whole body shivering all over. His face was deathly pale, like a dead corpse with all it's blood gone. The previously powerful-like-a-dragon little giant could not even stand up.

The ice sword Order of Light slowly floated up from his hands. Sparkling with light, it began spinning quietly and slowly in the air.

The Brute Race experts did not dare come near.

"Ah… I'm about to freeze to death..." The Brute Race, under the aid of his comrades, was finally able to recover. Deeply breathing in, he could only feel there were like thousands of icy needles travelling throughout his veins and arteries, causing him extreme pain.

"Lord..." There were other Brute Race experts who beseeched Jin San for aid.

The fingers of the Jin San curled up. Like plucking flower with his fingers, he lightly flickered. A small faint gold kindling flew out, then flew back towards the Brute, towards the location of the injury.

"Bring Officer Jin Zheng away. After resting for ten days, he will recover." Jin San waited his mouth, "This matter is to teach you people a lesson. In the future, do not be so arrogant and don't cause trouble for me."

The Brute Race all promised their obedience and left their comrade who was injured outside the great tent.

In the great tent, there was only Jin San left.

He slowly sat up from the bone chair, slowly taking steps forward. He came floating before the little ice sword. Smiling, he suddenly lifted his right hand. Without knowing when, his right hand had already transformed into a fiercely burning flame that firmly pressed towards the little ice sword flickering with ice qi light.

Suddenly, within the great tent, the cold qi exploded yet again.

The little ice sword was like a dragon that had been provoked. It began fiercely quaking, as a hard to describe cold qi exploded. In an instant, nearly three of the fingers of Jin San's right hand was frozen.

On the four sides of the tent, there was the light of brute magic formations emitting. It was like many little blood-coloured little snakes, emitting a strange energy, that began to restrict the cold qi in the air.

There was a scarlet red, that flashed by on Jin San's face, the fury in his eyes evident.

Finally, the Order of Light ice sword let out a noise and began cracking. It turned into a silver radiance that disappeared in the air.

Jin San's expression was extremely serious. Only after a while did it return to normal.

"It seems like I've underestimated him.”

He muttered to himself.

Then the expression on his face quickly turned into self-confidence.

"The methods of this human of the younger generation is really somewhat strange. His martial strength should not be low. If I was to fight him on the arena, I must be careful. However, it seems this person is just brash, his view of the entire situation is too low. It will be hard for him to become someone important. Unless a person's strength reaches the extreme, it is difficult for them to affect the final outcome. If in the battle of two armies, on a battlefield with tens of thousands of soldiers, it is as easy as taking an item from my own pocket to kill this man.”

There was a shred of disdain that appeared on Jin San's face.

At this time, there was the sound of personal guards reporting from the outside.

"Commander, the seven envoys from the [Light Palace] have arrived, demanding that we hand over the perpetrators. They want us to hand them over immediately." A Brute Race soldier came into the tent, kneeling on one knee and respectfully reporting.

"They want someone? And immediately?" Jin San faintly smiled, "It's only some lowly women that died from the human race... make them wait outside, do you think they'll dare intrude here?"




All the seven Envoys of Light appeared at the place where the White Mountain Black Water Brute Race stayed.

This was originally an area where the rich and noble of Snow Capital stayed in. After the White Mountain Black Water entered into the capital, this was given as the area where the Brute Race would stay. There were soldiers of the patrolling camp outside to protect and guard the boundary, and there were also elite soldiers of the Brute Race that patrolled within.

But without knowing when, the Brute Race had expanded such an area more than tens of times. The boundary had been pushed back to the normal streets, and had even exceeded the distance where the patrol camp had been stationed at the boundary.

And on the normal streets that led to their location, there was a plaque that was held high up, with words in the human language----

Humans are dogs, they are not allowed inside.

This plaque had a naked mockery and had the contempt of the Brute race held in it. Countless people saw it, and countless people were furious and wanted vengeance. But there was nothing they could do.

At this time, the seven Envoys of Light stood below this plaque.


There were three rows of elite Brute Race soldiers holding spears and shields. Like a black steel city wall, they stood threateningly, blocking off the route of the seven.

Gao Han's gaze constantly passed by the plaque. The fury in his heart had already risen to the peak.

And the person who was even more furious was the silly little dog, Little Nine.

“Hachi hachi... woof woof, what does this group of damn Brutes mean. Humans and dogs are not allowed to enter? What if you're a dog? Dogs are the most clever and beautiful life forms in the world... woof, woof, I must bite this group of bastards to death!”

Little Nine had red, furious eyes.

If not for the fact that Wen Wan was tightly holding him back, he would already have rushed out to fight.

Ximen Yeshui laughingly looked on as if he was looking at a show.

"Hey, brother Gao, why are we standing here reasoning with them. We should just charge straight in and kill some Brutes, as vengeance for those girls. If we wait here, just how long will we have to continue waiting..."

He had a complete appearance of someone who was watching a show, not minding in the least if it would cause too much trouble.

Gao Han was the person who Ye Qingyu relayed the order through. Right now, he was the center of the seven Envoys of Light. Hearing this, he bit his teeth, "We'll first treat them with pleasantries before using any force."

The Yang Henshui and Li Changheng next to him, their current mood could not use anything other than utter shock to describe it. They had never thought that their Lord that was like a prisoner, would really go crazy today. To think that he would want to act against the envoys from the Brute Race...

Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng right now were bitterly praying they would not get into a fight today. Otherwise, whether they won or lost, there was no way of wrapping this matter up. The future of the two would be completely finished, and perhaps they would become the scapegoat of this incident...

Following such a madman superior was really akin to treading on thin ice.

Slowly, the time they had given of fifteen minutes was quickly ending.

There were already approximately several thousand people surrounding behind the seven Envoys of Light. The reasons as to why they were there were already spread through word of mouth. Right now, everyone knew. Every human, whether they were a martial expert or a commoner, or even those soldiers of the patrol camp who had been ordered here to guard the location of the Brute Race envoy residence, wished for the seven envoys of light to vent the anger of the Human Race.

It was like wings had grown on such news, it madly spread throughout.

There were increasingly more and more people spectating.

Countless people had expectant gazes, as they stared at the back of the seven.

Time passed by second after second.

When the incense had burned down to its last, as the final ashes finally fell down, Gao Han deeply breathed in. Grabbing through the air, a short fishing rod suddenly appeared in his hands.

If they were not willing to hand them over, then it was battle.

The fury and will to do battle in his chest, finally could not be suppressed anymore.
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