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Imperial God Emperor 369 - Why is it like this?

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Ye Qingyu concentrated all his attention, both hands clasping the [Beheading Wind] sword and launching continuous attacks.

The power of the [Human King Sword Mantra] was activated to its peak, with each wave of his sword like an invisible force slashing out, following along the heavy and tough sword body as it swung down at the purple spear.


There was a continuous clang of metals striking each other.

Sparks, like fireworks, momentary burst and sputtered in the dark night sky.

On the huge, thick blade of [Beheading Wind] sword were gaps like grains of rice appearing that were the size of a soybean. In the blink of an eye it was like a sawtooth.

Even the sword body was covered with holes the size of fingertips.

If it was not for the fact that the [Beheading Wind] sword was incomparably heavy and thick and it was the work of a master of the royal household, then most likely, under the bombardment of a Treasure weapon like the purple gold coiled dragon spear, it would have been shattered into fragments.

Spirit weapons, Treasure weapons, Dao weapons...

A weapon is like a martial artist. There were clear-cut boundaries, for example a Spirit spring master cannot challenge an expert of the Bitter Sea stage. A Spirit weapon cannot withstand a Treasure weapon.

In the blink of an eye, the [Beheading Wind] sword seemed like it was on the verge of being smashed.

Ye Qingyu was gradually falling into a disadvantageous position.

Ye Qingyu was originally extremely satisfied with the sword [Beheading Wind], which could display his martial arts characteristics, but unfortunately the product ranking was too low, not able to keep up with the growth of Ye Qingy’s strength and most likely unable to last the battle.

After [Little Shang] Sword, the [Beheading Wind] sword also needed to be scrapped?

Ye Qingyu’s desire for a real top weapon, at this moment, became unprecedentedly intense.


Sparks were sputtering, the airflow was exploding.

“Haha, the people that the Crown Prince secretly selected himself are so-so..” [Purple Eye] Du Heng chuckled, his eyes were full of contempt looking at Ye Qingyu. “It seems that you are the leader of these 18 people? Your courage is commendable, but your mind is too simple. The Crown prince has placed his hopes in a group of brutes, he really is desperately trying everything.”

Ye Qingyu’s face was void of any expression.

He was not surprised at the fact that Du Heng was able to expose the identity of the 18 people. After all, he had been training in the military headquarters for one month already, and although it was a secret training, to many observant people, it can’t be kept a secret for long. And the people selected from the main battle corps of various regions were all high-profile military experts, and would definitely alarm the big shots of various sides.

It was not surprising that people like Du Heng knew of the news.

The matter that made Ye Qingyu shocked was that, since Du Heng knew that the 18 people were secretly chosen by the Crown Prince, he still dared to be so aggressive. This shows that he does not attach much importance to the current Crown Prince.

It was clear that Du Heng was not one of the people of the Crown Prince’s factions.

Without saying a word, Ye Qingyu swung and thrust his sword forward, constantly blocking the sparks of the spear that were coming at him from all directions.

Like a rock that does not move.

Like a central pillar.

Even if [Beheading Wind] sword was full of mottled marks, even if the storm-like purple sparks were approaching, Ye Qingyu stood straight and motionless, not budging an inch.

Gradually, Du Heng felt something was wrong.

Because after ten breaths of time had passed, the [Beheading Wind] sword was not as what he had expected, breaking into pieces like wood chips. Instead, it was still withstanding the attacks.

A faint silver flame, like the first glimmer of dawn, was faintly flickering and emerging on the mottled sword blade.

It was precisely because of the existence of this layer of strange silver flame that the huge thick mottled sword gained a bizarre strength. It resisted the attacks without shattering into pieces, and again and again firmly obstructed the attacks of the golden purple coiled dragon spear.

“What is that?”

[Purple Eye] Du Heng felt a kind of heart-palpitating power unceasingly spreading out from the silver flame.


On the other side of the battlefield finally came several miserable shrieks.

A subordinate of the Du household was pierced in the lower abdomen by the black soft sword, and at the same time was struck by three or four other kinds of weapons.

He roared, his body rupturing with a loud rumble and turning into a rain of blood that filled the sky.

Finally, there were casualties.

The battle intensified.

The battle was evidently not developing in the direction of what most people expected at the beginning. The terrifying fighting force that broke out from the young experts, at this time, was displayed vividly. The youngsters that have been through battlefields of blood and fire have had a killing instinct etched in their bones long ago. The [Ten Gods of Slaughter] of the patrol camp and the two subordinates of the Du household were at an absolute disadvantage from the very beginning.

What made [Purple Eye] Du Heng furious was that at first, he thought he could easily solve this so-called [War God] youngster, but...

The Treasure weapon spear in Du Heng’s hand transformed into a wild dragon, the spear attacks were like explosions of fire, almost activated to its peak. Under the mad attack, Ye Qingyu’s figure was like the last leaf hanging on a branch in autumn. It could fall at any time, precarious, but it still persisted and did not retreat an inch.

Du Heng found himself entangled.

Next to him came another miserable cry, when a subordinate of the Du household was killed in battle, Du Heng was slightly distracted.

He slowed his spear a little, wanting to split himself to help support the [Ten Gods of Slaughter].

But Ye Qingyu’s battle experience and intuition, how sharp was it?

He was waiting for this moment.

[Soul Stealing Heaven Strike!]!

Ye Qingyu’s battle skills resurged, a green-blue force instantaneously flashed over to [Purple Eye] Du Heng’s side!

There were two profoundness to the [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike]. Apart from temporarily sealing their yuan qi, it would also close the distance instantly.

At that moment, it could ignore all defences and near them immediately. With Du Heng’s strength, he naturally had no way of blocking this divine technique that originated from the ancient bronze book [Fiendgod Titled Chart].


The purple gold spear was quivering.

This was the first time Du Heng was on defense.

When the spear fended off the long sword, a strange and silent force, following along the spear body, quickly invaded its body, and the yuan qi that was originally bubbling in the meridians like a volcano suddenly quietened down, as though it was instantly frozen.

“Not good!”

Du Heng immediately felt the influence of this silent force, his momentum was lost, yuan energy became stagnant and he was unable to use any martial skills.

He sensed the coming of a crisis.

But why did Ye Qingyu leave him with a chance to react?


The next moment, the [Storm of Swords] was approaching once again.

The power and killing intent of the [Human King Sword Mantra], accompanied by the terrifying imposing force of the [Beheading Wind] sword and the [Supreme Ice Flame], broke out.

In this moment, Ye Qingyu did not hold back, almost instantaneously displaying all his undisclosed strength.

Silvery white ice-flames were being emitted like the moonlight, and coordinated with the sharp and unique sword intent of the [Human King Sword Mantra]. It seemed as though there was a fairy dancing in the night sky under the moonlight. The scene was full of poetic quality and beauty.

But for [Purple Eye] Du Heng, this kind of poetic beauty was undoubtedly the most terrifying thing in the world.


The purple gold spear was forced to turn from attack to defense.

The mottled huge sword and the invisible sword intent were constantly striking the body of the spear. He could only withstand, withstand, and withstand. While withstanding, he lost the decisive opportunity, and facing the fury of Ye Qingyu, Du Heng could only retreat again and again.

With this series of attacks, Ye Qingyu’s strength was already far beyond the power that a normal Bitter Sea expert can vividly and thoroughly exert. Every blow contained a frightening physical strength, constantly bombarding the purple gold spear. Du Heng could only think that the vast strength was like a series of raging waves of anger crashing down. It continued until his arms were numb, cracks forming around his mouth, and blood spurting out...

“No, his physical strength, how can it be so frightening, even the experts of the Bitter Sea strage do not possess such physical strength!”

Du Heng was both furious and frightened.

But he soon found something scarier.

It was unknown when, but there was a layer of faint silver frost spreading across the purple gold spear.

The frost was growing silently like the moonlight, and by the time he came to notice it, it had extended down the body of the spear, spreading to his arms and wrists…

This slight chillness made him feel suddenly fearful.

“This is... this is the silvery light that was on the broken sword before. How is that possible? How can it cover the purple gold spear, a Treasure-level weapon? What kind of power is this?”

Du Heng was aghast.

With his temper and will, at this time he could not help but feel apprehensive.

Anyone that was facing the unknown would feel scared.

What’s more, the power comes from the hands of Ye Qingyu, who had made Du Heng miscalculate and fail repeatedly this night.

Du Heng wanted to retreat.

But Ye Qingyu’s [Storm of Swords] seemed endless, the qi of the sword was engulfing the sky like a silvery-white icy storm, and from the beginning had swept Du Heng into it. At this moment the people outside could not see the two figures, and only the 50 meters of ice crystal storm raging and sweeping across the dark night sky was visible.

“If this continues, I will no doubt lose.”

[Purple Eye] Du Heng was both anxious and furious.

He noticed that his body was gradually beginning to disobey him, especially his arms that were covered by the faint silver frost. He did not feel pain, but some numbness, as though he had lost his perception. The usually nimble and incomparably flexible treasure weapon was also starting to not listen to him.

He almost could not exercise a complete move.

“What kind of monster had the Crown Prince found? This so-called [War God’s] cultivation level is not as good as me and he only has a Spirit weapon in his hands. A guy that should have been destroyed by me, is now suppressing me?”

[Purple Eye] Du Heng came to realize that he was too careless this time.

No matter what, he must not lose.

Du Heng was madly roaring inside.

If he was defeated, he would become a huge joke in the imperial capital. He would be nailed to the pillar of disgrace, and his status in the imperial capital would also take a huge blow.

Along with it, the reputation of the Du household would also plummet. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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