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"Just what is this power?"

Ye Qingyu rose from the stone bed. His figure flashed, coming to to the sky well high above the stone palace.

Lifting his head, he could already see that the massive black demonic palm was already less than a hundred meters away. It was illusory, but also seemed real, the muscles and wrinkles on its body exceedingly clear. There was a queer bizarre formation light fluctuating between the wrinkles, as if they were nether light locks. It was neither bright nor dim, and an endless black demonic flame emitted from the formations. The space was like it was crushed by this gigantic palm.

With Ye Qingyu's current cultivation, he had no way of understanding just what sort of power this was.

But one thing he could be sure of was, was that before this gigantic black demonic palm of flames, he had absolutely no way of resisting.

Within the air, the black demonic flames burned.

There was light flickering within Ye Qingyu's brain.

Just who was it that would dare to act so unrestrained within the capital, and attack the [Light Palace]?

From it's aura, it was obviously extremely evil and sinister. It was definitely not benign. According to the legends, there were some evil cultivation techniques during the age of sects, could this be a remnant from the age of sects?

As the aura of the demonic flames came crushingly down, Ye Qingyu felt like he was only a worm.

In a split second, the black demonic flame palm had already completely shrouded above him.

Ye Qingyu's entire body was locked into by the demonic qi, he had no way of avoiding at all.

A force like that of a demonic Far Ancient Age mountain collapsing came pressuring down. All of Ye Qingyu's joints let out creaks of protest, the blood in his body seemed to flow in the other direction. There was the possibility of exploding at any second and even his breathing had stopped...

When Ye Qingyu's body nearly could not withstand such pressure and was about to split apart, a mysterious gentle energy appeared above him.

This was namely that mysterious energy that had prevented Ye Qingyu form walking out of the [Light Palace].

At that instant, the pressuring force emitted by that demonic palm completely disappeared.

Ye Qingyu gulped deep breaths of air...

At the same time, below the floating stone steps, the Spirit monkey statue that had always remained silently standing there at the edge of the Earth Fire sword pit exploded as expected. HIs tightly closed eyes opened, and it was as if a scarlet red magma burst from his eyes. Two pillars of light from his eyes shot into the sky, piercingly towards that demonic palm.


Like fire shooting at thin ice, the light sound of ice melting came over.

The black demonic palm dispersed, becoming incomplete. But that black demonic flame still struck from another angle, quickly repairing the areas that the black demonic flame palm had become incomplete.

Faintly, it was as if there was a Fiendgod of the Far Ancient Age roaring and howling.

On that pure black demonic palm, the nether light of those formation chains began flickering madly. From far above, there was howl of rage after howl of rage. It was as if some terrifying lifeform was roaring from beyond the vortex of air that wanted to leap through time and space and appear above the capital.

But the Spirit monkey statue did not make any reaction whatsoever.

It's eyes suddenly opened. A scarlet red ight, the thickness of a finger, soundlessly shot towards the demonic palm.

"There is only a shred of the Spirit monkey's consciousness within the stone palace. Just how long will it be able to withstand such an onslaught?"

Ye Qingyu lifted his head, witnessing such a horrifying scene.

The black demonic palm was still contesting against the scarlet red light that emitted from the Spirit monkeys eyes.

As the palm and that light fought, they would constantly be destroyed, then constantly be reformed. The howls of anger and frustration within the air was like a monstrous voice that did not belong to this world.

At this time, Ye Qingyu had already utterly believed in what the battle companion had said.

Right now, he could be sure that the large demonic black palm was namely targeting himself.

It had came here to kill him.

Right now, his current situation was like thin fleetting ice.

If not for the Spirit monkey battle companion preventing this, if he had really walked out from the [Light Palace], then within three days, his corpse would lie dead within the capital. The Ye Qingyu right now, finally faintly understood, the meaning of the disturbance he had at the City of Light in the eyes the major figures of Heaven Wasteland Domain.

Or perhaps, it was just how terrifying a disturbance, the first Lord of the Light Palace, the existence that had created the [Light Palace], had caused.

In the past, no one could suppress him at all.

But then he disappeared.

Although others did not know why a person of such cultivation would disappear, but in these many years, all parties had reached an agreement. And that was that they absolutely would not permit a second of such existence from appearing.

They would rather kill an innocent than let anyone suspicious go.

Although they were not sure whether Ye Qingyu would become an existence like that Lord, but for him to have caused such a great scene, they would absolutely not permit him to grow any longer.

"That person of the past, just what did he do, that he would provoke and enrage so many enemies."

Ye Qingyu could not help but sigh.

At this time, the victor of the battle above his head had already been decided.

The recovery of that demonic palm, ultimately could not catch up to the speed at which the eyes of the Spirit monkey statue destroyed it at. The instant the balance was broken, the two scarlet red lights vibrated, then the black demonic flames throughout the skies were broken apart. There was faintly a cry of pain from high above, then the light shot towards the skies towards an unknown direction instantly.

The black demonic palm was completely dispersed like the clouds.

What also disappeared was that terrifying energy fluctuation within the air.

The eyes of the Spirit monkey statue once again closed, becoming a silent statue.

That ray of light the thickness of a finger also disappeared at the instant the eyes closed.

Then, ten breaths later.

From deep within the skies, a horrifying and chaotic energy fluctuation blew apart the wind and clouds and then disappeared. There was suddenly minute rain coming down with the [Light Palace] at its center for a ten thousand meter radius. The raindrops were faint black, like it was not very concentrated ink. There was a bloody stench that made one vomit, but thankfully it did not cause any harm to anyone...

Ye Qingyu stood upon the stone palace, his spirit being shaken.

The power of the enemy was even more horrifying than his imagination.

And the power of that Spirit monkey statue was even more terrifying than his imagination.

In less than ten breaths of time, when less than ten percent of the people within the capital had realized that terrible battle had ended, the self defence formations above the air of the Capital finally recovered. There was a strange light that flickered, as well as battleship after battleship that came patrolling over. It was only that, everything no longer had anything to do with Ye Qingyu.

To be able to break apart the defence formations above the capital, to be able to so openly disregard the Imperial family. In this world, just how many of such people existed?

Ye Qingyu returned to the stone palace. Siting on the stone bed, he began cultivating.

His heart was calm, as if nothing had happened whatsoever.

A night passed.

The second day, the wind and sun was beautiful.

On the streets ,there were still people cursing at that strange rain. There was still a faint stench of decay within the air.

Inside the City of Light.

Ye Qingyu sat at the foundation stone of the stone palace. After eating breakfast, he gave advice and directions for the training and cultivation of Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er, Li Qi and Li Ying. Ximen Yeshui and Wen Wan both had somewhat serious expressions, and waiting along with Liu Jingyan and the others, as if they were waiting for Ye Qingyu to say something...

But after Ye Qingyu gave directions to his four discples in name, he returned to the stone palace to cultivate without saying anything at all.

The questions that everyone had could only remain in their hearts for the time being.

The next few days, it was as if everything was calm and peaceful.

But on the fifth night, there was suddenly the strike of lightning and rumble of thunder fromm the skies, dark clouds forming. This seemed to be the first spring thunderstorm that greeted the capital this year. In that entire night, there was hidden lightning striking and silver-coloured thunderbolts were like silver light fiercely dancing. Such a huge turmoil shook all the people of the capital, with no one sleeping well...

On the next day, everything had recovered to normal.

Everyone was shocked to discover, after such a rainstorm, many of the water reservoirs people had in their own houses were not yet full. The rivers within the capital also had not risen much. The amount of rain and people's expectations did not match, and the streets and ground were only slightly damp...

Only the Ye Qingyu within the stone palace knew, just what had happened that night.

Under the coverage of the entire skies rumbling with thunder and lightning, there were tens of bolts of lightning that seemed to head towards the [Light Palace] unintentionally. The power of every bolt of lighting, was able to instantly annihilate him into ashes and destroy him. But thankfully none of them was able to pass the protective barrier of that mysterious gentle power...

On the nineteenth day, another strange change ocurred.

The stars in the sky seemed to move.

A fallen star appeared inbroad daylgiht. Under the sight of the countless people of the capital, it transformed into a gigantic fireball. Like Heavenly wrath, it left a trace through the air, a trail of fire and smoke that was thousands of meters long as it headed towards the capital...

The capital was shaken.

There was blade light after blade light, shooting out from the Residence of the Imperial group of Gongfengs.

When the huge falling meteor was about three thousands meters above the air, it was struck by a blade. It turned into sparks through the skies, and ultimately disappeared...

Ye Qingyu sat above the sky well and witnessed such a scene.

"Which of the Imperial Gongfengs has acted? This time, the Spirit monkey finally doesn’t have to act." He smiled: "But from the direction the meteor was heading, it seemed to be striking straight towards the [Light Palace]..."

To be able to attract the stars and meteors of the skies, such a power was somewhat unbelievable.

In these past few days, because of himself, old monsters one after another came and jumped out in the capital.

And this was only a beginning.

Time flowed by.

Lightning struck, meteors fell.

All sorts of bizarre scenes appeared in the capital twenty or thirty times in the short space of less than three months. Some came without warning or premonition, and was only something that Ye Qingyu was aware of. Some caused such a great disturbance, that everyone in the capital knew of it.

There were gradually all sorts of rumours appearing within the capital, thanks to this and the appearance of that fearful Divine Sword of Light.

Some people said the Human Race had wronged, and had inccured the wrath of the deities. Therefore these strange sights were only a warning.

Some people disregarded this completely and said that it was due to the Imperial family having committed a great wrong. The Snow Emperor had hidden himself away and the Crown Prince was too average, so it incited the wrath of Heavens...

Some people said it was the fact that the Heavens was not happy with the corruption of the Right Minster and his officials, warning the Imperial family of Snow Empire...

There was a day, that Ye Qingyu discovered poison that would be able to kill experts at the River level of the Bitter Sea stage. If not for the fact that he controlled the [Supreme Ice Flame] to instantly dissolve such an acute poison, he would perhaps really be in danger... Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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