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"Ah? Ximen Yeshui was taken aback, having a face of hesitation and objection. Ultimately, he was like a deflated ball. With his head lowered, he said, "Fine, I will go less..."

Ye Qingyu smiled, then looked at Wen Wan eating noodles by the side.

Ximen Yeshui and Wen Wan could be counted as his subordinates in the early stages of his command over the [Light Palace].

There were also some other people, such as [The Fisherman of Han River] Gao Han, who should be able to meet up with him a bit later in the capital.

After food.

Ye Qingyu tested Bai Yuanxing and Jin Ling'er on their martial progress.

JIn Ling'er cultivated in the [Flowing Shadow Kill]. His talent was originally excellent, and training in the shadow attribute cultivation technique made things easier with half the effort. Right now, he had already trained to a state where he would have a shadow clone, it was only that his body refining stage was still only at the peak of the Ordinary martial level, and not yet entered into the Spirit spring stage. When he could truly sense yuan power, and step into the Spirit spring stage, then his cultivation would advance by leaps and bounds.

For this clever little brat, Ye Qingyu was not worried about the progress of his cultiation at all.

Ye Qingyu was more concerned over Bai Yuanxing.


A clear voice shouted, Bai Yuanxing exhibited his move.

His fist and feet were lightning, every movement filled with a powerful feeling.

Seeing this, Ye Qingyu slowly nodded his head.

The basic moves and battle techniques of the [Heavenly Blind Way] had already been completely grasped by Bai Yuanxing. What followed after was for him to slowly understand how the heart sutra and moves combined together, and understand the most central essence to this cultivation technique. One must know that apart from the close combat power of the [Heavenly Blind Way], an aspect it also excelled in was assassination.

Under Ye Qingyu's notice, Bai Yuanxing demonstrated this move by move, showing it off perfectly.

Slowly, next to him, there was a faint silver aura that could be discernible with the naked eye fluctuating around him. An unhurried rhythm began to be formed around him.


HIs leg kicked out.

The faint sound of the wind exploding in the air could be heard.

Twenty meters away, a huge boulder that was over ten thousand pounds faintly shook. Then it slowly shattered into pieces the size of a fist, scattering and breaking.

Ye Qingyu's complexion changed, suddenly standing up.

"This... what is this power?"

Bai Yuanxing's strike clearly did not have any yuan qi flutuation in it. Then how could it have such great offensive power from a distance of twenty meters?

The power of this strike was basically equal to the full power attack of a person at the ten Spirit springs cultivation.

For a person who had not yet cultivated in yuan qi, it was possible for them to have such power. But this was not due to body refinement, that was why Ye Qingyu was so puzzled.

Bai Yuanxing still seriously continued exhibiting his moves, one by one.

Ye Qingyu was both shocked and delighted, narrowing his eyes as he carefully observed.

Slowly, he could sense that as Bai Yuanxing moved his fists and legs, a strange energy was rumbling. This was an energy that was similar to yuan qi, it was an extremely strange energy. But it was definitely not weak, and was drawn into Bai Yuanxing's body. As he performed the moves and the heart sutra of the [Heavenly Blind Way], it seemed that he could control this energy to a certain extent.

This was really strange.


Bai Yuanxing's palm landed on the ground.

The ground shook.

A strage force began rumbling through his palms, like a vibration that began emitting from the ground. It made Ye Qingyu clearly sense his foot going numb. Ten meters near the area that Bai Yuanxing had struck with his palm, a terrifying killing intent like that of a gust flickered past.


Ths strike was even comparable to the full power strike of an expert at the twenty Spirit springs.

This really was a strange and bizarre incident.

Just what sort of power was hidden within Bai Yuanxing's body?

As the descendant of the first owner of the White Horse tower in Youyan Pass, could it be that there is some hidden secret within this line of people that others did not know? In other words, was there something special regarding their bloodline?

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt that the ancestral teachings of their family to forever guard the White Horse tower was not as simple as it seemed on the surface.

Bai Yuanxing had always been unable to cultivate yuan qi and to become a true martial artist. Perhaps this was not just solely because of his lack of talent.

Boom!Boom! Boom!

Bai Yuanxing demonstrated move after move.

There were faint signs of rumbling and shaking in the air.

The more Ye Qingyu looked, the more delighted he grew.

After Bai Yuanxing had finished demonstrating all his moves, a clear power fluctuation burned around his body like that of a flame. This was only discernible by experts. Even the light in the air around his body seemed to be distorted.

"A really special power."

Ye Qingyu had grown more and more curious.

But he did not act to detect the situation inside Bai Yuanxing's body.

Because on the surface, this energy that did not belong to yuan qi cultivation was not an aura that belonged to evildoers, it was a normal energy. If it was like this, then this energy should be a secret that solely belongs to Bai Yuanxing..." Ye Qingyu did not allow his curiosity to affect Bai Yuanxing's dignity.

"Without knowing why, when trianing in the [Heavenly Blind Way], I feel a strange energy suddenly..." Bai Yuanxing reported what he had managed to comprehend back to Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head. "Thi is you fortune. I guess that some sort of bloodline within you has been awakened... How about this, I act as your opponent. Strike with your full force.

"This... I do not dare." Bai Yuanxing was greatly shocked.

"There's no need to be worried. A martial expert cannot hesitate and be undecisive in cultivating. Only by correcting each other can one improve. You know I've just became the Lord of the Light Palace and need subordinates. I hope that you can quickly grow to the next level, and aid me." Ye Qingyu smiled.

After hearing this scene,Ximen Yeshui and the others knew just how heavily Ye Qingyu regarded Bai Yuanxing.

Everyone knew that Ye Qingyu's words were all for the sake of Bai Yuanxing. He had offered to spar with Bai Yuanxing, and the words he said were only to placate him. In the end, it was all to help him. With Ye Qingyu's current position, status, and martial cultivation, just what benefits could one gain from sparring with him was something that the seventeen young experts knew clearly.

"Fight to your utmost, don't show mercy."

Ye Qingyu shouted.

Bai Yuanxing did not hesitate anymore, the heart mantra of the [Heavenly Blind Way] instantly acting.



The second day.

A bright and clear day.

[Light Palace].

As one of the offices that once possessed significant power within the empire, the position of the [Light Palace] was naturally the one closest to the Imperial palace. It was like a small ancient city with large black city walls, like metallic stones surrounding it from all sides. There was a crenelated parapet wall around it, layer by layer, the surveilling enemy buildings, standing tall and lofty. The area it possessed was near a thousand acres, and within it, it had its own martial practice grounds, martia store, resource store, military camps, operations department, prisons as well as other features. Adding it all up, it was like an independent little nation.

When the [Light Palace] was at its peak, light soldiers entered and left like a flow of water and the number of experts within the city were like clouds in the skies. At that time, there was a Cloud Heavenly Sky Eagle image flickering rapidly, constantly passing information in and out. Those experts who wore armour would all have fierce flames escripted into their armour. Through the seal, there was a brightly burning flame, incomparably glorious.

Apat from the empire, no matter who it was, they would have to feel apprehensive to all those martial artists that had the Seal of the Light Palace.

But right now...

This city was still the steel city of the past, but right now it was completely deserted.

There was a group of sparrows that chirped as they hopped over. He would occasionally encounter two or three soldiers patrolling on the walls of the city, but they were too lazy to bother him.

The [Eastern Kill Gate] that once had soldiers heavily stationed there only had seveal old soldiers lazily guading there. They had a spear in their embrace as they sat on stone chairs, with their eyes closed, leisurely enjoying the sun. The armour on their bodies were loose and unarranged. The formation array of the city had always lost effectiveness due to loss of energy and lack of repair. From far off, one could see the word [Light] above the city gates on a large flag, silently standing there.

There was a little white rabbit with red eyes in Ye Qingyu's embrace. Step by step, he walked towards the [Eastern Kill Gate].

There were four gates to the [Light Palace] in total. All of them had ‘kill’ in their names,and they were known as the Eastern, Southern, Western and Northern Kill Gates. There were also three great Pavilions inside, and was known as the Central Three Kill Pavilions. There were seven Kills after it was all combined, and this was the reason that many people referred to the [Light Palace] as the Seven Kills Pavillion. In the chaotic days after the empire was founded, the [Light Palace] used killing to stop further killing. They used powerful and brutal methods to suppress chaos with methods like thunder and lightning. There, the seven words of [Kill] really suited the [Light Palace's] style.

"Che che che che...”

There was a tense expression displayed on the little white rabbit.

This little fellow was something Song Xiaojun had handover over for him to look after. Previously, Ye Qingyu had trained in the great building of the military department, so he had handed this little rabbit for Lin Baiyi to care for. The result was that this fellow would often go out and eat. After eating many Spirit herbs in the herb gardens, it had even taken a nibble at the [Medicinal King Lingzhi], something that Ouyang Buping regards as equal to his own life…

Adding the little rabbit and Little Nine together, this was enough for them to become the nightmare of the medicine masters.

After Ye Qingyu heard this, colds sweat also bstop as of this point. Today he had brought this little fellow at his side when he came to the [Light Palace] to prevent any unnecessary trouble.

Standing beneath the [Eastern Kill Gate], he looked at the city walls high up.

The black city walls had experiencdd a hundred years of mortagages but was still standing towering. There was an indescribable attractive feeling emitting from it. Faintly, it was as if life had returned to it, the image of blade shadows clashing being released.

A faintly aura began pressuring towards him.

All outsiders who came to the outside of the [Light Palace] would be astounded by the aura released by this little ancient city.

Ye Qingyu did not say anything, but the little rabbit released a noise, attracting the attention of the old soldiers.

"Hm? What is it?"

"Who is it?"

"Go, go, go, this place is not somewhere were you can walk around. Quickly go..."

The several old soldiers saw a strange person had appeared, but they still did not have the slightest of caution. They lazily sat where they were as they berated, not even having the intention of standing up.

Ye Qingyu lightly shook his head.

The old soldiers felt their vision going blurry as the young man with a little white rabbit in his embrace suddenly disappeared.


"He's gone?"

"Maybe he left..."

"Haha, I feel that you're seeing something.

They laughed and joked about it, still lazily enjoying the sun.

Ye Qingyu had already passed through the [Eastern Kill Gate] into the inside of the city. He went through a series of back passageways, where there were signs of formation arrays etched onto the walls. But it had already lost its effectiveness. There was a series of tight and clustered little black holes in the walls, this should be where the heart of the mechanism lay.

After passing through the hundred-meter-long passageway, he came to a miniature city gate.

There was a gigantic black-coloured stone tablet in the form of a sword that appeared.

There were words.

"Humans cultivate all things to nourish Fiendgods, Fiendgods have nothing they can give to repay humans. Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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