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Imperial God Emperor 371 - The end of training

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When Qiu Fenghan woke up, her mind was in a complete mess.

She did her best to remember what had happened before, but there was not the slightest of clues. Her consciousness was muddled and confused, and she could not recall anything that had happened before. But there was a bad feeling in her heart, as if she had just experienced hell where she was powerless, and had fallen into deep terror...

But it was a pity that the instinctive feeling of a martial expert could not make her resist instantly.

Because an experience she had never felt before had suddenly encompassed her whole body.

A flame began burning from within her white jade-like and flat abdomen. An indescribable scorching heat instantly enveloped her. Even though her body was only covered by a thin cloak, but she wanted to hug a piece of ice to lower her body temperature in the quickest possible way...

Her skin, separated by her cloak, was pressed against something. A comfortable feeling that originated deep from her body came from the other side of the cloak…

Qiu Fenghan instinctively struggled, her fingers clenching. The beast skin cloak was torn apart like paper. For an expert with nearly seventy Spirit springs, this cloak could not pose any barrier to her.

Then she pressed her own body against it.

She was like a little snake that was about to explode from her heart, that tangled against the figure carrying her. Her arms encircled against the figure, and her long and slender legs clasped tightly. She used all sorts of methods to tightly hold onto the muscular figure carrying her, so that it would forever be in her embrace.

This was like an instinctive reaction.

Because Qiu Fenghan was able to feel on the firm body, a shred of comfortableness, a feeling that was near enough to make her mad.



Ye Qingyu was taken aback, his body stiffening.

At that instant, he was able to sense that Qiu Fenghan had awakened. But he had not imagined that the first thing Qiu Fenghan did when she awoke was not to get off his own back. Like a beautiful female snake, she did her utmost to encircle onto his own body.

Previously, the [Supreme Ice Flame] had already aided Qiu Fenghan in erasing all the [Sealing Yuan Pill] in her own body. Now that her own body had recovered, she had even ripped her cloak apart, and had even crushed apart the clothing behind Ye Qingyu's back into powder.

Qiu Fenghan seemed to have lost all feeling.

At the same time she wrapped herself around Ye Qingyu, a powerful energy instinctively also began to be released. If it was anyone else, they would most likely have been instantly injured, with a high possibility of their bones being fractured. But thankfully Ye Qingyu's stage of body refinement could also be compared to experts at the Bitter River stage of Bitter Sea stage experts. Therefore he was able to endure it.

However, although he easily endured the power, the heat and seductiveness emitting from the perfect white smooth body was not so easily withstood.

The instant of seductiveness caused Ye Qingyu's heart that was always stable like a boulder to quiver instantly. It was as if a dam that had always been incomparably sturdy was about to be overran.

Such a feeling of temptation caused a feeling to be born in Ye Qingyu. He wanted to turn around and fiercely embrace Qiu Fenghan's body, and press her into his own figure...

But Ye Qingyu was still Ye Qingyu.

After withstanding that moment's temptation, he instantly realized that such an action was not something that Qiu Fenghan was conscious to.

There were many thoughts that flickered in Ye Qingyu's mind.

Qiu Fenghan was in a state where she had nearly lost control. She perhaps had been laced with an aphrodisiac, or perhaps her soul was controlled in some way, or there were some other methods...

No matter what, these were not her true thoughts.

A mature and high ranking military officer would absolutely not do such an action in such a situation no matter what. This instantly made him realize that he had to stop Qiu Fenghan's actions now, otherwise under the gaze of so many pairs of eyes, the reputation of this female officer would be completely destroyed.

This was something that would be serious enough that it would even affect the authority of the army, the [Whip of the Thunder Deity] that had been established over so many years.

Perhaps, this was one of the most sinister and vicious plots of the Du household tonight?

He thought over many things, then instantly a silver white mist enveloped himself that blocked all sight. What followed after was a shred of [Supreme Ice Flame] that entered into Qiu Fenghan's body.

The [Supreme Ice Flame] was known to be able to burn anything and everything. Then it must be able to solve the strange state that Qiu Fenghan's body was in. Previously, Ye Qingyu's focus was only on releasing Qiu Fenghan's body from the effects of the [Sealing Yuan Pill], and had not probed any further. After all, Qiu Fenghan was an unknown female. Using his sight to investigate the state of someone's body was not a well-mannered action.

But right now, Ye Qingyu couldn't help but use the [Supreme Ice Flame] to closely investigate.


On the purple red flagship.

The [Ten Gods of Slaughter] assisted the fainted [Purple Eye] Du Heng.

Because they were in a state where they were worried about Du Heng, the gods of slaughter did not pay attention to the strange scene occurring where Ye Qingyu was far away.

But by the side of the dock of the flagship, the enraged and fearful Young Master Du took something out. In his palms, there was a silver square shaped jade piece that was roughly two palms long and one palm wide, with it being three fingers thick. There was some strange formations inscripted on one side, but one side was as smooth as a mirror.

On this strange jade piece mirror, there was a scene flickering. This namely was the scene of Qiu Fenghan ripping apart the outer clothing of Ye Qingyu and herself like an octopus, tightly clutching onto Ye Qingyu's body.

This was a rarely seen Leaving Shadow jade piece.

The effect of it was to use the power of the formation arts to record everything on a specified location and time.

"Mother, I spent ten middle class Spirit tools to exchange from the [Strange Items Shop] this [Divine Dragon Aphrodaisaic]. I wanted to make this female military officer beg on her knees for me to defile her, and record something down as blackmail. Not only can I control this woman, I can also besmirch the name of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity], but I did not imagine it would be left for this pig to enjoy... Heh heh, but if this exquisite scene was spread about, knowing Qiu Fenghan's personality, she will definitely not enjoy it right?"

Young Master Du began laughing viciously.

But within his heart, there was really still some apprehension.

Just what was the background of this group of young people, to think they would be this fierce? This was the first time that he had seen his brother Du Heng suffer such a setback. Within the current Imperial Du household, his father's words were the law. But everyone knew that the person who would speak within the next ten years, would be his brother.

The reason that Young Master Du was able to be so unrestrained within his circle of noble young masters was partly due to the fact that his surname was Du. The other part was because Du Heng was his brother. In his impression, Du Heng had only tortured and brutalized others, when had Du Heng ever suffered such a blow?

Young Master Du knew better than anyone else his brother's martial strength... If his brother was not confident he could win for sure, his brother would definitely not act. Since his brother had said that they definitely must remain today, this meant that he had absolute confidence in himself. However, he had ultimately failed...

"This fellow, just who is he?"

Young Master Du looked at the figure of Ye Qingyu that disappeared amongst the silver mist. Fear and apprehension was born in his heart. This person seemed so young and did not seem like any inheritor of any major families, how could he defeat his brother?

He made his determination to clearly investigate the background of this group of people.

But he had not imagined that this person that seemed ridiculously young, would become his nightmare later, and not only that, he would become the entire Imperial Du household's nightmare.


"What's this? I..."

Qiu Fenghan awakened completely.

Nearly at the same instant, everything that had happened in the restaurant appeared in her mind. The death of Zhao Yun and the disgusting grin of Young Master Du appeared in her mind, and an incomparable killing intent was born in her heart.

She felt that she was near naked and she could sense the aura of a strange man. Qiu Fenghan's first thought was that she had already been defiled by Young Master Du and the others...


Her nails suddenly enlarged, as if it was the sharpest sword in the world. With a clench, it pierced into the back of this strange man that was closest to her. Blood instantly spurted out...


The strange man let out a grunt.

Qiu Fenghan instantly realized that the skin and muscles of this person was as firm as steel. Her [Cold Wind Ghost Claws] had no way of entering any further, as if it was held down. She could not even pull it out...


Qiu Fenghan was shocked.

She instantly realized, this person was not Young Master Du.

At this time, an unfamiliar but calm and gentle voice sounded: "Head Officer Qiu, it seems like you have awakened. But I am your friend and not your enemy..."

There was a charm that was hard to describe using words in such a voice. This vast and clear silver colour caused Qiu Fenghan to nearly abandon her killing intent and all her suspicions.

But she was still incomparably cautious. She pulled her hand away and used legs to push, causing her body to fly backwards.

The high cautiousness and good practice that had been trained in years of being in the army, made her make the most correct decision.

But the speed of the opposing party was even faster than her.

The instant that her legs kicked out, her intricate and white little foot was clasped by a gentle large hand. Then a vast power emitted from this hand, the distance she had gained was instantly lost...

"You're not wearing any clothing. Do you want other people to see?" A clear voice sounded, and then a soft long robe was tossed out into the embrace of Qiu Fenghan. The voice spoke again, "You should know Zhang Lei. It was he who made me save you."

Qiu Fenghan was about to strike out with the [Cold Wind Ghost Claws] again, but she stopped halfway.

Of course she knew Zhang Lei.

He was the youngest deputy commander of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity] army. He was a young warrior that had walked out from true battle and fire, he was the most dazzling genius within the army. Three months ago, he had been allocated to the Capital.

He knew Zhang Lei?

Thinking about the situation around her, Qiu Fenghan lowered her defenses a little bit. She quickly donned the robe he threw over. It was slightly too big for her, but there was a faint male scent on it that made Qiu Fenghan frown.

"Just who are you?"

Qiu Fenghan asked.

"I am a friend of Zhang Lei. You can call me [War God]."

There was a faint trace of amusement in the voice. The silver mist in front of her dissipated, and a young and handsome face appeared in front of her.

This was the first time Qiu Fenghan had seen Ye Qingyu. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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