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Ye Qingyu absolutely believed that if there was a spirit weapon in his hands, he could challenge Bitter Sea experts at the River stage.

"Another one of your tools is gone. Do you still want to try again? " Ye Qingyu regarded his surroundings as he coldly said in a loud voice.

As expected, there was the rebuttal from the person hidden in the shadows, "Really, how much inner yuan do you have left? Do you still have half?"

Ye Qingyu's ear moved. He was still searching for any signs of the location of the opposing party. "Why don't you try it and see."

"Kekekeke, it seems like you still have energy. But rest assured. Even if you are made from steel, I will grind you bit by bit into powder. When you have expended all your energy, I will then turn you into a formation puppet battle tool. Keke, at that time, you will be my most perfect creation..." The sinister voice, was like a demonic owl at night that sounded within the formation, causing one to shiver with fear.

Before the sound finished.

Another formation puppet appeared from within the black mist.

At first, it was a blurry silhoutete. Only when it neared could one see. It was a four foot tall figure, a dwarf-like figure that seemed as if it was a child.

This midget's hand was incomparably large, twice as large as his own face. There were two daggers held in his hands that were like fans, a bolt of lightning striking across the skies.

There was a seeping cold glimmer coming from the daggers.

When he was approximately ten meters away rom Ye Qingyu, this strange midget moved.

Without any signs, he had transformed into faint black mist at quick speed.

There was a trace of alarm that rose in Ye Qingyu's heart. He struck out again, the sword qi rumbling out.


There was a series of sparks that rose in the air.

But the figure of the dawrf was like a faint shadow. It instantly disappeared, like a bubble immersing itself into flowing water. With a flash, it could not be found again.

"A battle puppet specializing in concealment?"

Ye Qingyu instantly understood.

But for him, this did not possess any challenge whasoever.

The cultivation technique he passed onto Jin Ling'er was originally the pinnacle mantra of the Shadow attribute, [Flowing Shadow Kill] . This was the treasured mantra for the assassination art, and concealment belonged to the same category of arts within assassination. If Ye Qingyu wished, he could instantly transform into an assassin even more terrifying than this.

But he did not do such a thing.

Sword aura radiated from his entire body, and a glistening silver frost like a mist surged out. There were faintly discernible swords that appeared around his body. Ye Qingyu had pushed the [Human King Sword Mantra] into another new level, using his qi to form into a sword, using the ice inner yuan qi to create sword forms. It was as if such sword forms were slowly born within the air.




There was a total of nine swords formed from his ice yuan qi that appeared around Ye Qingyu.

There was a blankness of mind that was slowly born in Ye Qingyu's heart. He was able to comprehend some mysteries he did not understand before. He felt like those nine ice yuan qi sword mirages were as if they possessed life. It gradually communicated with his heart, like nine protecting deities, staying by his side.

The next instant, a warning was born in his heart.

That hidden dwarf-like assassin struck once again.

Ye Qingyu instantly reacted with his thoughts.

An ice yuan sword vibrated, then shot out like a bolt of lightning towards him.

The originally mirage-like sword image instantly solidified.


There was a metallic clash, then a series of sparks.

Seeing his strike not succeed, the midget assassin figure appeared briefly before quickly disappearing again.

Ye Qingyu's attention was not on the dwarf-like assassin.

It was on the long ice qi sword.

"It can instantly soldify? Then in other words, this ice yuan qi sword can constantly change between a solid form and an incorporeal state?"

He understood a mystery that he had previously not noticed before.

With a clench of his hand, one of the nine ice yuan qi swords floating near to him fell into his hands. It was as if he was holding a true long sword, the sword shadow like it was real. Ye Qingyu could not help but think deeper into the mysteries of the [Human King Sword Mantra].

At that instant, it was as if a door was opened in his mind. The normal characters written on the [Human King Sword Mantra] seemed to disassemble and reform in a different order, bringing with it an unbelievable new life.

"I understand."

There was a faint smile that appeard on Ye Qingyu's face.

The sword that had instantly solidified in his hand was struck out.

Fast like lightning.


There was a series of sparks in the air.

The third attack of the dwarf assassin was once again blocked.

He was like an assassin hidden in the night, as soundless as a spirit. Every time he struck ,he grasped the timing perfectly. If it were other experts at the same cultivation level, they would long have perished. But it was a pity for him that he met with Ye Qingyu who was also skilled in the assassination arts.

Ye Qingyu was able to easily resolve each of these three strikes.

The midget figure of the assassin once again hid within the air.

Ye Qingyu did not rush to kill him.

He was still immersed within the mysteries of the ice qi sword.

Right now, he could be sure that the form of the ice yuan qi sword was one of the true secrets of the [Human King Sword Mantra].

The sword mantra manual was mysterious. There was not any comprehensive training method or instructions, it all relied on a single word --- comprehension. Ye Qingyu did not understand at first, but now he fiercely understood. The fact that the [Human King Sword Mantra] did not have any comprehensive training method, was in truth the greatest training method. This sword mantra had far too high a requirement for the person learning it. If one could not truly understand the essence, one could train in it till one were old and be unable to truly exhibit it's true power.

"The ice yuan qi sword shadow can transform from formless into real at will..."

Ye Qingyu looked at the ice qi sword shadow held in his hands.

Following his will, the sword shadow could enlarge or shrink constantly changing between different forms. It could constantly transform in the state between real and illusion, extremely incredible.

"If it was like so, and if it could change between formless and form at the instant the sword struck , the opponent would definitely have no way of defending.”

As he spoke, Ye Qingyu fainty smiled. His figure suddenly turned around, striking towards the space on his right side with the sword.

The sword qi surged out.

The faint black air turbulence was in turmoil, then a midget silhoutte was formed.

The dwarf-like figure was after all, not completely gone from space. As soon as the air flows moved, he would appear.

The location that Ye Qingyu struck at, was namely his head.

The midget could not avoid, raising his dagger up to block.

But the sword shadow was like a mirage. It passed through the dagger, then turned into solid form once again, cutting apart his body.

The midgets figure instantly stayed where he was.

HIs dagger was unharmed and intact.

But in his body, from his head to between his two legs, a faint silver line appeared that separated him into two.

The weapon could not block a mirage.

HIs body could not withstand a true sword.

Ye Qingyu looked at the sword shadow in his hands, incomparably excited.

It was really as he imagined. Changing the form from real to illusion had staring effects. When facing someone's weapon to block, it was a mirage, but when striking towards the enemy's body, it was real.


There was a faint red pattern that flickered madly on the surface layer of the midgets body like a spiderweb. The formation that was etched on his body madly fluctuated, attempting to repair his broken body .But within Ye Qingyu's sword, there was a cold sword qi that instantly destroyed the majority of the formations...


A red glimmer enveloped the midgets body, then the formation fell into disarray. His body exploded.

Pitch black blood like oil fell everywhere on the ground.

"How is this possible?"

The person hidden behind the scenes could not hold back his cries of shock.

This midget's strength was many times stronger than the bald puppet as well as the green-clothed puppet. But it could not last too long in front of Ye Qingyu. It was instantly killed, making him somewhat unable to accept this.

After fighting for so long, has the inner yuan within [War God] finally been completely expended?

But at the same time he let out a shocked exhalation-----


Ye Qingyu's figure moved,. Like a bolt of lighting, he instantly headed towards a point of the killing formation, striking with his full strength.

The nine sword shadows struck to kill instantly like electricity.

Ye Qingyu's yuan power was activated to the extreme, the sword in his hands madly striking.

The moment he was waiting for was now.

The person hidden in the shadows was evidenty stunned and had lost his focus. He had not entirely used the formation to hide his location. The Ye Qingyu who had been patiently waiting for this moment grasped it.

Only when Ye Qingyu struck to kill did the hidden person react.

The killing formation rumbled, wanting to stop Ye Qingyu.


Ye Qingyu roared with rage, the [True Will of the Sky Dragon] activating.

Both his hands transformed into the claws of a dragon. Like tearing apart paper, he instantly tore apart the rumbling killing aura into pieces. The nine sword shadows were like the blades of the death god, instantly striking to kill through the crevice.


There was a painful scream from an extremely far off distance.

"Impossible, how did you disover me..." the hidden person let out a cry of shock. "You... could it be that you know the [Demonic Blood Refining Deity Array] ?"

At that same time, the killing aura of the surrounding formation frantically tried to attempt something.

The formation array greatly changed.

Ye Qingyu's figure landed.

Once the formation altered, he once again lost the location of the hidden person. He could not kill him in one strike.

But that person was defintiely heavily injured.

"Hahaha... [War God], you've enraged me... I will refine you, I will refine you to death." The hidden person let out an angry cry like that of an injured beast. The killing aura of the killing formation was once again in turmoil.

Ye Qingyu faintly smiled. "Really? Do you not feel the ice qi within your body? If this continues on, you won't even able to preserve your own life. You still have the energy to maintain the formation to kill me?"

"You..." The hidden person evidently investigated the state of his own body and was greatly shocked. After falling briefly silent: "The formation has the energy and bodies from the people who have died in the formation. Furthermore, the [Demonic Blood Refining Deity Array] can absorb yuan qi on it's own. I'll first go and recover from my injuries, and the formation will automatically refine you for forty nine days. When I come back, I will then turn you into a human flesh puppet."

The sounds stopped.

The killing formation madly began activating. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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