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Chapter 37 – The Number One Stage

Song Qingluo was gorgeous and could be counted as one of the top beauties of the entire first year. She was usually solemn, aloof and had a high opinion of herself. Her talent was also exceptional. The only flaw she had was that the way she talked and did things was harsh and brittle. Although she was popular among the students, at the same time there were quite a few people who did not like her attitude.

There was naturally a group of people who would be overjoyed to see this haughty girl be embarrassed.

Underneath the stage.

Ye Qingyu only glanced up at the Song Qingluo on the stage.

He did not enter the platform.

“You are the cousin of Song Xiaojun, I won’t make things difficult for you,” Ye Qingyu said with a laugh, turning and heading for another ring.

No one realized that at this time, Song Qingluo released a heavy breath of relief.

And the crowd was taken aback, having never imagined that such a thing would happen.

A group of people’s gaze constantly travelled over Song Qingluo and Song Xiaojun. From Ye Qingyu’s mercy, they could at least tell one thing—

He regarded Song Xiaojun as an extremely important friend.

Ye Qingyu was a person that cared deeply about friendship.

If you were his friend, would that not be an extremely fortunate thing?

In the heart of some people, they were envious.

And then, Ye Qingyu slowly arrived in front of the number two ring.

Yan Xingtian was on top of the stage, looking down at Ye Qingyu.

“The people I’m going to blow out today are idiots whose hearts are filled with a ridiculous sense of superiority. It has nothing to do with you, I don’t want to fight with you.” Ye Qingyu looked at Yan Xingtian with a smile. He said, “I know you are very strong but your condition today is not too good. We’ll do battle another day.”

Yan Xingtian suddenly smiled.

It was for many people, the first time they have ever seen Yan Xingtian smile.

It was a strange sight to see a smile appear on his dark and serious face. It gave off a strange feeling, a feeling that caused people to inadvertently believe in him.

“Good,” Yan Xingtian said. “Let’s do battle another day.”

Ye Qingyu clasped his hands together.

Under the gaze of countless eyes, he finally arrived at the number one stage.

Qin Wushuang stood silently above.

“Therefore, the last opponent you are going to challenge… is me?” Qin Wushuang said, his tome calm and peaceful.

Ye Qingyu smiled and nodded, as if he was having a normal conversation. “In reality, I have no confidence in beating you. But today, even if don’t want to fight, I’ll have to fight.”

“Oh, and the reason for this?” Qin Wushuang asked blandly.

Ye Qingyu pointed at the angry and scared Quan Yalin and his friends. He shrugged his shoulder. “Because of your lackeys who think they are born superior to others, must cause waves in such a peaceful academy. What dog fart noble student groups that you must make the four years of a student’s life into a nightmare… These kinds of actions, forming camps and plotting and scheming makes me very nauseous. Everyone has come here to learn martial arts. And a bunch of kids around the ages of ten, who obviously has not even grown their hairs yet, is playing at plots and schemes… Haha!”

Ye Qingyu’s words were incomparably clear, travelling to everyone’s ears.

The faces of Quan Yalin and the other noble youths became exceptionally embarrassed.

The tone of Ye Qingyu’s voice was like a parent scolding a misbehaving child. Every word was like a blade, cruelly stabbing into their hearts.

Racking their brains for schemes and exhausting their efforts and ingenuity was something that they were extremely proud of. But in the mouth of Ye Qingyu, it became the actions of little children playing house. There was no way to express their anger and resentment.

“Your words, although they sound brilliant, but in reality are useless words.” Qin Wushuang looked down, his words carrying a trace of pride and superiority. “From the beginning of history to now, nobles have always been above commoners. Junior Brother Quan and the others are only protecting the natural rules and order of Snow Country, what wrong have they done?”

His words were confident, as if everything was for granted.

Quan Yalin and the others were both shocked and surprised. The confusion and embarrassment on their face disappeared like mist.

Qin Wushuang was such a person.

At many times, he only needed to say one sentence to boost the morale of others following him.

“The so called nauseous plotting and scheming of organizations is in reality the natural order of the Snow Country for hundreds of years, from the monarch himself down to the ministers that he ruled over. This is the law that has always existed. This is the rule that has always been. This is one of the reasons that the human race can continue to exist in the Heaven Wasteland. Junior Brother Quan and the others only sought to protect it, what is wrong with their actions?” Qin Wushuang condescendingly asked.

In his tone, there was almost a majesty in his questions.

“You are only an undisciplined and unreasonable little brat. Relying on your brute force, you are blocking the path of civilization. Uncouth and coarse. You don’t know anything and yet you spout nonsense here. That is what is truly ridiculous here!”

When he spoke his words at the end, Qin Wushuang’s tone became severe.

As his words were spoken, the atmosphere of the entire practice ground was changed entirely. Nearly everyone felt their chests constricting, an invisible pressure crushing them.

The students were unwittingly convinced by the words of Qin Wushuang. An urge to bow down and pay homage to him was suddenly born!

It was as if in this instant, the figure of Qin Wushuang that was covered with golden sunlight represented justice and righteousness. And anyone who acted against him was wicked and heinous.

Nearly everyone was dominated by Qin Wushuang’s pressure.

Everyone apart from Ye Qingyu.

He held up his hands, with an indifferent smile.

“Look, this is one of the reasons I must do battle with you. Any kind of laughable dogfart* reason, when it comes out of your mouth, becomes righteousness. Haha, even if I’ve slapped Quan Yalin and the others faces till it broke, there’s not any meaning behind it even if I killed them. Only by stamping over you can I really turn the first year into a more peaceful and quiet place.”

Qin Wushuang’s face darkened.

“Arrogance.” His gaze when he looked at Ye Qingyu was like a deity regarding an ant. “You don’t even understand what level my power has reached.”

“Really?” A will to do battle appeared in Ye Qingyu’s eyes. He took off the holder for his black spears, taking the two parts of the [Inexorable spear] out, each hand holding one. “It’s the same for you. You also don’t know my true power. Come!”

Before he had finished speaking.

Ye Qingyu’s spear struck out.

With a bang, the stone tiles underneath his feet suddenly cracked, spider web-like cracks spreading out from Ye Qingyu’s feet to all around.

Ye Qingyu borrowed the force of his step to soar into the skies.

“Take this strike!”

The black [Inexorable spear] vibrated in the sky, two parts of the spear twisting and rippling. Along with the downward momentum of Ye Qingyu, it was like the fall of a divine mountain, striking at Qin Wushuang down below.

The wind was as if it was furious.

The black hairs of Qin Wushuang suddenly began dancing in the air.

He shouted loudly, a blue green light appearing around his whole body. An indescribable type of energy radiated out from all directions.

This was the power of yuan qi of Heaven and Earth!


Qin Wushuang grabbed something from the air, and with a flash, an ancient sword appeared in his hands. With it in his hands, he used it to block the strike!


When the spear and sword clashed, a terrifying impact discharged everywhere.

The turbulence was like a hurricane, spreading out everywhere.

The rune formations for reinforcement and impact reduction were destroyed nearly instantly. Those students within ten meters of the arena, before they could react, were knocked away by this clash…

Screams and cries where everywhere.

Tens of students, as they were falling away, widened their eyes. They could clearly see that Qin Wushuang was rapidly being submerged. The huge platform under him was as if it was made from sand, the terrifying impact causing the collapse of the stage!

Gravel and dust soared into the sky, as if it was a crazy mushroom cloud.

The dust covered both the figures of Ye Qingyu and Qin Wushuang.

“This… Heavens, what kind of power is this?”

“The ring is directly destroyed?”

“This stage has been reinforced by an elementary rune formation. This can withstand a full power strike from an expert of the Spirit spring stage, to be directly destroyed… What does this signify? The power contained in Ye Qingyu’s strike…”

“Who won?”

“Can Qin Wushuang withstand it?”

As the dust spread out throughout the air, strikes upon strikes of metallic clashes could be heard. Vague sparks could be seen, the sound of the impacts sounding like the constant roar of thunder.

Finally, ten breaths later.

The sounds of the weapons clashing stopped.

The dust settled.

Countless people stopped breathing, opening their eyes wide.

In the rubble of the stage, the figures of two people stood tall.

Qin Wushuang and Ye Qingyu both had surprise on their faces, looking at each other. There were no injuries on each of their bodies; evidently in the clash just now they had not yet managed to decide the victor, but they were both surprised at each other’s strength.

“You… you’ve managed to attract my interest,” Qin Wushuang slowly said.

Ye Qingyu held both parts of the black [Inexorable spear] together, placing the bottom of each spear together. Accompanied by the sounds of the mechanism activating, the final form of the [Inexorable spear] was finally revealed to everyone.

“Really?” Ye Qingyu smiled. “If so, then fully display the strength of someone who has the strength of the Spirit spring stage. Let me see the battle power of a warrior who is able to excavate one Spirit spring mouth in their Dantian!”

“I can, you possess the requirements.” Qin Wushuang proudly lifted his head. “The [Great Zhou sword] has already been submerged in the Sprit spring in my dantian for several months. To be able to block its strike is enough for you to be proud!”

The ancient, giant [Great Zhou sword] floated automatically over his head. The sword blade was thick, without the traditional ridge of a sword. Instead, the middle of the sword was caved in with strange blood red characters engraved upon it, shining with a mysterious energy.

This was a spiritual weapon.

Once a martial artist entered the Spirit spring stage, they were able to open the eye of a spring in the dantian that released yuan qi. The spring would evolve into a Spirit spring, that was able to release water filled with yuan qi. The water of the spring would nourish the body, making a martial artist even more powerful.

At the same time, one could place a spiritual weapon into their dantian, submerging it into the waters of the spirit spring. Not only could this increase the power and level of the weapon, but it would also increase the compatibility of the wielder with the weapon, releasing an even more terrifying battle prowess.

Storing spirit weapons in the waters of the Spirit spring, that was a privilege only enjoyed by experts of the Spirit spring stage.

It was rumoured that Qin Wushuang already had half a step in the Spirit spring stage, and had already planted a yuan qi kindling in his dantian. But from the looks of it, this genius from the city leader office has an even deeper strength. He was not just someone who had half a step in the Spirit spring stage, but he was already a true expert of the Spirit spring stage.

By opening one spring mouth in his dantian, he could already be counted as an expert in the entire Deer City.

Furthermore, Qin Wushuang was only eleven.

His future was limitless.

In front of him.

Ye Qingyu used a quirky style, holding the Inexorable spear behind his back. The three-meter-long gigantic spear covered the sky behind his back, displaying a fierceness that made people tremble with fear.

In comparison, Ye Qingyu’s body was tiny compared to the spear. It made people have the wrong impression that this was a divine weapon, and that a normal human could never wield this gargantuan weapon.

“Everyone retreat five hundred meters!”

Qin Wushuang shouted at the surrounding students, commanding them in a practiced tone.

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