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Imperial God Emperor 379 - Destructive sword aura

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The battle, in the time of just a couple of breaths, had entered a white hot scorching stage.

The battle hooked everyone's hearts.

Xing'er seemed to be peacefully sitting where she was. But right now she was already tightly clenching onto her fists, biting onto her lips. Her brows were faintly knitted, her gaze focused completely towards Ye Qingyu, her heart slowly becoming worried.

Although she knew that Ye Qingyu had extremely strong cards hidden up his sleeve, but this girl could not help but be worried.

In this first exchange, Ye Qingyu seemed to be at the disadvantage. Xing'er could not help but be worried for Ye Qingyu.

"Little Ye, do your best!”

Xing'er shouted this in her heart.

The other side.

The Apex Prince, Yu Feiyan, sitting on the purple gold dragon throne, also focused completely on the two locked in battle within the formation barrier. His brows knitted as he showed a thoughtful expression.

"From the current situation, Ye Qingyu is not Xiao Lou's opponent. But this [Dragon Fist]..."

Yu Feiyan was a grandmaster in terms of martial cultivation, and he was also exceedingly familiar towards the martial path of the Imperial family. That was why he only needed to pay a glance at the [Dragon Fist] exhibited by Ye Qingyu to know there was something different contained within.

Under the gaze of everyone, Ye Qingyu had already fallen into disadvantage within the formation.

"Hu! Hu! Hu!”

That normal blade sheath seemed even more mighty in Xiao Lou’s hands than other mysterious divine weapons. It struck with tens of blade lights that seemed like they were real, all striking at Ye Qingyu's vitals.


The yuan power around Ye Qingyu was activated to the extreme. He fiercely stood where he was, bending at the knees as he took a stance. It was as if his legs had grown roots to the dock. He did not dodge nor evade. Fist after fist, seeming sluggish but rapid, he constantly struck out with the might of the [Dragon Fist].

The blade techniques of Xiao Lou were indeed quick. Amongst the young experts, his speed could be compared to [Flowing Light] who specialized in speed.

But since Ye Qingyu could handle [Flowing Light], then he could naturally also handle Xiao Lou.

It was only that something had caught Ye Qingyu's attention.

“An extremely powerful fellow! His blade techniques are simple and unadorned, but there is a killing intent contained within. It is now rarely seen. Is it the ancient blade techniques left behind after the age of the sects when Snow Empire was founded? Just what is this Xiao Lou's background? It is rumoured that no one knows about his background at all. Could he be some successor to some sect from the age of sects?"

As Ye Qingyu thought, his expressions constantly flickered.

There were tens of blade lights that appeared in front of him. Ye Qingyu did not panic. In a split second, his right fist fiercely struck out, tens of times in but a moment!

Ye Qingyu's entire person seemed to be surrounded by an endless and unending fist mirage that protected him, causing one's eyesight to go dizzy at the sight of it.


The countless fists and light of the blade struck against each other.

The air in the restricting formation vibrated and undulated from the frightening force released by both parties. It shook constantly, and there would occasionally be numerous fist shadows or blade shadows that struck out, fiercely striking the light projection of the restricting formation. It let out shudders and tremors everywhere.


The fist and blade shadows had already completely filled the restricting formation. The figures of the two seemed to be completely enveloped by such shadows. It was as if they were two ancient beasts, madly attacking and striking each other, fighting a completely chaotic battle!

Ye Qingyu could still last for a short period.

But after a period, the speed of his fists had evidently gone down.

Xing'er got a fright in her heart seeing such a scene as he constantly stared at Ye Qingyu.

"Crap! Little Ye's balance has evidently been shaken, he won't be able to endure it much longer!"

It was not only her who noticed such a point. Xiao Lou was also able to discern this. There was a viciousness that appeared between his brows. At the same time as he pulled his blade back, his feet flickered. The next instant, he disappeared like a ghost in front of Ye Qingyu.


There was a coldness that passed by Ye Qingyu's lips.

All the muscles in his body tensed, as he stared cautiously around his surroundings.



There was the sound of the air being pierced sharply that rang out unexpectedly from behind him.

The figure of Xiao Lou appeared like a ghost behind Ye Qingyu. His blade sheath struck out at Ye Qingyu's knees with tremendous strength.

The power and speed held in this blade strike caused mirage to be born in the air. The terrifying power it exploded with at that instant was at a level enough so that if it struck, Ye Qingyu's knees would definitely be chopped off.

Xing'er's eyebrows shot up.

"An extremely strange and crafty blade technique. The footwork of this Xiao Lou is like a ghost, his inner force and speed has already been trained to the extreme. Little Ye, Little Ye, stop playing around, quickly explode with your power and take out your trump cards. If this continues on, you will definitely fall.”

There were expressions of excitement that appeared on many of the guest masters of the Prince's residence.

Anyone with clear vision could see that in such distance and with the explosive speed that Xiao Lou acted with, it was impossible for Ye Qingyu to block this move.

Only Yu Feiyan's expression did not change.

And at that crucial moment---


Ye Qingyu let out a loud roar.

In his mind, the nameless breathing technique activated. His senses were raised to the extreme. Not even turning his head, the force in his body transferred into his fists, and his body bending back like a massive python that struck behind him with a strange form!

The two fists that carried the entire power of Ye Qingyu's body headed straight for Xiao Lou's face.

The [Dragon Fist] was like a cannon that exploded out.

At the moment when he struck out with his fist, there was a fierce energy that emitted from Ye Qingyu's body. It made one have the mistaken impression that a vicious dragon was roaring, soaring out from somewhere and possessing Ye Qingyu.

This was a punch that reversed the situation!

If Xiao Lou did not block this move, this blade would definitely be able to chop of Ye Qingyu's knees.

But at the same time, he would suffer Ye Qingyu's offensive that was like a torrential rainstorm.

He would kill a thousand of the enemies, but in the process eight hundred soldiers of his would die in the proces!

In a split second, Xiao Lou ultimately bit his teeth. He forcefully changed his move, and his wrist emitted a powerful energy that dragged the blade sheath into a defensive position, blocking in front of himself.


At that moment, Ye Qingyu's fists landed heavily on Xiao Lou's blade sheath.

Xiao Lou let out a low grunt, his body staggering backwards. He flew back tens of meters before he could stabilize, his gaze filled with shock as he stared at Ye Qingyu.

It was not only him, the people spectating the battle could not be still.

Xing'er could not help but widen her eyes, her gaze filled with a strange colour as he looked towards Ye Qingyu. There was an upward quirk on her lips as she exposed a smile.

"I long knew, this fellow was exposing a weakness on purpose. With his rich battle experience, how could he show such an evident weak point. It's only that it's a pity, he did not truly defeat Xiao Lou. The advantage of Little Ye lies in his power. Both his fists struck squarely on him, but he did not manage to heavily injure Xiao Lou. This person wielding the blade, really lives up to the rumours."

There was finally a trace of shock that appeared on the face of the Apex Prince that seemed as if it would never alter. Others could perhaps overlook it, but he would definitely spot it!

"That move just now, contained the power of the pinnacle of the [Dragon Fist] mantra.”

"The [Dragon Fist] is the secret of the Imperial family. The [Dragon Fist] passed on outside today are versions where there are imperfections. Only the Imperial family has the requirement to cultivate the perfect technique! This Ye Qingyu was one of the people chosen, and had once trained at the military department. Learning the [Dragon Fist] is within expectations, but the [Dragon Fist] he learned should be the imperfect version. But right now, why is it that the power he exploded with is comparable to the perfect technique? Could he be..."

Yu Feiyan gave a glance to Xing'er.

Who would have thought that this girl had given the [Three Thousand Feet of White Hair] to her lover, but also passed on the complete form of the [Dragon Fist] mantra to him?

The Apex Prince believed in his own judgement.

But this time, he was wrong.

On the arena.

At this time, the complexion of Xiao Lou's face was completely red. Blood was still boiling in his chest. His expression constantly flickered. Biting his teeth, he regarded Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu stood where he was, his aura calm and stable. There was faint dragon qi fluctuating in his body.


"Phew..." Xiao Lou deeply breathed in, then he stably breathed in and out. At that moment, it was as if everything in the restriction had quieted down. There were no sounds at al.

With Ye Qingyu tightly watching him, Xiao Lou slowly opened his mouth. His cold voice accompanied by a trace of rage, sounded out throughout the entire restricting formation, "Somewhat interesting... but it is by far not enough for you to be known as [War God].”

"This is my last move, receive it."

The voice sounded.


A vast energy and aura began activating on Xiao Lou's body, that berserkly rose. At just an instant, he had already reached the pinnacle.

At that instant, Ye Qingyu felt that the aura coming from Xiao Lou's body was like a flood, like the roar and howl of an ancient beast. Pushing forward without any obstacles, it pressed down on his shoulders so that even his four limbs could barely move.

At that moment, it was as if time stopped.

Xiao Lou slowly lifted the blade sheath in his hands, and that purple gold blade sheath seemed to have become part of Xiao Lou's body at that moment.

From the perspective of the spectator, his speed was extremely slow. It seemed like even a spectator would be able to easily avoid it.

Only Ye Qingyuunderstood the terror and profoundness behind this as he stood within the formation.

At this time, Ye Qingyu stared tightly as Xiao Lou's hand moved, and the blade sheath striking at him. Ye Qingyu looked all around.

But he discovered that no matter where or how he dodged, it was impossible to evade that strike.

The killing aura that exploding berserkly had already locked down all the places he could escape from!

Such a strange sensation caused Ye Qingyu's heart to jump.

Such a blade technique, why was it so similar to the mysteries behind the [Human King Sword Mantra]?

At that same time, outside the restricting formation.

Seeing this scene, Yu Feiyan's brows that were tightly locked finally relaxed. "Exterminating World Sword Power, the ultimate technique of Xiao Lou. There is not any sort of blade moves, and it just solely relies on the power of the sword to crush everything in front of it. It has the power to destroy heaven and rend the earth. Ye Qingyu, even if you have three heads and six arms, you cannot avoid this. Ye Qingyu, although you are exceptional, but you still have lost."

Ye Qingyu did not plan to evade anymore. His eyes instead faintly closed, his entire person falling into an incomparably tranquil state.

In a blink, the blade sheath of Xiao Lou had reached within three inches of Ye Qingyu's head. The next moment, he would receive a destructive strike.


Ye Qingyu fiercely opened both his eyes, his pupils constricting. There was a flash of electrical light that passed by in his eyes at that moment!

In but a moment's time.

A vast energy suddenly exploded from Ye Qingyu's body, soaring to the clouds!----- Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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