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Chapter 368 - A Broken Sword


The young men roared.

Accompanying the roar was an explosion of indescribable powerful force. The strength that the young experts have been suppressing was suddenly released like a fierce tiger or legendary dragon concealing their claws. The frightening imposing aura was like the roar of a mountain and the scream of the sea. It diffused towards the surroundings, causing a chaos in airflow and a distortion of light.

The guards of the Du household were immediately shrinking back in fear. It was only then that they found out what kind of people they had just besieged. This stupid behaviour was just as ridiculous as a group of dogs arrogantly trying to attack dozens of dragons.

A mountain-like momentum shot skywards.

In the midst of the 18 youngsters, several streams of light shot forward. Dauntless like knives, they hurtled towards the [Ten Gods of Slaughter].

Once a decision was made, there was not the slightest of hesitation.

Youngsters of a military background were decisive in killing and attacking. They had been on the battlefield thousands of times before, and knew the importance of decisiveness and courageousness at a critical moment, so they would not shrink back at all.

Ye Qingyu was at the front all along.

The huge [Beheading Wind] sword flashed out like a silver lightning.

The formless sword intent of the [Human King Sword Mantra] was engulfing all over.

One of the [Ten Gods of Slaughter] standing in the center was the first to sense the invincible killing intent coming. The battle instinct of a strong expert saved him. At that critical moment, he let out a loud howl, activating yuan energy to its peak and bringing the weapon in his hands up to his chest. The brilliance of formations shrouded his body, strongly blocking the force.


The shield of yuan qi around his body was broken, the beams of formation light scattered and vanished like withered leaves. Blood splattered about in the chaos, and his weapon smashed into fragments and flew in all directions.


Such a killing strike had scared this person witless.

Without trying, he realized the formidableness of the dark-haired youngster straight away, which was absolutely far beyond the range that his strength could withstand.


Retreat instantly.

He did not have the courage to go up against Ye Qingyu and immediately turned to intercept the other young experts.

Ye Qingyu repeatedly launched three sword attacks.

The power of the [Human King Sword Mantra] was activated to its peak.

The invisible sword intent broke the void.

Three swords.

Three gods of slaughter were wounded and retreated.

[Beheading Wind] sword was not inferior in any aspects. Like a tiger stamping on a flock of sheep, none of the [Ten Gods of Slaughter] could, in such a short time, block one of Ye Qingyu’s moves and remain undefeated.

In the end, once they saw Ye Qingyu charging over, the gods of slaughter of the patrol camp immediately stumbled back several steps, evading. They simply dared not to view him as the enemy, nor did they have the courage to fight back.

On the youngsters’ side, the morale was immediately like a hurricane.

“Haha, [War God] is invincible.”

On the other side, [Avalanche] was brandishing a pair of giant hammers. His strength was as strong as a wild tiger, and seeing Ye Qingyu’s invincible appearance, he was all fired up and began roaring.

The morale of the young men was greatly boosted.

In the blink of an eye, the strength of the 18 people completely suppressed the The [Ten Gods of Slaughter] of the city’s north district patrol camp.

The [Ten Gods of Slaughter] were considered as combat experienced veterans, but in this battle, where the young experts have far more experienced in fighting, they were pressured to retreat little by little.

Swoosh! Swoosh!

Two beams of light shot out from the purple-red airship.

It was the entry of more experts.

The two subordinates of the Du household that went into the cabin before also joined the battle.

The situation was saved a little for them.

But the eighteen young experts were still as imposing, like a rainbow, constantly pressing forward.

Within [Purple eye] Du Heng’s eyes, purple flames flashed. The biting coldness was more and more severe, and he suddenly made up his mind.

“Where’s the [Divine Dragon Crossbow]?”

He said faintly.

Before his voice fell.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Four scarlet red fire snakes suddenly burst forth from the purple airship. Silent, like the evil touch of ghosts and spirits, they shot towards the four young experts that were busy fighting.

The [Divine Dragon Crossbow]?

Ye Qingyu was taken aback.

Among the information that the Two River Gang collected and submitted to him, it had mentioned the existence of such a killing weapon.

The [Divine Dragon Crossbow] was a formation crossbow that was developed by the Empire for ordinary troops to defend against Bitter Sea experts. It is said that both the crossbow and the arrows are made of a special material, crafted by a formation smithing master and enhanced with formations. It was costly to produce, and only the empire’s royal family and imperial guards were provided with it.

This kind of crossbow, if a real expert drew the bow, the force of the hit, if it was a frontal hit, was enough to cause the fatal death of a Bitter Sea expert.

The origin of the three words, [Divine Dragon Crossbow] referred to the fact that this kind of crossbow can threaten even a master-level expert on the [Divine Dragon List].

In a normal battle, if the experts were on the alert, they would obviously not fall into the trap. But if unguarded, or if there was a large area coverage attack launched from the [Divine Dragon Crossbow], the slightest of mistakes may cause them to die with a grievance in their heart.

Like now.

The four young experts who were caught in a battle with the city patrol were not aware of the crisis.

Fortunately there was Ye Qingyu.

Quicker than words could tell.

The four scarlet red fire snakes were travelling at extreme speed.

“Crush them!”

Ye Qingyu discovered them at the first instance.

Since the beginning of the battle, he was observing [Purple Eye] Du Heng, because Ye Qingyu knew very well that this talent was the real mastermind of this operation, and the most formidable enemy in this battlefield.

When Du Heng uttered a word, Ye Qingyu was immediately on the defense.

His figure flashed, and he flung away one of the Gods of Slaughter that he was currently entangled with. The [Soul Stealing Heaven Strike] was used.

A vague figure flitted across the air.

Suddenly accelerating, flashing like a stream of light, and blocking the four fire snake-like divine dragon arrow’s trajectory.

“[Storm of Swords]!”

The second move of the Unmatched Generalwas once again used.

The endless storm of sword qi, along with the sword intent of the [Human King Sword Mantra], caused the power to reach an unprecedented degree. The sword intent and biting coldness that was filling the air instantly crushed the air. The fabric of space was as though it was being broken up into rippling water.

The four [Divine Dragon Crossbow] bolts seemed endless, but as they were drawn into the [Storm of Swords], like a clay ox entering the sea, they silently vanished.

“What? What kind of move is this?”

[Purple Eye] Du Heng was astounded

At lightning speed, the [Storm of Swords] had already swept away everything, like a hurricane of the heaven, and the sword intent had filled the air. As it approached the purple airship, thousands wisps of invisible sword intent were spinning and terrifying sword intent was slashing out.

A sharp and loud warning noise sounded.

The formation energy protection barrier of the airship had only suffered less than one second of attack of sword intent, but immediately turned to a shocking red colour.

“Shoot a man first before shooting a horse, capture the ringleader first in order to capture all the followers!”

The tip of Ye Qingyu’s sword was precisely pointing in the direction of [Purple Eye] Du Heng.


Du Heng understood Ye Qingyu’s intention, his face immediately flickered with a hard to contain anger.

The matters today had developed to this degree, which was beyond his initial estimate, and he was already enraged.

The strength and unity of the young experts made the pretentious and arrogant Du Heng repeatedly miscalculate, and his anger became uncontrollable. The more self-confident and intelligent a person, the more easily they erupt in anger when a mistake in their judgement was made, and only an extremely rational person could control themselves.

But Du Heng obviously had not yet reached such a state.

This little army barbarian has a death wish. He dared to point the sword at me?

Du Heng gave an angry laugh.

In so many years, probably ever since he entered the boundary of the Bitter Sea stage, almost no one in the entire Snow Capital dared to point at him with a sword.

It seems that his younger brother is right, some pigs must be killed. He must chop off the heads of these pigs in order to let this group of stupid idiots know what kind of people they can not offend and which ones should be respected.

“Pass it!”

[Purple Eye] Du Heng made a backhand grasp in the air, when a purple lightning shot out from a cabin of the airship, landing in his palm, and turning into a two-meter-long purple coiled dragon spear.

Clasping the spear in one hand, Du Heng’s imposing manner soared.

To stand in the imperial capital, which is similar to a dragon’s pool and a tiger’s den, perhaps ordinary aristocratic families would be able to. But to become the commander of the City Patrol Camp of the Snow Capital, this required true skill and talent.

[Purple Eye] Du Heng naturally had true skill and genuine knowledge.

Six years ago, he had already entered the Bitter Sea stage; he was a true top level expert.

His wrist was vibrating slightly.

Hum Hum Hum!

The strange light of the spear was hissing and the vibrations set the air quaking.

The purple gold coiled dragon spear turned to a purple light that filled the sky, like bizarre stars in the night sky, dense and numerous, attacking and shrouding Ye Qingyu.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Ding!

A cluster of dazzling sparks exploded in the void.

It exploded out to an area of 50 meters.

The rumble of the sword and spear was like a contention between god and the devil.

The void was trembling.

In the twinkle of an eye, no one knew how many times the two sides struck each other.

“Electric Poison Dragon Drill!”

[Purple Eye] Du Heng bellowed.

This was his yuan power.

The purple brilliance in his eyes was like a liquid substance, when the yuan energy was activated to its peak, he really looked like the devil of legend. The purple flames of qi around him were frantically curling up, and the sharp point of his spear contained a strange and majestic magical power, as though it was about to pierce through the air.

Ye Qingyu waved his sword to fend off the attack.

[Beheading Wind] sword struck the sharp point of the spear, and a bizarre and imposing force came gushing towards him. Ye Qingyu could feel the palm of his hand shaking, and as he listened attentively to the sound, the thick blade part of [Beheading Wind] immediately emerged a soybean-sized gap.

“The opponent has a Treasure tool?”

Ye Qingyu was suddenly slightly apprehensive.

In terms of weapons, the power of a treasure weapon was far above spiritual weapons. Relying on weapons alone, this [Purple Eye] officer had suppressed him. It seems he must be careful.

“Want to block me with a broken sword? See if you can catch my following attacks!” “

[Purple Eye] Du Heng’s voice was aggressive and cold, like the god of death was approaching, every thrust of his spear contained a kind of primitive mighty force that made the very sky tremble!
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