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If he exploded with his full strength, it was enough to completely crush this muscular puppet into pieces.

But if he acted like that and exposed his true strength, the matters today would not end successfully. He could perhaps get out and retreat safely, but this would implicate [Avalanche]. It was best to maintain the situation and numb the opponent. If he was able to capture the position of that cold sinister person hidden within the formation, then perhaps there would be a chance to break through this situation tonight.

"If I knew it was like this, I would have brought the silly dog Little Nine tonight. The nose of that fellow is really sensitive, it's possible he could find out where the mastermind is."

Ye Qingyu was somewhat regretful.


There was the sound of air being pierced.

The bald muscular formation puppet who had recovered once again used his huge axe to attack.

Lightning flickered out from Ye Qingyu's body. He fiercely took a step on the ground, and this stride was as if it caused heaven and earth to collapse. A vast power emitted from Ye Qingyu's leg that dispersed in the air all around, collapsing and causing a piercing and explosive noise.


In a split second, Ye Qingyu had already charged tens of meters forward, jumping to the air above the head of the muscular man.


This fist that was like thunder was as if it encompassed everything.

The force that was released form both his fists rumbled, charging forward like a tide. When the [Dragon Fist] mantra was cultivated to the extreme, the powerful aura it created was enough to split apart metal and crush stones!

The blood light coming from the eyes of the muscular puppet was like a waterfall. His battle instinct exploded, and he reacted extremely quickly. After his huge axe struck nothing, his axe struck upwards and attacked again, both arms striking at a curvature that was impossible for a normal person to do so.


Ye Qingyu's fist landed directly on the edge of the blade of the blood red axe.

At that instant, the terrifying power contained within his right fist was fully transferred out, striking directly on the blade of the huge axe!


A deep, dull noise emitted from the axe. There was a part of the axe that was sunk in, with the startling image of a fist-shaped lump!

That muscular man was currently as if he was in the claws of a terrifying demon. The huge power rebounding from the blood axe caused the blood red pattern on him to flicker. If he was a true person, in that single strike alone, it would case the blood in his chest to rumble and he would spit blood. Even his internal organs would shift locations as a result of the force of that blow!


The muscular man could not help but retreat tens of steps. The hands that he used to tightly grip onto the axe was already torn apart, fresh blood dripping. But the blood that dripped out was faintly black, as if there was some sort of dye that tainted the axe.

"Hou Hou Hou!"

There was a light that was like the flow of blood from deep within his eyes, as he let out an enraged roar.

"Haha, what are you roaring at?" Ye Qingyu lightly walked forwards, "It seems like the effects of your main course is somewhat weak..."

These words were adressed to the mastermind behind everything.

"Kekekeke... really? Then enjoy it, be careful, kekeke, don't stuff yourself," the icy and poisonous voice once again sounded out.

Ye Qingyu's ear moved.

He was carefully examining the location of the person who spoke.

This was the most crucial part of breaking through this situation.

In truth, at this time, the person that was hidden was also shocked.

He was clear in his own heart just how strong the muscular formation puppet tool was. But he had not imagined that it would be completely suppressed by [War God].

From his perspective, the cultivation of the bald puppet could not be compared to Ye Qingyu. But brute strength was the speciallity of this puppet and it possessed natural herculean strength. For a cultivator at the same stage, if they fought directly using strength, they were looking to die!

But the power emitted by Ye Qingyu's fists had already largely exceeded his imagination. It was even so that he could not be compared to it.

"Haha, just how many of such puppets do you have? To look at stuff that you've painstakingly created to be destroyed just like that, it must pain your heart, hahaha..." Ye Qingyu shouted loudly.

Before he had even finished.

Both his legs stepped through the air. The body that had not even reached the ground yet suddenly fiercely twisted. A mad and berserk force reverberated through him. Stepping through the air, he was like a bolt of lightning that struck to kill towards the muscular man.

The secret of the [Dragon Fist], was in the momentum!

Ye Qingyu's power had originally far exceeded the musclar man. Furthermore, the angle at which he struck was already enough to cause someone to be confused. Under such a mighty onslaught of power, the power he exploded with far exceeded someone's imagination.

"Xiu Xiu Xiu!"

Boh his fists constantly struck like raindrops.

This was the first time that Ye Qingyu used the [Dragon Fist] mantra with his full power.

There was silver-coloured divine dragon mirages dancing in the air, accompanied by the roar of dragons piercing through the air. The light of the fists caused there to be countless illusions and mirages occuring within the sky. At this moment, it was as if Ye Qingyu had grown hundreds of arms. These hundreds of fists all madly stuck towards all the vitals of the muscular man!


Too quick!

"Che Che Che Che!"

There was constantly the dull sound of bones cracking all over the body of the muscular man.

With Ye Qingyu's speed and power right now, it had already exceeded the limit at which the formation puppet tool could react.

The arm, stomach and knee, all sorts of vital points, had received thousands of attacks from Ye Qingyu like a rainstorm in but the short space of a few breaths. His body was about to be completely broken apart by Ye Qingyu!

The axe in his hands had already shattered into two, with the face of the axe completely dented in. It was riddled with fist imprints from Ye Qingyu's fists, posing a shocking sight!

In the face of such a torrential rainstorm-like offence, he was like a cloth doll. Every single one of his movements was slow, as if he was in slow motion. He could not follow Ye Qingyu's rate at all.

He could only be hit, be hit and then be hit.

"Cough, cough!"

After several hundred fists, there was the sounds of death coming from the formation puppet. He had incomparable strength, but he could not even cause the slightest of harm on Ye Qingyu. He was not able to block such a terrifying offensive, and the bones in his legs were completely shattered by Ye Qingyu. With a plop, he knelt on the ground.

"Gurgle, gurgle..." The muscular man lay on the ground.

There was a faint black liquid that was like oil seeping from the corner of his mouth. In his eyes that was blood red and deep like a lake, there was a confused red light staring at Ye Qingyu. He opened his mouth to say something, but only a mouth of blood and flesh came out.

"Chilah!" The eyes of the man turned scarlet red, displaying his last sign of madness.

The blood red pattern all around his body like a tattoo started madly flickering. His whole body seemed to double in size, trying to madly muster his last breath. He used his right fist to strike at the Ye Qingyu in front of him. The tyrannical power contained in that massive fist, was so strong it nearly compressed and broke apart space. He wanted to die together with him!

"I'll give you release."

Ye Qingyu's face was cold, his gaze calm.

The [Dragon Fist] struck again!


The instant that Ye Qingyu struck with his right fist, there was an explosive sound like a dragon's roar, shaking the entire killing formation.

But at that crucial moment ---


Within the killing formation, there were tentacles after tentacles of light that appeared soundlessly behind Ye Qingyu, wanting to enter into his body.

An extreme cold aura instantly enveloped Ye Qingyu.

But Ye Qingyu had long made preparations for this and readied his defences.

There was a layer of faint [Supreme Ice Flame] that flashed by, and that icy killing aura from the killing formation was instantly gone.

That killing formation did not interupt Ye Qingyu in the slightest.


The two fists met.

The two fists caused there to be mad waves resounding thorughout the air. With a force that thunder could not be compared to, it surged forward in all directions, casing all the corpses to be blown away.

"Kacha! Kacha!"

There was the sound of bones breaking on the arms of the muscular man. HIs fist could be seen bending at a visible speed, the bones within it shattering completely into powder. His entire fist turned into powder that was discernible to the eye, like he was a statue of sand.

Ultimatley, he was sent flying by Ye Qingyu's fist.


The next instant, the muscular man fell harshly to ground.


He did his utmost to struggle to sit up.

There was a blood red light that appeared in his pupils, slowly disappearing.

His eyes were empty like two deep pits, not saying anything.

But the killing intent and madness within his face seemed to gradually fade. Little by little, the expression on his face returned to normal.

"Cough, cough..." This was the first a human-like voice emitted from his throat, "I... cough, cough... I'm... finally... free... I stood... and died... Thanks to you."

Before he had even finished.


The blood red patterns on him urgently and madly flickered, then his entire body exploded.

That undying monster had finally been eliminated.

There was not any expression of joy after a battle on Ye Qingyu's face----in truth, defeating a human flesh puppet formation tool was not a significant achievement for Ye Qingyu. It could not be counted as anything. More importantly, Ye Qingyu understood the broken words of the bald puppet formation tool.

Evidently, at the last moment, he had recovered some of his intelligence.

Without question, this flesh puppet tool was a victim of some evil arts. He had not received such evil arts of his own initiative. At the last moment of his death, he had finally been released. The reason why he forcefully stood up was because he had the dignity of an expert. He wanted to die standing, so he thanked Ye Qingyu for achieving his aim of release.

The bald man was someone's child, was perhaps someone's husband, or someone's father...

The rage in Ye Qingyu's heart rose to the extreme.

Just who was it that dared to use such evil arts to cause harm to others within the Capital?

"If the power of the Empire is one day in my hands, I will definitely eradicate all wrongdoings within the Empire. No matter whether it is the nobles or the sects, I will make them experience the harms they've caused others a hundred times over."

Ye Qingyu swore hiddenly in his heart.

"Keke..." The person hidden within the formation, let out a strange weird smile. "Powerful, powerful. The title [War God] is really not just for show.“

"If you are really so amazing then scram out. I swear on my name, I will definitely kill you." Ye Qingyu's voice was the like the resonation of a massive copper bell, echoing throughout the heavens.

As if he could sense Ye Qingyu's will, the killing intent within the killing formation that was originally like a stagnant pond started to rumble. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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