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Imperial God Emperor 376 - Third Huangshu

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Chapter 376 -

“Hey, why are you staring blankly, hurry up.”

A familiar voice came from the mysterious yellow airship.

Startled, Ye Qingyu looked up to see a sweet smile and a flower-like face of a beautiful maiden wearing a luxurious and beautiful palace long dress, like a fairy floating in the sunlight. She was standing on the deck of the mysterious ship grinning and looking at him, her sleeves rolled up as she greeted someone below.

This… Are you greeting me?

I don’t think I know her.

Ye Qingyu looked all around, and found that there were no other people, which means this beautiful maiden of the imperial household was apparently greeting him, but... While Ye Qingyu stared in confusion, he suddenly felt that this extremely beautiful girl vaguely seemed a little familiar.

Is it... Xing’er?

How could her brown eyes look so similar to the little boy servant Xing’er that followed [Painting Saint] Liu Yuqing around in Youyan Pass?

“Haha, the famous Leaf of Youyan Pass, why is your eyesight so bad? I just changed clothes and you don’t recognize me?” The beautiful noble girl said mockingly and furtively winked at him behind the guards. She was exactly like Xing’er back then.

It... it really was Xing’er?

Ye Qingyu really was taken aback.

He he he he he... was female?

“Hurry come up, we’ll talk in a different place.” Her face taking on a mischievous look as she repeatedly waved.

Ye Qingyu no longer hesitated. With a flash, he got onto the mysterious ship.

A flash of light.

The mysterious airship shot into the sky, and the next moment it had disappeared from the station. Its speed was extremely fast, as though a beam of flowing light, and no ordinary formation airships could compare to it.


Blue sky.

White clouds.

This was Ye Qingyu’s first time overlooking the imperial capital Snow Capital from such a high altitude.

Only the imperial airships were allowed to, at this height, cruise in the sky above the Snow Capital and appreciate the beauty of this giant city of the Human Race.

Beneath were rows of magnificent buildings, seemingly endless, stretching to the horizon. The different shapes of towering buildings were like statues of deities standing in this piece of land that was once covered by the glacier. Also the silver main road and viaduct looked like a dragon lying dormant on the ground, accompanying the devil. The view from above was an ultimate visual shock.

The high martial era and the development of the formation technique had brought manpower to its peak.

“Say, how did you get here? And how did you turn into a woman?” Ye Qingyu was holding onto the railing of the ship, the breeze ruffling his black hair. Looking at Xing’er, his mind had calmed down.

“Hey, Little Leaf, can you speak more politely, I am now appearing before you as the imperial princess, you are my courtier okay? Would a courtier speak to their master with this tone?”

As before, Xing’er spoke in a playful manner, and there was a mischievous glint in her eyes.

The imperial guards were dozens of meters away from her, and on this deck there were only Ye Qingyu and her.

When the guards were not around, it was the time she could completely relax and need not adhere to the several etiquette and rules. This was like her time at Youyan Pass, where she was free and leisurely like the wind.

“You are tactfully telling me now that your real identity is the Imperial Princess?” Ye Qingyu smiled. “No wonder you have the [Three Thousand Feet of White Hair], I could not understand before, but now I understand everything.”

“At that time I took out the [Three Thousand Feet of White Hair] for you to use at the martial arts meeting, who would have guessed that you have not used it, but chose to use it now and also in the imperial capital. This move is good, now all the people of the imperial capital know. Haha, now everyone is busy guessing what exactly your real identity is? Some people say that you are a prince that the imperial household had been secretly cultivating...” Xing’er was overjoyed talking about this matter, without [Painting Saint] Liu Yuqing around her, her talent for mischief was freely displayed.

Ye Qingyu shook his head without saying a word.

Xing’er’s eyes were flickering with another mischievous glint.

She lifted the hem of a dress up a little and slowly walked over like a young adult, lightly patted the shoulder of Ye Qingyu, and laughed, “Well, well, in fact, it is not a big deal. You know, this time you were lucky. If not because of the [Three Thousand Feet of White Hair], the Du household would have been searching for you to kill you. Du Heng has a vicious and ruthless mind. I remembered that when I was a child, I accidentally saw Liang household’s old Liang’s most loved little grandson accidentally touching the sweat in Du Heng’s hands and did not apologize. The next day, the body of little Liang appeared on the riverbank of the Twilight Snow River. Everybody thought that Little Liang accidentally fell into the Twilight Snow River, but only I saw the ruthless human-eating expression within Du Heng’s eyes. I am sure that he was the person behind this...

“There’s such a thing?” Ye Qingyu pretended to be surprised.

Xing’er was exceptionally smart. With one glance at Ye Qingyu she could tell that he was deliberately ridiculing her. She angrily glared at Ye Qingyu, fist raised. “Come on, can’t you tell what temper that Du Heng guy has? I’ll tell you. Rumour has it that his eyes are purple because his mind is too vicious. At first they were blood-red, then it grew more and more red, more and more vicious, and finally to red-purple...”

Ye Qingyu laughed. “Do you think I will believe you? It’s obvious that he practiced a kind of evil cultivation technique so his eyes changed...”

Xing’er burst into a mischievous laugh.

“When did you come back from Youyan Pass?” Ye Qingyu turned around to ask. “Did Master Liu come back with you?”

Xing’er swept her hand through her wind-ruffled fine black hair, laughing, “The moment you left was the moment I went back to Snow Capital... Hey, hey, what’s that look in your eyes, I’m not following you here, my aunt forced me to come back... Master Liu is the brain of the Youyan army, now the Youyan army offensive against the demon clan is in full swing, how could he come to Snow Capital. Not to mention that Master Liu once swore that he would never return to Snow Capital.”

“Huh?” Ye Qingyu captured the abstrusity of these sentences, and asked in an astounded tone, “Master Liu vowed not to return to Snow Capital? What’s going on?”

“It is said that he experienced a sad past event in the Snow Capital.” Xing’er shook her head. “I don’t know the details, however, Master Liu is one of the four saints of Heaven Wasteland Domain, and among the snowscape he is certainly regarded as a prodigy, a complete sensation. He is a famous gifted scholar. Many rich aristocratic young ladies want to marry him. It is said that there were princesses of the imperial household that admired him. Some princes and nobles, in order to get one of his paintings, were willing to give Origin crystals as presents. The name [Painting Saint] is known across the capital, even father had once summoned him… Hee hee, you wouldn’t want to hear it. Ah, the great waves that Master Liu once caused in the imperial capital are more than your current fame and power. You only caused a little movement, and can only be considered as a minor magician in the presence of a great one.”

Ye Qingyu cast a glare at her. “Why are you talking about me?”

Xing’er said firmly, “Are you not the kind of person that loves the limelight?”

Ye Qingyu fixed his gaze on Xing’er’s face, carefully studying it for a while, when Xing’er giggled and pulled a face, “Why are you looking at me with those eyes, do you think I’m very beautiful? Tell the truth, the moment you saw me, did your heart beat faster?”

“Haha...” Ye Qingyu mercilessly replied, “Of course not, you’re too young. Maybe when you mature a bit more in a few years later... I’ll also tell the truth, which you won’t like to hear, if you were not the princess of the Empire, I would have already ripped off your mouth.”

“Hey,” Xing’er said, rubbing her cheeks and squeezing her eyes. “But I am a princess, so you better not...” And then continued in an arrogant, childish and coy tone of voice, “And you even want to tear off my mouth, you're a bad person. I deliberately came to find you today for something.”

Her coy tone of voice was sending shivers down Ye Qingyu’s spine, like the sound of a cat scratching a bronze mirror. He hurriedly retreated back a few steps, crying, “Stop, speak properly... Why did you come find me?”

“Of course I came to find you…” Before Xing’er could finish her words, as though she suddenly noticed something, she looked up towards the upper right.

Together with Ye Qingyu.

A huge shadow appeared, projecting down from the top right direction, and blocking the sunlight shining onto the mysterious airship. A grand battleship that was like a divine dragon had silently and stealthily appeared above everyone’s head, like a devil whale that was hunting in the dark sea, obstructing the sun and slowly coming to a stop.

This airship was really big.

Also its movements were like that of a ghost, there was not the slightest sound and fluctuation in yuan power. Even with Ye Qingyu’s strength, he only noticed its arrival when it was already close to him.

When he lifted his head and looked upward, his heart was shaken again.

Xing’er was the princess of the empire, and the mysterious airship that she rides on was already incredibly luxurious and exhibited a noble air and undoubtedly displayed the imposing manner of the imperial household. It could be called the finest work of formation flying airships of the Human Race of Heaven Wasteland Domain, but compared with the giant battleship above, it was like a little shrimp wandering under a giant devil shark. Whether it was the build or the imposing manner, there was nothing comparable at all.

“The Prince’s ship? What’s he doing here?”

Xing’er’s expression suddenly grew serious.

There was suddenly a solemn and formal look on the usually laughing and joking beautiful face, as though she had turned from a careless silly girl into the high and mighty Imperial Princess. A noble air was suddenly diffusing out from her youthful body.


A mellow male voice that sounded gentle and familiar with a hint of teasingness sounded from the battleship above.

“Our little princess is in the mood to come out to play today. I heard that you have already ran off from 21 instructors that teach you the royal palace etiquette, and threatened that who forces you to study the palace etiquette again you would kill yourself, ha ha ha… The reason you came out today, is it to see your little boyfriend in private?”

When Ye Qingyu heard this sentence, his heart jumped.

Another royal figure had appeared.

“Third Huangshu, as an elder, are you not ashamed of saying something like that?” Xing’er answered calmly.


There was a multitude of information flickering in Ye Qingyu’s head. He finally knew, just who the Third Huangshu in Xing’er’s words referred to.

Yu Feiyan.

Ranked second in the [Heavenly Officer List], a terrifying person second only to the Right Minister Lin Zheng, the only golden Crowned Prince of the empire. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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