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Imperial God Emperor 373 - The cultivation technique of Bai Yuanxing

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The formation flying carriage travelled like the wind or lightning.

In the early dawn, the capital seemed more tranquil than in the light. It was like a slumbering young girl, filled with a mysterious beauty and charm.

"How are Yuanxing's injuries?"

After not returning for a month, Ye Qingyu was most concerned with Bai Yuanxing's state.

The reason he brought Bai Yuanxing to the capital, was that he wanted to find famed doctors to treat his injuries.

Although the [Divine Doctor] Ouyang Buping could not heal him, but this did not mean that others also could not heal him. Perhaps they were able to encounter some strange methods of techniques. After all, there were many crouching tigers and hidden dragons within the capital. This was the largest city within Heaven Wasteland Domain, it was unknown just how many inexplicable people, matter and treasures lied within this massive city.

Ye Qingyu, apart from doing his utmost, held the heart of trying his luck, and did his best to find methods to make Bai Yuanxing recover.

"Ouyang Shishu has once analyzed the state that brother Yuanxing is in right now. His injuries should have already recovered fully, and all the strange power within his brain has been eradicated. But if he wants to recover his eyesight, it will be very difficult. Apart from if we find some divine medicine that only exists in legends or that the cultivation of brother Yuanxing is able to reach Heaven Ascension, he will not be able to see again. If he is able to reach such a state, his limbs can regrow, and at that time, new eyes can be born."

Lin Baiyi recounted everything that had roughly occurred when Ye Qingyu was in training.

Such an explanation was the same as one month ago.

It seemed like in this past month, Ouyang Buping was not able to find a breakthrough in terms of treatment.

Ye Qingyu heard this and understood. Nodding his head, "According to what you say, Yuanxing should be able to cultivate?"

“The heart and will of brother Yuanxing is impressive. In these days, his cultivation has taken another step forward. His strength has evidently risen, and is far more powerful than before he was injured. Apart from his senses of sight, his five sense are incomparably terrifying, and can be compared to the cultivation of a Spirit spring expert. In terms of this, one cannot say whether the incident is fortune or calamity for him."

Lin Baiyi sighed.

Ye Qingyu nodded his head, not saying anything.

It seemed like placing all his hopes on the medical arts was not a correct decision.

Perhaps it was time to try out some other paths such as cultivation techniques?

Thinking of cultivation techniques, an idea formed in Ye Qingyu's head. A bolt of lightning surged in his mind. He suddenly thought of a cultivation technique that would perhaps suit Bai Yuanxing.

Ever since excavating a hundred Spirit springs and entering into the Bitter Sea stage, Ye Qingyu had already unsealed over half the contents in the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled hart]. He had obtained many types of cultivation techniques, strange items and divine weapons, obtaining a rich stash. It was only that a large majority of its contents were not suitable for himself, and it's contents were extremely disordered and varied. It was vast like the ocean, and was not something that one person would be able to incorporate and comprehend in a moment. Therefore Ye Qingyu had not rushed to cultivate and train in the techniques.

But he could faintly remember, on the seventeenth page of the [Fiendgod Titled hart], there was a cultivation technique called the [Heavenly Blind Dao]. The figure that demonstrated the techniques was a naturally blind Fiendgod, so this seemed to be a path that was extremely suited for a blind person to cultivate in.

As he thought of this, Ye Qingyu directly meditated on the flying formation carriage. His consciousness submerged within his dantian as he opened the ancient bronze book.

He very quickly found the page that referred to the [Heavenly Blind Dao]. After inserting his yuan qi, a figure that was covered with tatoos and a long braid, his face completely smooth without any facial features jumped out from the page. It began demonstrating a cultivation technique. At the same time, there was a strange light pattern that flickered along his tattoos, it seemed to be the path where yuan qi should flow and follow...


The flying formation carriage possessed by Lin Baiyi had many privileges.

Very quickly, they arrived at the [Medicine Hut].

Bai Yuanxing, Jin Ling'er and the others waited at the door after receiving news of his arrival. Seeing the descent of the flying formation carriage, they jumped up and down in excitement. This was especially so for the three children who charged straight at them.

Of course, what also charged at him was the silly dog Little Nine who had grown a little larger and chubbier.

Ouyang Buping and Dugu Quan stood at the door laughing at this scene.

Next to them were Ximen Yeshui and Wen Wan to the left and right of them. They both had differing expressions. There was a bowl of noodles in Wen Wan's hands, and Ximen Yeshui had a little turtle that was bright and green. On it's head, there was a three coloured pattern. It was unknown where Ximen Yeshui had obtained it from, and it seemed exceedingly cute and honest, blowing bubbles with its mouth...

"Haha, hearing that you are about to return, this fellow shamelessly came here to get free tea and wine off me." Ouyang Buping laughed.

If one was able to see that this Divine Imperial doctor that even princes would rarely be able to see, had such an amiable attitude as he personally walked out of the [Medicine Hut] to receive a young man not even twenty, their eyeballs would definitely drop out from shock.

Everyone entered into the [Medicine Hut] with a smile.

"Good little brat, you did a major matter last night. Right now, the entire capital has already heard of the title [War God]. Countless people know of you now," Dugu Quan patted Ye Qingyu on the shoulder as he said excitedly. There was curiosity as he asked, "That's right, how did you clash with that little messenger of death?"

"I did not incite the tiger, but the tiger wants to harm me." Ye Qingyu helplessly recounted everything that had happened that night, apart from the matter that Qiu Fenghan was being carried by him naked, and then she had mistakenly injured him.

After hearing Ye Qingyu's words, the expression of the two old men became much more serious.

"To think that the Right Minister is really preparing to act against Commander Li. Is that person crazy?" The [Divine Doctor] Ouyang Buping bit his teeth. In his words, one could tell he did not have any good will towards the Right Minister at all.

"The Right Minister wants to topple the position of the Crown Prince. And Commander Li, is one of the commanders of the four main armies, who has publicly expressed his support for the Crown Prince. The army of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity] has always kept neutral, so naturally he would become the thorn in the Right Minister's eyes. But to think that he would act so quickly. The matters that happened yesterday would not have shaken the foundation of the Thunder Deity army, and its methods were somewhat childish. It should not be something done by the Right Minister’s residence. To think that the Imperial Du household would have participated in it, the old man has really gone senile. But we cannot discount the possibility they are just being used, perhaps they are just the chess piece of some other people."

Dugu Quan said somewhat emotionally.

As people of the Imperial group of masters, and living within the Gongfeng residence, it seemed they had no conflict with the outer world on the surface, belonging to the sect of free clouds and wild cranes. But within the capital, there was no one that could remain neutral and apart. Furthermore, the two both belonged to major noble families, and were not truly separate and independent. They naturally had to pay attention to the situation of the capital, therefore when they spoke of this matter they were knowledgeable.

The Commander Li in their mouths was naturally the Li Xianhu who was one of the founding generals of the Empire.

"That's right, brother Ye you must be careful. By defeating Du Heng, you have already shaken Snow Capital. You have instantly became one of the important people within the capital, but the Imperial Du household is famed for paying back their debts. They will definitely hiddenly target you. Everything seems calm on the surface, but when the hidden current comes, it is unknown how many young geniuses and prodigies will turn into white skeletons..." There was worry within the words of Ouyang Buping. The methods of the Du residence was known by everyone throughout the capital.

Dugu Quan nodded his head, then chuckled. "Going against the current is the quality of a hero. A mighty dragon must cross a river. Brother Ye is a hidden dragon, now that clouds are converging, this is namely the time for you to shine. At such a time, he should go against the flow, and laugh at the clouds and wind. A mere Du household, how can it go against you? If Little brother Ye is scared by the Du residence, how can he achieve great things in the future?"

Ye Qingyu laughed hearing this.

Ouyang Buping next to him glared. "You old bastard, don't take things too lightly. Brother Ye only just entered into Snow Capital, and he is alone. I must say something today. This matter, your Dugu family must do something. If brother Ye really encounters any trouble, you must not just sit there and do nothing,.

After hearing this, Dugu Quan was enraged: "Do you think you need to say such words? Am I, Dugu Quan, such a dishonourable person? It's just that your Ouyang family might become cowardly.

Ouyang Buping countered, "Naturally, do I need you to teach me?"

Dugu Quan was satisfied hearing this, then suddenly thought of something. He had an eager expression, "Thinking of it, our two families have really been too silent in these years. It perhaps is the time for us to express our voices, otherwise the other people will think that us old fellows are weak.

As Ye Qingyu heard this, he suddenly felt that these two old men with hair white like immortals, were people who enjoyed a battle.

After a brief discussion, he once again exchanged thoughts on cultivation with these two old men. He shared his understanding towards the six ancient characters as well as some of it mysteries. In the blink of an eye, one day had passed and it was deep into the night. Dugu Quan and Ouyang Buping suddenly received the summons coming from the Imperial palace. After being surprised, they prepared and left during the night towards the palace.

Ye Qingyu remained in the [Medicine Hut].

He decided to pass on the [Heavenly Blind Dao] to Bai Yuanxing.

Under the moonlight, Bai Yuanxing, wearing completely white, had a silver cover around his eyes, standing amidst the mottled bamboo shadows. The night wind blew over, moving his hair and white robe. Although he was only at the stage of the Ordinary martial level, but these days he had trained his heart and refined his spirit. He gave off a feeling that he had enlightened himself from mortal affairs.

Ye Qingyu similarly stood within the courtyard. He began demonstrating the heart sutra and the battle techniques of the [Heavenly Blind Dao] to Bai Yuanxing.

From far away, Jin Ling'er was currently training in the mysteries of the [Flowing Shadow Kill]

Compared to the exceptional martial talent of Jin Ling'er, Bai Yuanxing's talent was average, and his comprehension was somewhat slow. Therefore Ye Qingyu was very patient as he explained and directed him.

Bai Yuanxing listened extremely carefully.

Slowly he understood. What his master was teaching him,was a close combat killing technique using punches and kicks. And the most exquisite and profound point was that it would be able to use his body and spirit, to replace his eyes and see everything in the world.

As Ye Qingyu patiently explained, the time of a night quickly passed by.

A new day arrived.

Jin Ling'er had long gone to rest.

The dews of the morning dawn began to form on the bodies of Ye Qingyu and Bai Yuanxing.

The east skies began to exhibit the morning dawn.

What followed after was the shred of morning golden sunlight.

The golden sunlight of the new day shined on Bai Yuanxing's body. At that time, his heart and soul was moved, and he could sense the faint heat from the sunlight. Bai Yuanxing suddenly felt that he had grasped something, his heart completely clear.

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