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Perhaps because the effect of [Sealing Yuan Pill] had not completely dispersed, or were there other residual effects?Ye Qingyu didn’t care too much.What he cared about most was that there were the sound of footsteps outside and a strong yuan qi rapidly coming closer, which indicated that the reinforcements of young aster Du had finally arrived. Ye Qingyu did not know what kind of power a top residence in the Snow Capital could mobilize, but he was sure of one next thing: what happens next can’t be solved through simple means alone.As expected, from the hall of the first floor outside of the private room, there was a short bugle sound and military orders that resounded out…An army has been dispatched.Ye Qingyu’s gaze fell upon the face of a young master who wore a cold smile standing at the door.A noble of the empire, a young nobleman that received the empire’s salary dares to be that arrogant, was unbelievable. This also showed just to what extent the noble class had decayed. [The Whip of the Thunder Deity] is one of the main fighting corps of the empire, known as the pillar of the Empire, But a little young master of a noble family dared to touch a military official of the Logistics Battalion of one of the main corps.And looking at this, it seems that they had mobilized an army. Were they trying to kill them?Ye Qingyu’s heart was in an unbearable rage. Like a volcano, it was about to erupt.The Asura Killing Martial Heart. Once he was enraged and his will to kill invoked, he must see blood before it disperses.“[War God], what do we do?” [Avalanche’s] face also grew serious. He obviously also heard the movements outside and sensed the waves of yuan qi, like a meteor in the night sky, shooting at a rapid speed outside of the restaurant.This means that the other side’s reinforcements have arrived.“Take the people and leave.” Ye Qingyu restrained the killing intent in his heart and decided to leave here first.It was best to not cause a big scene for now, and wait until they are back at the military headquarters to ask Qiu Fenghan what happened first.Ye Qingyu faintly felt that the incident tonight was not just solely the fact that Qiu Fenghan had fallen into Young Master Du’s trap because he desired her beauty. It was only the beginning of a huge vortex.And this whirlpool is likely to be related to the contention among the major factions of the Empire.“But, I…”
[Avalanche] was a bit shy.

Back at the North East army, he was also one of the many fans of Qiu Fenghan. Although they had little interactions, but he secretly had feelings for the [Flower of the Thunder Deity Army]. He felt embarrassed to carry the half-naked Qiu Fenghan.Ye Qingyu gave a faint smile.He did not expect the careless [Avalanche] to be so shy.Without thinking much of it, Ye Qingyu waved his hand and an invisible force swept Qiu Fenghan over, and that big cloak was wrapped around Qiu Fenghan on his back. A sweet smelling aroma assaulted him that made Ye Qingyu’s heart beat a little faster, and then he strode towards the door in huge steps.Young master Du and the other people, blocked him at the door.“I said, if you dare break into the number one private sky room today, I will make you into a rotting corpse on the gutter in the south of the city.” Young master Du’s eyes were flashing a vicious light, glaring at Ye Qingyu and other people like looking at the dead, his expression full of contempt and disdain.“If you don’t get lost, I’ll make you a corpse now.” Ye Qingyu stepped forward in huge strides, imposing manner skyrocketing, as if the whole building was shaken.The noble young masters were suddenly angry but also fearful.Young master Du was standing in the same place stubbornly, and did not retreat an inch.His face, gloomy and vicious, almost seemed like it would bleed.The youngster called the [War God], his black hair was madly dancing, and his overbearing imposing manner was crushing them. Young master Du felt like a boat inside a giant wave that was going to be drowned at any time. He was so frightened that he was almost clutching at his chest, but he knew that at this time, he absolutely could not retreat. Even if he moved an inch, then the prestige that he painstakingly accumulated would completely fall apart.Moreover, the most important thing was…Young master Du also did not think that he must retreat.Because——Swoosh!The roof tiles on the top floor of the restaurant were penetrated through by numerous [Yuan Destroying Crossbow Arrows], like arrows of locusts, with a sharp and piercing sound, shooting towards the fifth floor.Arrows brushed past their shoulders, tip of the hairs, and the top of the head of young master Du and the noble young masters, shooting towards Ye Qingyu and others that were coming out the private room.It was all too sudden and unexpected.The arrows were like lightning.The crossbow shooters were obviously sharpshooters that have undergone rigorous training. Even though they were separated by roof tiles, they could so accurately avoid their own people. They neededto be at least a thirty Spirit spring expert to be able to do this.Within seconds, the arrows were before his eyes.Ye Qingyu’s eyes were flashing red, the killing intent in his heat was no longer suppressed.With a long, loud roar, the huge [Beheading Wind] sword was instantaneously in his hand.A backhand sword slash.Cold air exploded out.All the [Yuan Breaking Crossbow Arrows] instantly turned to pieces of ice and collapsed to the ground.As Ye Qingyu took another step forward, he administered another sideways slash with his huge [Beheading Wind] sword.The power of the sword was precisely aimed at young master Du and the others.The frightening murderous spirit, as though it was an actual substance, was booming like a waterfall.In a split second, the faces of the noble young masters that were vicious and fierce and full of pride, ridicule, and anticipation, were immediately turned to a panicked expression like they were being submerged by a tsunami…At this moment, young master Du’s mind went blank.He dared?Does he really dare?Is he really going to kill me?How would he dare?That cold killing intent that was directly heading over made young master Du feel like a collapsed ice cave. This moment, all his pride and self-confidence had wafted away like smoke. Fear that he had never experienced before filled him.During the time of imminent danger, dozens of sword light suddenly diffused out from in front of Young master Du.“Thief, you dare injure young master!”“Protect young master Du.”“Stop the two thieves.”“Kill them, chop them up and feed the dogs.”But at the most critical moment, Du palace’s second wave of reinforcements had finally arrived.Trembling with fear and almost wetting his pants, young master Du, under the protection of the guards, hastily withdrew to one side, no longer daring to stay.Ding!Ding!Ding!Broken swords were flying in all directions.In the face of Ye Qingyu, who was emitting such strong killing intent, there were immediate injuries and deaths as the guards and masters of the Du Palace came into contact with him.Even a Spirit class long sword, would be pressed to block the [Beheading Wind] sword in Ye Qingyu’s hand that had the will of the [Human King Sword Mantra] emanating through it. Like being sliced apart, their blades fell neatly into the pieces. There were some misfortunate experts that were unlucky and stood too far forward. Before they fully understood, their bodies had split into two.Even till death, they had a look of disbelief on their faces.How could the strength of such a young martial artist be so strong?With one move, lives were being taken away?In the Imperial capital, when had such a young God of Death appeared before?Blood splattered!Poof!Young master Du, who had not had the time to withdraw from the battle circle, was splattered with blood all across his face, screaming and trembling all over. His legs felt like jelly and he could not move an inch and had to rely on the guards to help him.“Those who stand in my way will die.”Ye Qingyu yelled, stepping out of the room.The huge [Beheading Wind] sword was slashed across the air once again.The guards and experts that were full of confidence and came here in the first instance hoping to be rewarded by their master, were now all frightened to death. The power of Ye Qingyu’s one move, like the deities, made these fifty or sixty Spirit spring level guards and masters to instantly understand that the youngster with black waterfall-like hair was a real master among the masters. They couldn’t win against him with numbers alone.Before the sword light was out, everyone had already fled away.Ye Qingyu spun around, carrying Qiu Fenghan on his back and directly jumped down from the fifth floor.The hall of the first floor was crowded with one dense mass of patrol camp soldiers.The other young experts, along with the body of the young officer Zhao Yun, were surrounded in a corner, following Ye Qingyu’s instruction before he left. Although each one of their faces was filled with anger, it was evident that they were suppressing the impulse to attack, otherwise the soldiers of the City Patrol Camp of the Empire would not be able to stop this group of fierce tigers and dragons.“[War God] is back.”“[War God], did you find her?”“Shall we fight our way out?”Seeing that Ye Qingyu had returned, the spirit of the young experts was boosted.“Take the corpse and let’s go.”Ye Qingyu swept his eyes across the hall, taking in everything in sight.He did not stop his stride. Letting out a bellow of rage, and with the huge [Beheading Wind] sword in his hands beginning to absorb light, taking in the energy of the Spirit spring of the dantian world. His imposing aura sent directly hurtling towards the soldiers of the empire’s patrol camp.With his current strength, dealing with such common soldiers, imposing aura alone was enough to crush them.Opposite, the soldiers that were standing in a tight formation were suddenly scattered by the sudden gush of power. The formation fell into disorder, like rice paper blocking a hurricane, there was not the slightest room to struggle, before they were directly sent flying.Towards the ordinary soldiers, Ye Qingyu went easy on them and did not kill them.Upon seeing the situation, the other young experts also followed behind.On the steps of the fifth floor, young master Du, who had just recovered from his surprise, before he could wipe the blood on his face, he was resting his body on the banister howling, “Stop them, stop them for me, who dares let them go, I want his life…”But with Ye Qingyu and the other people’s strength, who could stop them?Even if there were experts that came with formation shields to block Ye Qingyu’s way, in front of a swipe of Ye Qingyu’s [Human King Sword Mantra], they were instantly turned to scraps of ice. Even if there were powerful military officers that acted, when Ye Qingyu’s fist exploded with the power of the [Dragon Fist] mantra, they were sent flying backwards while spitting blood…In a twinkling, Ye Qingyu arrived at the restaurant door.The situation tonight was somewhat strange, and if it dragged on, the opponents’ reinforcements would continue to come. After all, he and the other people who were unheard of would fall into a passive situation. As long as they could rush back to the military headquarters building, no matter how arrogant the forces of the Du Palace were, they would also not dare to attack there.At that time, Ye Qingyu and the others would be in a position where they could not be defeated.“Lets go.”Ye Qingyu stepped outside of the restaurant and saw the formation airship outside.But at the same time, an extremely dangerous feeling suddenly shrouded Ye Qingyu.Under the dim light of night, he saw that above a tall building in the distance was a silver jade-like shadow under the large moon, a long and solitary solitude body stopped and flashed, like an illusion, and instantly disappeared. Then the next moment, the figure moved across hundreds of meters, arriving at the restaurant door.Master!A master of the Bitter Sea stage.Ye Qingyu was momentarily startled, all his yuan energy were suddenly activated.At lightning speed, the figure had invaded within one meters distance of Ye Qingyu.A palm thrust was thrown out.The palm image was bright as jade, without the slightest fire or sparks, striking towards Ye Qingyu’s chest. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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