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Imperial God Emperor 412 - Newest Mission

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The black armoured death warriors as well as the three flesh puppets that had died in battle earlier, their blood, energy and all the parts of their bodies began to dissolve. They dissolved into a red liquid that soaked into the formation on the ground. An extremely evil aura began to be invoked, and there was a decaying smell occurring in the air. A strange apocalyptic energy emitted from all directions trapping Ye Qingyu at the center of the formation.

Outside the formation.

The person that controlled everything left with injuries.

The formation array surged, using a berserk energy to madly strike at Ye Qingyu.

"Damn this..." Ye Qingyu was in a rush.

If he really let the opponent escape, then he would really lose all clues of [Avalanche's] whereabouts.

He no longer hid his strength. Activating the [True Will of the Sky Dragon], he completely transformed into a silver-coloured sky dragon. A peerless power and energy emitted from his body, and with his roar, he manage to completely block the aura emitting from the formation. As the world shook, the formation ultimately was not able to restrain Ye Qingyu's terrifying power, and was completely broken apart.

Ye Qingyu escaped.

The entire [Demonic Blood Refining Deity Array] was destroyed. The formation patterns in the rocks and in the air were crushed into pieces, the ground that was tens of meters thick was lifted up. Mountain rock collapsed and crumbled, and everything a thousand meters around him was nearly shattered. The ancient broken temple within the valley had long been buried in such chaos.

The dust gradually settled.

Ye Qingyu slowly drew his consciousness away.

"It's a pity, that person has ran..."

There was no longer any shred of the person's aura in the surroundings. Evidently, that person had left before his formation array had been destroyed.

Ye Qingyu attempted to find some clues in the shattered rocks around him. But evidently the opposing party was an extremely careful person. He did not find any clues whatsoever. Lifting apart the rubbled rock, Ye Qingyu found a jade-coloured praying mat within the submerged ancient temple. It should be something the hidden person used, there would not be such new items appearing in the ancient temple.

"I've let that person get away. There's not any clues to [Avalanche's] whereabouts. It's a pity, I was only a little bit off."

Ye Qingyu was incomparably guilty.

Previously, he had already exploded with his full strength to escape from the formation. But he had still delayed matters. If he used the [Flash] formation to leave the formation array at the beginning, there was perhaps the possibility of capturing such a person.

But it was already too late.

The scene he caused from destroying the formaiton was too great. The person hidden behind the scenes must have seen this already, and would absolutely not reappear. Even if Ye Qingyu waited here for him to return, he would not have any gains whatsoever.

Ye Qingyu once again searched over, but there was still no clues at all. At last, he left with regrets.

"When I return, I'll bring Little Nine here and see if that fellow can find any sort of hints..."

Ye Qingyu planned this in his heart.

His body transformed into flowing light as he left.



By the time he returned to the great building of the miltiary, it was already evening.

During the night time, the great military buiding was somewhat more tranquil. There were less people about, but the inspections that were carried out were much stricter than normal. After spending fifteen minutes, under the lead of a soldier, Ye Qingyu was led through many obstacles before returning to the fifty-fifth floor.

But when he arrived at the entrance to the training camp, he was taken aback.

The originally clamouring and bustling training camp was currently incomparably quiet.

The formation lights were also in a slumbering state and the training camp was completely pitch dark.

As he suddenly realized something, there was amisfortunate feeling occurring in his heart. Extending his hand to insert a shred of yuan qi into the formation lights at the entrance, the lights all lit up in an instant. The large training camp was completely empty, without any sign of anyone. The dormitories by the side all had duvets covering them. Only Ye Qingyu's own bed was left, that still had the meditation mat he used when cultivating as well as the bed which was made...

There was no one.

"It seems like the others have already received their new missions, and left the training camp. There's only me left. It's a pity that I was not in time to say goodbye to everyone…”

Ye Qingyu felt somewhat dissapointed.

Although the time at the training camp was only one short month, but for Ye Qingyu, the friends that he met here were much more than the ones when he was at White Deer Academy. The friendships he made here were also more valuable than the ones at White Deer Academy. After all, they were all young experts originating from the army, they had the same passionate blood and drive running through them, and they had done battle together shoulder to shoulder...

It was unknown just where they had gone to.

Ye Qingyu returned to his own bed, spacing out slightly.

There was the sounds of footsteps from the outside at this time.

It was the refining body instructor, Bao Shinu, as well as the battle technique instructor.

"We saw the training camp had brightened up. Looking at the time, it was about time for you to return," Bao Shinu said with a smile, then suddenly sensed the bloodiness and faint killing intent on Ye Qingyu. He suddenly realized the possibility of just where he had gone. Ye Qingyu had just experienced a bloody battle. His complexion changed, "Did you encounter something? Are you alright?"

Ye Qingyu shook his head, jumping to the ground :"I'm fine. But it's a pity, I did not manage to find any clues to [Avalanche's] whereabouts?”

"[Avalanche’s] whereabouts?" The battle technique instructor was surprised, sneaking a glance between them both. "The mission of [Avalanche] has already been released. The other people, apart from you, have also gone to undertake their mission. These were the missions that the Crown Prince individually set. This is something extremely hidden and not announced publicly. Just why do you want to know where [Avalanche] is?"

Ye Qingyu hearing this, was stunned for a moment.

He suddenly realized something, saying, "You mean... [Avalanche] has already returned? He's returned already?"

Bao Shinu regarded Ye Qingyu with a strange face. "Of course. He came back a day ago and left immediately after receiving his new mission. He was the same as the other little fellows, he wanted to wait to see you before leaving, but you came back too late. No one could wait for you, [Avalanche] was the last to go..."

It was like this?!

Ye Qingyu had not imagined that nothing had happened to [Avalanche] whatsoever. It was only that the fact that his lack of information had been exploited and was fooled shamelessly by the person in the background.

That's not right!

[Avalanche] had not returned several days ago. This was something only people of the training camp knew. The fact that he was worried about [Avalanche's] safety was also something that only people of the training camp knew. Just who was this person hidden in the background, that he was so familiar with his heart. They had preemptively stationed at the entrance to the military building to speak nonsense to him, and to fool him into the killing formation within the mountains.

Ye Qingyu suddenly felt somewhat confused.

This matter really was somewhat strange.

The hidden person evidently wanted to kill him. Within the capital, just who was it that had such ability, and possessed the intent to kill him?

After thinking it over, this was a complete mystery.

But Ye Qingyu ultimately let out a relaxed breath.

As long as [Avalanche] was fine.

This was absolutely a great piece of news.

No matter who the person hidden in the shadows was, as long as he attempted to cause further waves in the future, Ye Qingyu would sooner or later find out who he truly was.

Thinking about this, Ye Qingyu's heart became much more relaxed.

"This is something that they left behind for you, before they left..." Bao Shinu brought over a jade stone. This was an item with some simple formations in it held within the jade piece that could store sound.

Ye Qingyu received it and randomly picked one. He activated the little formation within the jade piece.

"I will return again. Wait for my challenge, I will defintiely defeat you next time."

The voice of the black-robed young man [Shadow] sounded, direct and to the point.

Ye Qingyu smiled.

This was [Shadow's] style.

Within the jade piece, there were some teasing words left behind by the young experts, some well wishes of fortune, some asking how he was, some setting a time and place to meet again. There were some that hoped to fight alongside with Ye Qingyu, and the person that blathered on the most was [Avalanche]. He went on a long tirade about Ye Qingyu, blaming him for not coming back in time.....

These were all voices that he was familiar with.

Hearing this, Ye Qingyu's heart was warmed and also somewhat moved.

"There's sixteen... eh, there's one less?" Ye Qingyu held the jade piece. There was only sixteen of them.

Bao Shinu smiled, "[Ordinary Person] did not leave a jade piece behind."

Within Ye Qingyu's brain, the image of [Ordinary Person] appeared, a fellow with a head that was several times greater than normal. The battle strength that he had been evaluated with was the person at the very last. Normally, when cultivating, his aura was normal and he spoke little. His performance was average, and could be said to be the most average person out of all the youths.

"It's fine if he did not leave anything.”

Ye Qingyu smiled.

"That's right, are they all within the capital? Ye Qingyu looked at the two instructors, somewhat curiously. "Will I be able to see them afterwards?"

Bao Shinu shook his head.

The battle technique instructor had a strict face as he said, "Their locations are a secret. There are some people within the capital, and there are people who left. You won't be able to encounter them in the near future, and all of you have your individual missions. Everyone has to complete their mission on their own, this is a huge responsibility and duty.”

Ye Qingyu could hear the implied meaning within such words, "Are there missions that are very dangerous?”

"Martial experts travel throughout the world. Encountering danger is not strange. Before coming to the capital, they are survivors that walked out from mountains of corpses and seas of blood. No one can guarantee that one will forever be victorious in battle, that they will never die."

The batle technique instructor gave his answer in an extremely tactful fashion.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head.

He was already clear in his own heart.

"Then the mission regarding me?" Ye Qingyu asked. "Am I the same as the others, that I have to wait for the Crown Prince to see me tomorrow and personally give me my mission?"

Bao Shinu shook his head.

The battle technique instructor said, "There's no need. Your situation is somewhat special. Your mission is already given, there's no need for the Crown Prince to personally see you."

"Oh? Somewhat special?” Ye Qingyu was taken aback slightly. "Just what is it?"

The battle technique instructor smiled. From his chest, he took out a yellow scroll. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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