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Imperial God Emperor 363 - Qiu Fenghan

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Sitting in the private room on the fifth floor, Qiu Fenghan carefully suppressed the rage in her heart.

As one of the four main requisitioning officers of the back lines of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity] of the North East army of the Empire, she was one of the only female officers of the four main armies of requisitioning officers.

Within the army, Qiu Fenghan was given the complement of [The Flower of the Thunder Army].

Ever since she entered along with her father to the army of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity], Qiu Fenghan had never left the battle until four years ago when her father had died in battle. Two years ago, she had accumulated enough military merits and had been given the role of requisitioning officer in the backlines of the army. She had handled a great quantity of resources as well as wages, and had many great merits with the [Whip of the Thunder Deity].

In the past ten years, this beautiful, powerful, heroic and courageous female expert had always been the most beautiful goddess in the hearts of the soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity].

This time, she had travelled a million miles to come to Snow Capital for an important duty. She had come here to obtain much needed formation metal and stone to combat against the North East offence of the Brute Race.

Originally, everything had been agreed. The commander had already received the reply from the military headquarters. She had only came here to follow the rules and carry the resources to the frontlines of the North East.

But who knew that after she reported to the military department, she was delayed by an unexpected tribulation.

The resources that they originally needed was temporarily frozen.

Qiu Fenghan was forced to remain for two months within Snow Capital.

For this beautiful and valiant female, this was the first time she discovered that the situation within Snow Capital would be so complex. To think that some of the noble families and powerful would be as daring and as impudent as they were. Their craziness was evident that they would even dare detain an authorized military resource authorized by the Imperial family.

She had been within the Snow Capital for two months and had faintly realized that it was people of the Du household who had detained the military resource.

After several investigations, the opposing party did not say the reason why they were not willing to hand over the resource.

As reports came from the frontlines that grew increasingly urgent, that came day after day like snowflakes into the hands of Qiu Fenghan, this strong female expert was about to be driven crazy.

Finally, today she had managed to arrange a meeting between the young master of the Du household through some connections, for them to meet in this restaurant.

According to the rumours, the power of this Young Master Du was great within the household. The person who gave Qiu Fenghan advice said that if Young Master Du was able to say a word for her, then the formation metal and stone would very quickly be able to be sent to the front lines of the North East.

In this private room that would need half a year of Qiu Fenghan's wage, the [Flower of the Thunder God Army] recognized at first glance this young master. He was the young master who had been taught a lesson by her because he had made harassing comments to her because he desired her beauty.

The mysteries behind this matter was all unveiled.

The reason she was not able to obtain the resources of the army must be the work of this person behind the scenes.

Qiu Fenghan wanted to turn around and leave immediately.

But thinking back to the detainment of the formation stone and metal, it might affect the result of the battle between the Brute Race with the [Whip of the Thunder Deity]. It would also affect the lives of millions of soldiers of the [Whip of the Thunder Deity] army. Qiu Fenghan could not bear to just leave.

Suppressing the urge to vomit like she had just eaten a rotting worm, Qiu Fenghan accompanied Young Master Du to drink.

Then she was able to see a strange smile on the opposing party.

After, she could feel that the inner yuan inside her body could not be activated, as if it had been sealed.

"You... you put in the wine..." Qiu Fenghan slammed the table as she stood up, her shapely body wobbling. She had never imagined in her dreams that the opposing party would act towards an officer of the main army of the Empire, in such location, at such a time when countless people knew they were meeting.

"Hahahahaha, hahahaha..." The young Master Du that seemed gentle and elegant normally, laughed with sinister smile filled with lust. "The first time I saw you, I wanted to viciously ride you. I've sampled the taste of a female military officer before, but it's the first time I've seen a wildflower like you. I hear your title is the [Flower of the Thunder God Army]? Haha, then today I will definitely pluck a flower like you..."

"You... are looking to die!" In Qiu Fenghan's eyes, a killing intent exploded.

She madly activated her inner yuan, but it could not be used at all.

The face of Young Master Du was filled with mockery. "The effect of the [Sealing Yuan Pill], even if one is a Bitter Sea stage expert, they will lose their strength within fifteen minutes. As for you?"

The young officer, Zhao Yun that accompanied Qiu Fenghan, let out a roar of rage, and wanted to assist Qiu Fenghan to leave.

But the expert bodyguard by the side suddenly struck out in ambush.


Zhao Yun was struck by a palm strike, the ribs in his chest cracking and breaking.

He spat out blood, his figure striking outside directly. Breaking apart the window, and the railings, he fell from the fifth floor.

He knew that he was definitely dead.

The injuries were too severe.

The last thing he could do was to use his own body, to use his fresh blood, to alert the people outside. If there were people that were able to see this scene and act heroically, perhaps sister Qiu would be able to escape from his demonic claws…


The great hall of the first floor.

"What happened?"

Some people slapped the table as they rose.

The table was broken and the delicious cuisine and drinks on the table were in a complete mess. The figure that fell down struggled for a bit, and then turned over. There was a clear and distinct palmprint on his chest as he spat out large amounts of blood The uniform he was wearing was a black-coloured military uniform. From his age, he was approximately twenty years old…

"A soldier?"

The complexion of the others faintly changed.

"This uniform... its our North East army...." After [Avalanche] was surprised, he instantly stood up. He bent up to assist the young soldier spitting out blood, inserting a stream of yuan qi inside him and assisting him to stabilize his meridians and life. Asking, "Brother, what camp do you belong to? Why are you here, what has happened..."

The aura of the young officer was weak. The injury on his chest was not light. As his eyes opened, he saw [Avalanche] and his eyes grew bright. Tightly gripping onto the arm of [Avalanche], "Deputy commander... You... you came here... Quick... Save... Save... save Qiu... save officer Qiu..."

The name of [Avalanche] was called Zhang Lei, and he was the deputy commander of the Vanguard that belonged to the North East army, [Whip of the Thunder Deity]. He was famed throughout, and this young North East officer had evidently recognized [Avalanche's] identity.

"Department head Qiu?" [Avalanche] was taken aback, then suddenly thought of someone. With surprise, "Qiu Fenghan?"

The young officer nodded his head, his finger pointing at the direction of the fifth floor. There was a jet of blood that spat out from the corner of his lips, and his head rolled back, dying.

"Brother? Brother?" [Avalanche] shook the young man, but the injuries were too severe. Nothing could be done.

Ye Qingyu lifted his head. He could see the direction where the young man pointed to on the fifth floor. On the location where there was broken railings, there were five or six noble rich figures gazing down, their eyes bold. One of them was namely the Young Master Du who they had encountered when they entered. Behind them were tens of guards that had decently strong auras.

The sound of footsteps.

There were six martial artists that wore purple clothing that charged at them.

The leading person was namely one of the expert bodyguards following beside the green-robed young master. Seeing the group, he frowned, then pointed at the young officer who had died. Using a commanding tone, "What are you people doing? Quickly scram away and hand over the corpse of that little thief.”

"Little thief?" [Avalanche] had rage on his face as he said angrily, "His identity is the officer of the Empire. It's you guys that are suspicious, just who are you?" Why do you want his corpse?"

The expression of the expert changed and snorted. "What dogfart military officer, this little thief just entered the fifth floor to want to steal the inherited jade piece of Young Master Du. After he was discovered, he jumped down and commited suicide. Who are you people, don't speak nonse and hand the corpse over.”

As he said this, he gave a sign.

The purple-clothed bodyguards by the side instantly charged at them and wanted to take the corpse off them.

Ye Qingyu took a step forward, blocking the past of several guards in front of him. Calmly, "Explain it clearly, then you can touch the corpse. Just who are you people?"

"Fine, I know now. You must be comrades of this thief. You are all looking to die, you have some guts." The eyes of the expert flickered as he immediately shouted.“

The customers who were originally watching this scene, hearing such words, suddenly had an understanding light. The expression they used to regard Ye Qingyu with all became filled with disdain.

"I don't have time to talk trash with you people. Where is head officer Qiu Fenghan?" [Avalanche] let out several slaps, sending several purple-clothed guards flying backwards that wanted to take the young officer's corpse off him. He advanced threatenly step by step towards the head expert.

"What Qiu Fenghan, I've never heard of that before." The expert coldly sneered. "You little thieves, to dare to pretend to be military officers of the Empire and coming here to con and scam. And you even dared to send someone to steal Young Master Du's items. I think you guys must not want to live anymore. I've heard rumours that assassins of the Brute Race have entered into the Capital. From your figures, you seem similar to the Brute Race. Today, none of you can escape."

As he spoke.


There were hundreds of experts wearing martial outfits that rushed at Ye Qingyu and the others. They completely surrounded them on all three sides.

The situation instantly changed.

"Everyone, everyone, my apologies. The Du household is currently capturing spies of the Brute Race, please leave everyone. Young Master Du will pay for everyones bills." There was a person that was like a magistrate that stood up and clasped his hands at the people standing there uncertainly. His tone was authorative and not to be questioned.

On the large hall of the first floor, there were people that immediately left.

The Du household was one of the famous powerful and noble families within the capital. Normal people could not incite them at all. As for this Young Master Du, he was famous for being cruel and he also had an official position. He was one of the most central characters of the noble young masters circle.

"You motherfucker, what nonsense are you spouting..." [Avalanche] was enraged and was about to act. Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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