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Imperial God Emperor 423 - What's the Difference?

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The little silver snake that had covered the entire palace with mysterious and profound formation arrays had reached Ye Qingyu’s foot and was about to crawl up Ye Qingyu’s leg. At this time, the little silver dragon charged forward. In a flash, it had opened it’s mouth widely. The little silver snake that had not even reacted yet, was swallowed in one gulp…

  Ye Qingyu had his eyes wide open.

  This…what had just happened?

  Little Silver really dared to eat anything?

  Without knowing whether it was a mistaken sensation, at the same time, Ye Qingyu could hear an extremely astonished sound coming from beneath the palace—-

  ”What the fuck!”

  Then that voice abruptly disappeared.

  But in the air, there was still the emotion of being extremely taken aback, lingering for a long time.

  ”Who is it?”

  Ye Qingyu was frightened, being alarmed and looking all around him alertly with awareness.

  Previously, he had already clearly sensed around his surroundings. Apart from himself, Little Silver pretending to be dead, and the little white rabbit, there were no other signs of life. How had that voice just appeared?

  Could there be an existence that was incomparably profound, that had hidden himself?

  Ye Qingyu’s acted like lightning. In an instance, he had already searched all around the divine palace, but there were no hints of any existence.

  ”Just what is this?”

  Ye Qingyu returned to the jade chair, feeling something was not quite right.

  But at that moment, he abruptly realized; right now… his… restriction on the jade chair had ended?

  But why had he… sat back down again?

  Ye Qingyu’s heart quivered, attempting to stand up again.

  This time there was not any obstruction, he easily stood up once again.

  The silver ray of light exploding from the jade chair also gradually dimmed. Like a madly burning flame, it was decaying from its glorious moment. It gradually retreated from into the large sky well above the stone palace, disappearing below the jade chair.

  Ye Qingyu turned his head to look.

  Without the silver light pillar as support, the orignallly madly fluctuating yuan qi vortex was like a windmill that had lost the needed energy to support it. It began slowly disappearing, and the layers of clouds thinned at a visible speed. LIke thin snow under a fierce sun, it disappeared without any traces, exposing the beautiful blue sky.

  A fierce sun hung on the sky.

  The capital that was originally shrouded in thick darkness had once again returned to the picturesque scenery with an absolute red sun.

  It was as if everything that had just happened was an illusion

  After this fearful scene, many commoners began discussing and debating. But they could not reach a conclusion and ultimatley dispersed, very quickly resuming their previous activities.

  But for those people who knew what the silver light pillar that was like a divine sword shooting in the sky represented, things would not be the same. Although the skies had recovered to normal, but the situation within the capital would not recover to the usual situation of the past.

 Within the stone palace.

  Ye Qingyu was alarmed to find that the orignally black palace had already turned silver white. It was like it was made out of saintly silver metal. Every part of it flickered with a gentle light and was warm to the touch of the skin. When he touched it, it was extremely comfortable, bringing with it a soothing sensation like the touch of human skin.

  A surge of strange energy was still emanating around the stone palace.

  Ye Qingyu deeply breathed in, his entire person feeling unprecedentedly comfortable.

  The silver light had travelled through his body, but it did seem to have caused any negative effects on him.

  The dragon, Little Silver, once again returned to Ye Qingyu’s shoulder.

  In it’s stomach, it was as if something was travelling around. Ye Qingyu felt that it was the little silver snake that was not willing to be eaten, struggling within the belly of the little silver dragon. Ye Qingyu felt a toothache coming on just imagining the background of the silver snake; it was definitley not simple, creating an incomparably deep and mysterious formation array inside and outside the stone palace. For such a mysterios snake, to be swallowed by the little silver dragon…

  Just what sort of pets were he carrying about him.

  He orignally thougth Little Silver was the most obedient, but who would have thought Little Silver would also be affected by Little Nine’s gluttnonous behavior.

  Right now, what Ye Qingyu was most worried about was that if the little silver snake was a part of the [Light Palace], then would there by serious consequenes after Little Silver ate it?

  The little silver dragon lay on Ye Qingyu’s shoulder for a while before it seemed to have recovered. It once again transformed into a silver hairpin, burrowing itself within Ye Qingyu’s hair.

  Only then was Ye Qingyu less worried.

  At that time, the little white rabbit jumped out from his embrace. Bounding over to the jade stone bed, it lazily rolled around a couple of times in delight, then closed it’s eyes and slept.

  Ye Qingyu walked step by step towards the outside of the stone palalce.

  The stone structure on the outside was not large.

  After five or six steps through the stone passageway, he came once again in front of the floating stone steps.

  Ye Qingyu looked. At this time, at the boundary of the fire tree forest, there was no longer solely the figures of the Liu Jingyan, Dai Youmeng, and the others. Li Changheng had also appeared, as well as the large fatty military officer who was shouting at his soldiers to wager, as well as the disordered and messy soldiers of light beisde him…

  There were several people Ye Qingyu did not recognize.  These people had a dumbfounded and fanatic light in their eyes, staring at Ye Qingyu high above in the stone place. The vast majority of people were still immersed in their massive shock, their mouths opened wide. Even seeing Ye Qingyu appear, many of their minds had not yet taken this in and did not know what to say or how to respond…

  After a short moment.

  The straightforward Yan Hengshui was the first person to react. Coughing and clearing his throat, he respectfuly clasped his hands, “We pay our respects to Lord…”

  Such words were like a bolt of lightning that awoke the people who were still immersed within shock and astonishment.

  Liu Jingyan and Dai Youmeng both bowed to the ground with a plop, their head pressed against the ground as they used the most respectful and formal greeting. As if they were greeting their monarch, they shouted, “We pay our respects to our Lord!”

  That fatty military officer also finally reacted. Like a flesh mountian, he rushed crawling towards the ground as he gave a howl like a pig being slaughtered, “Xiao Yulong pays his respect to Lord. May good fortune befall you…”

  As he gave a disordered greeting and bow, the soldiers with messy armour also fell to the ground with a plop. Something came out of their mouths, all sorts of different words and phrases coming out of several hundred people. It was extremely disordered, as if it was a roost of chickens…

  Ye Qingyu felt black lines running throughout his head.

  It really was that the soldiers would end up simliar to the commander.

  If he brought this group of soldiers of light outside, they would really lose all his face.

  It was time for him to discipline this group of veteran soldiers.

  As he thought this, Ye Qingyu’s footsteps headed to the floating stone steps, wanting to continue the conversation afer he had returned to the ground.

  But at that time, something unbelievable occurred.

  An extremely gentle and powerful force appeared on the boundary of the base of the stone palace. It blocked Ye Qingyu’s extended leg from exending any further, making him have no way of reaching the stone steps.


  Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

  What was happening?

  He hesitated briefly, before extending his leg and once again taking a step towards the floating steps with force.

  With Ye Qingyu’s current cultivation, this step was at least filed with fifty thousand pounds of force. But there was stil this strange and gentle power that appeared. Not only did it entirely withstand the energy within Ye Qingyu’s leg, it also faintly rebounded Ye Qingyu’s leg backwards, causing him to nearly lose his balance…

  There was a bad feeling rising within Ye Qingyu’s heart.

  He thought about it, then changed his position and leaped over from another angle towards the floating stone steps.

  But he was still sent rebounding backwards.

  He jumped throughout the air.

  As he jumped, he wanted to fly out from midair.

  He activated the [Human King Sword Mantra] wanting to forcefully break out.

  He usd the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], a hand transforming into a claw, attempting to rip apart a layer of this strange energy…

  [The Four Moves of the Unmatched General]…

  [The Four Moves of the Golden Armoured King]…

  Different heights.

  Diferent locations.

  Different methods.

  He began to experiment.

  The soldiers and experts that were kneeling on the gorund were somewhat tongue tied. Seeing their Lord of the Light Palace that had caused such a huge, heaven shaking scene in such a state. He was originally calm and unhurried, but right now he was angrily constantly letting out moves against something, as if he was wrestling against an invisible opponent…

  Only after fifteen minutes had passed did Ye Qingyu finally stop.

  He was slightly out of breath, as he grinded his teeth in frustration.

  He could already be sure, he was trapped.

  That gentle formation energy had trapped him within the [Light Palace]. He could not get out at all.

  What the hell was this?

  This was completely unfounded and uncalled for.

  When he entered, was everything not well?

  Why was it that now he could not even leave at all

  Was somehing paying a prank with him?

  Ye Qingyu looked downwards kneeling on the ground. He did not have the mood to deal with them. After thining it over, he turened and returned to the stone place, attemtping to find any clues around. He wanted to find out some inconsistencies. He could be sure, the reason why he was trapped inside was due to the change within the stone palace. If he was able to find out the eye of the formation within the stone palace, then perhaps something could be done…

  But this ultimately proved to be futile.

  After the stone palace transformed to silver, the formation array that had been slithered out by the silver snake seemed to have been hidden within the floor and walls. It had transformed into the same colours as the stone, so there was no way of discerining it with the naked eye, because there was not the slightest trace left behind.

  There were also not any clues on the stone chair, stone table and stone bed.

  Ye Qingyu attempted to visualize all possibilities and methods, but everything failed.

  When he attempted to leave again outside the stone palace and failed, he gave up completely.

  At this time, the people beneath the fire tree forest finallly undertood what had happened. Liu Jingyan and the others had a feeling of disbelief, and the expression on the big fatty military officer was also splendid…

  Just what was this.

  It was hard for them to get a Lord that was able to enter into the [Light Palace]. It seemed as if their fortunate days were ahead of them, but right now their Lord was trapped within the [Light Palace]. This… what difference was this to the days where they didn’t have a Lord? Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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