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Imperial God Emperor 362 - Gluttons

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As the largest city of Heaven Wasteland Domain, the wealth and glory of the Snow Capital had far exceeded everyone's imagination.

That day, Dugu Quan, that misbehaving old man, had told Lin Baiyi to bring Ye Qingyu to experience the nightlife of Snow Capital. He had winked at Ye Qingyu, but Ye Qingyu did not pay much attention to it. Tonight, as he followed the other young experts out, this was namely the time when the lights were beginning to be lit. They sat on the flying carriage provided by the military headquarters, and it was like flying in amongst the stars. It made one completely amazed by this dazzling sight.

Of the crowd, only the youth that was titled [Heaven's Clouds] originated from Snow Capital, and came from the army that reported to the capital. He was somewhat more familiar than the others about the capital, and it was him who led the way. The first place they chose was a famous restaurant. Through the special connection between it and the army, they forcefully managed to obtain two tables of the hall of the restaurant.

The flying carriage very quickly arrived at the restaurant called the [Resting Heavenly Immortal], and stopped in front of it.

The youth all left the carriage, every one of them singing praises.

"Heaven's, this is even more awe inspiring than the commander's residence of the North East army."

"This is my first time seeing such a glorious restaurant. It is like a palace."

"Can this really be a restaurant? Could we have taken a wrong turn somewhere?"

The young experts were all surprised, exclaiming out loud.

On the battlefield, they were killing gods like the Asura, killing demons and slaughtering devils. They were little war gods that countless comrades trusted and relied on the most. Within the army, they were idols that every soldier admired. They were representatives of authority, strength and courage. But here, they were like a crowd of innocent children. They were all comrades of similar background. After experiencing a month of closed isolation training, everyone was familiar with each other through constant clashes. They lowered all their defences and pretense, laughing, with arms around each others shoulders, unbridled laughter resounding.

It was hard for anyone to believe that the average strength of this group of young experts already neared the Bitter Sea stage.

Ye Qingyu was also influenced by such an atmosphere, and was completely immersed amongst the youths.

"That's right, we came from a bitter place that underwent war and fire. How could we have experienced such a degree of luxury." Seeing those noble and wealthy people entering and leaving the restaurant with brocaded silk outfits, Ye Qingyu could not help but feel somewhat emotional. "The reason we are able to reach such a stage is because we took such a path step by step. We forged our own way, sword stroke after sword stroke. Luxury is good, but do not be enraptured by this to prevent your martial path from going astray and your martial heart from being covered by dust."

As these words were said, the expressions of the young experts became serious.

If it was other people who said such words, they would have mocked and laughed at it. But the authority and respect commanded by the [War God] within the group was really far too high.

"Then... why don't we switch to a more normal place?" [Avalanche] scratched the back of his head, stammering.

The gazes of everyone looked towards Ye Qingyu.

Ye Qingyu smiled faintly. "We don't need to do that. As the saying goes, enjoy your life to the fullest. Only when you act according to your will can your martial path be clear. The pleasures of the mortal world passes through our eyes, but the martial will is within our heart. As long as we maintain our heart, what are we afraid of. The temptations of fame and glory, perhaps it can even make our martial heart more determined."

Everyone nodded their head in deep thought.

"Haha, then what are we waiting for. Let's rush in and eat a good meal first. Wahaha, my saliva is already dripping." [Avalanche] began shouting loudly.

Everyone began cheering.

The mood of every young expert was unprecedentedly free.

"Go, go, go. We've eaten Spirit herbs and divine medicine everyday. Although it is extremely nourishing, but it's taste is really too awful. Today we must eat as we please..."

"Hahaha, are you not afraid of eating this restaurant bankrupt."

"That's right, that's right.”

The group laughingly arrived at the entrance to the restaurant.

Six beautiful young women stood at the entrance and welcomed them with charming smiles.

At this time, a piercing noise came from behind them ----

"All move aside, are you all blind? Young Master Du has come..." Accompanied by the sound of footsteps, several figures charged in and barged past the youths as they opened a path. They saw a green silk clothed youth with a wealthy face that slowly strode in. There were two guards wearing their companion swords at his two sides, their strength was around the high stages of the Spirit spring.

From the great hall of the restaurant, there were several middle-aged men that also wore similar luxurious clothing. With respect on their face, they rushed to welcome such people.

These three people should be characters like the managers of the restaurant.

From their actions, this green silk robed rich young master must have an exceptional background.

"Back away, back away, back away. Do you all not have eyes?" The guards fiercely pushed away the young experts. But they discovered they could not even near them. With an expression of rage, they unsheathed the long sword at their waist.

There was even someone who pointed at the noses of the youth with his sword. "Oh, blocking the way? Seeing your country bumpkin-like appearance, you must come from outside the city? What is it, you want to die?"

[Avalanche], who had an explosive temper, took a step forward, about to act.

Ye Qingyu pulled at him from behind, lightly shaking his head.

After this brief interaction, this scuffle attracted the attention of the richly dressed young masters.

The two guards with a severe aura, also stared at the youths. There was a light that exploded from their eyes, and a cold killing intent began to emanate from them.

The youths all had sneers on their faces. Such a level of qi had become a common sight to them. It had no way of creating any sort of threat towards them.

There was surprise on the young master with green silk clothing as he spotted the military uniform on the young experts. Waving his hand, he indicated for his subordinates to back away. Then he said something to the three managers of the restaurant, and brought the experts by his side into the restaurant.

As for the rest of the guards, they remained behind outside the entrance.

"Haha, a group of trash. If this was within the army, I would have beaten them so hard their mother would not be able to recognize them," [Avalanche] said in a low voice.

The complexion of the youths also turned unfriendly.

This group may have been young, but every one of them was a vicious character that was not restricted by rules or laws in the slightest. How could they be afraid of such young masters. It was only that this was the capital, and the water here was far too deep. Furthermore, they were of a military identity, and could not act on their temper. After experiencing so many things, they could already control themselves.

Under the direction of a little female servant, the crowd entered into the restaurant.

In an instant, a golden light filled with the sparkle of jewellery shined at them, as if they had entered into a mountain. The youths curiously evaluated their surroundings. Ye Qingyu was also shocked by the ornaments and decoration that spoke of newly minted wealth. He originally thought that such a famous restaurant would have classical interior decoration, but it did not match his expectations.

If a phrase could be used to describe the environment, it would be gold and jade in glorious splendour.

Everything seemed to have gold dust sprinkled on it. Under the shine of the formation lights, the golden reflection shined back on everything.

The interior of the restaurant seemed even larger on the inside than the outside. They should have used some sort of formation array to pass through the people on the tables. The people on these tables were either rich or wealthy. There were also waitresses wearing pale gold female outfits, that poured tea and wine, their words sweet and charming. Their white skin and shapely figure caused others to give them more than a few glances.

Under the lead of the waitress, the crowd very quickly arrived to the booked table.

This was two tables that were near the corner. It was not in too good a position, with faint darkness. There was no way to see the most central part of the hall by sitting here.

There were several gluttons in this group of youths. As soon as they sat down, they ordered the best kinds of food of the restaurant to try out. Seeing their attire, the female servant kindly reminded that the food here was expensive. But evidently this group of gluttons did not pay attention to such a reminder, the quantity of food and drink they ordered was vast.

The waitress did not dare tarry. After placing the order for drinks, she reported back to the manager of the great hall.

In a flash, a middle-aged manager with an amiable attitude and a smile came over. He brought the list of drinks and confirmed it with them, only then did he believe it. Turning around, he began to order the kitchen to prepare.

In but a short moment's time, food and wine unendingly began to be served to them.

They swapped the cups for larger containers. Although they were all martial experts and could not be made drunk, but after several cups of wine had reached their stomach, everyone loosened up. They began laughingly talking to each other. They no longer just solely used the cold and icy titles on the [Dragon Tiger List] of the training camp. It was unknown who it was who suggested it first, but [Avalanche] began giving a detailed introduction as to his background.

Ye Qingyu also gave an explanation as to who he was and where he was from.

As these introductions were said, the young experts began to feel that they had many things in common.

Because everyone discovered that, prior to entering the training camp, they had all heard of the name and battle records of these people. They were all the rising stars of the army. Although they came from different armies from all regions of the Empire, but they were dazzling military stars. The military had once intentionally used their names as promotion, or perhaps they had long heard of their names through some other channels.

"So you are the person who controlled the thirty-six experts in the South West, Han Tianshuang."

"Haha, I have also long heard of the name of the [Tyrannical Hammer]."

The conversation became even more joyous once everyone knew everyone's true identity.

"Haha, I really did not imagine [The Leaf of Youyan], Ye Qingyu, would be you, [War God]." [Flowing Light] said with a smile. "I had once thought that if we met, we must have a battle. Perhaps I would be able to defeat you and use your name to become famed throughout the Empire."

"Haha, I also had a similar thought."

"When the military began promoting [The Leaf of Youyan], I was not willing to accept this. But right now, I have completely accepted this."

The names of these young experts were restricted to within the army, and did not count for much within the Jianghu. Only Ye Qingyu, because he had crossed hands with the young leaders of the Jianghu, and had glorious battle records, was different. He could be said to have 'Shaken Jianghu'. Therefore, the fame he had within Jianghu had attracted the envy of the other young experts.

They ate their fill during this dinner.

"Delicious, it's too tasty. I've nearly bitten off my own tongue."

"Order another portion, quickly get another portion of this dish."

"Haha, this wine is not bad, I want another three jars."

The young men were really far too able to eat. Not only could they eat much, they could also eat quickly. Ultimately, the waitress was nearly made busy from the trips she had to make, and had to get further aid from tens of waitresses to run to carry the dishes. That way, they could barely satisfy the speed of eating of the youths.

Such a scene, attracted the attention of the other customers. Many people looked over.

It was really a strange sight.

Ye Qingyu could not laugh or cry and could not help remembering the scene of Wen Wan eating noodles.

But the atmosphere could be said to harmonious.

When the young men were about half full, an unexpected change occurred---


A loud sound.

Wood went scattering everywhere. A figure was kicked down from the second floor, directly striking onto the table of the young experts… Previous Chapter Next Chapter
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